Samsung said to be shutting down Milk Music – do you care?

by: Edgar CervantesMarch 5, 2016

Samsung Milk Music

Samsung‘s attempt to add value to its devices through Milk applications seems to have been a flop. A new report coming from Variety cites anonymous sources close to these projects, and they state Milk Music may be shutting down soon. But do you even care?

While Milk Music is a good service and even made it to our list of top free music apps, it seems the Samsung-exclusive service was not enough to get a strong user base. Or at least that is part of the reason why the service is going down.

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One of the sources says the company is looking to “clean house” and get rid of a service that has costed them plenty of cash and brought back very little. A second insider also claims that Milk Music’s free tier has helped pick up some traction, but not enough users are upgrading to the paid subscription.


All of this comes as no surprise. We saw Milk Video’s death last November, and it was due to lack of adoption, as well. Even if Samsung is the most popular Android device manufacturer, having an exclusive service is too limiting in these times. In addition, these Samsung apps came a bit late in the game, competing against giants like Pandora and Spotify.

Personally, I never had a need or interest in going with Samsung’s Milk Video or Music applications. I already had other services that did what Samsung’s alternatives brought to the table. And these other apps happen to be available for all my devices. Therefore, I am personally not feeling like I am losing much if Milk Music goes away. Do you? Hit the comments and let us know!

By the way, do keep in mind this is unconfirmed information. Take it all with a grain of salt and keep it tuned to Android Authority for any further details.

  • Anustart

    I do. Just preordered a s7 so I can use it. It’s not perfect but when I had an s6 I used it a lot.

  • tasneem choudhury

    I don’t listen to music anymore as I have grown out of it in favour of podcasts. If I do listen to music, it is offline and I purchased the content from Amazon’s music downloading app.

    • Chris

      You are never to old for music

      • 3165dwayne

        Crazy guy isn’t he?

  • steb0ne

    There’s no need for it IMO… There’s plenty of alternatives anyway

    • Chris

      No need for them eirther

  • On Foster’s Mind

    With a nice soundbar, fills bedroom with good music. I do use it, but would never pay for it. Guess that answers the question

  • vmxr

    from first picture it looks like a nice service, i’ve never owned a samsung “smartphone” before, i don’t know anything about it but they should make it available for everyone instead of shut it down if they want to compete

    • byteseyes

      Samsung made it available on the app store for anyone to download, and it’s actually one of the highest rated apps out there. That’s why I’m genuinely surprised by this news.

      My guess is people fall in love with Milk Music as a free service, but most people usually don’t pay for streaming service, so people probably didn’t bother paying for the premium version.

      • TZifh

        Milk Music is definitely not available for anyone, maybe in the US but here in France it is not. Even some Samsung’s phone can’t access it !

  • charlie Jason

    Microsoft is shutting down Bing, do you care?

    • 3165dwayne

      Doesn’t really apply here. According to many who use it, Milk is actually a very good service. I’ve used bing and it still pales in comparison to Google search.

  • Bonedatt

    … And this is why Samsung and the rest who skin Android should stop pre-installing crap on people’s phones. This is considered a system app and now they’re shutting down the service. The app won’t be uninstalled once this service ceases to exit. Same thing happened when they shut down the ‘my interest’ lock screen service.

    • Thomas Waznis

      The app is not crap.

      • Bonedatt

        No, the app isn’t crap. I wasn’t implying that it was; but it will be once the service is shut down.

    • Fifth313ment

      Don’t forget chaton by samsung we were stuck with teh app forever, lol!

  • abazigal

    Even Apple had to open up its music streaming service to Android users. Looks like even an ecosystem of Samsung’s size is still too small to sustain the scale needed of music streaming.

  • please no!

    Wtf, seriously? This better be just a rumor. I use Milk Music exclusively because the circle interface is hands down the best thing out there. Nobody else has this, so if Samsung takes this away I don’t know what the heck I’m gonna do.

    • byteseyes

      My gf and I use it everyday for the exact reason you just stated. Milk’s UX is brilliant, they nailed it.

      Samsung has been on a roll making great software, so it would be sad if this were true.

    • mornincoffee

      Word. I love Milk Music.

  • wcjeep

    Milk was terrible at setting No Profanity. It would randomly play music with either inappropriate title, lyrics or both. My daughter can read music titles from the backseat. Pandora and Amazon music are better at No Profanity settings. I finally deleted it.

  • Josh

    With so many options this isn’t that big of a deal, in my opinion anyway

  • Major Sceptic

    Not a big music dude , but never even heard of milk music .

  • Jo

    No I don’t

  • A.K. S

    Google play is what my family uses, and aside from screenshots and a video here and there I’ve never even seen this “milk music” service. It’s no loss to me. It would be nice, though, if samsung had offered this service free to those that buy a samsung phone, and as a subscription for others. It might have picked up. Unless that’s what they were doing, in which case it just wasn’t good enough.

    • Thomas Waznis

      The free version came on my phone first. Have the paid (about $4 a month) on both phone and tablet.

  • Bombela_Inc©

    I had completely forgotten this app existed

  • KeyserSoze

    Never heard of Milk Music. Napster is all you ever need.

  • balcobomber25

    Add me to the list of people who never knew this existed and my wife uses Samsung phones. We use Google (her) and Apple Music (me).

  • Larry

    I didn’t much care for it or how the layout is. Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple and Amazon. do we really need it? I don’t think so.

  • Thomas Waznis

    Milk Music also has radio shows of College Football and Basketball. I like the music too.
    )paid subscriber; it is cheap)

  • Brett

    Well that sucks…. I love that I get to listen to college sports for free.

  • Jeff Tiberend

    Never heard if it till I got my Samsung Galaxy S6. When there is Pandora, Songza, and Spotify, I never needed another app.

  • dontpanicbobby

    “Samsung apps came a bit late in the game, competing against giants like Pandora and Spotify.” Yup, that’s why.

  • hollywoodfrodo

    I “discovered” Milk Music after already subscribing to Google Play Music. Milk Music has the best “stations” to me of any streaming app. I wish Google Play Music would copy Milk Music’s station list – it covers all genres and sub-genres in a way that none of the other streaming music services do. I wish Samsung took a Microsoft approach to these things and made them available for all devices with the thought that doing so would make people on other Android phones consider Samsung for their next one if they get attached to Samsung services.

  • smokebomb

    Milk music has been disabled immediately on any Samsung phone I bought that had it.

  • freddy mendez

    i hop its not true i love it theres no music app like milk music

  • Vince

    Only music streaming app available for Gear S2. This would be a huge loss. Unless Spotify pulled it together and finally released a Tizen standalone app…

  • well, doesn’t this suck. i’ve used samsung devices for twelve years and i just now tried the milk music on my 7edge and actually like it and it’s only $4. wtf. damn tech and intertnetz always gives me fun toys then takes them away, should be used to it by now.

  • Kaite

    Please keep Milk Music alive!! I am a premium user and I canceled my SiriusXM subscription for Milk Music, not only due to the low cost of the premium plan, but the low amount of “ads”. Those ads are mostly small tidbits about the next playing artist. This tends to get interesting and keeps users interested in those artists. Not putting ideas into Samsung’s head but I would easily pay up to $10/month for their service just because it is highly preferred over Sirius’.

  • She Smald

    OMG no I love Milk it is way better than Pandora and Spotify. Please don’t do this to Samsung customers. The Samsung app store may not be the best but this should not affect Milk users! This is one app that is actually spot on!