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Sonavation discovers method for reading fingerprint through Gorilla Glass

by: Edgar CervantesJuly 22, 2015
Sonavation has discovered a way to bond 3D biometric sensors with Corning Gorilla Glass, allowing for reading fingerprints through said material.

A fine time for fingerprint sensors (and an eye for irises)

by: Matthew BensonJuly 1, 2015
Samsung's Galaxy S6 has a fantastic fingerprint feature. Here's some reasons you should be excited, why you should want one, and what to worry about.
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Honor 7 official with 20MP camera and fingerprint sensor

by: Nirave GondhiaJune 30, 2015
Huawei has today unveiled the Honor 7, which comes in three variants and offers a 5.2-inch Full HD display, 21MP camera with phase detection autofocus, 8MP front camera and a one-touch fingerprint sensor from the Ascend Mate 7.

OnePlus 2 will feature a fingerprint scanner that’s “faster than Touch ID”

by: Jimmy WestenbergJune 29, 2015
The OnePlus 2 will come with a touch-enabled fingerprint sensor that, in the company's words, will be able to unlock your device "faster than Touch ID."
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Android M may feature native fingerprint authentication

by: Jimmy WestenbergMay 21, 2015
According to a few reports around the web, Google may end up introducing native fingerprint authentication in its next version of Android.
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Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge receive fingerprint and other improvements in a new update

by: Rob TriggsMay 12, 2015
A new XXU1AOE3 build for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge has begun rolling out in Asia and Europe.
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New technology will turn your phone’s display into a biometric scanner

by: Jimmy WestenbergApril 24, 2015
Bodyprint, a new technology developed by a team from Yahoo Labs, can turn your smartphone's touchscreen display into a biometric scanner with the ability to recognize ears, fists, palms and more.
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Bug found in the Galaxy S5 allows hackers to clone fingerprints, researchers declare

by: Jimmy WestenbergApril 23, 2015
Researchers from security firm FireEye claim that a Galaxy S5 flaw allows hackers to duplicate fingerprints.
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Qualcomm teases Snapdragon 820 SoC and ultrasonic fingerprint scanning

by: Rob TriggsMarch 2, 2015
Qualcomm talks about its upcoming Snapdragon 810, Sense ID ultrasonic fingerprint scanner and Zeroth machine learning platform at MWC 2015.
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Biometric sensor developer CrucialTec patents touchscreen fingerprint sensors

by: Jimmy WestenbergFebruary 10, 2015
CrucialTec, a South Korean biometric sensor developer, has announced that it has completed a patent to install fingerprint sensors under smartphone display panels.
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