Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Premium is reportedly a Japan-only variant with 1080p display

by: Andrew GrushSeptember 4, 2015


Earlier this week Sony unveiled the new Xperia Z5 series to the world, introducing three new models, the Z5, Z5 Premium, and Z5 Compact. All three handsets offer several key improvements over the Z3 and Z4 series, and their arrival is easy the biggest news of IFA 2015. However, what you might not know is that Sony actually has a fourth Xperia Z5 family member on the way, at least according to the China-based tech site

Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo reportedly has a special variant of the Xperia Z5 Compact on the way, dubbed the Z5 Compact Premium. This model is said to offer the same Snapdragon 810 processor and overall looks over the Compact, but trades in the 2GB RAM for 4GB, and the 720p display for a 4.6-inch 1080p display. The battery is also upgraded to 2900 mAh. Interestingly enough, that means this model has even more RAM than the Xperia Z5 Premium, which seems like an odd choice.



While we have reached out to NTT DoCoMo to see if we can get an official confirmation, we aren’t 100% sure of the accuracy of this report at this time. In many ways this sounds more like a wish list than anything, and so there is at least a possibility that this could be a faked advert seen in the image above. That said, Sony is no stranger to releasing better variants of their existing flagships.

After all, the Sony Xperia Z4 (aka Z3+) was criticized for not offering enough differences from the Z3, keeping the same looks, camera and 1080p display. And yet, shortly after, Sony would announce the Z4v for Verizon with a QHD display, making us wonder why Sony didn’t release the Z4 with a QHD display right off the bat. If reports of the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Premium really are legit, we can’t help but feel the same here. The Z5 Compact is an impressive phone, but a 4.6-inch 1080p display and 4GB RAM would have really taken its “wow” factor to a whole new level.

What do you think, surprised that Sony would prepare a Z5 Compact Premium so soon after launching the Z5 Compact? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • Bur

    If this is true, I won’t spend any money on Sony. I want Compact with 3gb ram and 1080p for 600 euros… Z3 compact had the perfect price (450)

  • DBS

    Honestly, if the Z5CP is a reality, Sony shouldn’t have released the Z5C at all. Currently the Z5C doesn’t offer nothing substantial to the end user that the Z3C doesn’t apart from a fingerprint scanner and a vastly inferior build quality.

    Offering a Z5CP with 4GB of RAM, bigger battery and a 1080p would at least justify the 550€ they are asking for the Z5C.
    If this is true, maybe they can end up releasing it as the Z5+ Compact or Compact + or Z6 Compact or whatever at MWC. But if this is true, then it just shows that Sony really doesn’t know what they’re doing any more, and just go on releasing phone after phone as if they only realise what they did wrong AFTER the phone is out when anyone could have told them what was wrong before.

    • May Czos

      Actually, 4GB of RAM and 1080p display would justify even higher price.

    • Svnjay

      The build quality isn’t inferior.

      • DBS

        Yes, it is. The Z5C is now plastic all around, sides and back, while the Z3C is a mix of glass (back), metal (between the screen and the sides) and polycarbonate (on the sides). The Z5C has therefore inferior build quality and feels a lot cheaper.

        • Svnjay

          Dang, I didn’t know that. Thanks for informing me.

          • DBS

            No problem. Yeah it was an even bigger disappointment to me. Not only the specs aren’t anything worthy an upgrade from the Z3C, the build quality came down. Which is sort of why I’m really hopping this Z5CP or something similar actually happens.

        • Alvin

          ummm… didn’t they use matte back with frosted glass and kind of metal things in the frame? and did you already touch or held the phone that you said it feels a lot cheaper?

          • DBS

            Not on the Compact. It’s frosted but it’s plastic according to what everyone on several tech sites reports. And the frame is all plastic, no metal whatsoever.

          • Cakefish

            Glass back but polycarbonate sides is what I thought. If it is plastic back then that’s good, as it’s less likely to crack. I’d be happy with that.

        • Jonfensu

          The Frame of the Z3C is made of plastic. The Z1C is the only Compact model made of glass and aluminium

    • The camera is supposed to be good this time. Given how atrocious the Z3C camera is, if they’ve actually fixed this then it’s worth the price of admission.

      • DBS

        The camera was supposed to be good on the Z3 family too and here we are.
        And so far there’s zero evidence that the Z5 is that much better (and spare me with PhoneArena or whatever samples. Those samples are not from final products as Sony stresses…and even asks to not be published)

        • I guess we’ll see. Every independent testimonial that I’ve come across stresses that the improved speed of the autofocus is no joke, at least. Some of the low-light shots impressed me, too. But putting that aside – the thing is, the Z3c camera is so bad that even if those shots aren’t representative, and the Z5c is only marginally better, I’d have to consider it.

  • jrharbort

    As an avid Hatsune Miku follower, I’ve provided my own input on this rumored phone, and also added compelling reasons why I think this is a bogus leak:

  • Arol Wright

    It looks fake. Speaking on my designer side, the banner looks way too cheap for a phone that’s supposedly a flagship. It displays the phone, the logo, the pattern on the back and the specs on a corner (which are not even grammatically correct). I mean, anyone could’ve made this in 10 minutes.

    Speaking on my technical side, I don’t think they are going to include 4GB RAM on this model if they included 3GB on the higher end model (Z5 Premium). Also, a 2900 mAh battery sounds kind of bulky for a 4.6 inch phone. And I seriously doubt the Hatsune Miku model would be the only model available, but hey, it’s Japan, you never know.

    • May Czos

      Probably it’s not a full banner.

      They have a history of making better models for Japanese market. 2900mAh is just 200mAh more than in regular Z5C but the phone is also bigger/longer. Noone said that Hatsune Miku is the only model.

  • I want this just because of Hatsune Miku!

    • neoand12

      Why can’t we have nice things in the west :(

      • faggot

        because we grow up?

        • Kazandu

          Rude comment :( Baka :P

        • Btort

          so you must not watch avengers or other super hero movies because you grew up?

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  • Realisy

    Don’t be that guy Sony. Just like Motorola (lenovo) they announce flagship phone moto X pure, than a week later they cook up better version of that phone to sell it to verizon. I get that carriers need ‘that’ phone to lure customers in to signing up with them, and pay right money for it, but, to a customer who is contract free at the moment and not wishing to move carriers, It’s just major @#%$ you. release a flagship than a week later release a upgrade version to sell it through carrier exclusively. Don’t be that guy….

    • jrharbort

      In this case, it’s the character on the phone, not the specs, that would be the phone’s main attraction.

  • Realisy

    by the way.. if above specs are true, that was what I thought sony would do to Z5C. such a shame that aside from toasty SOC and snappier (not necessarily better) camera, fingerprint reader, there is no reason to move up from Z3C.

    • Alvin

      ummm toasty SoC? they’ve fixed all those mate.. didn’t you see hands on on youtube? even the z5 premium could capture more than 10 minutes of a 4K video, and that is a 4K video in a 4K Display….. How about 4K Video in an HD display? you’re phone will be as cool as a refrigerator…

  • Cakefish

    B-b-b- I’ve just pre-ordered a Z5 Compact… D:

    • Alvin

      enjoy it mate, enjoy :D

      • Cakefish

        I’m sure I will. But if Sony releases this superior version just a couple of months later I will cry.

    • Arngrim

      What colour? Ordered white, but im still wondering if i should go for the black one instead.

      • Cakefish


  • jamie evans

    If this story is for real, then PLEASE make Z5 Compact premium available worldwide. I really really really want it soooooo bad

    • high priest

      honestly, I have been torn between the iphone 6s and the z5 compact. If this happens then I just might sway, the compacts way.

      • Alvin

        z5 compact all the way

  • Paul M

    I am wondering if Sony simply can’t buy enough displays to satisfy demand so are only making specific phones variants for the mobile operators who pay Sony the biggest profit margins?
    If so, expect that other models to come to new markets when Sony have made enough for their initial launch exclusive.

    • May Czos

      They can’t buy enough displays? Two years ago HTC had no problem with 4,7″ 1080p displays and now higher resolutions are much cheaper.

      • Paul M

        it’s all about volume. I think the factories have all moved on to making bigger displays, sure two years ago 4.7″ wasn’t an uncommon size. And pointing to HTC as an example, who have badly floundered over the last few years, isn’t a good example!

        If you’re going to manufacture mobile phones you need to place orders for many millions of displays to get them cheaply enough to make a profit, and if you’ve got a smaller order you might have to wait longer for the big orders to clear production. The ability to control the entire supply chain gives Samsung enormous power.

        • May Czos

          So 1080p for all Z5C’s was too expensive and for Z5C Premium for Japanese market was cheap enough to make a profit?

          • Paul M

            I’m *speculating* that at the moment they can’t get sufficient displays to launch in more than one market.. and that once display manufacturing volume ramps up they will sell into more markets.
            To back up my speculation, there’s evidence that Sony are making C5 Ultras with different displays.

            They wouldn’t be doing that if they could command plentiful supplies.

          • May Czos

            I’m speculating that they just wanted to save some money and make higher profit.
            Actually, it’s pretty common to buy components from different suppliers. Apple does it all the time. C5’s example shows that Sony’s quality control sucks.

          • Cakefish

            What’s the excuse for the RAM though?

          • Paul M


  • ahmed

    The best phone for me

  • domepiece

    Great, another boxy Xperia phone to confuse the average consumer.

    • Sergio Arroyo

      The average consumer wont be looking for other variants in other regions of the world.

    • Alvin

      yes this beast is a boxy little thing. but even if it’s boxy, it is amazingly beautiful, right? come honest to me

      boxy with beauty is better with curvy with ugliness.

      • domepiece

        It’s attractive but I care more about how it feels in my hand because I tend to actually use my phone not just stare at them lol it’s sharp corner edges probably doesn’t feel comfortable when you’re holding it for a while.

  • richardar6

    Wow, Sony is all over the map, literally! Why can’t they release just 2 sizes of a premium model for the world? Instead of this country gets this feature, that country gets that one- just make one device (2 sizes) to rule the world!
    P. S. I’ll take a Z3+ body, 5.2 inch 2k display, snapdragon 820, wireless charging and a 3000mah+ battery in the next Xperia 6 please.

  • Walter Lloyd

    is there a release date yet?

  • spade

    That actually make sense to me since the Compact version was last year’s top 5 selling in Sony homeland, i wonder if this would hurt international Compact sales, because potential buyers were hoping this is going to be the international release.

    • May Czos

      It would probably hurt Z5C’s sales but it doesn’t matter because Z5C Premium should be more expensive so they’d be making money either way. I’d say more money because Z5 Compact Premium would sell better than regular Compact alone.

  • Arngrim

    Douche move if its true. I’d rather have that over the “shitty” compact we got now. :(

  • If this is true, just take my money Sony, just take it.

  • CipiR

    Yo hope this is real, will most likely import it

  • M3GRSO

    Typical Sony.

  • I live in Japan and am a Docomo customer, so that’s fine by me ?

    • Alvin

      that is not fine. that is amazing

  • Alvin

    if they didn’t release it worldwide, they are so dumb because they would’ve get a money party in their headquarter and offices.

  • Raj Singh

    Special attention to home turf. I like it.
    Anyone that wants a Japanese variant can get one.

  • Nero We Fall

    I’m surprised there’s not a single mention of Hatsune Miku in the article.

  • Jeff Martinez

    If it exists I freaking want it!

  • Reishou

    I want IA :'(

  • CassePer

    Any more “news”/information regarding a premium version of the compact edition?

  • Jeff Martinez

    I’d drop my phone and money on top of this to own it.

  • John Bipin Xess

    i think this is the best thing Sony must do as z5c and z5 has overheat issues and by launching z5c premium with 4 gb ram will solve the heating issue and the lagging issue

  • Any more news on this or has it been officially been debunked? (Likely)

  • Joshua Caleb Rodriguez

    It would be the android of the year. I’m tired of big phones, my hands hurt trying to reach all the time lol