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T-Mobile is getting into the holiday spirit by producing a gleefully aggressive music video that flips the bird to Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T. It’s an interesting move, but we should almost expect it at this point. After all, the T-Mobile CEO John Legere has been building something of a celebrity status out of his own audacity. Like him or hate him, his strategy seems to be working. Watch the video below.

Just a few years ago, T-Mobile looked like it was on the ropes. Failing ad campaigns and a dwindling subscriber listings left some theorizing that the nation’s fourth largest carrier wasn’t long for this world. The company knew it had to change, and that change came in the form of their new CEO (as well as extensive HR restructuring). Legere immediately took to the public stage with all the swagger of a rock star and the arrogance of an underdog who doesn’t know when to give up.  

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June 23, 2015


To Legere’s team, it seemed like the whole point of contracts was to lock subscribers into plans even after they had become unsatisfied with them. In a move of business acumen and PR genius, Legere spearheaded a corporate shift that axed contracts, pushed unlimited data plans, and paid subscribers to switch from the competition. And it worked. People liked the idea of a contractless carrier. T-Mobile (now the third-largest carrier in the nation) is cashing in their recent momentum by heckling the competition like a high school sports team.    

In a musical number sure to draw sympathy from those currently being gouged by major carriers, the “Un-carrier” CEO playfully bashes T-Mobile’s competitors with a rewritten holiday medley. Instead of Santa Claus and the Little Drummer Boy, we get lyrics like “You better watch out / You’d better change fast / Consumers won’t let your duopoly last / Un-carrier is coming to town.”

I won’t spoil anything else for you. Worth a look and a laugh even if you’re not a T-Mobile fan. When you’re done watching, let us know what you thought in the comments. Also, what’s your opinion of Legere and his unconventional business tactics?

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  • i-Dzign

    This is why I switched to T-Mobile. They’re not afraid to shake things up and they have the best data plans around. John Legere saved T-Mobile and if he continues on the path he’s on T-Mobile might become the no. 1 carrier in the US.

    • Dominick White


    • EngineerGunter

      T-mobile would literally need to buy out Verizon and/or AT&T to ever become number 1. They simply lack the best cell frequencies and will never be the best choice for everyone because of that.

      That being said, I’m not unhappy with my service… Though I do wish I got better reception in my house/basement.

      • Btort

        or better reception in smaller cities as well

        • That’s just not their strong suit, go with Cricket.

          • Btort

            if I wasn’t stuck in a family plan with 5 people I would have already. If they were to switch also, they’d have to pay off their balance on their current phone. tmobile is almost horrible, their unlimited music streaming is awesome though

          • I think T-Mobile is horrible in horrible places, it’s great in great places. More or less, I’m never anywhere I have a problem.

          • Btort

            it’s horrible in the suburbs in some parts of california but the city has great reception and super fast LTE

      • Basements are hard for cell signals unless you live under a tower. Try Wi-Fi or their CellSpot?

        • EngineerGunter

          Hey, thanks for that. Last time I checked (about 2 years ago), T-Mo didn’t offer cell signal boosters. Looks like they’re back! I’ll definitely have to look into that!

          • You’re right, and they’re arguably not needed, because they were the first with wifi calling and texting. go to a store, you can get an awesome wifi router OR a picocell for $25.

          • EngineerGunter

            Well, problem with the WiFi router option is my wife and I both have phones that don’t support it. The LTE booster is what we’d want. But from the look of it, it’s the same $25 deposit deal, right?

          • Yes, and let me tell you… it’s AWESOME. Note, that once you plug it in its accessible to any nearby T-Mobile user so there’s that to keep in mind if you’re in an area where someone else might be close enough to access it and especially if you have an ISP that has bandwidth caps.

          • max

            I have one its amazing also sent me a free Wi-Fi router – 2 plus I get a $400 credit because I switch from Sprint, $100 family plan 10 gigabytes of high speed date each line unlimited talk text unlimited talk text and data in Mexico and Canada unlimited texting and data 140 + countries unlimited music streaming unlimited video streaming the does not count against my data all for a hundred bucks a month for two lines not a bad deal

          • max

            4G LTE cell spot call customer care they will waive the shipping for you $25 returnable deposit when you return the device I have one its amazing they are also send your free Wi-Fi router – I got a Wi-Fi router as well ac capable its a $220 router I got for free from T-mobile and I also have the 4G LTE cell spot

  • DonSerrot

    I had hopes of switching to one of their prepaid plans a while back but they didn’t have service in my area so it didn’t work out. Now I’m on Fi and it’s actually working out better for me than T-Mobile alone would have had it worked, but I always enjoy seeing T-Mobile having fun with the other guys. I was even a little excited when I saw Legere at Blizzcon. Hard to mistake that face and bright magenta clothing.

  • #Note5 IsBoss

    #NothingBeatsT-Mobile or #JohnLegere

  • Benjamin Pavel

    As much as I like T-Mobile making fun of other carriers but doing that every week or month is just getting boring like they are trying hard to get attention. Too much is just too much in my opinion.

    • Except when he and the Sprint CEO guy go at it, THAT never gets old. ;)

  • Nathan J

    Legere is brilliant, but cell coverage speaks louder than a cheesy jingle. Does T-Mobile have it? Depends where you live. I live in Greenville, NC, a college town with around 75,000 residents, not counting students. So, not a small town, but not a major metropolis, either. Last year, they were only in Raleigh, nowhere eastward. Earlier this year, they had expanded to Greenville, but not outside it, where my wife and I both work. Now they say they cover most of the state that Verizon does. But I don’t think they offer that 2-week trial to test their network. They used to offer an iPhone 5 (S?) for 2 weeks with unlimited calling, texting, and messaging, to try their network. I would really want to do that before I switch. Don’t really care what the phone is, I just want to see if I get signal where I need to have signal. With signal being equal, T-Mobile is likely the best carrier, but signal is never equal.

    • patt

      switched 2 days ago from Verizon to T-Mobile and love it all that talk about how bad coverage is could be true few years ago. I am using Moto X Pure Edition w/6.0 which has band12 when signal is weaker just like verizon uses b13 for that. No regrets,paying 40$+ tax for unlimited everything (I am 3rd line) on the 100$/2 line unlimited plan. And T-Mobile gave me 96$ bill credit because I ported on 10th and their promotion for hulu started on 11th.

    • Karly Johnston

      If you have a gsm phone you can put an unactivated Tmob sim in it and run speedtests. If you don’t get coverage just return it.

  • Eddie Hicks

    I have been gouged by Verizon for many years. But I have no choice if I want dependable service in my area and when I travel. I would switch to T-Mobile in a second if they had as good coverage as Verizon. AT&T is a close 2nd in coverage but they gouged you too. I wonder if T-Mobile’s more reasonable pricing is to make up for the fact that their coverage is not as good as the big 2. I wonder if their service area was just as good as the top 2 carriers, if their rates would go up. Anyway it is a cool video.

    • Robert Dunn

      A carrier’s pricing is definitely related to its coverage…which is why T-Mobile has historically had lower prices…to make up for the lack of coverage..but they have made significant progress lately…especially with indoor coverage thanks to Band 12.

    • Dominick Wheeler

      If you have home internet, you could always get one of their 4G Cellsites for $25. It ensures you have good signal at your home.

    • I think their coverage is better than Verizon or ATT, especially when I travel. Free data globally is a life saver.

      • Eddie Hicks

        I guess that’s subjective. I very rarely have an issue getting a connection. The exceptions are usually when I’m traveling in very rural areas. People I know with T-Mobile and Sprint often have problems with coverage while we’re in the same place. So maybe it’s a regional thing but trust me Verizon easily has the best coverage in my area. If T-Mobile was even close I would switch to them.

        • I guess the distinction is wether you travel by plane or by car? I don’t often find myself in areas without great LTE coverage.

  • Victor Medina

    Still on Verizon’s unlimited data plan and never leaving. Renewed my contract of $30 unlimited data for another 2 years on a Moto X pure edition 2015. Superior coverage, superior speed and superior reliability. T-Mobile can suck it…