Samsung’s Project Valley may be a dual-screen, foldable smartphone

by: Matthew BensonMay 28, 2015

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We’ve been hearing for ages now about Samsung’s plans to release a foldable display, and at one point late last year, it actually went on record to state 2015 would be the year. Sadly the statement was more-or-less retracted some months ago, but there should be little doubt that something is eventually going to materialize. Exactly what it is is now becoming clearer, though unfortunately the specifics, as well as the timeline, are still a mystery.


Sony has already released a dual screen tablet, though with two separate screens.

The folks at Sammobile have obtained information about a new device Samsung is working on, allegedly called “Project Valley”, or “Project V”. Said to be very early in the development timeline, the key feature here is a pair of screens, and specialized gestures to alternate between them. A caveat is given that the product may never see the light of day, let alone a public unveiling, and could be terminated at any time.

Given the nature of the code name, “Project Valley”, there is the obvious implication that the device will fold. The question – or problem rather – is just how advanced such a feature would be. Years ago, Sony released the Sony Tablet P which featured two screens that folded into one larger one. The same was true for the Japan-exclusive NEC Medias W, dual screen smartphone. And let’s not forget the Kyocera Echo, arguably the grandfather of them all.

Still, these devices all used two separate panels to achieve the desired effect. If Samsung is working on something this “rudimentary” it would call into question the logic given that all three of the aforementioned devices fared rather poorly. On the other hand, if Samsung will be developing this prototype as a way to commercialize its foldable AMOLED panels, then there is a lot of potential. Just looking at how the Galaxy Note Edge worked is a great indication of the potential, as said device featured two separate screens fused together into a product that had a very intuitive and unique way of interacting with it.

Medias W

NEC’s Japan-only Medias W was a smartphone that had two screens, though again they were separate panels.

Assuming something eventually sees the light of day, would you be interested in the prospects of a foldable, dual screen Galaxy smartphone? The Galaxy Gemini perhaps? Maybe HTC would get busy on its patent as well…

  • jasonlowr

    Yes, I’ve always hope that a device like this will come out from a better OEM. And if they ever came up with this, I’ll be buying it.

  • Eric Braun

    About as close as i can get to using a Nintendo DS as a phone. I’m all for it!

  • Wjdzm

    I wonder….

  • ehjr

    There’s that concept video that seems relevant

    • Daggett Beaver

      The message of that ad cracks me up. “The cooler the phone, the more likely you’ll be able to pick up chicks.”

  • hoggleboggle

    Maybe they got hold of the work microsoft put into their cancelled “Courier” project and decided to put it to good use?

  • Vitor Herculano Morais

    They have a video on YouTube that they shown on a presentation like 3 years ago, where they show the first note edge prototype, and a prototype for this foldable phone.
    Search for smasung foldable plastic display. It should be the first video.

  • neonix

    I hope we one reach a phone in the current candybar form, with a bendable screen and body so you can squeeze it for one-handed reachability.

  • Bob


  • mavbraselton

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