Alleged Samsung Marshmallow update roadmap leaks

by: Kris CarlonMarch 2, 2016

android 6.0 marshmallow

A new roadmap has leaked reportedly outlining Samsung’s international Marshmallow update plans for its Galaxy line of phones and tablets. The list – whose legitimacy we can’t vouch for as it could have easily have been created in Microsoft Word – covers all the major phones from the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 variants down to the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy A series. The Galaxy Tab S2 tablets also appear on the list.

Android 6.0 marshmallow logo DSC_0126See also: Android 6.0 Marshmallow updates roundup – February 25, 2016157

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a leaked roadmap like this and they are not always very accurate, but we knew you’d like to see the information even if we can’t guarantee it is legit. Considering the first Korean S6 and S6 Edges got Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow at the end of January and the first European devices started getting the soak test in early February, it’s not hard to extrapolate that the dates on the roadmap are at least feasible.

Marshmallow update roadmap Phone Arena

The list claims the Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 will all receive the Marshmallow update internationally sometime in March. The Note 4 and Note Edge have an April rollout date and the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Tab S2 models are slated for May. The Galaxy Alpha is last on the list in June.

As always, take this leak with the requisite amount of suspicion and if you get the update be sure to drop us a line and let us know.

When do you expect Marshmallow? What do you think of Samsung’s update speed?

  • Darius, The Dunk Master

    Galaxy E5 ? didn’t Samsung say 2014 models and up are getting marshmallow ?

    • saksham


  • SXE-EA17

    What do I think of Samsung’s update speed? I don’t usually swear but: IT’S FUCKING SLOW… of the main reasons I stopped buying their devices.

    • Dave

      So you switched to a Nexus?
      Cause as far as I know none of the OEMs is fast at providing updates.

      • Romeo Bucur

        Say what ? Hello Moto ? Sony ? HTC ???

        • SnakeSplitskin

          Yeh, but don’t all those OEM’s phones suck anyways? No one is buying them so who cares

        • Dave

          Sony? As far as I know they will start updating the Z5 starting March 7th, not exactly that much faster.
          You are right with HTC and Moto though, they did a better job. Samsung really failed with their update policy.
          But I am really curious to which phone he switched if he’s concerned about updates.

        • Major Sceptic

          Have Sony z in this household, update still waiting.

      • yankeesusa

        Almost all lg 4’s have 6.0, moto x has it also and many sony phones are getting it or already have it. So yea, samsung is the slowest.

      • tansuperman

        Moto, HTC, even LG is beating samsung

        • shanali04

          I’m still waiting on the Marshmallow update for my T-Mobile HTC M8, Mo Versi from HTC is avoiding all questions regarding the update delay on Twitter.

      • ikaros02

        Well, my LG G4 Stylus (low-end phablet) got Marshmallow in December or November.

      • Jay-van Geli

        I have a nexus 5, LG G3, Note 4 and an Alpha. Nexus and the G3 are already on official Marshmallow ROM. The Samsung’s are still waiting.

    • saksham

      nobody cares what u think

      • Andrew Blackburn

        No actually dick head we do now fuck off back under your rock

        • saksham

          why are u so mean ;_ ;

      • Kim Griffiths

        That isn’t a very nice thing to say.
        It’s patently untrue too as he/she has 9 upvotes.

      • LeeJS

        Nobody cares what anyone who upvotes their own posts thinks.

        • saksham

          oh damn misclick ive never done it before :P

    • Agreed. I came to the Google Nexus phones because of that better speed, for one thing, and secondly, there is the freedom to manually upgrade myself I wanted to, no need to wait at all. Most other phones (if any) don’t have that second flexibiliy

  • Catalin Emerich

    Note 4. Bought in November 2015. The update from 5.0.1 to 5.1.1 made it slower and with some annoying lag. I’m dissapointed that such a big android device producer comes out so late with the software updates and insists on it’s Touch Wiz crap that doesn’t help the phone at all, but i can’t afford to upgrade to a HTC or a Nexus by selling this one.

    • Pedro Capello

      I find it very odd since I own a Galaxy note 4 (910C) since October 2014 and the 5.1.1 update gave a new life to my device. It’s blazing fast, not a single lag and the battery performance is outstanding.

      • John-Phillip Saayman

        Just a pity that the updates are coming this slow. Hopefully the custom ROM guys will get it to me quicker.

      • Kim Griffiths

        Same here.

      • Jake

        Yeah, I’ve noticed that the 5.1.1 update seem to have made my N910C seem allot smoother than the original 5.0.1 firmware release that came installed on my device. Then again I’ve never experienced any software or performance lags on my N910C.

    • KeyserSoze

      Do a factory reset. Yeah it’s time consuming to reload all your apps but it’s worth making your phone run snappy like new again. Quit complaining about Touchwiz (that’s a noob complaint) and just install Nova Launcher for a much better user experience.

      • Kristi Brown

        I installed Nova launcher about 6-8 months ago on my Galaxy S6. I absolutely loved the look and smoothness of it as well as the variety of options available for widgets, home screens ect. However I was forced to stop using it after just a few days as it cut my battery life in about half! Has anyone else noticed this issue? If so, any suggestions?

        • KeyserSoze

          I have Nova on my Note3 running Lollipop 5.0 and I don’t think Nova is the cause of battery drain. I’ve noticed that since I recently turned off my Play Store app’s auto-update option, my battery lasts A LOT longer on standby than before. That’s probably due to it no longer polling the internet constantly for new updates. Also, if you have other programs that polls the internet for updates like time and weather, consider changing their settings to longer poll intervals.

  • Sourabh S Nath

    Galaxy A5, bought this phone and now they have almost forgotten about this phone. Instead they have released 2016 versions for the same device.

    • Myles Miller

      I feel ya man, they have abandoned my galaxy avant as well. Samsung seems to like giving us that buy the mid to low end galaxy phones the finger, and make us upgrade constantly if we want to have newer OS.

    • shreyans

      And you could have used the same money to buy asus, whitout feeling retard, atleast my zenfone 2 does not lag. ??

  • Tibor

    I’m getting sick of waiting for the update, I have an edge 925F and I have to wait for the international update, or flash a Vodafone branded update. It’s super retarded. They could just upload my baseband specific update, but they want to role it out really slowly. Some devices have the update for 1/2 weeks now and some don’t. It’s illogical…

    • Karan Harsh Wardhan

      if you don’t have the update now, might as well give up on it unless you wanna do it manually.

  • saksham

    never cared about minor software updates but if samsung doesnt release this major marshmallow update for s6 edge soon im gonna explode

    • Tibor

      They have send the update for some devices, but not for all. They should post them all l and let me do the update. It just doesn’t make sense.

      • saksham

        is it safe to manually update ?

        • Tibor

          They say it is, but I don’t want to put a Vodafone branded room on my phone. So I won’t do it. In theory it wouldn’t matter I think. The update is made for the specific device. For me that is the 925f

        • LethalLunatic

          yep it is safe to do it. done it many times in the past, just go to sammobile

    • Zachary W

      Yeah, that’s like the only thing I liked about Apple when I had an iPhone, not having to wait up to 8 months. Like I know it’s not entirely Google’s fault, but I just wish that updates would be released to all applicable phones within at most 3 months.

  • internationally, awesome for you guys =) I’m sure this will work out like this for us in the US. the update will be released on AT&T in April and they will finally release the update in December.

  • Diskus1

    Gave up on vendors, only using Nexus now. Happy camper!

    • Pedro Capello


  • William Bogardus

    I hate to tell every one this. But, no one has gotten the update. So we can’t put all the blame on Samsung ( ok, maybe a little)

    • KeyserSoze

      Just received Marshmallow for my 1.5-yr-old cheapie MotoG 2nd Gen phone yesterday. Thanx Motorola, life is good.

    • AB8486

      you kidding!?

  • KVragec

    Update is seeding in Croatia on unlocked devices. I must say that i’m pretty satisfied with update.

  • KeyserSoze

    The world will have moved on to Android 7 already by the time Samsung widely updates their flagships to Marshmallow, I guarantee it. :D

    • M42

      Android N will be shown in May and Samsung still will not have rolled out M to most of its units.

      BTW, I haven’t seen the Galaxy Tab S on any of Samsung’s update lists, just the S2.

      • Kim Griffiths

        I was just thinking the same thing. I’ve heard that the Tab S is getting Marshmallow, but all of the evidence suggests that it might not, which would be disappointing…the Tab S was still on Samsungs website at Christmas and costing more than the S2.

      • Karan Harsh Wardhan

        I have a note 3 and i’m never going to buy samsung again. the f’in software can run on the h/w but i don’t get updates coz they wanna shill their newer phones? fuck you samsung, next time i’m buying a nexus like all sane people

      • Sanay

        As you can see their is a phase 2 part but thats not shown in this picture.
        Tab S will get it in mid 2016 like june or something

        • M42

          I hope so. Thanks.

  • InfDaMarvel

    I have to admit after having HTC and LG phone I really missing out on the “speedy” or maybe just faster.

  • Mozukortick

    Ain’t nobody got time for regional updates! Flashed the first unlocked rom the day it came! :))

  • Don_Alduck

    All I’m going to say is: It’s time for the S5 and Alpha owners to get the latest flagships available on the market.

  • Aaryan Bhardwaj

    G920I Finally..

  • Brian Wilson

    I am so ready to switch to something else. I am spending a lot of money on my Samsung Note 4 and I am tired of waiting for Marshmallow. I stopped using another Brand because samsung was supposed to be the fastest at updates. WHAT A JOKE

  • Harry

    I got it yesterday on the S6 edge, Vodafone UK

  • balcobomber25

    I won’t say the image is fake but something looks off about the Samsung Logo at the top. Could just be the effects of photocopying it.

  • Cowen K. Gittens

    & nothing for the Note 4?

  • Joshua Christensen

    Samsung in Denmark have said on their Facebook page that the Edge+ will get Android 6.0.1 March 7th

  • Noah Jones

    I hate AT&T because all of my friends that use Verizon all got their G3 updates and I’m over here crying in the corner.

  • Carlos

    when you says “samsoon” update speed, are you kidding me right? the dead have more speed than cheat samsoon, always soon, by the way, where is penvatars? oh yeah right, soon, since 18 months has been advertising…..

  • shanali04

    Aren’t software update release up to the vendors? I know they wont release them without adding their bloatwares.

  • Ranjeev Nathani

    What about Galaxy Note 5 international release? When will that happen?

  • Leif Shantz

    Meanwhile my Canadian LG G3 is slated to get Android Marshmallow two weeks from now….. The Canadian G4 has already got Marshmallow while even Samsung hasn’t rolled out Marshmallow to it’s top flagships!

  • damien

    Received the 6.0.1 update on March 1st, Galaxy S6, Vodafone network, Rep. Of Ireland. Loving it. Seems faster for sure. My wife’s HTC M8 also on Vodafone had the update weeks before me, easily near a month

  • afsx10

    So…what “uploading” supposed to mean??!

  • Major Sceptic

    I’m not stressed about updates as long as when they come they are fairly well sorted, the first lollipop update was a pretty average bit of work IMO.

    • Kim Griffiths

      That is the most logical approach to take.
      These updates aren’t “life changing” in the grand scheme of things are they!?

      • greg

        Exactly, I was glad to get it, nice to be up to date, but it’s not earth-shaking by any means.

  • Junior

    What about the galaxy note N920G? Will it get android M anytime soon ?

  • TF Shaw

    Slooooooow as always!

  • Mix

    I liked my first Samsung phone, the S6, until the update process was involved. I had the Nexus 4 and 5 before this and I will probably go that route after this.

  • Never again

    I will not buy another Samsung phone ever again. Period. Waiting this long for an update is beyond ridiculous.

  • tomi hbk

    I think the best solution is to flash the official ROM yourself. That’s what I’ve did

  • vinc

    These guys are taking us for a ride. That’s not from Samsung. They gave a similar document last year with the dates changed. I wonder why AA picked this obvious lie.

    – I can’t scroll this site without unintentionally clicking a link or an ad ?????

  • FlyingGoat

    Samsung should be ashamed of itself
    They are the largest android oem and they have all the high end specs in the planet and their phones are outright brilliant and they still “stay behind the curve” all pun intended.!!

  • Ryan Martin

    As a new and proud Samsung owner, I am really disappointed with the update scheme. This is the only time I wish Samsung was more like Apple, well in terms of controlling updates.

  • Zarar

    Samsung sucks i have been using lg g2 then lg g3 and finally switched over to galaxy s6 edge and to be honest samsung devices are crap they lag alot when some heavy task is added secondly really slow at pushing updates lg is way faster at pushing updates so soon shifting back to lg g5 gud bye samsung

  • Mark Golightly

    I agree that the update policy is too slow. It’s even worse when I have to wait for my network carrier to issue the update. My excellent S5 is still running Android 5.02.

    Peace ✌

  • Kristi Brown

    What pisses me off is… I will not see Marshmallow on my Galaxy s6! The S7 is due out in 1 week and I will be trading in my s6 to upgrade to the S7. While I am very much looking forward to getting my new phone (which comes preloaded with Marshmallow, by the way) I have been waiting for the M update since December and it is just so disappointing that I wont ever see it on the s6. Which, in my opinion, was done on purpose, wether by sammy, tmobile, or both, I think it was a marketing strategy… Don’t update last year’s phone right b4 this year’s phone is released, as people might not be as apt to run right out & buy the new model right away if they are able to have a (sort of) ‘new phone’ experience by updating their existing phone! Shitty thing to do to loyal customers!

    • KeyserSoze

      Yep, I kinda suspect they’re purposely delaying S6’s Marshy update as well. They would definitely sell more S7’s if S6’s stays on the older OS longer.

  • smokebomb

    Should probably add international to the title to keep this from being so click bait-y.


    I think Samsung is holding on to the update to older phones make people buy their new flagship. My S5 is still doing great. Paid for and it runs smoothly all day.
    I do have to say, if this phone does die, I’m not going to buy a Samsung phone again. Way to slow on upgrades.

  • Basil Z

    Been happy with the marshmallow ever since I got rid of my note 4 for a nexus 6p. Previously had a note 2 then 3 then 4. Never again a note. Got tired of waiting on updates unless I bought their latest model. Take all the time in the world Samsung.

  • Arian Henderson

    I got a update today thinking it was 6.0 but when I restarted my phone it’s still running 5.1. Wtf I want my update!!!

  • Lisa

    I wish it would hurry up for my S6 Edge Please ?

  • Nikkisaur Monsod

    And here’s my Note 3 Neo, still on 4.4 JB

  • FlyingGoat

    N920G is not even in the list
    This is irritating me now

  • GR

    I might consider ending my relationship with Samsung after the Note 5 (my current phone). I did have the GS4 and GS6-Edge. Who would want to upgrade their Samsung phone every year just to get the latest OS? Maybe this is their new tactic more phones. Didn’t they do this with the GS6 (with 5.1.1.)?

  • Robert Hamilton

    Downloading it right now. (S6 Edge/AT&T)

  • Sanay

    It says testing for note 5 and eta march but S2 is testing as well but all the way in May???

  • bobbybilly

    Add another 5 months to the GS6 Edge for Verizon….

  • Kalen G

    Can’t wait for 6.0 for my Note Edge! I do hope it includes the increased capabilities of the S-Pen and themes from the Note 5.

  • Igor Farago

    I don’t get all this. My S6 got OTA update to 6.0.1 last week

  • Louis Cipher

    I got the 6.0.2 update, so there.

  • Neil Sugarbush

    Samsung has clearly destroyed its credibility and rep with their lack of ability to perform timely updates. I have a S6 edge (925f) and then bought the N920A ATT Note 5, and here we are approaching mid March with no updates. Last week I had enough and bought the Nexus 6p and am extremely happy. Goodbye Samsung.

    ps. you dug your own grave having introduced wayyy too many phones that you’ll never be able to maintain.

  • Drewskee122

    Its a joke. They’re gonna introduce Android N TODAY and im still on Lollipop!! I just want to give a big Capital FU to Samsung for their horrendous efforts, THANKS!!

  • Andrew Grice

    Will never buy a samsung device again going back to Sony