Photo Sphere for the masses – install the new stock Android camera APK now

June 27, 2013
The HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play editions come with a revamped camera user interface. The APK file of the camera app has been posted online, making it possible for anyone to use it.

    photo sphere

    The brand new HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play editions come with a little bonus – a revamped version of the Camera app that is different from that on the Nexus 4. It is speculated that the revamped camera is a feature that was initially planned to be part of Android 4.3, but for some reason, it’s out now on the Android 4.2 HTC One and Galaxy S4 GPe.

    The new stock camera app is mostly the same with the version on Nexus 4, apart from a redone settings menu – you can now flick through the settings menu to change things like the flash mode, exposure, and more. In addition, the volume rocker now acts as a shutter button. So yes, you can finally snap shots using either the volume up or volume down button.

    stock android camera

    Now to the good part – someone extracted the app from the Android image of the GPe devices, and made it available as a standalone APK file. You can download it from one of the mirrors set up by Reddit users here, or by XDA-Developers forum users here. Note that the very first mirror seems to be down due to bandwidth limitations.

    Direct link to download 1

    Direct link to download 2

    You can simply install the APK file just like any other app and get to use the new stock camera, with features such as Photo Sphere, HDR (if your hardware supports it), new settings menu, and volume rocker snapshots.

    From the comments on the forums, installing the app doesn’t require root access or any other special actions. Just transfer it on your phone and install it. I tried it with my Galaxy S2 with Android 4.1 and it works like a charm. Note that installing the APK will add a new Gallery app and a new Camera app to your system. Some XDA users had to remove or rename the old camera app for the new one to install properly.

    It’s not clear to me yet if this works with older versions of Android, as users who installed were on Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean.

    Anyway, enjoy Photo Sphere on your non-Nexus smartphone!


    • MasterMuffin

      Photsphereeeee yeeaaa, I can’t believe how just installing the apk it works perfectly!

      • Bogdan Petrovan

        Hell yeah!

        • APai

          why doesn’t google give it directly I wonder (play store I mean)

          • Bogdan Petrovan

            Good question.

            • Marcus Lauar

              to make an exclusive featuring on pure android! (sorry for my bad english – BR)

            • Rafael Passos Custodio

              BR? BR? HUEHUEehuehueheuehuHEUHUEHUEHEUHEUEHUhUuheuheuheuheHUEHUEehuehueheuehuHEUHUEHUEHEUHEUEHUhUuheuheuheuheHUEHUEehuehueheuehuHEUHUEHUEHEUHEUEHUhUuheuheuheuheHUEHUEehuehueheuehuHEUHUEHUEHEUHEUEHUhUuheuheuheuheHUEHUEehuehueheuehuHEUHUEHUEHEUHEUEHUhUuheuheuheuheHUEHUEehuehueheuehuHEUHUEHUEHEUHEUEHUhUuheuheuheuheHUEHUEehuehueheuehuHEUHUEHUEHEUHEUEHUhUuheuheuheuheHUEHUEehuehueheuehuHEUHUEHUEHEUHEUEHUhUuheuheuheuheHUEHUEehuehueheuehuHEUHUEHUEHEUHEUEHUhUuheuheuheuheHUEHUEehuehueheuehuHEUHUEHUEHEUHEUEHUhUuheuheuheuheHUEHUEehuehueheuehuHEUHUEHUEHEUHEUEHUhUuheuheuheuheHUEHUEehuehueheuehuHEUHUEHUEHEUHEUEHUhUuheuheuheuheHUEHUEehuehueheuehuHEUHUEHUEHEUHEUEHUhUuheuheuheuheHUEHUEehuehueheuehuHEUHUEHUEHEUHEUEHUhUuheuheuheuheHUEHUEehuehueheuehuHEUHUEHUEHEUHEUEHUhUuheuheuheuheHUEHUEehuehueheuehuHEUHUEHUEHEUHEUEHUhUuheuheuheuheHUEHUEehuehueheuehuHEUHUEHUEHEUHEUEHUhUuheuheuheuheHUEHUEehuehueheuehuHEUHUEHUEHEUHEUEHUhUuheuheuheuheHUEHUEehuehueheuehuHEUHUEHUEHEUHEUEHUhUuheuheuheuheHUEHUEehuehueheuehuHEUHUEHUEHEUHEUEHUhUuheuheuheuhe

          • nishantsirohi123

            becuase it is a feature that is bult in the 4.2 version of Android
            upgrade means addition of features, unlike apple that says that your previous generation phone has been updated but without the features that are a part of the “new upgrade”

          • chicken dance

            hardware dependencies perhaps? HDR only works with camera that support it, burst mode acts differently on different camera module. that kind of inconsistencies is no good for rating and google obviously don’t want a 2-3 star app with Google as the developer

            • APai

              good points there. google makes apps have universal compatibility. but, just the photosphere by itself is too much fun!

            • shonangreg

              HDR can be done with regular hardware. You just need the camera to take 3 photos in rapid succession with 3 exposure levels. After that hardware function, HDR is all software.

              You can even get HDR apps that work with most phones out now, I think. I use HDR Camera+ with good, though limited resolution, results.


              Maybe the one drawback to this “software solution” is that resolution or speed of the shots is limited. I’m not sure. Bit who takes action shots with panorama mode?

        • Chris

          The photo sphere takes a couple of pics then stops working AMD forse closes ony S4 any idea why?

          • Bogdan Petrovan

            Nope. It’s been working fine for me.

            • Chris

              Ok weird i’m not the only one experiencing this problem. While installing the .APK was there anything you did differently?

        • Chris

          Force closes*

      • Keegan Choffat

        How do you use the photosphere? I only see Photo, Video, and Panorama. Is it deep within the settings?
        Motorola Atrix HD 4.1.1 (originally ICS, upgraded OTA).

        • MasterMuffin

          Weird, it should be right there with photo, video and panorama!

          • Keegan Choffat

            I have a Nexus 10 so I know what it should look like, but I wasn’t sure if it was changed for 4.3 or not. I can photosphere on my tablet but it would be nice to have on my phone, which unlike my tablet, I can carry anywhere.

            • MasterMuffin

              Everyone I’ve heard of that has installed the 4.3 camera has said that the photosphere is there (including me)

            • Keegan Choffat

              Took a pic of my screen, its not there, must have something to do with the camera hardware, it does have HDR and Motorola Color boost.h ttps://

            • MasterMuffin

              Motorola Color Boost?

            • Keegan Choffat

              Its some kind of experimental saturation that they did for this phone. It takes some vivid frakking photos.

            • MasterMuffin

              Oka :)

            • Keegan Choffat
          • Danny

            Same problem as you. On my ZTE Supreme. It does not show the Photosphere Icon. Only Panorama, video, and photo.

        • Sammy

          same here bro :(

    • Erusha Tiranagama

      Already on a Nexus 4, but I really like the new settings menu. Thanks for the heads up!

    • bozs13

      Thank you :)

    • zoljac

      It’s working on my S3 with stock 4.1.2 firmware, not rooted!

    • Borce

      Works like a charm on my Galaxy S3, thanks guys :)

      • Daniel Belini

        What you did?
        Simply installed the app?
        I couldnt install on my S3.

        • Borce

          In settings, security settings check the unknown sources field, install the app and change back if you want. That’s it :)

          • Daniel Belini

            I have it enabled, but even so, I couldn’t install.

      • Aaron Tsuru

        How is the quality of the photos vs. the Samsung camera? Hoping and assuming it’s the same?

        • Borce

          pretty much the same. Force close here and there, auto focus is not working good, only good thing is the photosphere :)

          • Aaron Tsuru

            cool, thanks! Installed it and will play with it some this weekend… Cheers!

    • SeraZR™

      meh had it already :P

      then again, it was buggy O_o

      this one is bug free *yay*

    • Guest

      Doesn’t work for me on SlimBean 6.8 Android 4.2.2 :(

    • wferreira

      Working Galaxy S2 Skyrocket stock 4.1.2!!!

    • Baspower

      Photosphere doesn’t work on my One X. Anyone tips?

      • Caleb Harr

        I does not work on my Droid Razr ether I think it is the gyro or something

      • beboo

        i think it’s not optimized for tegra 3 devices same here for LG Optimus 4X HD :(

        • Baspower

          Hmmm, hopefully Google releases this on Google Play some day.

          • Shawn Scammahorn

            Yes, hopefully they will follow the trend they set with releasing the Google keyboard from Jelly Bean.

      • cnu

        it does…

    • The Vintager

      No ‘save to sdcard’ function? ;(

      • LAKAME

        No :(

    • Mochammad Santaka

      Seems to work on my Xperia Z (4.1.2). Made a sphere and viewed it. Room’s too small I think, it didn’t turn out well.

      • dubs

        Photosphere doesn’t work well indoors

    • SSIntimidator

      So do you just email the APK file to yourself and install direct? I don’t see anyone posting any success on the HTC One, does it not work there?

    • louis

      Cant even installed on i9300 running cm10.1, does anyone have a suggestion?

      • Daniel Belini

        Same here!!

        • LAKAME

          Remove “gallery2.apk” from /system/app and then you’ll be able to install it ;)

          • louis

            Installed now! But force close after taking a few normal pictures. Photosphere worked great

          • Victor

            I could not remove “gallery2.apk” from /system/app. the device does not allow. how do?

    • Nawat

      Works on Nexus 4 (PA 3.60-14JUN2013). The first attempt to take photosphere resulted in an FC after finishing but later attempts worked fine so I think it should be ok. Now about 1 second of delay is introduced when taking each individual photo in photosphere mode. This should help to stabilize the shot though it will take a bit longer to take a complete sphere (esp when there is sufficient light that you will not take a blur photo).

    • Steve Bailey

      use this if you having issues getting the apk

    • Juan Cuartas

      everything BUT photosphere seems to be working on HTC One X+
      It just closes the photosphere after the first picture :/

    • Chris

      Has anyone experienced your S4 getting hotter after using this? It works great so far but I did notice my S4 getting substantially hotter now..

    • pepoker1

      Someone who have a problem with video??

      • Tommy Kid

        Yes. On my S4 (no root). Video is all out of focus and low res.

        • GP

          Same here on S3, also white balance is stuck in video mode and in picture mode you have to change it forth and back to get it right.

    • Zeroon

      Not installed in s2 gt-9100 CM 10.1.0

    • Ringone

      I have S4 and HDR not appear.

    • biep

      works flawlessly on my rooted sgs2 !

    • Mrkud

      Works like a charm on mu S4, thenks for the tip, been waiting for the photospehre for a while.

    • beboo

      For LG Optimus 4X HD ( not rooted ) every thing works fine Except the

      Photo Sphere it takes the first shot and then force close :( to bad

    • Arch Thor

      I’m having a hard time installing this apk… I’m rooted and I’m using Thunderbolt V8 (CM10 kernel). It says it can’t install… I’ve deactivated the gallery and still can’t install, any thoughts?

    • Jake D.

      works on my Galaxy Note 10.1. Thanks

    • NateCress

      The app installed fine on my Motorola Atrix HD with Android 4.1.1, but I don’t see the option for Photo Sphere or HDR. I do have access to the other settings. Normal panoramas work.

    • Tommy Kid

      Camera for pictures works fine (faster and better than stock) for my S4 (non-rooted) but video is all jacked up, low res, no focus

    • muxmeister

      tried on gs3 i747m with cm 10.1 stable both by auto and manual install, new camera force closes after first picture (non-photosphere) and doesn’t start up again even after cold boot. had to reinstall the old apk. guess I’ll wait for the cm team to integrate this first

    • Rob Wick

      works on Japanese sc-03d S2LTE with stock 4.1.2
      No save to SD though.

    • Leo Kanellopoulos

      photo sphere does not work on htc one x. previous version from xda was working fine so i am sticking with it.

    • nishantsirohi123

      yes works with my note2 running 4.1.2(no root)

    • Rooney-

      both link are not working!

    • brommas

      working perfectly on both a non rooted i9300 and also a rooted i9300, cool interface.

    • Torry

      Love it!

    • lollicup04

      pictures and video dont turn out so great D;
      photosphere looks like everything is melting lol
      its not optimized. Video wont focus but pictures do.
      Im using a SGN 1 running 4.2.1

    • Munchic Pham

      Tried this in Nexus 10, there’s a thin black bar on the right side, how can I backup stock camera? :/

    • Chris

      Worked on my S2 like a charm – non rooted

    • gaurav

      I have installed this on my atrix2 , its working f9 but cant see photosphere…M on ICS

    • rjmelo

      How change default disk for saving photos??? This app doesn’t accept option on Settings > Storage > Default Write Disk on my Moto…

    • Dixon7

      force close after take saveral pic, the weird thing is.. music come playing after force close hahaha like 2 or 3 times that happen after force close, don’t know why. did anybody had problem like me? Sorry 4 my english :D Galaxy Note II 4.1.2 latest firmware (No Root)

    • Floorfan

      No saving to SD card… :( Show stopper..

    • Archit

      thanks for the post. I wish I could somehow hide slash removed the old camera and gallery app. also make my new gallery the default one. works fine on my s2 lite aka galaxy s advance

    • bob

      I have a note 2 running cm10.1 nightlees and I can’t use it

    • cnu

      wow… works with htc OneX (at&t). Download. transfer to SD card. install with package installer… and separate camera icon… now I have both (stock & gallery) working perfect. I noticed new camera focal length is super wide… (3.36) than the stock cam!!! isn’t it hardware thingy…?

    • rambo

      dose not work smoothly on my gs3,gallery crashes sometimes and photosphere is buggy …not able to revolve it properly

    • rambo

      also the resolution is low and blurry pics

    • Nolan

      Thanks for the software, not only is it a fresh change of the look but it works like a charm!

    • Rambo

      Why the app has access to user accounts and other privacy settings. I checked it with my nexus there the camera app or the gallery app has no access to use account settings. .. Is this also some kind of malware or hacking app

    • PacoBell

      Is this camera apk any different in regards to features from, say, a S3 ROM with the photosphere camera already integrated? Is this the one with the pie/fan menus instead of the circle ones?

    • Karin720

      I have a LG P999 G2x and I put the file in my phone via USB but nothing happens. I need better instructions. I dont see it anywhere in my files at all. Can someone walk me thru this please? I try to sign in with Twitter and it redirects me to some crap named DISQUS…wth!

    • WLL

      Works perfectly on my padfone 2 camera :)

    • i-blaze

      bingo… works perfectly :)
      (xperia ion jb 4.2)

    • Vítor Nascimento

      I’ve installed it, on Motorola XT890, and Photo Sphere doesn’t works. Anyone knows why I can’t use Photo Sphere feature?!

    • John McFloat

      mine didn’t work when I open the camera it only has colored lines depending where i m going the lines change color how did that happen? (using my Xperia arc S on Cm 10)

      • NaTsU0125

        Mine as well (Using Xperia Arc LTi15 on CM10)

    • GgGgG

      hey, i try it works, but the maksimun resolution for rear camera just 5mpix, and front 1.3mpix,,
      anyone can help me, because my phone has 13mpix rear camera And 2mpix front camera.
      Thx Before

      • YouDude

        RIP Ingleesh

        • GgGgG

          hehe, sorry

    • Keegan Choffat

      How do I use photosphere? Is it hidden in the settings somewhere?

    • mendojester

      I have an LG Optimus G and it works awesome! Photoshpere is great, i had never used it, it was easy and nice. The only problem is even tho my phone has a 13MP camera, the stock photo app max out at 8MP so i cant use the full resolution my camera is capable of.

    • Rolando

      Photosphere won’t work for my Motorola Droid Razr Xt912… Anyone else?

    • Maurylucha

      Well on my gs3 rch530m it works perfect, photo sphere panoramic and regular pictures front and back camera. It took me a while to get rid of gallery2.apk in my system/app folder but I used root explorer to erase it. And I’m running Cm 10.2 so I say give it a shot (: back up your gallery app just in case!

    • Maurylucha

      Awww rifht when I thought everything was fine! Camera doesn’t connect with apps like instagram, snap chat, etc. :( any ideas?

    • Maurylucha

      Here’s proof of panorama pic :D

    • Dev

      works perfectly smooth on ICS device (galaxay S duos)..

    • TechTronicShow

      How to exactly “rename or remove the old gallery app inorder to install properly”?

      or rename the old camera app for the new one to install properly. – See
      more at:
      or rename the old camera app for the new one to install properly. – See
      more at:
      or rename the old camera app for the new one to install properly. – See
      more at:

    • TechTronicShow

      I’ve tried that apk file. The stock android camera app UI is there but no PhotoSphere. I’m using a Micromax Canvas 4 A210 (4.2.1) rooted

    • Dev

      This app works like a charm on my Xperia SP and it is fast….but after a few minutes, the camera starts lagging!

    • Johan D J

      my phone have HDR…after install this app it seem theres no HDR

    • Amy

      Oh thank you so much for posting this! I had been looking everywhere for an app that would use the rocker buttons as the shutter.. I installed several apps from the app store and they were all crap. Thank you!!

    • seekator

      Great app, spheric and panorama functions works. Samsung Galaxy S2 JB 4.2 stock.

      • Mafiaprinc3

        not working for me,when through the installation process and then go msg saying “app not installed”, running android 4.2.1 on BLU DASH 4.5

    • Vikk

      Work on my S2 GT-I900..:)

    • Eza

      Thanks a lot

    • sad

      Doesn’t work with blu life play running android 4.2.1!!!

    • Ralph

      Thanks so much

    • Akpride89

      Thank you! The link you gave made this so fast and simple, the camera is freaking awesome!
      Owner of a SGH-I747M

    • Rajesh

      I cant install it on my canvas HD .. It jus says “App not Installed”…. Why???

    • Rajesh

      Why isn’t working on my canvas HD(rooted) 4.2JB, i replaced it my stock camera even then it isn’t working…
      It says”Unfortunately Stopped”…

    • Rajesh

      Cant u guys give me a reply.. Uh??

    • Fotis

      Photosphere works indeed but i cannot preview in sphere mode. I only see the photo as a pic. When i press the sphere button in gallery it does nothing on my s3. Any one have a clue ?

    • Rajesh

      No, not working on my canvas HD …
      Can’t set the resolution for video capture.. Why???
      Photosphere not working, no Panorama, when I go to these two options, the app unfortunately stops working

    • mikerosas

      Anyone made this work on Motorola Xt910? I’m on jb

    • Sammy

      just installed it on my xperia l running 4.2.2 but why is there no zoom ??

    • Andreas

      Hi, I have a rooted HTC Sensation, running CM 10.2

      I have installed the new Galery and the new Camera. I am especially
      interested in the Sphere mode. Unfortunately, the app shuts down every
      time I try to enter Sphere mode. Any ideas how I can fix it?

      Thanks very much in advance!

      Best regards, Andreas


      Thanks a ton. Its working fine on my note 2.

    • Kumar

      Still no shutter speed seeing

    • Tejas

      My photosphere apk doesn’t seem to install. I have checked the box of unknown sources and verify apps. It start by asking all the permissions and then just says app not installed. Should I delete the gallery app?

    • Shalom4life

      IT WORKSSSS after traing for soo long finaly THANKSS!!!….but one thing …is there an option to move the photos to the SD card becuse there is no option on the menu…and i erase the default camera and roomtollbox dont let me instal my default camera backup

    • Steve Rand

      OK this one works. I tried the Camera-only app, and the filmstrip and panorama modes just crashed the camera. This app includes the gallery and all functions are working, although most of the settings in 4.1.2 on my Note 2 are not there.
      If I can turn the shutter sound off, have widescreen resolutions and have pictures save to my SD card i’d be happy.

    • Tom

      Why AVG reports this as Adware Android_dca.ftv. Has anyone experienced some unwanted ads after installing this APK? Permisions look doggy too. Why app needs access to “add or remove accounts in this device”?
      Can someone confirm this, please?

    • Pavel Tvrzník

      Can I save photos on extSdcard ?

    • Jakub Vantroba

      Downloaded this on my phone running Android 4.1.1 and no Photosphere support :(