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Does Daydream have what it takes to make VR mainstream?

by: Andrew GrushMay 21, 2016
No VR platform is going to be perfect, but the winner will be the one that comes the closest. Could Google’s new Daydream platform fit that bill?

Google’s vision for VR: bringing high-end VR to the masses

by: Kris CarlonMay 19, 2016
With Daydream VR finally out in the open, Google's vision for virtual reality is slowly coming into focus. So what does it mean for all of us?
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Pico Neo is a stand-alone VR headset that runs on Marshmallow

by: John DyeMay 18, 2016
The Pico Neo, requires no smartphone or computer and targets a middle market between low-end devices like Cardboard and high end ones like Oculus Rift.
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Eyesight is bringing seamless gesture controls to mobile VR

by: Team AAMay 17, 2016
Using nothing more than your phone's camera, Eyesight aims to bring gesture controls to existing mobile VR solutions like Cardboard and Gear VR.
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Google Cardboard now available in Google Play in UK, Canada, Germany and France

by: Kris CarlonMay 11, 2016
Fans of affordable virtual reality can now buy Google Cardboard through Google Play in Canada, the UK, France or Germany, with discounts for buying two.
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Play Virtual Boy on Google Cardboard thanks to an unofficial retro emulator

by: John DyeMay 9, 2016
If you've got a Google Cardboard headset, the right emulator, and the willingness to make a few tweaks, you can be playing Virtual Boy again in no time.
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VRidge lets you try Oculus and Vive games on your lowly Cardboard

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 9, 2016
Thanks to a piece of software called VRidge, you can now get a taste of what Oculus and Steam VR games are like on your cheap Cardboard set.
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Google lets you embed 360-degree content into apps and websites with VR View

by: John DyeMarch 30, 2016
VR View: a clean and easy way to put immersive content directly into your website, Android app, or iOS app.

We got a pair of McDonald’s VR “Happy Goggles” and they’re surprisingly good

by: Kris CarlonMarch 24, 2016
Remember how McDonalds restaurants in Sweden were giving away a free VR headset – called Happy Goggles – with every Happy Meal recently? Well, we got a pair. And they're surprisingly good.
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PornHub VR section will keep tech enthusiasts real busy [NSFW]

by: Edgar CervantesMarch 24, 2016
Porn is always pushing into new markets and VR is a steamy topic right now... as is PornHub's new VR section.
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