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The nexpaq modular smartphone case will help you turn your phone into a Project Ara device

April 29, 2015
The nexpaq is a modular case for your smartphone that allows you to add and remove physical modules directly from the back of the case without powering down.
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Toshiba shows off three camera module prototypes for Project Ara

February 16, 2015
Toshiba has recently shown off three prototype camera module designs for Google's Project Ara modular smartphone.
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Google reaches out to Yezz to make modules for Project Ara

February 11, 2015
Google has asked Miami-based hardware manufacturer Yezz to create modules for Project Ara. The first Yezz-made modules will be shown off at MWC 2015.
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Linaro quick hands on with a Project Ara phone

February 9, 2015
Speaking at HKG15, Linaro CEO George Grey discusses the implications of and challenges faced by Project Ara and shares a quick look at some modules.
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Sennheiser module shows how Project Ara could be great

January 26, 2015
A collaboration between Sennheiser and Phoneblocks has produced a couple of interesting audio component concepts, designed for the modular Project Ara smartphone.
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Project Ara: Can it find success, or is it just too ambitious?

January 16, 2015
Despite how ambitious Project Ara is, it is clear that Google is pushing forward with the idea and is almost ready for a commercial rollout. With this in mind, for this week's Friday Debate we ask do you think that that modular phones can find success in the market? If not, what will hold it back?
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Google wants to help you customize your Project Ara device with the Ara Configurator app

January 14, 2015
Google will allow you to customize your Project Ara smartphone using an app called the 'Ara Configurator'.
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Google will launch Project Ara market pilot in Puerto Rico later this year

January 14, 2015
Google has just announced that the first Project Ara devices will make their way to Puerto Rico for the first market pilot launch.
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Watch Google’s 2nd Project Ara Developers Conference live at 11am EST

January 14, 2015
The second Project Ara developer's conference begins today. Curious about the future of the project? Be sure to tune into the livestream, which becomes available at 11am est.
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New MDK for Project Ara released ahead of second developer conference

January 12, 2015
Google has just released version .2 of the Project Ara MDK ahead of the developer conference on January 14th. The update brings new information on cost-saving precautions and much more.
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