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In a blog post today, Google’s Tim Bray lamented that instead of searching through Google, users will often go to a specific website to avoid the hassle of signing up or logging in, and mentioned that Google may be working on a solution. Does this mean that an integrated Google password manager could be in the works?


When we are very much active online or we have numerous credit cards in your possession, there is always the fear of having our private details and information breached by an unknown individual.... We can’t always shake off the idea that there are malicious thieves lurking around us.

We can never be too safe. Our identities online are not always assured of foolproof security. Coming up...


A password is meant for security, preventing unauthorized people from accessing private and important information. Still, it doesn’t guarantee absolute protection, for it also has its... own limitations.

For instance, you are not protected from keyloggers that can grab your login data anytime. Furthermore, if you have numerous online service accounts, remembering all those pas...