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LastPass updated with Material Design UI, free premium upgrade for Galaxy S6 owners

April 10, 2015
LastPass password manager has been updated with a new Material Design user interface and is also available as a free Galaxy Gift for Galaxy S6 owners.
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All In One Notes, Check, Lock – Indie app of the day

December 15, 2014
Today's indie app of the day is All In One Notes, Check, Lock. It's an app that combines note taking, a tasklist, and a password manager all in one!
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50% off 3 years of Dashlane Premium [Deal]

September 25, 2014
Manage and use all your passwords on any device. Secured with military-grade encryption, and now 50% off!
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LastPass could be the Galaxy S5’s fingerprint sensor killer app

April 29, 2014
Password management service LastPass announced that Galaxy S5 users will be able to log into the app – and, by extension, into any app or service whose password is stored with LastPass – with a simple swipe of their finger.
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LastPass for Android updated with in-app and Chrome password filling

March 26, 2014
LastPass extends its password-filling functionality to Android apps and sites opened in Chrome for Android. Starting with update 3.2, LastPass will detect apps that show user and password fields and prompt you to fill them in automatically
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The best password manager apps for Android

March 5, 2014
Password manager apps can be a life saver. Making a good password is hard enough and remembering it is even worse. Why not have an app do the work for you?
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Gmail login without a password? Google to offer NFC-enabled tokens next year

September 16, 2013
Google is reportedly planning to offer consumers tokens that allow password-less authentication to Google accounts, in a bid to move beyond passwords.
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Is Google planning an integrated password management service?

September 17, 2012
In a blog post today, Google's Tim Bray lamented that instead of searching through Google, users will often go to a specific website to avoid the hassle of signing up or logging in, and mentioned that Google may be working on a solution. Does this mean that an integrated Google password manager could be in the works?
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Dashlane: Keeping your passwords and login info safe

September 10, 2012

When we are very much active online or we have numerous credit cards in your possession, there is always the fear of having our private details and information breached by an unknown individual. We can’t always shake off the idea that there are malicious thieves lurking around us.

We can never be too safe. Our identities online are not always assured of foolproof security. Coming up with very long passwords consisting of a lot of numbers and letters is not enough. What we need is a secure place where we can store our website passwords and remember just one master password to gain access to them. We need a security vault. And, when we talk about password vaults, [...]

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Android app review: LogMote Android app for passwordless logins via QR code scanning

August 1, 2012

A password is meant for security, preventing unauthorized people from accessing private and important information. Still, it doesn’t guarantee absolute protection, for it also has its own limitations.

For instance, you are not protected from keyloggers that can grab your login data anytime. Furthermore, if you have numerous online service accounts, remembering all those passwords without mixing them up is quite a challenge, except if you have a photographic memory.

This is where LogMote comes in handy, providing a password-free log-in service where you access web services on your desktop through QR code scanning. We have already reviewed Uniclau, another [...]

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