Sony confirms no Xperia Z6, X series unofficially water-resistant

by: Kris CarlonFebruary 24, 2016

sony xperia X X performance and xa aa 8

As suspected, the new Sony Xperia X Performance will replace the Xperia Z6. A comment on Sony Mobile DACH’s Facebook page confirmed as much yesterday (even though it was later redacted), but a Sony spokesperson has confirmed to Android Authority this morning that the Xperia Z5 will indeed be the last generation of the Xperia Z series.

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The spokesperson also hinted – although wouldn’t confirm outright – that the more entry-level Xperia XA is also the replacement for the Xperia M4 Aqua‘s successor, which we had previously expected to see announced at MWC 2016. From what we’re being told, Sony is really tightening up its product portfolio and putting everything under the X umbrella with its new focus on battery life, camera performance and design.


The last of its kind: the Xperia Z5.

Unofficially water-resistant

I questioned Sony’s reasons for abandoning water-resistancy and was told that it simply wasn’t a feature that consumers made buying decisions on. When I mentioned Samsung reintroducing an IP rating on the Galaxy series, I was informed that Sony has still done internal testing on the X series water-resistancy and that the new X series can still withstand splashes and short submersions. However, Sony won’t be seeking an IP rating or advertising the fact, having removed the waterproof flaps from the X range.


It sounds like a similar approach to the one Motorola took with the Moto G – don’t tell people it’s water-resistant and then have them pleasantly surprised, rather than advertise an IP rating and then deal with sticky warranty claims and definitions of water-resistancy. When I asked whether the new X series will be the start of a one-flagship-per-year approach, I was told that Sony is aiming for a nine-month release cycle, but that we can still expect new devices at IFA in six months’ time.

Do you think Sony is moving in the right direction?

  • moew

    The waterproof flaps were removed from the Z4T and the Z5 line.

    • Craigus

      Not all.
      The Z5 still has a flap on the microSD/SIM tray

      • moew

        I meant more the usb flap. The cover for sim/micro is hard plastic and not a rubbery “flap”. /looks at Z5 and Z4T right in front of me :)

  • Ira

    I do hope the X-series works out for them. Pricing is the only issue they’ll need to work on, especially the mid-range models.

    • b

      Price must be NO MORE than $300 for X Performance… If Sony goes for higher price they are dead- Mi 5 Pro price is $360 and only idiot will choose Sony…

      • Jan Rick

        You’re free to buy the xiaomi if you want, Sony cannot and will not go into a price war, they’re worth more than that. Typed on my z5 premium.

        • b

          Worth MORE? Since when? Or you forgot $2 BILLION loss? When was the last time Sony Mobile made a profit? Not 0.0002%- at least 10% profit… I bet $5 that you don’t remember… Today Sony’s name worth NOTHING… When a brand is no longer associated with high quality only fucking moron will pay premium price for a just ordinary phone…

          • Ira

            Sony itself is still making profit, and an average consumer goes off that. Only because the Mobile department isn’t making profit, it doesn’t translate to products being objectively worse than others – there are flops such as poor marketing (Sony), poor design choices; e.g. screen-to-body ratio or removal of features (HTC & BoomSound), delayed software updates or none at all (Moto), and the list goes on.

            I’m sorry, but your argument is bad. Making a loss doesn’t automatically translate to poor quality products – especially when you make poor choices elsewhere and/or competition is beating you to it.

            Only because people pay premium, doesn’t mean products are bad. Guess people are just morons and luxury goods are just a ludicrous concept, and yet they sell like hotcakes. If you can’t afford the premium, go with cheaper – luxury goods (premium) are designed specifically for people who are willing to pay extra. Even if it’s just for brand name – and Apple does a pretty damn good job with this.

          • FuckYouMatt

            I don’t know why people bother replying to you. You are clearly an ignorant prick with no logical reasoning available in any of your statements.

      • Dave

        Lol, no.
        With your kind of logic everybody is an idiot for not buying a Xiaomi phone because EVERY single flagship device (maybe except for Motorola) of every other manufacturer not from China demands a (way) higher price.
        In fact, many people prefer brands that are well known in western countries. Levono doesn’t keep the Moto brand (at least more or less) for nothing. Furthermore Chinese OEMs have a hard time entering the western market as they often are considered as ‘cheap’ although it might not be true.

      • Ira

        I agree with everyone who replied so far – $300 for X Performance? Yeah, so everyone else is stupid going for Nexus which costs around twice as much for 128GB (don’t quote, I don’t know US price specifically).

        If XP sticks at around $600, they will do well. Or around £450-500 here in UK. That’s how much flagships cost and they’d be worth the money. Mid-range X (with SD650 IIRC) should be around same price as N5X (imo) – while it has weaker SoC, it has more RAM, microSD, possibly better camera, and more premium feel to it.

        Dave has summed it up perfectly.

        • Daniel B.

          A better camera on a Xperia device than on the Nexus 5X? I don’t think so. (Not talking about video) :(

          • Ira

            We haven’t got the samples yet for the Xperia so no way to say. And guessing is just pointess. However, if it’s on par or better, that’s great for Sony.

          • Daniel B.

            It’s more extrapolation of experience than just guessing, but maybe they’ll surprise us.
            I would be really happy since i alway found the Xperia Z2/3/5 to be really interesting, but was ultimately kept away from it because of the camera performance..

          • Ira

            I went from N5 to Z2, so camera performance was definitely an improvement over N5. Z5 is said to be as good as 6P’s camera – or so I’ve read – so it’d be good if they can match that, or S7’s. Basically staying closer to the top than bottom.

      • Rs

        Lol youre just poor

  • vmxr

    No z6 for you

  • Tsoa Tsyfatatra

    If I got it right, this phone still has IP 68 rating, but they don’t advertise as water and dust proof?

    • Izzy Ing

      Yes, but their future phone won’t be water-resistant anymore.

    • skyelm

      No they don’t have IP68. They test themselves but it’s not rated


    this is a really bad move by Sony. like a really bad one. the water proofing is just a great party trick to show my friends and one of my favorite features. o really hope there is a z6

  • JoseP.

    Xperia Z1 has been my worst purchase ever done. Water resistance was a joke and service center did not honor warranty. I am quite happy with my G4 and G3 before…Dont buy Sony

  • Chief

    Well, if the X Performance is the new “Flagship” why arent they letting people in the UK buy it?

  • k/mount

    Oh well, back to Samsung then.

  • Carlos

    Is a good move to have fewer models, but eliminate the Z line is just to throw away all the Xperia brand has build

    • skyelm

      Nop they are only throwing the Z away, Xperia is still there. Die sony die.. For what you did to me 6,7 years ago on Satio. I’ll never forgive you.

  • Anderson Tan

    Wtf. I just hoped this article never comes out

  • It’d be better if we could actually buy the X series soon rather than in summer. Announced too soon if you ask me.

  • Shellyman 8K

    It’s pretty much a reboot.

  • Ahmad Khan

    i cant understand what are you saying plz anyone plz tell me about sony phones x lines what is this i dont now

  • DBS

    Very stupid decision for two reasons:

    1 – The Z line actually had achieved recognition amongst consumers. Getting rid of it and putting everything under the X line will only create confusion.

    2 – Ending the Compact line will severely hurt any chances of every returning to profitability. The Compact line was the one that CONSTANTLY outsold every other Xperia. Which means Sony customers preferred the Compact phones to the “normal” versions. Ending it may seems stupid.

    I know Sony makes a lot of stupid decisions (like foregoing OIS for aesthetic reasons) but I don’t think they’ll be THAT stupid.
    I’m still waiting to see the Z6 line up at IFA.

    • pseudo

      There might still be a compact phone as Sony has released every 2nd gen

      Z1,Z3,Z5 then X2

    • neonix

      1. The Z line really doesn’t actually have that much following. Anyone who follows these phones is more so because of the name “SONY” or “XPERIA” than they are with the Z line. The Z line got tarnished by bad rep over the Z4 and Z5. Anyone who knows the name Sony Xperia will find out about the X series just as well. It’s really not that confusing, and in fact, it simplifies their lineup because this replaces the M line as well (according to the article). Sony should be MUCH better off consolidating the Xperia line as it appears they are doing.

      2. Who said they’re ending the compact line? They went a whole generation without it (Z2) and then it returned with the Z3. I really doubt they’d abandon the Compact. I’m sure it’ll be one of the devices they said in the article that they’re going to announce at IFA. Maybe it’ll be Xperia X Compact instead.

      • DBS

        1. You’re American, aren’t you? Because what you wrote only applies to the American market, eventually. Sony’s presence in Europe, for example, is pretty considerable and their Z Compact line pretty popular.
        As for saying “Anyone who knows the name Sony Xperia will find out about the X series just as well”…well, that’s the same as saying “anyone who knows the name Microsoft will find out about the Lumia 550” or “everyone who knows the name LG will find out about the LG X Camera”. The reality is, most people focused their attention on Sony’s M and Z line. The Z line was established. People already knew it stood for the flagships. By going down a letter in the alphabet, Sony is just introducing confusion. The normal consumer will look at an “Xperia X” and think immediately that it’s inferior to the Z line. Because Z comes after X. Worse than that, they’ll look at the X, see the overpriced tags, and think “Sony’s gone crazy. F*ck them”. And just buy another phone (and who would blame them? Who on their right mind would pay 600€ for the Xperia X when both the S7 and G5, much better phones, cost just 99€ more?)

        2. The Z2 was the “stop gap” just like the Z4/Z3+. Sony’s main family of devices was the Z1 family, the Z3 family and the Z5 family. The IFA phones. All flagships. The rest of the Xperias were presented through the year at either CES, MWC or just randomly.

        With the X line, however, Sony presented ONE phone per category: a low end (XA), a mid-range (X) and a flagships (XP). All with the same size.

        So I think it’s safe to assume that the Compact line was terminated. IF the Z line was indeed extinguished (Sony’s PR is apparently being very contradicting).

        • neonix

          1. Yes, I am American and realize that Xperias are more popular in places where Sony actually markets the damn things, but even in Europe, Sony’s market share is not that high.

          As for your analogies, that’s not the same. Microsoft, LG, and Sony are huge umbrella companies. I didn’t say anyone who knows the name “Sony” will find out about the Xperia X (if I had, then your analogies would be accurate), but I said anyone who already knows about “Sony XPERIA” will more than likely find out about the Xperia X—especially if they own a Z. It’s still the same brand of phones. It’s not like an Xperia Z owner is going to come due for an upgrade and then go into their carrier’s store, ask if they have any new Xperia Z phones, and the clerk tells them “Nope, they stopped make the Xperia Z line. But check out this Samsung”… No, they’re going to point them to the Xperia X. Same if the person buys their phones online and does their research online. They’re gonna find out about the X. People aren’t just going to lose touch with a brand because one letter changed.

          I can’t and won’t argue about how people will think about the X title vs. the Z, because that’s a HIGHLY moot point and we’d just be making assumptions without any data. Personally, though, I think X sounds bigger and better than Z, but I do see how Z can be interpreted as the end all, being the last letter in the alphabet. Still, X has a powerful connotation just being itself. It’s not just a letter. X marks the spot. It sounds cool just saying it. And it’s also roman numeral—one so impactful that Apple even ditched numbering their desktop OS versions so they could keep the letter on there. It’s a powerful symbol, really.

          And you underestimate the power of pricing. A higher price does not always mean less buyers. A high price often conveys that a product is a premium one because of the price. I work in marketing, so you can believe that I’m not just making this up. I am instinctively a budget shopper, so I know it’s difficult to understand how anyone can pay more for a product when there’s similar or truly better that cost less, but that’s just how marketing and human psychology work.

          2. The Z2 was not a stop-gap. If anything, the Z3 was.

          The Z2 had significant improvements over the Z1:
          — Screen size was bumped from 5.0″ to 5.2”
          — Screen technology was improved from TFT to IPS
          — SoC was bumped up from SD800 to SD801
          — RAM increased from 2GB to 3GB
          — Battery increased by from 3000mAh to 3200mAh

          The only hardware that was changed in the Z3 over the Z2 was the SoC, which was merely a MINOR revision (801 8974-AC vs the Z2’s 801 MSM8974-AB). Everything else was essentially the same except for how it looked. Oh, and the battery actually decreased by 100mAh.

          The events at which they released what types of phones is irrelevant. They don’t have to stick to the same schedule. The fact that they replaced the Z line with the X line just goes to prove that.

          And I have no idea what your logic is in assuming that the X line’s three tiers means that the Compact was terminated, but it’s not safe to assume so. The Compact is always the same as the flagship, but in a small package. The existence of mid-range and low-end devices, or any other device really, has never had an effect on that. There’s simply no reason at this point to believe that they won’t release another Compact.

          • DBS

            1 – Yup. That’s the problem with Americans. You seldom have any idea how the mobile market works outside the US. And this is a generalisation, I’m not talking about you specifically, however:

            – Yes, my analogy is exactly the same. Everyone knows Sony makes phones, just like they know LG makes phones and Samsung makes phones. And even Microsoft makes phones (and here it was particularly obvious because the moment the Lumia brand moved from Nokia to Microsoft, people started dumping the phones, even though they knew the brand and knew Microsoft).

            – “It’s not like an Xperia Z owner is going to come due for an upgrade and then go into their carrier’s store”.
            See? I’ll stop you right here. This does NOT happen in Europe. In Europe we’re not “due for an upgrade” because we don’t buy our phones on contracts. We don’t go into a “carrier’s store” because we buy the phones unlocked in normal tech outlets, where be buy everything else. Yes, there’s a very small number of people who do buy from carriers but it’s not at all the norm. However:

            “”Nope, they stopped make the Xperia Z line. But check out this Samsung” – Yes, this is exactly the sort of thing store employees will say. Actually, most store employees are amazingly dumb and normally push people into iPhones or Samsungs. Dumb to the point of me, once, having heard one of them tell a consumer who asked them about bluetooth on the phone “Oh, phones don’t use bluetooth any more, that’s outdated”. And Sony’s marketing in Europe is almost non-existent. Actually, Sony has been leeching off of their time with Ericsson for years. Many people still call Xperias “Sony Ericsson phones”.
            (Microsoft hoped to ride the same wave. They failed ahahahah).

            “They’re gonna find out about the X. People aren’t just going to lose touch with a brand because one letter changed.”

            No. They’ll simply see “Xperia X” and automatically think “This must be worst than the Z, hence the letter”. If Sony didn’t want that, they should have got rid of the letters altogether.
            “X marks the spot.”….in English. Here’s a novelty: that expression doesn’t translate into the dozens of other languages in Europe and Worldwide.
            By the way, the “X” being a Roman numeral is pretty irrelevant. SPECIALLY when it comes to Apple. Apple’s OSX is completely irrelevant in worldwide market. In Europe it hold less than 10% and no one calls it “OSX”. They call it “Mac OS”.

            “And you underestimate the power of pricing. A higher price does not always mean less buyers.”
            Actually I don’t. And yes, it does mean less buyers. Again, I have to remind you that the World (and Europe) does NOT work like the USA. We pay full price upfront for the devices.
            And the willingness of consumers to pay high prices for products is correlated to the brand of those products and not the device itself. If you work in marketing, you know this.
            That is what made Windows Phone even a thing. It was the Nokia brand that sold Windows Phone to consumers. People were buying the phones because they were “Nokia”. Nokia went away and so did Windows Phone’s market share.
            Which is also why only Apple is able to get away with overpricing the iPhone. It’s the “Apple” branding that sells the phone, not the device itself.
            However, it’s also why in Europe, iOS only has less than 7% of marketshare in the entire continent, whereas in the US, iOS owns almost half the market.
            The branding power is an important player here and Sony has had much better days. People KNOW the Sony Xperia branding, however, they do not consider it premium like they do, for example, with Apple. So people refuse to pay these kinds of prices for Sony phones (and rightfully so, because they’re totally not worth it). Even Samsung, who enjoys far more popularity than Sony (albeit Sony being the 3rd or 4th biggest OEM in Europe), can’t convince buyers to pay high prices for their S and Note lines. Which is why last year they had to officially cut down the prices of the S6 line…and this year will likely have to do so too.

            2 – The Z2 had considerable improvements over the Z1, that’s true, HOWEVER, in Sony’s roadmap it was, indeed, a stop gap. That’s why it was a single edition. The phone was presented and released with very little fanfare and didn’t sell a lot. Precisely because Sony only pushes the IFA flagships. Which is why when the Z3 family was presented, it sold so well. The Z3 family, much like the Z5, are a cohesive family of flagship devices that Sony touts. The Z2 wasn’t. And the Z4 even less. Actually, so much less that they even changed the name to Z3+.

            The events don’t matter, you’re right. However, Sony’s MWC events are always a lot less hyped by Sony itself. Sony, for years, has chosen IFA to present their biggest innovation and flagship products. I don’t think that will change. The Xperia X family, for example, came out of nowhere and few people paid attention to it. Actually, few people even remember Sony holds press conferences at MWC. Outside the mainstream media, for example, the fact that Nokia’s CEO confirmed the return to smartphones was bigger news than anything Sony presented. However, whenever Sony presents something at IFA, all news outlets report on it.
            Not to mention, Sony had zero interest in presenting the “new flagships” at MWC…when Samsung is always sure to steal their thunder.
            Sony’s option for IFA, unlike what one might think, IS a relevant choice. At IFA there’s little to no competition. The only presentations that could steal their September 2/3 announcements only come weeks later in the form of Apple’s new iPhones and Samsung’s Note launches (which are also never as relevant as some phablet-lovers like to make them out to be).

            “The Compact is always the same as the flagship, but in a small package.”
            Exactly. And if the X family does indeed replaces the Z line, then the Compact should have been presented alongside the XP. And it wasn’t.
            If indeed Sony isn’t releasing a Z6 or Z7 family at IFA this year, and these X phones are the Sony flagships for 2016, then it’s more than safe to assume that the Compact line is done.

            “The existence of mid-range and low-end devices, or any other device really, has never had an effect on that.”
            Because they never were in the same family of devices. You have the Xperia E line for low end, the Xperia M line for mid-range, and the Xperia Z line for high end.
            Now you have the Xperia X line for all three.
            Unless of course Sony decides to make the branding even less logical and starts calling everything “X” and then you’ll have a total mess of the Xperia XA, X, XP, XR, XK, XS, XN, XC, XD, XL etc etc.

          • Josh Adams

            I largely agree with your opinion, DBS.

            While I am American, I lived in the UK long enough to conclude that the top 3 brands (in terms of popularity) are Apple, Samsung, and Sony. I believe, as many others do, that Sony is an excellent brand that makes some baffling missteps. This is exacerbated by the company’s insistence on operating under arguably high price tags. With a few tweaks to its product line and a more aggressive marketing strategy, Sony could easily rise to prominence once more.

            I think that the name change is odd and ostensibly poorly executed, but I think it’s a move to distance itself from some of the follies of the Z line. In short, a “reboot” of sorts.

            I think we’re both in agreeance on not liking the shotgun approach with their offerings. The success of Apple and Samsung with their flagships is borne out of simplicity; 6S-6S+ | S7-S7 Edge and Note. Sony’s presenting 3 devices, all with confusing nomenclature. If the X line is indeed to usurp the Z line, there should be two options: the standard X and the wildly successful Compact edition. No “Premium”. Simple selection, simple naming, and clear marketing.

            As a flagship, if that is indeed the case, the X should stand toe-to-toe with Samsung in specs and performance. Sony’s sensor prowess should result in a device offering the best camera on the market. If Apple and Samsung source their sensors from Sony, which they have and still do, the company should be dropping the best of the best in their devices, with excellent post-processing to back it up. All of this would be in the name of salvaging the change in sub-branding for its flagship.

            I totally agree with your point on the separation of the mid and low range devices. Combining them under a single umbrella is ridiculous. Samsung has done this. Moto has done this. Sony needs to do this as well.

            Full disclosure: I am firmly in Samsung land. While I have no qualms pointing out their flaws, I argue that their devices are some of the best you can get. Even still, Sony has the power to crank out devices that are just as good, if not better. If they were to execute their flagship strategy in a sensible manner, they could retain their spot as a leader in Europe and usurp LG as the mental “third option” in the US.

            Sadly, as a cynic, I don’t see it unfolding that way.

    • Omarion07

      There’s a very big chance that they’ll release a compact and premium versions of the X performance around October but they won’t be called Z anymore.. I totally understand where you’re coming from but the series name’s makes very little impact.. What a Sony fan like myself really wants is some drastic changes in camera performance and design! Like what will happen if they introduced an ois and dual or triple flash? What will happen if they went back to 3000 + milli amp battery? What will happen if they improved the audio quality by adding S-master amplifiers? Is that too much to ask for? But apparently sony mobile only does what sony mobile wants and screw the customers!!

      • DBS

        Exactly because Sony doesn’t listen to customers (we’ve been demanding bloody OIS in the camera since the Z1) is why I highly highly doubt they’ll release another Compact IF the Z line is indeed extinguished.

        These Xperia X’s are the same old crap, but under a far worse branding scheme. That’s the problem.

        • Omarion07

          The android pit reported ,according to a sony rep, that the z series isn’t going anywhere.. And xperiablog is saying otherwise!! I don’t know who to believe anymore??

  • subm

    Sony= a company with good phone and bad strategy

    • Dominic81

      and very bad, outdated firmwares :)

  • Dominic81

    Hehe not only their new “flagship” phone is a joke…. they probably won’t even update their last true flagship, the Z5, to Marshmamallow before April despite all the issues the current Lollipop firmware has :) Sony Mobile is a sad joke and it deserves to disappear. No respect for its customers

    • Shamoy Rahman

      Z5 marshmallow is ready for March 7th and the X Performance has better specs than 99% of other phones. How is the phone a joke? It has a Snapdragon 820, Quantum Dot 1080p display, 3GB of RAM, and a 2700mAh battery that lasts for almost 2 days. Sony wants to target the market that prefers 1080p displays instead of 1440p displays, that’s where their strength lies. If Sony Mobile is a sad joke that deserves to disappear, I’m sorry to say that Sony has an additional $150 billion they can inject into it anytime. I understand that there is a lack of innovation and lack of design changes but that doesn’t mean Sony Mobile hasn’t stepped up their game. They’re certainly bringing us a lot more than before and this phone will perform better than the S7 because of the 820 and less bloatware.

      • skyelm

        Owww really now. What about the super 4k fake screen. Targeting the 1080p se voet. Die sony mobile die.

  • Opposum

    I have never ever seen a company with better engineers and designers, and worse PR-marketing- market research teams.
    It´s not even funny anymore, a few high school geeks would run Sony mobile better than these idiots.
    BTW the Z line wont be canceled- as with all sony rumours over the last few years, they all end up being false.

    • aks316

      Bro i couldnt agree more.. I mean seriously their marketing is shit, updates are slow and they make insane business decisions like no fingerprint sensor in the USA model.. Its one thing not to have it and its completely insane thing to disable for one country.. I mean come on Sony seriously.. I mean they dont even the know the problem.. I am using sony xperia z5 and its an awesome phone so its not the phone or the name that is the problem.. I don’t like Samsung much but I see better focus from them atleast when it comes to their flagship phones. Sony keeps changing names when it comes to their phones and televisions which adds to the confusion but they don’t change where they should. Their phone division may stop making losses but the Sony name is fading away. The shocking fact is they are not able to beat Samsung and apple in sales when it comes to their flagship phones when both companies wanted to be like Sony. Its really sad how clueless Sony is now. Samsung announced their Galaxy S7 on Feb 21th and it will be available from March 11th whereas Sony has no clue about the launch of their new phone and accessories. This is the problem. Sony is very slow whereas competition is really fast.. its really not funny anymore.

    • paraagent

      alec sharpio….

    • Al-Mothafar M. Al-Hasan

      I totally agree with you, was about to comment as you have done.

      Damn I love Sony, this direction will kill Sony Mobiles, why this Sony why !! I have no idea who is the stupid behind this, he killing Sony Mobiles.

  • Gustavo

    Sony has digged it’s own grave. Love waterproof feature. Definitely going to move to S7.

  • Wolf0491

    Hmmm I based my buying decision on the IP ratings lol. IP ratings plus Sexy factor imo.
    But I think the performance is still IP rated so I’m ok.

  • Сафиуллина-Мохамед Рамазанов

    i never bought any phone except Sony in the 90th , then Sony Ericsson , then now Sony until the Z3 compact
    now i guess RIP SONY mobile, hope they close it before they change the name of XPERIA
    this decision is shit and who take this decision is dumbass

  • Shamoy Rahman

    I hope they make an X Premium with a 4K display and 4GB of ram.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    They should’ve scrapped this form of Omnibalance too. They need a new design.

  • SaRPeR

    Only Xperia X Performance officially has IP68 rating. X and XA doesn’t have IP ratings.

    • FYLegend21

      unfortunately no, I think GSMArena made a mistake and it does not appear on the white paper.

  • Rich Evans

    I’m really disappointed by this! I was hoping to get rid of the piece of junk S6 edge plus! Looks like my time with android is done. It’s either Samsung or some cheap Chinese crap called the nexus 6p.

    • wabbies

      What if… The new nexus will be made by Sony? :o

  • neonix

    They would say this regardless of whether it’s true or not. They don’t want people to hold off on the X and wait for the Z6.

    I don’t mind it if it’s true, as long as they aren’t abandoning the Compact! Hopefully that’s something we’ll see at IFA.

  • zakariya2006

    Nothing new keep spending your money or you could send to Syria africa for the better.

  • daftrok

    GOOD. Keep it nice and simple. Stop wasting my time.

  • Cakefish

    1) So no more Z Compact series? None of the X series are as, well, compact as the Z Compacts.
    2) X Performance is not in UK – UK no longer get flagship Sony phones?

  • vince1228

    All i want for xmas is a brand new updated flagship ultra…

  • boota

    i guess i’m one of the few who actually like the move. the Z is just a letter, and in a world where most manufacturers are pretty much either trying to look as much as an iphone as possible without getting sued or generally trying to rape eyes with their design, sony is actually doing something that looks buyable.

  • Ukiya

    “Sony’s reasons for abandoning water-resistancy and was told that it
    simply wasn’t a feature that consumers made buying decisions on.” the most stupid remark from sales, I think they abandoned this due to factory defect issues (specific to 1st release – faulty waterproofing, etc. and they have to spend more money for replacement, warranty, etc. — Sony should have release 100% Quality product to avoid warranty claim due to water). — most of my friends and colleague bought Xperia due to Waterproofing, other stupid issues of Sony — unable to maintain Walkman Quality (renamed to Music and no effort to put Walkman engine, etc. on the phone, Bravia Quality, and its Camera itself — I’m very disappointed with Sony’s direction

  • EDvardas Ylakis

    Am i the only one around here who wants Z6ultra or Z5ultra? Because Z ultra was awesome. :/

  • Jarvic Suguitan

    But CNET spilled water on the X Performance in their Video…
    The X Performance would have been perfect for me , although I’m basing my next phone on IP Certification , I guess Z5 Compact it is then or maybe M5 , S5 or the S7 would’ve been nice but I just don’t like their UI and I’ve just had a really bad time with Samsung and their Service

  • Armaggedon16

    I still don’t get why the low end XA has a better design than the flagship X performance .-.

  • Oyonnazien

    Such a disappointment. Z serie was proposing something new (WATERPROOFING, noise canceling, camera, powersaving, software features, …), every release was expecting as an Apple product from the Android lovers community. There has been a glitch with the Z5 and the Snapdragon 810, but this was not a reason to sacrifice the complete Z serie… Sony, from Minidisc to Z phones, you really know how to waste it …

  • Nutella World Order

    The Xperia XA in white is gorgeous. If it had it’s top and bottoms bezel shrunk by 1cm or so, had a 1080p screen and Snapdragon 820, it would be an instant buy over the Galaxy S7 and LG G5.

    • wabbies

      Yes. I hope for a Z6 with this design! Would do really well I think.

    • iia3ezu

      If it had a Snapdragon 820 it wouldn’t be the cheapest phone of the three.

      Hence the cost reduction with inferior parts e.g. Mediatek chip, 720p screen, lower res cameras.

      Or you can stop paying a premium for the Sony brand and get a Xiaomi Mi 5, with similar specs to the Xperia X Performance.

  • Momen Galal

    I used to work with Sony Mobile for many years but not any more .. but i still love Sony and i will always be i really love it more than (Sam Shit ) .. i Dont really understand why they going to Kill the best of Sony series !! we used to sell a lots of devices for Z series .. I am afraid they will face the same fact what Nokia had we ware Sony Ericsson then Sony I dont know what the Next ?! .. I hope Sony well rethink about that decision again ..because i really felt sorry for Nokia .. one or tow of the best devices i ever had from sony in my life is Z ultra and Z2 better than Z3 and Z3+ even… in my opinion any way Good luck Sony