Sony sends out its MWC 2016 invites

by: Robert TriggsJanuary 18, 2016

MWC 2016 Sony Invite

Mobile World Congress 2016 is a little over a month away now and Sony has just sent out invites for its press conference at the event. Sony didn’t have an official event last year, but has scheduled its conference for Monday 22 February at 07.30 GMT / 08.30 CET. That’s the same day that Samsung’s next flagship smartphones are expected to be announced.

Unfortunately, the invitation doesn’t reveal anything about what the company has planned, it’s all rather bland. We can speculate though. While some other companies are gearing up to launch their 2016 flagship smartphones, Sony only unveiled its Xperia Z5 line-up in September 2015 at IFA, so it seems a bit early for another refresh.

However, it is possible that some mid-range smartphones could be unveiled, as the company has released new handsets around this time before. Although there are some rumors floating around about an Xperia Z6, the bezel-less Xperia C6 that leaked last week might be the best bet for a new Sony smartphone.

Xperia C6 sideSee also: Bezel-less Sony Xperia C6 leaked ahead of MWC 201623

Sony may have some new wearables to show off, perhaps a smartwatch refresh, and another Xperia tablet is also a possibility. Although we haven’t heard any rumors about either of these product categories yet, so the whole announcement is a bit of a mystery.

What would you like to see from Sony at MWC 2016?

  • ranz

    perhaps a sony z5 with snapdragon 820? urrghh..we crave innovation sonyy pleaseee

  • Jeff Moreira

    I wish they would release a new Xperia Play…

  • DanG

    no finger print scanner on their flag ship device in 2016? just what are they thinking?

  • I’d love to see the alpha 7 III and 7S III

  • Dusan

    Z5 Tablet with upgraded specs. Don’t care if it’s exactly like previous models. Owned Z2 Tablet and thought it was perfect.
    If I had to nitpick, then perhaps slimmer bezels, but hey, it’s a water resistant device and if you’re like me, using it near water, then somewhat thicker bezels are actually a good thing, I’m just a “no bezel all screen” freak.

    • Emil Oskarsson

      There are slimmer bezels on the Z4 tablet :) perfectly sized in my opinion, too small bezels on a big tablets is just dumb because you won’t have any place to rest your thumbs on while holding it :p

  • thorsten garbe

    A z6 with sd820 and 32gb would be nice.
    And dont wait 6month again. Thats what killed z5 excitement

  • 愛情伯樂

    I’m sure they are going to announce the Z5 (US version) without Fingerprint if the rumors are true… just like how they did with Xperia z3v (Verizon) @.@… Then some wearables… I wish they renew the Smartband Talk, replacing the E-Ink with Oled although it will be bad for brightness but it gives much durability in battery usage…

    • Seriously? An Xperia Z5 without the fingerprint scanner? First of all releasing a phone in the middle of the year with a Snapdragon 810 processor isn’t going to take them far, especially by removing the fingerprint scanner which is just an extra pinch on not purchasing this device. I’ve had the Z3 and Z3+ and I can say the Z3 was a dream until I bought the Z3+ which I still find, sucky despite the software updates. Z3+ is a piece of crap that should’ve been the Z5 series to begin with.