Samsung announces Gear S2 classic model with GSMA e-SIM

by: Robert TriggsFebruary 18, 2016


Today, Samsung has announced that it will be releasing a new Gear S2 classic model which comes equipped with a GSMA standardized e-SIM. This will be the first consumer device on the market to feature such an e-SIM.

For those unfamiliar, an e-SIM replaces the physical SIM cards that we have become accustomed to with a small embedded chip, which cannot be removed. The compact size of a chip is certainly much more suited to the smartwatch form factor and customers will be able to simply download a mobile network operator’s profile to the watch to get themselves connected.

Samsung has been working with a number of global operators to ensure compliance with the GSMA Consumer Remote SIM Provisioning architecture, including: M1 Limited, Orange, Singtel, StarHub Ltd., Telefónica, TeliaSonera, and Vodafone Group, among others. In other words, this isn’t a proprietary Samsung e-SIM that might lock you out of some networks. Using the GSMA standard should allow for easy switching between operators and upgrading of contracts.

“We worked closely with the mobile industry to create a global and interoperable specification that gives consumers with a mobile subscription the freedom to remotely connect their devices to a mobile network. This is just the beginning of what is possible and will open up the market to new and exciting device.” – Jean-Christophe Tisseuil, Head of SIM, GSMA

As well as doing away with physical SIM cards in mobile products, e-SIM technology is also seen as a crucial development for internet-of-things device and machine-to-machine communication. Automatic and wireless updating of carrier information, as well as more discrete hardware, will help to bring many more devices online and make managing their connections much easier.

The new Gear S2 classic 3G equipped with GSMA-compliant eSIM will be available for purchase in March.

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  • ThatDudeKee

    I (and many others) have been trolling Samsung about this since the standard S2 3G was announced. Glad they are starting to hear us… I can’t wait til March gets here. Now if only the S7 edge can get a microSD variant, Samsung may see their profits reach back to what they are accustomed to seeing…

    Sidenote: why show the wrong picture? Remove confusion, show the “S2 Classic” picture!!!

  • SnakeSplitskin

    So why does your article show images of the Gear S2 Sport? And I thought that the Gear S2 Sport 3g already had this e-sim technology? Is this an old article that got pushed up to the top?

    • Jimmy Westenberg

      Sorry for the confusion. Fixed. :)

  • SnakeSplitskin

    Okay, now how about fixing this statement: This will be the first consumer device on the market to feature such an e-SIM

    This is not the first consumer device to use the e-sim. The current Gear S2 Sport 3g already uses the e-sim and it was released in 2015. Am I mistaken? Googling the Gear S2 Sport 3g specs show that it indeed uses e-sim.

    • RoboBonobo

      This is the first GSMA-compliant eSIM.

      • SnakeSplitskin

        Okay, so I’m assuming then that the e-sim in the Sport 3g model is NOT GSMA-compliant. so given that it isn’t GSMA-compliant, from a technical or operational or even user experience standpoint, what would the difference be?

        • RoboBonobo

          The same device will work on all carriers that support the new esim’s specification standard so you won’t need to have different versions for different carriers, for example: Verizon, AT&T. You will be able to activate it on a carrier of your choice at home without needing to bring it into a store or call them on the phone. And you can link it to your smartphone account so it shares the same phone number, minutes, data and text pools you’re already paying for, without needing to sign up for an additional line (Similar to AT&T’s Number sync but supported natively as part of the esim specification standard) also, I’m unsure if your carrier will still charge you an extra fee for this feature as they currently do.

          • SnakeSplitskin

            Got it! Thank you so much for the clarification. So rarely can you find such succinct information about anything. Now, hopefully everything you’ve stated is true.