Samsung Unpacked teaser hints at curved Galaxy S6 variant

by: Andrew GrushFebruary 2, 2015


A new teaser for Samsung’s March 1st Unpacked Event is starting to make its way to the media, showing off an image with a curved line that is most certainly a hint at what to expect from Samsung when it comes to the company’s latest Galaxy S flagship.

There’s no denying that 2014 wasn’t the best year for Samsung, at least when it comes to mobile devices. In a hopes of returning to a greater state of profitability, Samsung has been talking big recently about how the Galaxy S6 will be a major departure from the GS5 in terms of design. One of the more persistent rumors is that Samsung will deploy a dual edge/curve design at least for one variant of the Galaxy S6, said to be named the Galaxy S Edge. The new Unpacked teaser could very well be confirmation of this.

In fact, an image from the German site All About Samsung further drives home the point that this is likely a look at the side of the Galaxy S6’s edge variant. As you can see, the image in the teaser looks very similar to the side of the Galaxy Note Edge:


Of course, the design isn’t the exact same as the Note Edge, but it still seems pretty likely that this is a hint of the curved/edge Galaxy S, though that’s just speculation for now. We really can’t say for sure what Samsung is teasing, only that it’s just enough to have our curiosity piqued. One thing is for sure, regardless of what Samsung brings, Android Authority will be on the scene bringing you all the latest coverage from MWC and Samsung’s Unpacked Event next month.

Looking to know more about the Galaxy S6? All the latest rumors can be found in one place through our GS6 rumor roundup post.

  • Tibi

    How much of a design departure would it be if Samsung launches only a dual edged S6 :D. Though not that smart business wise I guess.

    • Anonymousfella

      There will be a steep increase in costs if that happens…

    • Samsungo

      They wouldn’t Samsung always plays it safe every phone they make now is just a slight upgrade over the previous model they have lost their mojo!

  • Groud Frank

    What? No blind Samsung hate from anti-Samsung ignoramuses yet? I guess I’ll start then. TouchWiz sucks! Swinesung sucks! F*** you Ban Ki Moon!

    • MasterMuffin

      You’re here too early ;)

    • namesib

      Lol, Samsung is the only company that isn’t allowed to have a design language, apparently.

      • Andrew Kim

        Ehm square camera, rectangular button with rounded widths, logo under call-speaker in the middle, front camera on the right, LED notificiation on the left. Unless that’s something else

    • Wjdzm

      lmfao haha

    • MattEgansHairLine

      Nice, you managed to be racist as well!

    • Cheese

      Don’t forget, COPYCATS!

  • MasterMuffin

    I find it extremely hard to think that it’s more than just for looks. Looks sexy and the idea is nice, but somehow I still don’t believe that:

    A) Accidental touches aren’t a problem
    B) Dropping the device won’t break it almost every time (don’t drop your device is a stupid advice :))
    C) It’ll work well with cases

    But, as I said, it looks good and is only a version of the flagship.

    • Michaelangelo Parkinson

      If you’ve tried the note edge you know how convenient the edge is. Of course two edges does puzzle me. Let’s see what samsung decides to do ;)

      • MasterMuffin

        I’m of course talking about 2 curved edges. And as a leftie the Edge isn’t for me either

    • Andrew Kim

      A) Samsung made it so it wouldn’t respond to palm touches and they didn’t allow touch on the far side of the edge.
      B) Samsung raised the metal frame so that it would hit the floor first instead of the glass.
      C) Idk what you mean by that but it works well with the flip cover case…

      • MasterMuffin

        A) And how well will that work
        B) That small frame won’t protect anything
        C) Their official cases work sure

        • Andrew Kim

          A) They disabled touch for the far side of the screen. You’d have to touch it towards the flat part. Go to best buy and try it out.
          B) Unless you drop your phone with a tiny stone in the middle, it will only touch the frame. Most cases are like that. On forward facing drops, the frame of the case will protect it unless there’s a stone that’s sticking from the ground. And I believe the Note Edge uses a gorilla glass 4 because the Note 4 and the Alpha uses them.
          C) They do work and there are several cases out there which i think all of them are crappy (I only want samsung official cases).

          • FQ2

            Right, because all surfaces that you will drop your phone on are perfectly flat, clean, and smooth. Always. I thought the display on my old One X was BEGGING to be broken (somehow it didn’t), this… Is ridiculous.

          • MasterMuffin

            I’m talking about SGS6 here not Note Edge

  • Rick_Deckard

    Pretty please… No dual curve display… Otherwise, I will be getting the Xperia Z4 :-D

    • Anonymousfella

      There will be a standard version for sure.

      • Rick_Deckard

        I hope that this could be the original prototype… Although, I am very excited the new TouchWiz UI revised in the S6…

        • Anonymousfella

          Yeah even I am looking forward to the new TW design…Lets hope it’s something special!
          Hardware wise, I am pretty satisfied with what Note 4 and Alpha achieved.

      • Chris

        Maybe. We’ll see what happens

  • some times, creations are best when someone’s backs are against the wall….i’m hoping for something awesome. I have not had a Samsung since the S3 and am not sure Samsung will be in my pocket any time soon, unless they release something innovative (and good, of course)

  • João Grácio

    Curved displays are just pure gimmicks they don´t bring anything new

    • IulianPeride

      maybe true but these steps are necessary to get to something new.

      Without testing and trying you don’t get anywhere.

      • Chris

        Android was crap back in 2008.most android users now used to be iphone users back then

        • MattEgansHairLine

          Guess what they all went back to iPhone 6.

          Two years after Samsungs most successful phone, SIII, Apple sell more phones on opening day than anyone else sold for the quarter.

          After getting phones that didn’t match Roiders hyperbole, contracts end, upgrades to iPhone.

          Do the maths.

          • Martin Lane

            The Galaxy S III sucked, I’m an Android fan but what consumers buy is a pretty rubbish indicator or whether or not it’s actually any good.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            The issue with Roid is the users lie and build unrealistic expectations.

            I think my above statement holds water. There is no other rational fact based arguement that comes close.

            Bare with me: My wife bought an iPhone 3G. At a friends BBQ (including my wife, everyone except me was a microSoftie), in the garden someone spotted her phone, one woman was fascinated by it asking about how well it worked etc.

            One man pulled out his HTC phone and proceeded to talk over everyone about how much better his Roid was, blah, blah, blah.

            So I asked him ‘what are the white bobbels covering the screen?’, his response was ‘oh that’s the touch sensors, it’s better than the iPhones, but it shouldn’t be there on the next one’. Then someone else asked to see it. He handed it over, the girl said ‘have I turned it off?’ He took it back, held it at some awkward angles, and responded ‘no, you just can’t see the screen in daylight, he then took her into the house, and after two more goes, closed the blInds. All this time the lady who was intrigued by my wife’s phone sat in the garden playing happily with it, she really liked the Bump app.

            That guy still gives me dirty looks today and regularly post trolls about Apple to his FB thinking he looks smart when he really is stupid.

            The point I’m making is: sure roid is a bit of fun for toying around with and pretending to be a some kind of tech expert. Reality is using a bootstrapped loader is two clicks.

            Off the shelf hardware isn’t special and will struggle against a device that has specifically designed parts with properly intergrated software (especially if your OS is crippled by running ontop of a virtual machine).

            If roiders were honest about its issues instead of lying/denying or my personal favourite ‘it will work next version’ (guess what it rarely does.), then roid wouldn’t lose customers enmasse like it does.

            Average Roider: messaging has been and always will be perfect.
            Head of android messaging: “sorry it’s an embarrassment”.

            Average roider: my phone has zero issues because it’s open source and we check the code.
            Heartbleed was running for three years and it was a professional company that found issue, not the users.

            Be honest, accept its limitations, you’ll retain customers.

          • Martin Lane

            Stopped reading here, “I asked him ‘what are the white bobbels covering the screen?’


          • MattEgansHairLine

            Maybe if you read the rest of it you might have got it, but like all roiders, you don’t bother with truth, you prefer marketing BS

          • Martin Lane

            Maybe if you were more specific about what you were talking about I would have continued reading.

          • JDMillest

            think about it…apple only have 2 iphones…android have 323467326 phones out there. of course apple will sell more phones than any android oem.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            Think about it, Apple spent $1.4bn marketing their whole product range (software, desktops, tablets, services and phones), Samsung spent $14.5bn, on mobile phones and tablets alone (it was increased last year by more than Apple total budget).

            Google, unknown, but to promote one phone, $0.5bn. If you add the cost of the marketing of roid as a platform, running a search engine that is also used as a marketing device, paid reviews, paid articules and the majority of ads served by Google are for Google products, I wouldn’t be shocked if googles total marketing budget was well over $100bn per year.

            Apple currently sell four 6, 6+, 5s & 5c.

            The maths in my previous comment still stands, this is just gravey.

          • JDMillest

            apple doesnt have to spend to much on marketing when they dont really have competitors that matches there software. as for samsung they would have to spend 14.5bn, cause they are taking on everybody.

            if samsung only spends 1.4bn like apple on marketing they would of fall off long time ago, and sony n htc n lg wouldnt be havent such a hard time in selling there products.

          • MattEgansHairLine

            If I was running Samsung, I would have keep my [rough guess-timate] $80bn marketing budget from the last six/seven years and built my own OS instead of promoting Google/android, HTC, Sony etc by proxy (have you noticed Htc etc have done better each time Samsung increased its spending).

            And I’d love to know how much Google have spent marketing roid/nexus (even shareholders can’t get this information), about 85% of ads served by Google are for Google products.

            And marketing 101, if you even mention the competition in your ad, you have just made an ad for them.

            Samsung thought Apple were just like Sony. Japan’s economy has been in recession for about 20 years, Apple has an economy better than most countries!

            They fought the wrong battle with the wrong company.

        • Martin Lane

          Nope, many migrated from Symbian devices.

          But maybe you don’t remember them.

      • Aqwaman

        Agreed, it might not be for me, but you can’t / shouldn’t stop the progress.

    • Rushan

      There is no success without failure….. Don’t forget the very first Note and it’s criticises

    • das

      sounds like u just jealous ,stick to your ugly brick looking phones like htc and sony all are

      • FQ2


  • John Hartmann

    as much as i love android, the only way i am going to stay with android is if the at&t version of the S6 has an unlocked bootloader. if not, good bye android and hello iphone 6.

    • Fora

      Yeah, because iPhone is SO MUCH more open than Android right? Idiot fanboy troll. What you say is illogical, typical of an Apple Fanboy.

    • Andrew Kim

      AT&T is always gonna lock their phones. I think Verizon is the only one that sells devices with an unlocked bootloader.

    • das

      then dont buy a phone from a network and buy it unlocked u dumb peasant

    • Jimbo

      That has little do with Android, and more to do with the carrier, that requires Samsung to lock their bootloaders for them.
      If you want unlocked bootloaders, my suggestion is to buy a carrier-free version smartphone.

  • danger2u

    my Moto Maxx laughing….
    double curves display??
    who wants that?

    • Michaelangelo Parkinson

      People who want to check notifications without waking the whole display. Having quick access apps without opening the phone. Having the screen free from notifications when consuming media. Having a clock beside your bed that sips your phone battery.

      • Chris

        You don’t charge your phone at night? Having a dock and a dock mode is much more usable

        • Michaelangelo Parkinson

          I do but some people don’t because they think it might “damage their battery”

          Who worries about that on a samsung?

          • FQ2

            Nobody actually worries about that on any phone…

      • FQ2

        1: Lollipop’s Ambient display. 2: every single android lock screen in existence. 3: the status bar, again found on every other phone in existence. 4: daydream. All of the edge’s functions are served by other means already present in other phones.

        • FQ2

          PLUS there are apps available that add a dock with a swipe-to-open gesture that render the edge even more redundant.

    • das

      big brick of a phone called moto made in shitty usa ? who wants that ? no one according to comparison sales

  • Guest

    Here you are:

  • Hubert


  • roberthenderson

    No front speaker(s), no Dinero

    • Captain Obvious

      Lucky for you there are other devices with the font speakers – for me its the other way around, I want a professional device and front facing speakers are a feature for kids…. certainly not worth sacrificing weight, battery, bezel.

      • das

        agreed ,the htc m8 looks stupid with its 10mm longer size because of some speakers no one gives a shit about and still sound shit anyway ,so called boomsound ,STILL sounds like phone speakers butjust louder ,even £1 earphones will sound better

        • FQ2

          Lol, you haven’t heard them then. Or heard anyone talk about them. It’s pretty much universally agreed that HTC absolutely nailed it with boomsound. They actually aren’t really that loud, in fact the speaker on the Moto g is louder (I did a comparison with my M8 and friend’s moto). The difference is in sound quality. Boomsound has significantly better frequency response (down to about ~250hz, unheard of in speakers so tiny). This, combined with there being 2 of them and having them fire right at your face makes them sound a hell of a lot louder. Also: they’re in stereo. Playing games and watching videos, even watching movies without headphones is incredible. Voices don’t sound twangy and electronic. Music actually sounds pretty decent. As for the bezel: well the Nexus 6 is a better example. They cost the phone exactly zero extra height, same with the Desire Eye (that black bar, which I agree is completely stupid, has nothing to do with boomsound).

          • das

            and my cheap £8 earphones sound better than boomsound ,and dosnt require my samsung to look ugly like m8 does

      • FQ2

        Weight: have you ever ripped apart a phone and seen their speakers? They’re TINY. even those massive speaker grills on the M8 conceal tiny little speakers. They weigh almost nothing. Battery: LOL, please. Bezel: there is already one speaker on the front. A speaker on the bottom could be concealed behind a slit (Desire Eye style) just above or below the buttons, or even right on the bottom edge of the phone. Stereo speakers offer a MASSIVE increase in audio experience at very little cost to the phone’s design (especially in the case of the Desire Eye; the black bar has nothing to do with them, otherwise there would be one at the top too). That considered, NOT including stereo speakers is a pretty stupid move.

    • Anonymousfella

      Front speakers are overrated. It adds unnecessary weight and increase in size . A loud, well-placed speaker does the job well enough.

      • FQ2

        You’ve never used front firing speakers before, I take it. 1) weight: LOL. phone speaker’s weight is negligible. 2) size: HTC Desire Eye, my friend. Slits in the body. 3) a single rear speaker is completely unusable after stereo front firing speakers. Words can not describe the difference.

        • Michaelangelo Parkinson

          You have to realize Samsung really cannot do that considering how much the pack to the front of the device. The home button which houses the fingerprint scanner, the infared sensor for waking up the display on a table the back and recent apps button and the selfie cam.
          Not much else you can slap on there

          • FQ2

            Again, you’re overestimating how much space the speakers need. It’s pretty negligible. There is already a speaker up top (earpiece), and a bottom speaker could fit into basically a slit in the body either just above or just below the buttons.

          • FQ2

            Plus, what’s stopping them from putting speakers on the top and bottom? It’s not ideal, but it’s a hell of a lot better than a single rear speaker and takes up zero space on the front.

          • Martin Lane

            Single speakers on the sides are easy to block, a better option would be the dual speakers on the bottom and top.

            But probably not very practical, dual on the bottom would be fine,

        • Martin Lane

          Front facing speakers are overrated, I’m an Android user and it wouldn’t make any difference to what phone I choose.

  • Георги Кузев

    Samsung’s device managment is retards. People dont want dual-edge phone, they want a phone with quality build and fast OS omg

    • Wjdzm

      How is that retarded if they are letting consumers to choose whether they want dual-edge phone or not?

    • das

      people and idiots like u dont know what they want ,dya htink when iphone came out people wanted a useful featureless phone with a gimmicky UI ? still sold millions anyway ,you’ll eat your words

      • Георги Кузев

        iphone featureless ? what planet do you come from

        • das

          iphone is a dumb phone ,compared to a samsung the iphone is a JOKE samsung is king ,iphone is not even a smartphone ,irts like an over priced feature phone from 2006 era

  • francois

    awsm article by the android authority team. you guys are my inspiration to start my own tech website
    you can find all th news and the new updates of tech world in my website so please visit and follow our articles and encourage us with ur support
    thank you :)

  • Sergio Arroyo

    You guys have it all wrong, Samsung is hinting that the new GS6 will be metal, at least like the note 4 is

  • Martin Lane

    There will probably be two versions, the standard flat screen and this curved one, similar to the Note 4 and Edge.

    Samsung should be aware this design will be too much for many, unless of course Samsung’s mobile division have just gone mad.