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Financially speaking, 2014 was a rough year for Samsung Mobile given its poor sales performance and the subsequent aftermath that included everything from internal staff changes to terminating services to a supposed “fresh start” with the Galaxy S6. Given what we have seen at MWC 2015 so far, it looks like the company took some major initiative in seeking to fix what ails it: the S6 (and S6 Edge) has no plastic on its body, has a cleaner, leaner TouchWiz, and will even come in a 128GB variant.

It’s so good that Andy Tu, General Manager of Mobile Communication at Samsung Taiwan, has gone on record to state that he expects the S6 to surpass all of its previous incarnations. Specifically, the Galaxy S4 is the phone to beat as last year’s Galaxy S5 was found to have sold 40% less than expected.

While this is a very big claim indeed, the company’s revised game plan will aid it well given that Mr. Tu indicated Samsung will focus on the S6 and Note 4 during Q2 2015, with supporting focus on the lower-end Galaxy A and Galaxy E products. Of interest is the fact that neither the Note Edge nor the S6 Edge were mentioned, perhaps a given when considering the higher price points and more niche-oriented appeal the pair of devices have.

Take a quick look at our hands on impressions here, and be sure to check out all of our coverage on the Galaxy S6 to see just what everyone is so hyped up.

  • Sly

    I’m definitely getting one after hearing about theme customization!

    • Chris

      Htc is offering themes too

  • that_guy

    Non removeable battery and no microSD slot…. Bad move Samsung. I’m moving on…

  • Mike Bastable

    I am a bit underwhelmed by these handsets. I expect more from Samsung than an iPhone inspired redesign really. ALL the stuff that their user base (very vocally championed here!) loved is gone: no SD and no removable battery…seems like they wanna make high end HTC like devices…and we all know how few of those HTC actually sold….
    …Now the reviews that will be coming will emphasize build and benchmarks BUT (and lets capitalize this point) I HOPE AA LETS A SAMSUNG FANBOY REVIEW THE S6!: lets see how their core user base likes the changes….i would be most interested to read that!
    I actually think the S6 gives away a huge customer base to LG and to the China OEMS.

    • Chris

      I’d never trust a China compney

      • Airyl

        Why? There are shady ones, but the ones at large don’t seem to be bad.

        • Choda Boy

          I already have one nation snooping on my phone, I do not need an additional one.

  • Ed

    im actually interested on Samsung again after 3 years of being very negative about Samsung; thanks S6 Edge.

    • JK

      wait until you see the price. I’ve read $1k all over the internet. seems high tho, but we shall see!

  • MasterMuffin

    It deserves to sell well. Stop complaining about SD cards and removable batteries, iPhones sell well and have neither. Don’t say “but they’re sheeples / have no other options” that’s simply not true. S6 could possibly even steal many current iPhond users, as it clearly is geared towards people who want premium, style and simplicity. You can go and buy whatever you want, your preferences don’t make S6 and S6 Edge bad.

    S6 is a good phone. Currently the best on market overall IMO.

    • Airyl

      Best? How?

      • MasterMuffin

        Tell me what’s better?

        • Airyl

          The One M9 seems promising, and there’s also the LG G Flex 2 and Mi Note Pro.

          Also, prepare for the comment shower that is about to flow in.

          • MasterMuffin

            Yup. Samsung haters are here!

          • V-Phuc

            No, for once, pragmatic people speak. Not the secret Apple wannabes! Perhaps not you, but a lot of them, I believe. For the world of me, I can’t understand. Buy iPhone, if you want what the S6 is now, and shut…up for Android should be. We have one Apple, and that’s plenty enough, no?

          • MasterMuffin

            If V-Phuc has one apple and Samsung gives them another, how many apples will he have? Plenty enough.


          • V-Phuc

            Nah, one is enough. If I want an apple, I get the real one, not the wannabe that Sammy is trying so hard to be. Having said that, I’m not an Apple fanboy by any stretch of imagination.

          • Sky113

            I’ll take sammy any time.. Apple not for me, even transferring musics into ipods is a hassle. My only exception is the exclusion of sd cards. Removable battery is not a gripe to me as I’ve been using Z2 for so long, no complaints here for sammy

    • Chris

      How can it be best if it’s not even out yet?

      • MasterMuffin

        Of course based only on our currenr knowledge that may and will change

        • Gabriel Porto

          What our knowledge says about lowering the battery capacity? Please do not say 14mm processor, the biggest villain in battery draning is the screen, and the new one has a lot more pixels to be lighten.

    • jesus

      Remember back in the days when Samsung was the only company offering expandable memory and a replaceable battery? Now everyone’s doing what Samsung’s been doing for generations…

      Point is, no one was complaining when it wasn’t there. Only the haters are finally complaining now.

      • Chris

        People complain about what Samsung is doing and they are complaining about htc keeping the same look but if htc changed the look people will complain about that.

        People complain just to complain

        • MasterMuffin

          We agree on something :)

          • crutchcorn

            I occasionally agree with him but then remind myself about who he is. :P

      • Airyl

        Isn’t that why they’re complaining? Because the thing that everyone liked/accepted Samsung for has been completely removed from their top of the line device?

    • Richard

      Lots of complaining about non removable storage.
      I see this like SSD vs External HDD.
      You can get an external HDD for less money for more space (micro SD)
      But having an SSD is just so much better. (UFS 2.0)

    • Good?
      Stupid Looks- Check.

      Small Battery- Check.
      Lack of Practicality- Check.
      Crap build of software- Check.

      I can’t see why they would even sell. In android we don’t have stupid isheeps who would buy anything. Tho I hate Samsung, the S5 was much better. It was more mature, practical and had function over form.
      Samsung’s fucked up this time.

      • Anonymousfella

        Going for practicality over function with the S5 made it sell below expectations. Samsung misread their market and its demands; mainstream buyers now demand premium materials and design. For pragmatic byers who demand an removaable storage,battery and ip67 protection, Samsung will most likely introduce an Neo or Active variant in May/June

        • MasterMuffin

          Exactly. Sales over niche market

          • idk

            You’re unusually making a lot of spelling errors today ;)

          • MasterMuffin

            I don’t proofread my comments if I’m not writing anything important :)

          • Lord Muffin top

            Send Samsung a message and don’t buy it! Buy a Crapple oops Apple. Samsung is copying Apple snd will lose. Samsung doesn’t differentiate by copying. They need to innovate by keeping what made them better by removable power/storage. More heads at Sammy will roll with another sales failure. Just like MS xBONE!!! Did not listen to customer. They just wanted premium looks not fixed power/storage and no bloatware (TouchWiz; fast upgrade cycle). C’mon how difficult is it to listen to your customer. Obviously very very hard. Lessons and lost jobs and revenue is the only teacher. Lord Muffin. I am your father Master so more it be!

        • Nah, I am saying a more premium S5 design similar to the A5 would have done fine. If the market was all bling bling, Sony would have topped the android market. But, I don’t see that. They are trying to please Apple Fanboys. I seriously can’t understand why. Even though I never liked Samsung, I respected them. But this is stupid.

      • j2001m

        Sorry I am lost just buy the s5 then as if they offered you sd card in the s)’you lose the speed of the mem and is why Apple always as the nest mem speed but uses cheap mem, good day

        • creed

          Speaking of lost….

      • Dennis

        I agree. Everything that attracted me to Samsung since the S3 is now gone. Removable battery, micro SD in any flavor I want, IP7 certification (my S5)is lost with this “premium” device. I’m looking towards the HTC one M9 as I don’t think a device this small needs a 2k battery drain screen.

    • Anonymousfella

      S6 is a great phone. I can’t wait for a closer look at how its display, memory and battery performs.
      However IMO the S6 edge looks exquisite. That’s the best phone in the market!

      • MasterMuffin

        Edge gets points for being unique, but I dropped some points because you can’t drop it without breaking it

        • Anonymousfella

          Nobody is going be dropping that thing mate, I would be paranoid about getting even a minor scruff! :p
          And the conversation starter quality about the S6 edge is hard to quantify in points. People who buy phones for showing off/status symbols will be all over it!

          • crutchcorn

            I would shoot people if they even LOOKED at it.

      • V-Phuc

        Why don’t you get the Note Edge instead of this shitoy S6 wannabe Edge?

    • truman6

      yup, ppl like me couldn’t even finish off a 16GB…what’s the use of a sd card to ppl like me UNLESS i force myself to put the whole 4 seasons of games of thrones in it…i’m sure not all by most ppl need is a good phone, not a “container”.. sd slots is just an excuse…

      • Camilla

        Sd card is not an excuse,I was apple fan girl for a long time,I always laughed about all the android users that brag about thier sd card,I latley moved to a note 4 and I fell in love with the sd card option,I got 128 gigs sd card and already almost half of it full of pics and videos I taken,maybe for you sd card isn’t necessary but for others like myself it sure is a deal breaker,after all Samsung all this years was so proud of thier sd card and removable battery option, I love my note 4 and I hope they will keep this options on the note 5.

        • truman6

          ppl like u r an exception..wut i said was meant for those who just use it to fill up with movies they copied from pc & brag about how important its is…but if a phone, be it apple, htc, samsung or any other brands that comes with internal 128gb SSD, wouldn’t it be better, with the speed & cheaper in price?

          • Camilla

            They could be better if the prices of those models was normal but the 128 gigs model are extremely expensive I can buy 32 gigs model and 128 gigs of SD card and still have some change at the same price of internal 128 storage device .

          • Captain Obvious

            I am also one of those exception – and it would not be better, here is why:
            1. it is never cheaper, compare the cost of bumping a phone up 32gig to getting a 32 gig card
            2 to change devices I only have to move the card over, as opposed to having to connect them both to a pc and mover everything over manually – and yes I do change devices often
            3. if my device breaks, locks up, ect. I can simply pull the card out and put it in a different phone with no data loss.
            4. I can have multiple cards, one of which is filled with offline navigation maps (they take up a lot of space) and when I need them I can simply switch the card out
            I understand that we are not the majority, however I pose this question to you: Does it hurt you to have the option and not use it?
            because if the option is not there, we cant add it.

          • Camilla

            This is why SD card is so convenient and its step back from Samsung to remove it from the new devices spacielly after they used this option to show in the past why their phones are Superior than the iPhone,I just hope they will see their error of remove it and keep the SD card slot on note 5 and even bring it back to the s7. I myself a selfie whore I have almost 7000 pictures on my device and I have almost 500 videos I taken with my devices over the years and this SD card is the best of both world for my uses and and after using a iPhone for many years I ask myself how could I lived with out this option until now.

    • V-Phuc

      So where do you put the Note 4? LOL! The best on market, not even by a mile! Sammy just made another blunder. Not because all the sheeps out there have no removable battery, and no micros that Sammy must copy them. Unfortunately, it did. Premium feel, so laughable. I don’t give a bat sh…t about it, Smaller battery, I take a bigger one anytime, anywhere, anyhow… and the list can go on. I wouldn’t be surprised if the S6 flops soon.

      • MasterMuffin

        It won’t though. I admit that 8mm with bigger battery and an SD card slot would have been perfectum

        • V-Phuc

          why wouldn’t it flop? Look, for my hard-earned money, if I have to spend it (or choose to spend) on a flagship device, I truly want all the whistles and bells. And I mean TRUE whistles and bells, not that shitty wannabe “premium” feel. I don’t care about it. Can you tell what it is made of once I put it in a case? LOL. Trust me, it will go in a case. Not stupid enough to spend >$700 on a device to drop it without protection? I can spend money, but am not stupid… So things that have helped Sammy to stand out are removable back for easy battery swapping, bigger battery, microSD card slot, I want them. At this point, I’m wondering if the Sammy IT &RD people were trying to satisfy their marketing department who perhaps are all Apple wannabes), and for that, they kick out this bat-shit product, or the other way around (marketing people beating their heads against the wall to sell such shitty product, hence the bold claim that S6 will have a big sale!). Perhaps Sammy should just fire staff of both departments and start with the new clean slate. IMHO, since the S4 release, the S5 and S6 have been mediocre at best. Time to slash them, keep only the Note series as their true flagship device series.
          And please the AA staff, stop clamoring for “premium” feel, you’re partially responsible for this dumb move by Sammy. After all, a company has to somewhat listen to what (some stupid) people say, yes?

          • MasterMuffin

            This. This is the problem. People in these comment section actually think that their opinions are the opinions of the mass. Newsflash: they aren’t. I admit that I do that too, but seriously, you don’t represent the mass and frankly, neither does anyone else here. Samsung’s marketing team knows way better what people want than you and that’s the truth.

          • sky113

            The last time I’ve read, people always complaining samsung making plastic phones. Now, with premium build, people still complaining about samsung. What’s with u guys anyway? Personally, samsung make good phones, plastic or not.

          • MasterMuffin

            “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” ;)

          • V-Phuc

            No, you don’t get it. You built on your success. What helped you stand out of the crowd, you gotta keep it. Improve your weaknesses. The removable battery, that’s not a weakness. The microSD, that’s not a weakness. The flushed camera, that’s not a weakness. Remember all the gushing that people made about the LG G3 back when it was first released? The premium material? For God’s sake, it’s still plastic! Those who gushed about it and hammered on S5 back, are they nuts? Double standard?!!! So stop gushing about the S6 and call it for what it truly is. Hint: NOT the best on the market, not even by a mile!

          • mrjayviper

            if people reading android news sites are opinions of the masses, Samsung wouldn’t have a severe decrease in profits last year. They had to do something drastic

    • DDT

      The problem is samsung isn’t Apple, no matter how much they will try to copy them and no mather how arogantly they will say how they are industry leading.

    • AvalancheRyder

      iPhones also have access to a superior ecosystem. Sure Google Play has all the applications you could ever want, but they’re poorly optimized for tablets. So if a user is interested in a platform that offers both a great smartphone and tablet experience, iOS may be more appealing in that regard. Personally speaking, I’ve chosen Samsung smartphones in the past while my tablet was an iPad primarily because of larger screens, SD card support, and removable batteries that Galaxy devices were known for as I valued those more than having my tablet and phone running the same OS. All 3 those of those reasons will be moot points where the S6 is concerned.

      I guess my point is that you can’t remove a device’s benefits and expect it to sell just as well as something else without those features when that something else has other unique selling points as well.

    • creed

      I’ve never liked the sd card from the beginning. It drove me nuts that all the folders duplicated themselves from internal to external storage. IMO, the only thing they were good for was storing music and photos. I backup my photos to G+ and use play music, so I have no need for them anyway. 64 Gb N6 and I have more than enough storage.

      I also hated the fact that after downloading anything, you immediately had to transfer it from internal to external storage, or you quickly run out of space.

      As far as the removable battery. I could take it or leave. I had the S3 and Note two both with spare batteries and never used them. I travel everyday for work and always have access to a charger if needed. Plus with Moto’s turbo charge, I can charge the N6 from 10% to full in about an hour and a half.

      • Captain Obvious

        I don’t know why no one has explained this to you before, but you don’t have to use the SD card if you don’t want to….just cause its there doesn’t mean you have to put a card in. I would even go so far as to say that you could use a device with expandable storage, and never need to know that it gives you the option!
        However those of us who do use it, and have come to expect it as part of our devices, can not simply add it when a manufacturer decides not to include the option anymore.

        • Anonymousfella

          Yeah people complain about things which don’t affect them in the slightest!

    • Captain Obvious

      I will not stop complaining about SD cards or removable battery, or the loss of IP – these are very important features for me – I am tired of comments saying “people can live without the removable battery”, “SD card isn’t needed”, “cloud storage is good enough” – how can anyone assume and take the position of knowing how I use my phone??? I am not a Samsung hater, quite the contrary actually, I have owned the S2,Note2,S4 active, and now the S5 – I also have never complained about the materials, I prefer Polycarbonate to less durable aluminum or glass.
      I know full well I am not the majority, otherwise I would have a iphone, I also realize that I don’t use my phone like the so called “standard” user – I am a power user and expect more from my devices than most…..does that mean that I don’t deserve to have a device that meets my needs?
      you say “you can go buy whatever you want”, and your are right I can – however I do not see another option out there that can give me what the S series can….what the S series used to.
      I am so very upset about this because there were many ways that Samsung could have released a device to appease the masses, and a device to keep there loyal fan base happy that has come to expect certain features. Why not make the Edge device with glass back, and make the standard S Polycarb with removable battery and SD? I really hoped that their Alpha line was going to take care of the masses, and the S series could continue giving power users what they have come to expect. I really hope Samsung will release a different version with all the ramped up hardware, and the lost features – or make a new line, maybe the Galaxy B for business use, that will keep their power users happy.

      • MasterMuffin

        You have the right to be upset, but what I don’t get is people writing the same comments on every article/post/video. We get it, there’s no X feature, we know that already.

        BTW Note 5 will be absolutely amazing, calling that now.

        • Captain Obvious

          Honestly for the past few years I have seen so many comments bashing Samsung about “cheap plastic” and the need for “premium materials”….on every article about Samsung, and even articles with nothing to do with Samsung, somehow it still made it in the comments sections! So here we are now with the so called “premium materials” and much of the core features gone…. so I am calling to arms all supporters of the removed features – we need to be HEARD- comment in every article on every site, go directly to Samsung and let them know how we feel – we must not stop until our beloved features have returned to their flagship device!!!!!! :)

          • MasterMuffin

            You could do one of those useless internet petitions that people sign thinking they’ll change anything!

          • Captain Obvious

            LOL, I might have to…if for no other reason than a cathartic release, then it will have changed one thing – it would have made me feel better :P

      • V-Phuc

        I propose you simply move to the Note series. Hopefully some jarheads at Sammy headquarters would not touch it! As it is, the S series is DOA (dead on arrival). Sammy just makes the Alpha line substitute for the S, IMHO. BTW, I fully agree with your points. I can’t wait to see the results of the drop test. Metal or plastic, no difference, it’s gonna crack! There, your premium feel with a cracked screen! LOL

      • Karly Johnston

        No reason not to have an SD card but most flagships now dont have removable batteries.

      • JY

        micro sd card, removable battery and ip67 three big and useful features that did kind of separate the Samsung’s from everybody else, but people were tired of Samsung so they had to change but I think not enough especially the looks on the front still looks like a galaxy too easy to spot which I think they missed a chance to completely surprised people, the front logo shouldn’t be there at all, speaker needs to be gone and changed for a new look and the slightly changed icons need to be new so it looks completely different and maybe a more square home button like the s2 or s3.
        As for the micro sd card its useful and for a cheap added storage its cool, I use a 16gb sandisk on my 16gb s3 only because 16gb isn’t enough but lots of people don’t take advantage of this function and one less thing added one less thing to go wrong, all in one place easy to manage and saving space. 32gb is enough for me and most folks, there’s 64gb and 128gb options, but since the software don’t give 32gb, I’d go 64gb just to be safe, and the pricing for each storage bump has to be sensible not like apple.
        removable battery, at first I didn’t take advantage of this feature, I just charged it through usb when I wanted to and needed to, in south korea the extra battery and charger are included as standard if we had it internationally maybe more would’ve have chose Samsung, I started using a spare battery because my charging port had been damaged by me and didn’t work anymore and it gave me great satisfaction keeping my phone going through a spare battery s4 charging kit, which the s3 battery fits into, I will miss a using a removable battery but it is an s3 at 2100mAh but ive got two so 4200mAh compared to the 25
        IP certified water and dust resistant, great for accidents and can use them near the pool, in the rain and in the shower, nice feature to have but not one that I must need, never had it before but sad to see it not on the s6’s, sony can do it and has front facing speakers with its same design, I like sony phones only the outdated ui lets it down, its smooth and fast but i’d root it 100% maybe the z4 with lollipop.
        I like the new s6’s even if the glass back is waiting to be smashed after attracting many fingerprints, touchwiz seems to be improved, the ui looks clean except for the old icons, storage space at 64gb is more than enough, the new premium design looks great even if it has similar looks to the iPhone I don’t care, the alpha had the almost the same bottom layout, finally a touch fingerprint sensor, great display great cameras.
        Battery life is the main issue, I’m sure it will last a day even with a qhd display but at roughly 2450mah its smaller than the s5 at 2800mah, why didn’t they go for a bigger battery or at least keep it at 2800mah which we would’ve have complained, the iPhone 6 feels great being that thin, but is the s6 was thicker the camera bump wouldn’t be there and people will be happier.
        The xperia z3 with a 5.2 inch display at 1080p uses a 3100mah sealed battery to have amazing battery life. if the s6 can somehow be amazing on battery life it has a great chance of being my next phone.

      • Igor Vieira Spacov

        Note’s line the right for you… That’s a “business phone”. I bet this series will keep this features. The S line is the premium standard line.

      • Charlie

        Very well stated. I don’t care if my phone is thicker, heavier and has a tough Polycarbonate case that some call “plastic”. I want a phone with a removable battery that will last all day with heavy use. The removable SD memory will save your buns if your phone dies. Hopefully Samsung will realize how many of us formerly loyal Samsung fans feel and will introduce a new S series with the features that made us choose them in the first place. I will NOT buy the S6.

    • crutchcorn

      This comment explains just how I feel. Yet again – my view is in your hands as I trust you to speak for me

      • MasterMuffin

        Dazz not good doe, you need to form your own opinions!

        • crutchcorn

          I had formed these long before. You could check G+ or XDA to prove that one. ;)

          • MasterMuffin

            Dazz good doe! :D

    • Wjdzm

      Amen to that. I was, too, complaining about SD card & removable batteries but considering their new UFS 2.0, wireless charging and DDR4… wow… I can’t wait to try this phone. I feel like GS6 will go through this year unmatched by its rivals.

  • João Grácio

    Am i the only here that doens´t give a crap for the S6 edge? The S6 is much more appealing to me. I don´t understand why do we need curved edges.

    • MasterMuffin

      We don’t need it, but it’s a unique design that many people like

    • Милен Стефанов

      It’s just a design- you don’t need to understand it, or like it, or hate it…

  • Chris

    Joke of the day goes to…

  • jesus

    The s6 in black or gold or green will be my next phone.

    Time to replace my old nexus 4…

  • HaHa
    They must be mad. It looks like a soap box. They hopelessly tied to copy Sony’s premium look but failed miserably. Their build of Android L is the most disturbing I have seen so far. I can’t see why they have removed Ip certification since it’s a closed mobile. Now, if Apple did this, of course they would have sales. But this is android land, that just won’t work.
    I hope Sony releases the Z4 soon enough. They are going to rock the stage.

    • Dude, you need to change your soap box. Normal soap boxes don’t look like that. It may be a nuclear bomb.

  • guest

    I like the phone! And I think people can live without a replaceable battery. I used a galaxy s2 for 3 years and the battery never stopped working!

  • arcwindz

    I just don’t get Samsung… why compromise?
    I was expecting good things from S6 since Samsung said they want to change and what not

    and BAM… they only change the build material…

    yeah2 i know:
    1. 14 nm processor, isn’t that awesome? better efficiency, sure thing
    2. amoled wqhd screen, sharp!
    3. small battery… err… now that efficiency benefit is gone
    Not even fast charging and wireless charging can change the fact that it has small battery, why do you think mobile phone is called MOBILE phone?

    4. UFC 2.0, awesome!
    5. no micro sd slot… WHAT?! Why do you think people on budget have both the HDD and SSD???

    6. More efficient touchwiz, but it looks the same, maybe less bloat, but still looks pretty much the same
    7. Still no front facing stereo speaker?
    8. The edge IMHO looks cool, even better then the s6, but paying more for it? ermmm, no thank you
    9. Better camera is always a plus

    10. non removable battery is a minus (other are non-removable too!!! yeah sure, but a minus nonetheless)
    11. Physical button is an acquired taste, so… well, not for me. I am a software button supporter

    All in all, i can only praise the enhanced build quality… and that’s wayyyyy below my expectation.

  • Groud Frank

    I think the next coming months will be very painful for the Samsung haters. Very painful.

  • JK

    to be honest. I like the Edge. I love the blue paintjob on the S6 that I seen on a video yesterday, although I know its aesthetics. I am not, though, going to like the price of the phones (if the leaks are true). I am glad Samsung has done a good job throwing some really awesome phones out there for the first time in a couple of years (removing the note 4 from the equation). I, personally, would have loved to see a 5.5 edge. I am going to guess that their sales will spike in the first month or two but level out very quickly if the prices end up being true.

  • miztrniceguy

    I’d rather have the Note 4

  • Andrew Stephens

    And it will not be a hit in my department. I like the design, specs and everything else but the minute I saw it has a fixed battery and no SD slot, I was out. So stupid samsung. I’ll stick with my s5 for a little while.

  • DDt

    When samsung weren’t confident in themselves ? They are too confident, that’s why they are failing now.

  • ryq24

    It will sell well in the first few months but I don’t think it will break any records. There are so many cheaper phones out there nowadays pack with premium specs something that was missing when S4 was released. Time has change. Only Apple can do that because it has a huge loyal fan base.

  • wiky

    It’s definitely gonna hit the market and I am sure it will beat iphone 6 also in some countries,It’s beautiful,specs giant,fast,reduced touchwiz with helpful microsoft apps.stunning display,excellen camera quality,it’s second to none.

  • Remodel Guy

    Remove replaceable battery
    Remove expandable storage
    Remove dust/moisture protection
    Make it “prettier” with more scratchable, dentable and breakable materials.

    I think Samsung had a chance to really shock the industry. Instead, they fell in line. And if you are saying this unreleased phone is already the best Android out there, your opinion is null. So HTC and Samsung both bunted. Maybe LG will step up to the plate and swing for a home run.

    • Captain Obvious

      “So HTC and Samsung both bunted.” – that is awesome, and so very very true! I have my fingers crossed for LG, and I am still hoping to see something more out of Motorola now that it is owned by Lenovo.

    • Cole Raney

      In my opinion, LG and Sony are the only manufacturers that matter anymore.

  • Anothermuse

    It’s sort of what you’d expect. High speced, nicer build. Just don’t know if there is anything to really get smartphone buyers excited anymore. The iPhone 6’s were huge because of the pent up demand, so while they were generations behind, the Apple faithful and probably a decent number of Android fans flocked to them just because it was different, at least for Apple.

    The Edge looks nice, not sure if it will have functional following or not. Just seems like the category has plateaued and there’s not a lot exciting except for hardcore users getting excited about games or specific functionality.

  • namesib

    Would have reached a bigger market with microSD and removable battery support.

  • I also believe this thing will be a hit

  • Roddisq

    No SD card? No removable battery? No good for me…will wait for the next one…or buy a Motorola or Sony cheaper.

  • maverylle

    Honestly l, I think samsung didn’t want to get rid of their well known features, I think the S6 was somethING they had no choice to do. I mean if you think about it, they received sp much criticism due to design and build, and the S6 was their only hope. I’m pretty sure that their goal wasnt just to satisfy it’s loyal consumers, but to have that number of c9nsumers grow, and even gain back the ones lost. They had to look at the big picture, because obviously due to sales there aren’t alot of loyal fans…

    • Camilla

      Its an excuse, they could make the device 1 mm thicker and keep the SD card and have bigger capcity battery,if HTC kept SD card on all aluminum body Samsung could too,but they chose not to to get thinner device,poor decision If you ask me .

      • Anothermuse

        It’s just math. 1-2% of users use the SD card, maybe a few more switch batteries or vice versa. Those are features only people posting on tech boards care about.

    • Shane Mathers

      The problem is, there really is not a solid reason why they could not have given is the phone they did and still give us what they took away. Honestly, the only thing anyone would say on here is “it looks like an iPhone” if they had given us the same phone they gave, but with the SD card and the removable/bigger battery and not price it higher than the iphone. The phone would be a little thicker but it would be a perfect phone IMHO.

  • Jashan Sandhu

    only htc one m8 is best accor. to me its the feel of luxury and best functional device in

  • Cole Raney

    No sd card, no removeable back, smaller battery than the S4, worst looks of any galaxy s device yet. Yeah, totally a hit. Sad thing is, it could possibly sell well.

  • Sizzler

    If it costs as much as is being speculated, I will pass and wait for the LG G4. Not spending a mortgage payment on iPhone Galaxy S6.

  • phantomsofthedesert

    it is an attractive phone, but to say to this sales hit is a bit premature. lets look at it in 12 months. personally I think its better looking than the S5 . having said that I think it will outsell the S5. but I don’t think it will be the #1 phone for 2015/16 .to many people are saying right now. Samsung have finally admitted that their in partnership with apple (LOL). They almost look like each other which worries me will Apple try and sue Samsung for stealing the appearance of the Apple phones. being a glass back, I don’t see another manufacturer making a phone that has a glass back, sealed battery a few are doing this., No SD card, bad move considering the new class 10 cards coming out now. and also by doing this Samsung have effectively loss sales in their own SD cards that they produce. I will have a look at the S6 but I can guarantee you I will not buy one. I have an S5 and a note 4 at the moment. Bring on the S7 Also I was just thinking while I was having a cuppa tea with breakfast you look at all the renders, all of the talk about the S6 having this or that you wonder how much was correct. it would be interesting to compare what was thought the S6 would look like the features and how wrong most of what people were saying. really how many people thought of , glass back, sealed battery and No SD card. interesting.

  • Aar0nC

    What I am confident about is the lawsuit Samsung will get from Apple from the S6 design! But I’ll admit that I love the S6, can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  • Melchor

    This no Micro SD issue will be fixed in the next Galaxy phone (S7) much how the Moto G (v2) corrected the first generation’s after getting destroyed with criticism.

  • Lord Muffin top

    Samsung speaks with MS XBONE hubris. MS xBONE will go down in business class history of what not to do. INSULT customers and tell them to buy old model if they want removable power/storage. You know what….they answered by buying PS4. Sorry Sammy. You are responsible for your own demise. You don’t listen to your customer base. I thought this was supposed to be a flagship and removable is flagship! Premium materials are flagship. No bloatware is flagship. Fixed is copying and if you copy and don’t do it better/differentiate they why by the imitator. Buy the innovator ( krapple). Lord Muffin top. I am your Father McMuffin…so mote it be have bigger douchier stash without the krapple shilliness.