A somewhat unexpected announcement alongside the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung introduced new and updated version of Gear VR at MWC 2015. While on the floor at MWC we had the opportunity to try out the latest version of the Gear VR. With all that said, let’s jump in and take a brief first look at the device.

Gear VR S6 (3 of 6)

This VR unit introduced in conjuction with Oculus is another revision in refining the idea that originally released alongside the Galaxy Note 4. The headset is now 15% smaller, all the while being lighter and more comfortable. Given that the experience is untethered, this comes as good news.

Gear VR S6 (4 of 6)

There is now a USB on the bottom that acts as a pass through so you can keep the phone going while using the unit. There’s also a silent fan that aims to keep the unit from overheating, and to stop any fogging that may occur in the lens. We have a few minor cosmetic changes too. The touchpad has now been recesssed so it is easy to locate, and the back button is now more tactile than before.

Gear VR S6 (6 of 6)

Overall the experience is fantastic for what it is, providing an untethered experience and an inclination of what VR could bring and not just for gaming. The Gear VR presents an ideaology that is only a compliment to the bigger and more powerful Oculus Rift.

Gear VR S6 (5 of 6)

However, for owners of the first generation model, there’s really no reason to feel left out as the experience is largely the same, just more refined. It is also important to note that both owners of the original hardware and future owners of the newer model will soon have a number of new paid (and some free) apps and games, thanks to a joint effort launched by Samsung and Oculus.

Once the Oculus store goes live, you’ll find a few VR optimized games in the $2.99 to $4.99 range, though Oculus says that they have been plans to keep pushing out more apps and games in the months to come. What do you think of the Gear VR experience? Do you think mobile VR is the future, or more of a gimmick than anything? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • Jeff Muntley

    That camera looks a bit odd now I see it in these photos

    • das

      looks like a normal camera to me ,same design as the s3 onwards

  • bikrame

    This is problem of samsung. They give new device even before we fully enjoy old one !!!

    • Wjdzm

      How is this a problem if they are merely expanding to allow more devices to work? They are merely allowing you to use more devices with Gear VR.

    • cdm283813

      The media had criticized Samsung for releasing it for only the Note 4 because not everyone wanted a large phone. And the original does not work with the Note 4 Edge. The S6 is a more mainstream device thus will have a huge following. This model also works for both S6 models.
      I expect 2 versions each year; one for the Note and the other for the S series.

  • AndroidDev123

    My Note 4 heated up so bad playing Herobound at times that it displayed a warning and stopped the game, so a fan is a welcome improvement (especially since you can’t take the back off the S6 like I did to help my Note 4). That said, I doubt a small fan will be able to keep it cool enough if you’re charging too, so it’ll be interesting to hear reports from people who try charging and using it at the same time.

    On a side note, I hope they also implement an unlock option from the Gear VR home screen, as it currently just kills the experience when my lockscreen is triggered (if you take it off for too long). I’d consider turning off my lock screen but it’s required for access work emails.

    • cdm283813

      Also remember that the S6 is using a different cpu that runs cooler. It will be interesting if this combo would over heat when the fan is going.
      I personally play with a fan in front of my face not only to keep the phone cool but to keep my face cool as well. Works pretty good.

    • Skander

      Metal disperses heat much better than plastic, the cpu now technically has a heatsink. lol.

  • Freddy Born

    technically the oculus rift is even less powerfull, because it uses the “power” from a pc ;)

  • Michael Das

    too expensive buying a gear vr and new s6, why not release a universal VR which can do any size, just get the Neje LJ01 available at tabletland which you can try the technology and without braking your bank

    • cdm283813

      I’d rather have a specific unit from the OEM that works with the intended phone. It’s like a phone case; do you want a universal case all for your devices? These are basically sophisticated phone accessories that will last you the life of the phone.
      But the experience is worth the price of admission. Sitting in the tail section of a WW2 airplane shooting down boogies is pretty addictive. You feel the presence that the planes are real. I’m waiting for the first racing game to hit the store.

  • What about the person with the glass.?

    • cdm283813

      The knob at the top allows you to focus if you have bad eyesight. It’s a floating assembly that moves the phone closer/further away from the lenses/eyes. That was my concern as well but I’m happy to report that I don’t have to wear glasses. My prescription is – 3.75 and – 4.25.

      • Oh, Great.
        I have 2.50 and 3.25
        So, it is adjustable for each eye just great.