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When the world doesn’t offer you a Smart Mirror, sometimes you just have to make one yourself. At least, you do if you’re a software engineer at Google with a bit of spare time on your hands. Max Braun created this awesome DIY Smart Mirror in his spare time, and it runs Google Now.

Using a two-way mirror, display panel, some cheap components and a controller board, Braun was able to create a very polished-looking result, right up there with the best Internet of Things products made by actual manufacturers. Perhaps even better. Considering this is a do-it-yourself-in-your-spare-time project, you have to take your hat off to Mr. Braun.

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There’s no shortage of home-made Smart Mirrors floating around the internet already, but this one sticks out for being so slick-looking. Working at Google probably doesn’t hurt your chances of getting things right either. To power the whole thing, Braun first used a Chromecast, then a Nexus Player and finally a Fire TV Stick to generate automatic updates for the mirror along with “OK, Google” voice commands.

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At the moment Braun’s Smart Mirror displays pretty much what Google Now does: weather updates, news headlines (via an Associated Press RSS feed) and he is working on traffic updates, reminders and anything else you might see on a Google Now card. As he notes, until he settles on a particular platform he’ll continue to tinker.

Considering Hiroshi Lockheimer, SVP of Android, Chromecast and Chrome OS posted the above tweet when he saw Braun’s efforts, we might just see a Nexus Mirror at next year’s Google I/O.

What do you think of this smart mirror compared to others you’ve seen? What IoT device do you think will take off the most?

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  • fav

    WANT. is all I can think about.

  • This doesn’t run Google Now in the working version. The creator is “playing with traffic, reminders, and essentially anything that has a Google Now card”.

  • Ahmed Djent

    WOW! Would be awesome to have this ?

  • John Doe

    Me Want ..

  • Roberto Tomás

    I hope he turns it into a lifehack project .. I’d enjoy making one

  • Aloys Garnier de Kermerc’hou

    DO WANT. This looks sooo slick.

  • Pamela Curry

    Want! I foresee a zoom overly mode for the mirror also.

  • I really hope this project turn’s into a real product I can buy. I’d want a wider mirror. So I can replace my current bathroom mirror with the same size mirror. Having a built in microphone would make this product complete. So while your getting ready for work or up for the day you can ask questions to your mirror and see the Results on the mirror. Having a constant Time and weather is a nice touch. Adding traffic conditions is a must. Showing Amber Alerts is a must. Please make this happy.

  • Looks sweet! But the idea seems potentially creepy, too. On the one hand, it seems like the ancestor to the kind of mirror your Guy Montags and Winston Smiths would sweat bullets in front of. And what if the things can be hijacked to… peep! Yeek!

    • Diarmuid Connolly

      Well as long as they don’t put any sort of camera tech into it, surely hacking won’t provide anyone with any more than your morning traffic info and the score of last nights match?

  • lolwut

    I’d like to see a video