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Target Price for Iconia Tab A700 Unveiled

by: Christine TorralbaJanuary 26, 2012

After exciting many of the attendees of the CES 2012 held earlier this month, Acer has finally made the Iconia Tab A700 official—complete with a target price of €549 or around $720 for the 16GB model;  €649 for the 32GB; and €749 or around $1000 for the 64GB model. The prices were unveiled during a press event held in Hamburg. However, since these are just target prices, Acer has not made any official promise to either increase or decrease these prices. The release date is slated for Q2 of 2012.

Features of the Tab A700 include a 1080p resolution, Tegra-3 quad-core processor, Ice Cream Sandwich OS, 1920×1200 IPS panel, 10-inch display, and 1GB RAM. It also has a [...]

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CES is ‘Irrelevant’

by: Christine TorralbaJanuary 17, 2012

So what’s this we hear about the CES becoming an ‘irrelevant’ event? With the recently concluded CES 2012, there were a total of 153,000 attendees who witness over 20,000 new product launches. If this isn’t successful enough, we don’t know what else is anymore.

But regarding who dominated the event last week, the recognition goes, hands down, to Google for their Android. In fact, it has been growing stronger every year at CES. It just goes to show that we believe Rafe Needleman (CNET) was right when he said next year’s event will be populated by Google devices. Considering the fact that there is a daily count of 700,000 Android activations, this is a huge [...]

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Hands-On with the Powerful and Slim Huawei Ascend P1S Android Smartphone

by: AlexanderJanuary 16, 2012

Currently the smartphone that holds the title of the”World’s Thinnest Smartphone” is the Huawei Ascend P1S, I was kind of surprised that no other manufacturer beat them at CES for that title. Anyways, the Huawei P1S is super thin, but that doesn’t take away from it’s power and speed. It is still super fast and powerful.

The Huawei Ascend P1S comes in at just 6.68mm thick, running on a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, and Ice Cream Sandwich on a 4.3-inch qHD display.Sadly it still has capacitive buttons, it was probably in the making before Google announced Ice Cream Sandwich. I must say it’s a beautiful [...]

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Toshiba Excite X10 10.1 Tablet – Hands On [Video]

by: Vinny MarinoJanuary 14, 2012

While at CES 2012 I saw a ton of new Tablets and phones running Android one of my favorite things I saw was the Toshiba  Excite 10.1. The reason I fell in love with it was the design, it feels absolutely perfect to me it’s defiantly the best feeling hardware a tablet has ever had. The straight edge makes the thinness of the device really stand out at only 0.3 inches thick.

The Toshiba Excite X10 is powered by TI OMAP 4420 dual core processor clocked at 1.2 Ghz equipped with 1 GB of RAM. The screens resolution is 1280 x 800 pixels and 10.1 inches in size. It was running with Android 3.2 Honeycomb when I got to take a look at it but I was told Toshiba is hoping to [...]

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Samsung Galaxy Note LTE AT&T – Hands On Video

by: Vinny MarinoJanuary 14, 2012

At&t released many devices at CES 2012 one of them being the Samsung Galaxy Note LTE a very large device with a massive 5.3 inch screen. It comes with a stylist to help navigate throughout the huge display, surprisingly enough it fits fine in your pocket and doesn’t feel to abnormal while holding it up to your ear during a phone call.

The Samsung Galaxy Note comes packed with a 1.5 Ghz processor, 8MP rear camera with LED flash, 2MP front facing camera for video chatting, 1GB of RAM, a beautiful Super AMOLED display, and a 2500 mAh battery. To see it all live from CES 2012 check out the video below.

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Vizio Introduces VTAB 3010 at CES 2012

by: Christine TorralbaJanuary 14, 2012

A year after Vizio stopped solely concentrating on TVs and joined the market for Android tablets and smartphones, they are finally ready to come out with their second tablet.

During CES this year, Vizio surprised everyone by announcing their upcoming line of laptop computers. However, this did not mean that Vizio already abandoned the tablet market. In fact, the company gave teasers about their second tablet, known more popularly as the M series but is really called the VTAB 3010.

Compared to the VTAB 1008, the new model has similarities on the 10-inch screen of the iPad. Moreover, the promo image of the new tablet indicates features such as front and back [...]

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Hands-On with the ASUS Padfone

by: AlexanderJanuary 14, 2012

This past week at CES, our very own Darcy LaCouvee was invited to ASUS’s suite to check out some of their new products including the Padfone, Transformer 700, and the ASUS Memo tablets. For now we are just going to check out the ASUS Padfone. The Padfone features a 5MP camera, and running on Android 3.0 – Honeycomb. The tablet part of the duo features a 10.1 inch display and the phone part features a 4.3 inch screen.

The ASUS Padfone is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2012, but we will see when ASUS finally releases it. Hopefully we won’t see the same problem as we saw with the release of the Transformer Prime, and now a new release to [...]

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Hands-On with the ASUS Memo 171 and 370T

by: AlexanderJanuary 14, 2012

Last  but not least we got a chance to play around with ASUS’s pair of Memo tabs, the 171 and 370T at CES this week. For those of us that can’t just throw money at every device that hits the market, the Memo 370T is probably our favorite at this point. It’s a 7-inch, Tegra 3 – Quad-Core tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich that will cost $249, great price right? It’s really thin and perfect size for reading books, playing games and carrying just about anywhere. In contrast the Memo 171 is running on a dual-core snapdragon processor with a 7-inch display.

We’ll definitely be looking forward to these devices when they hit the market, hopefully [...]

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Hands-On with the ASUS Transformer Prime 700

by: AlexanderJanuary 14, 2012

We were able to get some time with the newer version of the Transformer Prime 700, which features the higher pixel resolution 1920×1200, and better GPS then the original Transformer Prime. Running on a Quad-Core Tegra 3 processor, it’s one arguably one of the best tablets ever made, and is certainly an awesome device. We also got the chance to play with the keyboard dock, which turns the Transformer Prime into a netbook on steroids, ala touch screen goodness.

Check out the hands-on Video and pictures we have below and let us know what you think about it. Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these!

Hands on Video:

Hands on [...]

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First Intel Powered Android Prototypes Spotted at CES

by: Christine TorralbaJanuary 13, 2012

At CES this year, Intel’s booth was crowded with a number of Android prototypes running on 32mm Intel Atom processors. These prototypes are Intel’s entry level phones to Android as they venture into this field. Through the prototypes, Intel got to let their viewers experience the benefits of using Atom over the other mobile processors.

However, the actual unit they displayed on the booth was a prototype of a developer device which they will not be releasing into the market. Running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, the prototype was loaded with the right software that aimed to showcase Intel’s mobile chipset’s capabilities. Running a high speed app didn’t have any issues on [...]

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