Do you have an Android? Well, good luck getting a date with an iPhone user. According to a survey conducted by, iPhone users are 21 times more likely to judge someone negatively for having an Android phone. What’s worse, if you’re using an old Android phone, you might as well adopt 50 cats right now.

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November 17, 2016

The famous dating website recently conducted a survey of more than 5,500 Americans, and the results are fascinating. According to the data, iPhone users are 21 times more likely to judge you negatively for having an Android device. But the feeling is mutual, it seems. Android users are 15 times more likely to judge you negatively for being an iPhone owner. And for those of you who aren’t too keen on updating your device every year or two? Tough luck. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, having an old model makes you 56 percent less likely to get a date, according to the survey.

Of course, this finding has more to do with socioeconomic implications than smartphones themselves. While it is true that Android devices span from $99 to over $1,000, the general public perception in the US is that Android phones are cheap. The truth is Android is often associated with certain socioeconomic backgrounds in the US. The same applies to people with old technologies being less attractive. The usual assumption is that the inability to upgrade your device after two years equates to financial instability. Now, though these preconceived notions are deeply flawed, wouldn’t you want financial security when choosing a mate?

Of course, this finding has more to do with socioeconomic implications than smartphones themselves...The truth is Android is often associated with certain socioeconomic backgrounds in the US.

What I found intriguing is Android users’ aversion to iPhone owners. The other way around is explained by socioeconomic implications attached to each ecosystem, but why would Android users find iPhone users less attractive? My explanation lies within personal attitude. Just as Android owners are wrongfully tied to lower socioeconomic echelons, iPhone users are extrapolated to be haughty, boring, and mainstream (and not in a good way). Perhaps these Android users are just too hipster to date an iPhone user.

Are you an Android user? Would you date someone with an iPhone? Why or why not? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Brian Reigh
Brian Reigh is a contributor at Android Authority, covering all Android-related news and features. He has always been passionate about technology, especially mobile phones. He is a recent alum of Dartmouth College and is currently in law school.
  • Monty Bank

    Typical iPhone snobs.

    • Colin

      Typical android user response.

      • Tom

        Typical iphone user LOL and this story proves it

        • Paulo Renato

          Typical waste of time LOL

      • Monty Bank

        LOL. Bit defensive, are we? Must’ve hit close to home. (BTW, my phone is an iPhone, but I like Android phones too.)

    • Peter

      If you bothered to read the article you would know it actually went both ways… typical internet troll

      • Monty Bank

        If you bothered to read my comment, you’d see I understand that… you’re the typical Internet troll. #You’reBlocked

  • raffr

    A woman’s cell phone has zero impact on my dating or not dating her. Bad teeth on the other hand…


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    • Da_James

      Side question : how is it that most Amercian have very bad teeth? Rich people hide them with veneers, low income with cheap bridges or instasmile, but if you’re older than 30, you’re most likely to be missing some, not having them aligned etc. Isn’t dental care free as in the EU – I mean, is that so expensive you can’t even have them aligned ? Sorry for the tourist question, but that kinda shocked me last time I visited. Thanks ;-)

      • Boolean Corporation

        There is a whole Simpsons episode about that very same thing. Dental plans are costly and sometimes insurance doesn’t completely cover “aesthetic” procedures.

        • Da Fuq

          Lisa needs braces!

          • Boolean Corporation

            Let’s have a look at the Big Book of British Smiles…

      • Choda Boy

        Like other health services, dental care is very expensive in the United States.

      • Peter

        You have no idea how lucky EU citizens are in many so many aspects… US is, unfortunately, very much behind in a lot of things – the whole world enjoys universal health care but here we call it a commie plot and prefer not to have it apparently… you can even buy unlocked phones and your market terms are not dictated by greedy carriers… i could go on…

      • Modman

        Obamacare put Healthcare away from most working people by making it unaffordable. Trump care will probably make it so only the rich have medical and dental care. So hopefully this answers your question. The streets are not covered with gold here. This country is buried in bureaucracy.

  • philnolan3d

    Match is a horrible site anyway, they charge you at every turn, Even after you’ve paid their crazy membership fees. And on top of that 90% of their users are fake spam accounts!.

    • fahadayaz

      Apple users, of course! 🙄

  • Jim Carter

    The most ignorant “tech” story I’ve read in 20+ years of being in this industry.

    • Confucius Say ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Why? The data is there, and I found it quite interesting.

    • Mister Salty

      I find it quite immature actually.

    • Benjamin Walburn

      You make it sound like you’re making a point. Judging someone’s economic standing by their OS and not the value of their phone is clearly ignorant. In fact, judging by the value of their phone isn’t much better.

  • “Perhaps these Android users are just too hipster to date an iPhone user.”

    Think you got that backwards there…

    • Mister Salty

      Definitely backwards.

    • Alize Jen Alfonso Martinez

      lmao thats the first thing that cane up to mind when I read it.

  • Sebastian.

    In all honesty, I don’t care what phone someone has. I prefer Android, but I do like iPhone. But as a bit of a phone nerd, I just prefer to buy something that’s better spec-wise that still manages to be hundreds of dollars cheaper.
    If I see someone who has an iPhone, I don’t really bat an eyelid, if I see someone with a cool android phone that goes outside the normal Samsung/Sony deal, THEN they have my attention. But in the long run I don’t care, but I know that people who use iPhone are more prone to being attention seeking, social status-fixated, and probably a tad more shallow, even though there’s obviously exceptions. So that’s a bit of a turnoff, but it’s more of an involuntary prejudice, I don’t really think about it that much, but my brain still registers what phone someone has.
    If I see someone with an iPhone, I can bet almost certainly that they have an iPhone just because everyone else has one, because “Samsungs are so difficult to use” (I do work as a salesman at one of the biggest phone operators here, so I see it a lot), and that’s just bullshit. They’re equally difficult/easy, it only boils down to which phone you’re USED to.

    Some would say that i’m just butthurt because as an android user, i’m less dateable. Well, I can’t say I like it, but if someone is put off from dating me because of my phone choice, then they can go fuck themselves in the ass with broken glass, seriously.

    • mark

      Or even worse, they have one because they think everyone else has an apple phone (because that’s what apple advertising or apple fans tell them), not because of what most people actually use.

      Macs – “think different! Use something that most people don’t!”
      Ipods – “think the same as me! Everyone should use the same thing”
      Iphone – “let’s lie and claim everyone else uses apple, and you should too!”

    • Paulo Renato

      Glass ass

  • Always Conservative

    just like the Bible says, it is much better to look for a mate who is equally yoke to you to avoid disharmony 😎

  • jose ramon sanchez

    I wouldn’t care is someone else has an iPhone but if I find someone that prefers android over IPhone I’ll find that person a bit more interesting

  • Jay Tartaglia

    My wife has a iphone7 while I have a Samsung s7edge. I did change her phone over to a galaxy S6 but her lack of patience and my lack of tolerance led to her going back to iOS.
    It was better for our relationship.

    • Colin

      Amen! My woman is an android user and I was ios, every time she tried to use my phone she freaked out and got pissed off. Relationship is far better for not even tryinh to push her over to ios. I did give android a try myself though and currently have the galaxy s7. It’s good, but I will most likely be going back to ios for ease of use and compatibility…it just works.

      • Jay Ochs

        my LG V20 “just works.” my galaxy s7 “just works.” my note 4 “just works.”

      • KineticAirbag

        The whole “it just works” slogan is so outdated. All Android phones “just work” now days too.

  • J G

    Just shows you no matter what, people will always find something to use for “us vs them.” Even when it’s silly and illogical.

    • bboyheat

      Very true. Ppl always trying to find a reason why they are ‘better’ or ‘different’ than another.

    • Matt

      Oh, sure. An Android user *would* say that.

      (PLEASE note- this is not a shot at you or at all meant seriously. Just helping illustrate your point)

    • simple water

      It isn’t necessarily illogical I don’t think. I use android and while it wouldn’t be a deal breaker I think if you use android it shows you are better with money or that we share an interest in getting the most of our technology at least. I think most iphone users don’t really care about their the tech or at least don’t care enough to do any research. iPhones are just kinda the default phone for many people. You could say phone and people would automatically think iphone.

  • mark

    Maybe that’s why they’re single…

    Were people asked this question explicitly, or is it based on finding correlations between who people like and what phones they have?

    Apple phones can often be cheap and old – Apple sell their models for years longer at lower prices, and many of their sales come from that. The chavs round here sporting their new Iphone 5s don’t have a modern nor expensive cell phone. Aren’t iphone owners the hipsters? (Loving that old tech.) Anyhow, I thought it was supposed to be Android devices that didn’t last as long – Apple fans can’t both claim that Iphones last longer, and that all Iphones are newer.

    I’d only get put off at those who have to talk about their Apple product by brandname all the time (the old “How do you tell someone has an Iphone? They tell you”). It’s like product placement, as if Apple don’t already have enough of that on every TV show.

    There are the practicalities: one can have a wide range of makes/platforms in a house that work well together for everything from network/file-sharing/streaming to interchanging power plugs, but Apple doesn’t play well with others. (Though this issue probably isn’t foremost in people’s minds when first dating.)

  • Mike

    I did date a girl with an iPhone. and proceeded to turn her to the Android side. mission accomplished

  • knowname

    Mr salty are you blaming the author for being immature (and basically the publicist who greenlighted it) or the users that it’s about?

    on topic I can relate somehow as I get a little frustrated when my love interest has no idea how to work my phone so I’d imagine the bias would be even worse on the other side and it’d be like a mutual breakup they’d be like ‘yeah we just can’t make this work’ lol

  • Mr.Bean

    So much trigger in this article

  • typogenerator

    I’ve got a general aversion to iPhone / Apple product-using girls that has nothing to do with socioeconomics. My issue lies with a perception of technical laziness and snobbery often found in such consumers… I know it’s silly and definitely geeky but that’s just how I feel.

    • caroline eadie

      I’m not geeky and agree with you iPhone users do tend to think they are something they aren’t it’s sad really I used an iPhone once but much prefer android

    • simple water

      I think ur right it shows a lack of similar interest in tech in my opinion. Which in itself should not be a deciding factor.

  • AbbyZFresh

    And this is why Millennials will stay single into their 40s.

  • The Doctor

    I had the iPhone 7 Plus and went back to Android (S7 edge) because Android has many more features that I like. I hate that I couldn’t customize my iPhone.

    With that being said, if a woman were to be shallow enough to judge me because I don’t use an iPhone, then I don’t want to be with her anyways.

  • richardar6

    I judge people who judge people for what phone they have. No, actually I’m just amazed that people (and apparently a lot of them) are actually that shallow that they would judge someone based on the phone they have. I currently have both, An iPhone 7 and S7 Edge. I guess that makes me Bi.

    • Happy

      That’s the best approach – just pull out the phone that corresponds to the one the lady has and ta-ta – you get a date :-)

    • libra89

      Having one of each is more fun anyway :)

    • caroline eadie

      A phones a phone but shallow narrow minded people think they are an accessory it’s out of order people get what you like but don’t let it be a base for a relationship after all you could let a good thing slip through your fingers so to speak at the end of the day it’s a phone personality is more important

      • simple water

        It may say something about their personality though. At least it might say that they don’t have as much of an interest in technology as an android user. But of course that shouldn’t be a major factor in partner choice. You’re right personality is more important.

  • Armand Bernard

    inb4 “I’m not into sheep” comments.

  • Ryan Cottrell

    My wife has an iPhone. There’s no problem in that. I HAVE in the past though not called girls back for being technologically challenged and for judging me for having an Android phone. If it’s too much for you, you’re too much for me.

    • TechTonic

      exactly,. I don’t care what phone a girl has. but if she’s the type who would judge someone by their phone, then I wouldn’t want to go out with someone like that

  • Elmer

    Love this article and the controversy it sparked lol

  • ddd

    This is bullshit what tim cock who is biggest asshole, d bag, jackass saying because he doesn’t know shit.
    Apple ios 8 copy from all android features and ios 10 copy from all windows, android, samsung features. Iphone design copy from htc phone and 3d touch copy from immersion company. Lg made tablet which named ipad before apple and apple copy the name.
    This is too funny about piece of garbage apple because all apple products are exploding like grenade.(ka boom!) Whole worlds are complaining right now. Tim cock helped two shooters what to do inside the building and tim cock hacked two shooters’ informations at san berdino This is 100% true statements.
    I got all apple products and they exploded in front of me, so Apple should recall. Other funny is about tim cock and rest of people are selling weeds, cocaines, and marijuaunas. I can’t believe they are doing it and they are biggest drug dealers. This is too shame to apple. Tim cock won’t tell u truth, but cocksucker always LIE to u.

    Go fuck to apple

    • Tom

      Lol what?

    • ddd

      So many people are complaining about piece of garbage Apple airpods are exploding people’s ears and battery wasn’t great, lose very easily.

      • ddd

        Next apple products will explode no matter what.

  • Sounds like you need to have one of each…

  • StandingO

    It happened to me sometimes that I date someone and I see an iPhone and I can’t help saying: oh, you use an iPhone…
    Usually the answer is an excuse to justify it 🙄

  • Dave Augood

    I am a massive Android fan, I’m using the Pixel XL at the moment, if I was single and dating, I wouldn’t mind going out with some one that has an iPhone, but by god I would try my best to convert them.

  • C Lo

    This is why I choose to be single. Less drama. This article is satirical and comedic to me. Enjoyed it very much.

  • BrockSampson

    When you say that something is “21 times more likely”, you have to say what you are comparing it to. The word “than” has to appear in the sentence, otherwise it is meaningless.

    • Matt

      Not to mention that “21 times more likely” is NOT the same as “Occurring 21 times more frequently”.

  • Paul A C

    Honestly this is a load of shit.

    IPhone users should not be the ones to judge, they’re the ones buying into being a slave to a device which never actually allows you to buy content (if you die the content goes back to Apple)

    But that doesn’t matter, I’m certain that there are more things which can make a person attracted to you over your mobile device and even clothes possessions, money, status, title etc.

    Its called a personality, if you can’t see further than your last Facebook status then I’m sorry but I wouldn’t want to be your partner anyway.

    • caroline eadie

      Thank you common sense prevail’s at last fantastic comment personality and sense of humour are just two things that matter more

  • LostOne

    Apple customers are elitist? That’s not news.

  • Ethan Campbell

    What if you use something with Windows? Or maybe a Blackberry Classic? I also know a few people with Ubuntu and Sailfish.

    • libra89

      I’m not going to lie, people who don’t use either Android or iOS fascinate me a lot, but I wouldn’t put them on a pedestal on their phone choice.

  • Sukrith Krishnakumar

    Don’t kill me for saying this but you Americans have serious issues and Trump ain’t one of it!

  • Leon

    As someone who goes between both and currently has a Pixel, plus friends with both.
    Why does it matter?

    • libra89


      If this is how people are, I’ll bring my Windows Phone on dates with me. :)

  • Volca Lucia

    Well, I dated a guy with an iPhone. He changed to Android eventually. lel.

    • Happy

      …and then you dumped him, considering you use past tense :-)

  • s2weden2000

    “just say n0 to aijphoney, people”

  • Noor Nhn

    I’m probably a philistine when I say this but android or apple is no different just depends on how you adapt using it. Even windows.

  • Michael2011

    I’d be wary of dating someone who’d spend $700+ on a phone… Even worse if it’s financed. It shows a lack of financial sense unless it’s an extremely small percentage of their net worth.

  • A$HI$H 25

    I’d date any girl….. Irrespective of her fone😂😂😂😂

  • Billy joseph

    I find the iPhone users need to be held and told what to think and do whereas android users are more assertive, free thinkers. I do tend to look down at iPhone users. Mea culpa!

  • Gudbella

    Trump has an Android phone and I hear he isn’t poor…..

    • Pranav

      what phone he uses?

      • Gudbella

        Even the senators want to know what phone he uses but the media says it’s a Galaxy S3…

  • Andrey Kovalchuk

    You don’t trust what you don’t understand.

  • TechTonic

    well then, I guess I’m adopting 50 cats then,, they wouldn’t judge the type of phone I’m using 😭 well, as long as I feed them tuna!
    but can you imagine someone missing his chance with with marrying his soul mate because the type of phone he’s using 😳

    • Happy

      Yes, I can imagine. I have colleagues earning up to 15 k Euro net per month who are using several years old Galaxy Core or even cheaper Acers. The top-top man in our organisation is using one of these 20 Euro Nokias with keypad and black-and-white mini screen.

  • Happy

    That reminds me of a female colleague that was claiming that men pay very much attention which brand hand-bag the woman has. I had to disappoint her by telling her that we do not go further than the boobs, the body shape, the eyes and the attitude.

    One more thing that fascinates me is when we can talk like equal on technical topics. I just hired an expert for the review of one of the projects that I supervisor and boy is she a dream girl – so cute and bright. Engaged though – so forget it. Do I mind her two iPhones? Couldn’t care less.

    And last but not least – instead of being slaves of the companies can’t we just print our salary slips and present them?

  • Beem Keeratithananun

    Please date with a person and not a phone

  • Žydrūnas

    Wow, what a materialistic dating site! I believe that it doesn’t do Android Authority any honor to write about such tabloid-like articles.

  • TheOracle

    I use a Nokia 3310, drive a Bentley and live in Beverly Hills. Do you think girls will like me?

  • Pat

    Before phones you dated a person. Phone compatibility is a must.

  • Pat

    Android’s newest phone is the tops.

  • Xa

    Honestly I also view iphone users negatively, imo they don’t care about quality and only materialists who like to flash brands to feel superior, they probably don’t know what saving is etc.

  • Ryan Brown

    The real problem here I think is… Kids these days. got crap priorities in life or none at all

  • Venkatesh Ramakrishnan

    I’m an android fanboy while my wife’s an iphone user. What works for me doesn’t for her and vice versa!
    But with android I could root, install custom roms and tweak my systems better without affecting my phone warranty. On the other hand she has never had the joy of trying anything new.

    • Maxik

      Yes, You can root phone, I can do it to. But tell me, how many people do it ? Seriously ..

      • PromethianKnight

        go to xda and find out…. ;)

  • Maxik

    For some reason i find it different. I see more Android users shi**ing on the iOS users than vice versa.
    I see alot of comments like:
    “isheep sh*t users”etc.
    And before You say something like im stupid Apple fanboy, keep in mind that im Xiaomi Mi5 user :-)

    • Pranav

      you are from?

    • simple water

      Yeah but we do have better phones in general (price to features). As an android user I do feel pretty proud to make smart tech buying decisions. iOS and android are not the same but people shouldn’t be rude.

      What I’m saying is there might be a reason for the snobness but it’s probably not good to be like that

  • Luka Bulatović

    Judging people based on phones… And then you hear them wonder why they are single.

  • King_Android

    This is the reason they are on the dating site match in the first place….

  • Sean C

    Loved my iPhone so much I convinced my wife to become an iPhone user -before I switched to Android

  • libra89

    I have one of each, and I could care less what phone my date has. If they believe that one is superior, I’m going to be less interested in them. Choice is a GREAT thing to have.

    What I would want to do for fun is to have my Windows Phone (950) on a date. I don’t mind talking about the platforms and tech but the complex is just dumb.

  • wmurch3

    I use Windows Phone. What’s a date?

  • Isaiah Comer

    I really don’t get what the big Android/iOS thing is. iOS is great for techies and simpletons at the same time, while Android can do the same. It’s preference. Privacy vs Customization.

  • Paul Pollington

    Its obvious why people prefer to date people with iPhones, but it’s nothing to do with phones of any kind, it’s basically comes down to how much money they earn, as iPhone users are better off, on the whole, as Apple products are way over priced and these bloody idiots who obviously have more money than sense, and buy next year’s model year after year after year. End of!

  • Saikrishna Katakam

    iDiots… Everywhere…!

  • Ali Usman

    Blackberry Classic user here!

  • KineticAirbag

    If someone is so shallow that a phone choice is a deal breaker than they’re better off not being together anyway.