Sony reinvents Xperia brand with new Xperia X, X Performance and XA (updated)

by: Gary SimsFebruary 22, 2016

sony xperia X X performance and xa aa 10
Update: Full specs for all three phones added.

At Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, Sony has launched what it is calling “an evolution of the Xperia brand.” The new re-imagined brand hopes to be more than just a smartphone, but a smart connected device “capable of changing the way you interact with the world.”

All-new Xperia smart product concepts challenge conventional categories with machine learning, natural user interface and sensing.

The first three phones in the new X series are the Xperia X,  the Xperia X Performance and the Xperia XA.

The exact details about the new devices are still coming in, however what we do know is that  The Xperia X will use the hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 processor (2x ARM Cortex-A72, 4x ARM Cortex A53) and the Xperia X Performance will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. The Xperia X and X Performance will have 5-inch 1080p displays, while the Xperia XA will use a 5-inch 720p display, along with the MediaTek MT6755, an octa-core Cortex-A53 processor.

 Xperia XXperia X PerformanceXperia XA
Display5" Full HD 1080p5" Full HD 1080p5'' HD 720p
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 650Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 ProcessorMediaTek MT6755
StorageUp to 32GB, expandable up tp 200GB via microSD.Up to 32GB, expandable up tp 200GB via microSD.Up to 16GB, expandable up tp 200GB via microSD.
CameraRear: 23MP 1/2.3'' Exmor RS with Predictive Hybrid AF.

Front: 13MP 1/3'' Exmor RS, 22mm Wide Angle Lens F2.0
Rear: 23MP 1/2.3'' Exmor RS with Predictive Hybrid AF.

Front: 13MP 1/3'' Exmor RS, 22mm Wide Angle Lens F2.0
Rear: 13MP 1/3'' Exmor RS with Hybrid AF.

Front: 8MP Exmor R
MiscAndroid M, 2620 mAh battery, fingerprint sensor.Android M, 2700 mAh battery, fingerprint sensor.Android M, 2300 mAh battery.

Next-generation tech

The Xperia X and Xperia X Performance include Sony’s next-generation camera technology called “Predictive Hybrid Autofocus.” Developed in collaboration with Sony’s camera engineers, it lets you choose your subject and then predicts its motion, so you can capture the action in perfect focus, without any blur.

As well as camera tech, Sony says that the new X series has next gen battery tech with Sony’s smart battery management, which the company says will deliver up to two days of battery life.

When it comes to design, each X series smartphone has a curved glass display within a rounded, continuous frame, while the Xperia XA features an edge-to-edge display. Also the Xperia X, Xperia X Performance and Xperia XA each have a range of Style Covers and come in four colors :White, Graphite Black, Lime Gold and Rose Gold.

Ambient connected devices

As part of the re-imagination of the Xperia brand, Sony is concentrating on how you interact with your smartphone. To improve the user experience while out-and-about, Sony has also released details of the Xperia Ear, a wireless ear-piece that provides useful information such as your schedule, weather and the latest news to keep you up-to-date on the go. It uses Sony’s voice technology, which means it can respond to verbal commands, so you can ask it to make a call, perform an internet search, dictate a message or navigate to a certain location. The key here is that it is a hands-free experience.

The Xperia Ear connects to your Android smartphone via NFC or Bluetooth and offers all day battery life plus IPX2 water-protection. As well as the ear piece, Sony has also announced the oddly named RM-X7BT in-car Bluetooth commander, which gives you wireless music streaming and hands-free smartphone functions whilst driving. It consists of two units – an ‘adaptor’ module that enables wireless audio streaming and hands-free calls, and a ‘commander’ that facilitates smartphone functions such as navigation, all whilst driving safely.


But Sony is also bringing its machine learning tech to just more than a AI which whispers in your ear. It has also announced three more concept products:

  • Xperia Eye  – a wearable wide-angle lens camera that can be attached to clothing or worn around the neck. It features a 360-degree spherical lens and has intelligent shutter technology that  uses facial and voice detection to capture images.
  • The Xperia Projector is designed for family communication using a natural and interactive interface projection on any clear surface. It will respond to touch, voice and gestures just as you would interact with your smartphone screen.
  • The Xperia Agent is a personalised assistant. It will respond to voice and gestures – providing you with useful information, communication assistance and home appliance controls. It is also powered by Sony’s voice technology and will respond to a number of commands – and has a built-in camera and projector display for projecting content onto surfaces.


This is quite an interesting set of announcements from Sony, I for one wasn’t expecting a Snapdragon 820 based device to be announced. Also it seems that this year’s theme at MWC is “value-add,” peripherals and modules that define the next stage in how we use our connected devices. Sony’s part in this is the Xperia Ear, Eye, Projector and Agent. It will be interesting to see how these “ambient connected devices” perform and if they actually make our lives easier/better.

What do you think? Please let me know in the comments.

  • Carv The Jarv

    Did they drop the IP Certification in the X Series?

    • Ichsan Rismunandar

      Only the X Performance has IP68.

  • Chief

    Damn it Sony I was hoping for a flagship :(

    • Leon Erlandsson

      What do you mean? Isn’t Qualcomm 820 and 23/13 MP Cameras not enough?

      • Chief

        You dont know much about phones, do you?

        • shyam

          this might not be flagship but the specs resemble..only the cost will tell..

        • Sumit Kumar

          bro it doesn’t matter they are using flagship term with it or not

          specs of that device are enough to call a beast
          and no offense i know about phones ..may be more then you

          • Chief

            No offence bud but you are confused. Look at the other flagships announced yesterday. The flagship specs for 2016 are roughly:

            -4gb ram
            -Quad HD screen
            -At least 5.2″ display
            -at least a 3000mah battery

            Thats what the term “Flagship” means buddy. Even Sony have said that these are not flagship devices, they are mid range. Hence why I said in my OP “I was hoping for a flagship”.

            Sony will release a flagship version mid-late 2016 but I was hoping for one now as im due an upgrade of my M8. That being said, if this phone comes in a little bit cheaper I might be tempted anyway. I do love the look of it!!

          • SaRPeR

            Quad HD screen only lowers battery life and frame rates in the games. Other than that, QHD is useless. There is no difference between FHD and QHD for human eyes.

          • Chief

            Unfortunately your statement regarding the human eye is just not true.

          • It’s not true the way they put it, but honestly, between my Droid Turbo’s 2K screen and my friend’s Droid Maxx 2’s bigger FHD screen the only difference I can possibly see is that his smaller battery lasts longer. QHD is, in my in my opinion, completely useless on a smartphone. I guess that’s why they’re calling it the X Performance.

            About the 3GB of RAM… well, it indeed depends on what the company puts on the phone’s interface. I’ve seen lots of complaints that the Galaxy Note 5 still closes a lot of background processes, significantly more than the Nexus 6P (running uncluttered stock Android) with 3GB of RAM. Also, I second what Kagnon said.

            If they didn’t call it a flagship, that’s okay, but these specs are indeed more than enough for a flagship.

          • saksham

            if u got the power then anything is possible !
            fifa 16 on my s6 edge plus runs at 48 fps !

          • Mike Dye

            Really? People still spew this garbage non-sense from Apple’s ignorant marketing team? There is absolutely a difference and it is night and day.

          • 404

            yeah but see (pun intended), it only matters when you put them side by side. QHD is RELATIVELY better than FHD. I’ve only used an FHD screen, and so it looks fine.

          • Kagnon

            4gb ram can be detrimental if not done properly, in reality having more ram means keeping more things running/active and therefore draining more power.
            Unless you’re a heavy web surfer on your mobile i don’t see 4gb adding much benefits.

            Do you really multi task that much that you need 4gb of ram?

          • I think what Chief *needs* is media hype to repeat “FLAGSHIP!” 100x and for Sony themselves to say “flagship” for him to believe it. A sensible phone enthusiast knows 4GB RAM and “flagship” aren’t mutually exclusive, and also that “flagship” is subjective. An OEM can still release a phone with a 1080p display / 3GB RAM and still call it a flagship because it could be their top offering.

            Sony’s Performance model is very much capable against the other OEMs’ top dogs, and when measured in real life use and actual seconds, there is a negligible difference. There’s nothing to be mad about with Sony’s new products.

          • Chief

            If you had read the article you would see that Sony have labelled these midrange.

          • Phil

            I’m not really sad about the new Sony product, I still wish one of the three offered a 5.5 inch to 6″ screen. Also hoping T Mobile picks up all Sony handsets this year.

        • ibanez Yamato

          You think you know but nooo. This phone is legit enough to challenge to others. Yeah bigger battery would be better but they have new battery management system so if it last as long as 3000 mah, you cannot say its bad. If yoi consider it has a 1080p screen it will be way better than s7 s battery.

          Lets not even talk about Sony cameras. Ram will be enough.

          And the screen resolution is perfect because 2k or 4k screens are just too powerhungry and there is no point in a cell phone. IMO. At least not yet

  • Phil

    Wow couldn’t one of them at least have a 5.5 inch screen or larger?

  • Andrew White

    Should have stayed with a 4k display but in something larger and offered this in OLED to reduce battery drain and market the difference.
    An 820 processor with only 3GB of RAM?
    The chunky top and bottom bezel remains….unnecessary length.
    In-ear bluetooth connectivity. Not safe period.
    Sorry Sony, big fail.
    Stick with your brilliant gaming console, TVs and audio appliances.

    • it isn’t a Z, it’s a new premium mid-range series, same as Samsung’s A series

      • Andrew White

        Sony recently announced, as you are by now aware, that there will be no ‘Z phone’.Making the X-performance its new flagship.

        • yep, I’m aware now, somewhat disappointed, hopefully they come up with something different before I ditch my phone this year. I just love Sony’s build quality, it’s beyond other manufacturers.

    • ibanez Yamato

      Big biased comment. I love my experia and these look legit for me to buy. It is top notch.

  • Andrei Steopan

    A small detail in the article’s text: somebody seems to have forgot a “3” from the camera details of the Xperia XA model :)

  • Magwheelz

    I swear less than a month ago I was reading articles about Sony quitting the phone business..

    Looks good.. I do love my Xperia.

  • Abi

    I’ll finally be able to upgrade my Z1 compact this year!

  • Vincentius Phang

    I really wish LG or Samsung who came out with this design :(

  • Kanoosh

    any word on US availability?

    • Bashar Shehab

      Only the X Performance will launch in the US

  • Cristhian Mejia

    Another Sony failure line.

    • ibanez Yamato

      Biased? Looks legit to me and I ll buy the performance one.

    • Andrew White

      Looks like this X series will be it…no Z’s this year.
      Mid-range or not, their pricing will be high because of the ‘quality build’.
      Sony Mobile continues its decline.
      Screen to body ratio is one of the worst around.
      A complete and radical design change is needed.

  • Vinícius Azzolin

    Will it have a hands-on video?

  • Mike Dye

    This site is nearly unusable for all the ads, Fix your crap android Authority.

    • Use Ublock Origin ;)

      • hen

        Yeah and block most js scripts on like british airways website. Dammit, i lost my booking due to this plugin. God dam IE saved me that day.

        if ur going to use ublock origin, atleast only use a subscription and not the default of like 5+ which are un-needed.

  • lol

    i wonder what is the priceof xperia xa

    • Bashar Shehab


  • Guys, Give us an review of its Camera.

  • Damon Lewis

    Well shit. The Xperia X Performance looks better than the recently released Xperia Z 5 :( The fact it’s 5″ vs 5.2 alone is fantastic…I’ll be tempted to sell my Z5 to get this.

  • 404

    Recycled Z3 design but with metal back

  • Markoff

    any idea about pricing? i am sure performance will be costly but x and xa could be reasonable

    or can you recommend other 5″ phone which is as narrow as this 67mm Sony?

  • Shafiullah

    Nice sony Xperia