The absurdity of global data roaming charges is back

Pretty soon, all our online and real-world purchases could be paid through our carrier bills. Bill shock, anyone?
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For years, carriers have been charging consumers with massive global data roaming fees.

Adam Savage, former co-host of Mythbusters, was given a $10,000 bill by AT&T for his trip to Canada. A Chicago Bears fan watched his team play while on a cruise ship on the AT&T network and it cost him nearly $28,000. A Portland family got a $20,000 bill from AT&T after he used an AirCard while traveling into Canada.

Despite subscriber additions, carriers face growth questions

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BusinessWire As this site discussed earlier today, T-Mobile is expected to continue their reign as the “fastest-growing” carrier once Q2 results are released later this month. Now, the Wall Street Journal notes that although analysts expect all major carriers (except Sprint) to continue overall net additions of postpaid subscribers (which usually leads to higher earnings and better margins) in the Q2, there are also a number of¬†questions marks about the near future of the major wireless carriers. Even with those additions, Verizon did not see their earnings rise after interest, taxes (well, if they¬†pay any),¬†depreciation and amortization. In fact, margins…

AT&T wants a “level playing field” only when the rules benefit them

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PolarVortexTech AT&T, Verizon, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision and Comcast love to yell and scream about needing a “level playing field” whenever the whiff of competition comes into their areas. When citizens in Georgia were tired of having JUST 3 Mbps connections through AT&T DSL with no alternative, AT&T tried to ban competition by claiming that the “rules of the road should be fair.” When Cablevision was desperate to block Verizon FiOS from entering Glen Cove, NY, Cablevision tried to argue that because Verizon FiOS wasn’t offering free cable TV to a few parts of the city, that FiOS should not…

2015 Buick vehicles are the first GM cars to have wireless connectivity installed

4G LTE GM Cars
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Telematicsnews Last February, General Motors (GM) announced that a number of their 2015 car models would have AT&T LTE connectivity pre-installed. Now, GM has announced that their 2015 Buick vehicles will be the first have this wireless connectivity installed. The network will be run using AT&T and allows for up to seven devices¬†to be connected at one time.¬†To use the AT&T network, a person will have to purchase¬†a data plan. Monthly plans start at $5 for 200MB for existing OnStar customers ($10 for others) and go up to 5GB for $50.¬†Current AT&T customers can share data from your phone’s plan…

Toll-free data plans are growing worldwide

Sprint Unlimited Data
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BusinessInsider While AT&T has been trying to¬†expand the list of companies involved in their “Sponsored Data” program, interest in the program has been basically non-existent with just a few smaller companies having signed on. AT&T’s program¬†only works if a number of¬†big-named companies agree to be part of the program and so far it appears that few if anyone want to join it. Other companies have also been trying to slowly implement their own toll-free plans in the US. T-Mobile has launched their Music Freedom which exempts data on a customers plan from streaming music services. Yet, GigaOM wrote a very…

FCC site flooded with nearly 800,000 comments

Federal Communications Commission Proposes New Open Internet Rules
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MotherJones Yesterday was supposed to be the end of the first round of public comments on the upcoming¬†network neutrality rules. Due to the massive number of comments submitted, the FCC’s website was not able to¬†handle the surge of¬†last minute comments. As of Tuesday, there were about nearly 800,000 comments and counting. Because of the FCC site going down, the deadline for the first round of comments has¬†been extended to Friday.The FCC has stated that they will field another round of public input in September before the rules get finalized. VentureBreak Even with such a high number of overall comments, this…