January Android security update heading to ‘major’ Samsung flagships

by: Robert TriggsJanuary 26, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+-16

Samsung seems to be doing its best to continue to roll out those monthly security updates to its smartphones and has announced that it is releasing the January version for its “major flagship models”.

Unfortunately though, this vague statements means that we don’t know exactly which smartphones will be receiving the update. But we can assume that the current generation and probably 2014’s selection of flagship smartphones will see the patch, at some point at least. Samsung has previously applied updates to its Galaxy S5, S6, Note 4, Note 5, Tab S and Tab S2 ranges. Hopefully none of them have been dropped now that the company will soon have the Galaxy S7 to support as well.

We already know that Google patched a couple of critical and a few more minor issues in the January security update, and Samsung has thrown in a few of its own fixes as well, including a couple of specific fixes for the Galaxy S6. It hasn’t released details about all of its fixes though, presumably so they can’t be exploited before Samsung’s update reaches consumers.

Nexus 6P January security update resizedSee also: January security update patches Factory Reset Protection bypass bug17

Keep an eye out for that update notification in the coming days and weeks, as the roll out might take a while to hit everyone.

  • saksham

    I WANT THAT MARSHMALLOW UPDATE QUICK though i dont really care about the software updates as long as my phone is working

  • Radiohawk

    January? Good luck, I’m on a Note 5 and have only recently seen November 15! Cleary Samsung is not that concerned. I also find Google responsible, the OS starts with them ends with the carrier… The food chain is broken and Google has the clout if not the will to straighten it out

    • I think the fault lies with Samsung and mainly the carriers. Samsung needs to start selling their devices online or thru Samsung stores without all the carrier bs.

  • Arshdeep Singh Saini

    Not a single update since 5.1.1. on my S5 , while my cousin’s J5 received every security patch and even some updates specifically including new features, so how is my phone a “Major” one?
    Samsung phones have the worst consistency ever, even devices of the same model don’t match on terms of updates.

    • Roby

      It is a major one, you’re 100% guaranteed to receive Marshmallow as confirmed by Samsung.
      While all security patches (two major ones) with smart manager and some battery features were included in your 5.1.1 update. Other regions stayed on 5.0 and received the two patches separately.
      I also assume you’d like a bug free OS when you update to 6.0.(to be frank, the majority of users doesn’t like the idea of being beta testers). Until then your phone will remain fully functional.
      Not having Marshmallow right away won’t kill ya.

  • Scr-U-gle

    I find it bizarre that this website always pulls the ‘I wonder if’ when talking about updates?!?

    Googles T&Cs clearly state UPTO 18 MONTHS OF SOFTWARE SUPPORT.

    That in legal terms means anywhere from no updates at all to possibly one and a half years worth from the launch day.

    An android phone is not built to last as long as an average two year.

    It ain’t rocket science, it’s googles policy and Samsung making 60 different phones a year that cause this issue.