Possible Gear Glass: Samsung patents Earphone looking like Dragon Ball Z scouter, Google Glass

by: Elmer MontejoApril 16, 2014

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The Korean Intellectual Property Office recently published Samsung’s patent application for an earphone that seems to be a compact Bluetooth headset and smart glass rolled into one whose shape quickly calls to mind a familiar object in Dragon Ball Z — the scouter.

Samsung’s patent application referred to the device as simply the “Earphone.”

Here are the illustrations lifted from Samsung’s patent application filing for “Earphone”:

Is it the rumored Samsung Galaxy Gear Glass redesigned? Or is it a design for an entirely new product? No one knows yet, but the two are quite different enough to justify being separate devices.

Samsung’s new application differs from the computerized eyewear, rumored to morph into the Samsung Gear Glass, that it patented in October last year. The said device had a pair of lenses, with buttons near the hinges, a camera, and a wire running along the temple — apparently for connecting to a smartphone or another mobile device.

The “Gear Glass” design looked clearly like a pair of glasses and would allow earphones to be integrated to enable users to make phone calls and listen to audio. In contrast, the “Earphone” looks like a headset with a display panel rather than a pair of glasses.

Like the one in Google Glass, the head-up device (HUD) attached to one of the lenses in Samsung’s sports eyewear stayed slightly above the wearer’s line of sight. In contrast, while the “Earphone” design also includes a foldable HUD extending from the earphone, the HUD is meant to sit directly in front of — or “obstruct” — the wearer’s line of sight.

Samsung’s “Gear Glass” patent also indicated that the HUD would “display alerts for information running on the phone, providing easy access to control when the users’ hands are tied with sports activities.” It is likely for the “Earphone’s” HUD to have the same or similar functions.

The “Earphone” design includes an in-ear earphone and an ear loop to keep the device in place and seems to be designed for wireless operation.

Both “Earphone” and “Gear Glass” designs should be able to work with and benefit from Samsung’s augmented reality (AR) keyboard solution, for which the company filed a patent last year at the World Intellectual Property Organization and the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

Among other recent Samsung patents is one for contact lenses with embedded micro cameras.

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    Awesomeness level; Over 9000!!
    Pretty sure that even my dad is going to buy one

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    Looks like he stole the title from a comment on PA

  • Mark Washington

    Nonetheless true

  • Google counter

  • fredphoesh

    This patent reminds me of the (horseshit) patents Apple acquired for obvious things like swipe to unlock, bounce back etc… these things should NEVER be patentable as they are obvious applications for a new technology.

  • Morgan

    So device weight will be held in place by pinna/external ear alone? Hmm I’m not so sure about this. The device will fall when your head tilt sideway.

  • MasterMuffin

    Akira Toriyama can sue them! :D

    • Bryan Z

      LOL!!! only if they put that thing in a capsule

      • MasterMuffin

        I wonder if Samsung’s engineers are funny enough to include a power level detector as an easter egg :D

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          thats a great idea and they should and it should be based on …. your social ranking like “Klout” or something like that

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    deep down i want an exact replica of it.

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    “Okay Google now, find me the dragon balls.”
    “Ok, nearest one 58 miles, driving directions will take-”

    “Screw driving, I’m flying over there!”

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      Now that would be freaking awsome!

  • bulkycrap

    EEEEWWW ….. too bulky and way to cluttered, take notes from Glass ffs

  • Bryan Z

    This could be awesome but id rather get regular sunglasses and not have people know what its for also, I got an invitation to get Google Glass over a year ago…. never bothered to go pick one up.

  • The price, IT’S OVER 9000!

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