Dude, your Samsung Galaxy W phone is the same size as my tablet

by: Jonathan FeistJune 2, 2014

Samsung Galaxy W

It was nearly two years ago now, I was sitting in a coffee shop with my brother and a couple of his friends. One of them turned to me, “wow, that is a huge phone! What is it?” I laughed, then proceeded to explain that it was my brand new Nexus 7 tablet, not a phone at all. We joked about how silly it would be to have a phone that large, then went back to our debate on Buell vs Ducati motorcycles.

Little did we know, the huge-phone ‘joke’ would continue to play out to this day.

A couple months back, there were rumors that Samsung was working on a 7-inch phone for the Mega lineup. This past weekend, leaked images hit the web of the rumored device. A faux leather backed unit being called the Samsung Galaxy Mega 7.0 has been spotted with China Mobile branding, and today we see what appears to be the same device released as the Galaxy W in South Korea. So, joke if you will, but this tablet sized phone is real, and can be yours for 499,400 Korean Won (roughly US$488.)

Samsung Galaxy Mega 7.0

The current rumors have the Samsung Galaxy W poised to be a budget device. Android 4.3 powered, 720p display, Snapdragon 400 processor 1.5GB of RAM, LTE-A, microSD slot, 3200mAh battery and, depending on the rumor, either 16GB or a mere 8GB internal storage. Once again, I am reminded of the original Nexus 7, at least the specs are fairly similar, and both rock a 7-inch screen.

Should a phone be as big as the Nexus 7 tablet?

There is no way I will admit that I put my Nexus 7 up to my head to see what a phone this large would feel like, but I have been mulling over it all weekend. We’ve already decided that the logistics of putting such a large device to ear is a bit of a joke, but does that make such a phone a bad idea?

Samsung Galaxy W Korea

Most Nexus 7 users are huge fans of their tablet, we discussed that here. However, those of us willing to lug the thing everywhere we go are a dying breed. Size was highly blamed for the ‘lack of mobility,’ but not so much as the fact that many of us already have a 5.5 – 6-inch phone in our pocket, why would we want a 7-inch tablet as well?

I’ll be the first to claim that 7-inch is a sweet spot for a device. Large enough to watch a movie without squinting, small enough to squeeze into a pocket or purse. I would feel silly sticking it to my head to make a call, but who really places phone calls anymore? For those that do, many take advantage of hands free conveniences like a Bluetooth headset anyway. It may be hard to find the users of the ASUS Fonepad 7 or HP VoiceTab, but they are already out there with their 7-inch phones. I think I am starting to be comfortable with the 7-inch phone idea after all.

What do you think, if you haven’t just invested in a 6-inch range Android phone, can you see yourself jumping up to the Samsung Galaxy W?

  • MadCowOnAStick

    Definitely can fit that in my pocket.

  • Corbin Crutch

    I love it

  • Damon Salvador

    Mindf****d !!

    • bondurri

      No just NO! I don’t accept any smartphone that’s bigger than my dick!

      • MasterMuffin

        Self burn?

      • Jusephe

        Yeah everything bigger is a tablet….

      • Michael_Smith69

        Not even the iPhone or s4 mini?

  • arcwindz

    Heh, NO!

    And if you want to watch movie comfortably in mobile, wait until oculus technology gets mobile enough

  • Brandon Power
    • VivianTeasdalegyi

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  • Bryan Kwong

    My phone is the Sony Xperia Z Ultra so i speak from the more “crazy” side of things. Honestly would i go bigger? Probably not. Although the Z ultra can fit in my jean pockets i don’t think a 7inch phone could, although if Sony slims down the bezels on the Z ultra like LG does they could really fit a 6.7inch in the same size probably.

  • MasterMuffin

    So the only difference now between a phone and a tablet is that you can make phone calls with a phone? :|

    • Until Google killed third party access to Voice, I was using GrooveIP to make calls from my Nexus 7. The line is totally blurred between tablet and phone.

      • MasterMuffin

        Google Voice has never been available in my country, so… :/

        • It is too late now, but I was able to use it in Canada without a Google Voice number. It just pushed through from the Gmail chat somehow. Out of curiosity, are you able to use the “call a phone” feature in Hangouts on a PC?

          • MasterMuffin

            Never tried, but probably yes. Too lazy to open computer and test :P

      • C.E. Barnes

        Vonage mobile works over wifi and 3g/4g

    • Francois Foote
    • Damon Salvador


  • ShockWave

    I wish it fail miserably so we won’t see a Galaxy W 2 anytime soon, I mean ffs that is by no means a phone because a phone must be pocket-able and that certainly can never fit in my pocket.

    • Keg Man

      so you hope it fails cause you wont use it. Do you hope we never have flying cars because you don’t want one?

      • ShockWave

        No, flying cars are useful this isn’t useful.
        I want it to fail because if it succeed Samsung will give it the best hardware possible and the most interest and it will make it a standard for their flagships to become a 7″ phone and I can barely call them phones and I don’t want to see the new mini as a 6.3 phone, the screen size craze must stop at 5″ unless phones with foldable screens are mass produced.

        • Keg Man

          If that happened, you would be the fool then wouldn’t you? Are you some weird 3.5″ is the perfect size guy?

          The phablet has its purposes and following whether you like it or not

          • ShockWave

            Sorry but you are the fool here for blatantly thinking that I hate phablets, I am a Samsung fan and I have no problem with 5″ phones actually I loved the new G3 with its 5.5″ but do you know what G3,S5,Nexus 5,M8,Z2 have in common? they are all pocketable, that’s why they are not tablet, the problem is that Samsung is promoting them as PHONES not phablets or tablets, I have no problem with tablets and you are just prejudicing me too much, I love Android and I love smartphones over 3.5″ obviously but please don’t tell me you can actually put that 7″ brick in your pocket as a phone and use it completely as a phone, choice is nice when it’s not shoved upon our faces, but when the day the W series surpasses the S series in specs that would be the day Samsung became insane.

          • Keg Man

            I call you a fool because you claim a device you have never held is not pocketable. You assume a 7″ phone is the same size as your 7″ tablet. You couldn’t be more wrong. take your phone, put it on your tablet and measure diagnally. is it 2″? from the pictures, it looks similar to what apple did with their 4″ phone, made it a strange 4″ taller size

          • ShockWave

            No again you are the fool for prejudice, it’s not just my tablet that made me dislike the phone, it’s the photo of the guy who is holding it to his head, the phone is just as tall as his head if not more, and believe me I don’t consider something as tall as my head pocketable because normally pockets are mostly shorter than your head, I tried the Note 3 in my pocket and it was barely pocketable, so phablets are the limit as for me, and they can’t increase a phone’s size vertically to 7″ that thing they call a phone is clearly wider than any other phone or phablet because they must stick to certain aspect ratio, and as the Mega series wasn’t a real success that Galaxy W so called phone won’t be a success.

  • jane666

    Tech reviewer keep telling us tablet should not have phone functionally & conveniently forgotten that there are people who prefer this than carrying two devices. Do you think everyone have f*%king sh*t load of money like you guy?? Have you ever heard about a device called “BLUETOOTH HANDFREE”??? This this do exist and they help you answer/make call without holding the damned tablet on your stupid face?? Don’t act like an idiot!

    • Noel Kelly

      OK, firstly; two devices need not cost a shitload of money. You can buy a Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (just for example) for roughly the same price you’d buy any of these overlarge Samsung monstrosities. With the likes of the Nexus line and the Moto G and so on, lower end devices are increasing in value big time. Second; I f***ing hate hands-free. No. Just no, I will NOT use it. Third; you deflate your whole argument when you use the word ‘tablet’ instead of ‘phone’. Just my opinion. I’m not forcing mine on you, though you might want to have a little empathy yourself before you make posts and throw insults around.

  • JC

    So I’m guessing that they’ve already ran out of ideas for their galaxy names ’cause there’s already a galaxy w. the one that never been updated to ics lol

    • stephen

      That’s exactly what I was going to say, it’s about 2.5yrs old now the 1400mhz single core processor decent enough wee phone 3.7in screen but stuck on gingerbread for life…..unless rooted ;-)

      • Keg Man

        pretty common. Ford has like 8 variations of the f-150 every year. trucks aren’t world wide so that isn’t the best comparison, but I”m sure there are others cars that have like 8 variations in US, 8 variations in japan etc. It’s hype and samsung hate driving this. USA can’t buy all the samsung variations.

  • Quinn

    I use my International Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 as my phone. I’m 6’2″ & it fits in my pocket & i can wield it easily. I get tons of use out of it. I have a Sony bt handset to take calls to save my gf the embarrassment of holding it to my ear but when I’m by myself I could really care less about what people may think of me. Until we can roll up or fold our phones the screen real estate is essential for me(as is the stylus).

  • email

    Fuck this, I’m filing this under ‘tablet’ in my brain cabinet
    I don’t care what samsung says

  • Bill de Iturrondo

    I would love the option of using my nexus 4 ; but, if I want to go somewhere and need to bring a tablet it would be great to swap my SIM and use another device that could still double as a phone. A secondary 7 inch tablet/phablet allowing me to still have just one data plan would be great.

  • Does Samsung have any idea how stupid they make those people look with those humongous phones on their ears? Smh

    • Keg Man

      You would say, “so what?” The trade off for “looking stupid to the 3% of hipsters” doesn’t matter. Why are you still watching tv on a 32″ tv when you can be using a 60″

      • A TV is a different from a phone. When I showed that picture to my friend, she said “Why are we going back to the time when phones were big?” Besides, i think 6.5″ on a phone is already pushing it (she even thinks 5″ is already pushing it).

        • Keg Man

          it might be pushing it, but “how somone looks” on a phone is not a concern if they have any self esteem

  • Firehead

    Complaining about the size of a 5+ inch phone? Go back to the 3.5″ iPhone and shut up. Are you that insecure that holding a phablet to your ear makes you look uncool? What do you do when you have to put a landline phone to your ear? Style over substance. Just a part of what’s wrong with the Obama voting generation.

    • chanman

      Can’t tell if troll but… Dude… why are you so angry? It’s impractical too. I don’t think this would fit in my jean’s pockets. I was seriously considering the Xperia Z Ultra, but I don’t think those would’ve fit either.

      • Firehead

        Haha! Bad day I guess. I should reel it in a little I think…

    • Noel Kelly

      Well, in addition to looking pretty stupid holding it to my ear (I can’t stand hands-free for whatever reason), it would be pretty damn uncomfortable in my pocket. I don’t want to have to take my phone out of my pocket just to sit down or climb stairs comfortably.

      As an aside, why the f**k does the anti-Obama brigade always have to bring politics into every discussion? As a non-American (and also someone who isn’t a fan of 5.5″+ phones) I find this irritating and fascinating in equal measure.

      • Keg Man

        you get over the “looks stupid.” its purely a self esteem issue.

        • Noel Kelly

          I can assure you my self-esteem is fine, this is more an aesthetic/personal preference issue ;) In any case, while self-esteem can be worked on, it’s harder still to get over the phone stabbing me in the leg anytime I need to climb stairs though. Unless buying body armour makes the extra few centimetres of screen worth it…

          • Keg Man

            it doesn’t put pressure on me. never noticed that. In rare occasion it will when Im sitting, but thats rare and I can move it a smidge to fix it

    • Timmy

      The nice thing about Android phone makers is that there is so much choice. Those who prefer smaller devices have lots of options as do those who prefer larger devices. Not everyone can share your opinion on the best size so why get bunched up about it.
      Also, it seems like you’ve been watching too much Faux News Channel.

  • Roberto Tomás

    That “Galaxy W” looks like they are just re-purposing leftover Galaxy Tab 8.1’s with a new front face and a new back panel, and a USA-compatible 4G modem this time around

  • Thanhxvo

    I think I will draw the line with the note 3 screen size. It is already inconvenience enough to use at times, don’t think I will ever get a 6+ in phone. Unless they find a way to make it foldable…

    • Roberto Tomás

      The foldables will be nice .. and those bezels are too large, looks very yesteryear … but still it works if you have big hands. Anyone over 1.83m can probably use this one handed still.

      • Keg Man

        5’11” can almost completely one hand it but I find that even on my old 4.3 inch phone, i rarely one handed the phone

  • Groud Frank

    It’s too big for me but that’s just it; that how I feel. Others may feel differently. They should use and buy what works for them. These products will sell in Asian countries, which tend to be more culturally mature. People from these counties are less likely to care about what others think of them when they hold a big phone like that up to their heads to answer a call. As long as it works for them. In the West where it’s the opposite and people do and say things based on what others people do and say, these phones won’t sell.

  • Al-Mothafar M. Al-Hasan

    Hmm, here is an idea for Samsung, English has 26 Letters , Samsung A-Z , so 26 phone lines, start with Samsung 4.5 inch screen, +0.1 for each letter, so English letters enough for max 7.1 Inch screen, I think its good plan for Samsung to make things better, Samsung A = 4.5 Inch, Samsung Z = 7.1 Inch yeah open like 26 phone lines please.


    But BTW, I think there is already Galaxy W cheap smartphone from Samsung, are you sure from this name?

  • Morgan Drenthen

    It is obviously smaller than an Nex 7, look at the borders. It might be just as big as the Z Ultra. Now that might be the biggest phone around, but it doesn’t make this phone look ‘gigantic’.

    • Keg Man

      nexus 7 has HUGE bezel

  • Is it just me, or did everybody hold their Nexus 7s up to their faces just to see exactly *how* awkward it would be?!

  • Netwern

    7-inch screen but battery just 3200 mAh? Wow Samsung so fail. Sony did it 3200 mAh on a 5.2-inch screen.

  • Colts5609

    I am not a fan of the huge phone trend, but as long as manufacturers still make tiny 5 inch (or just slightly larger) phones, I could care less. Pocketable (comfortably) and one handed use for the entire phone screen is a must, which is a stretch on a 5 inch phone sometimes.

  • tsmith

    It’s about time! No need to have both a phone and a tablet.., this is a no brainer…. I’m still concerned about battery life but I knew it was just a matter of time before tablets and phones merged.

  • Kawshik Ahmed

    It’s just a tablet with a SIM and call functionality, lots of tablet have SIM and call function so why people calling it a phone?

  • Ricky Brunet

    Yes, yes, yes!

  • Abd

    Everyone was as surprised when the first mega phone (Phablet) came out. This is just a mega phablet or a (Tabone)! There will always be a market for such beasts

  • Karl Willke

    For the past few years I have been using tablet phones. I have owned ones with a screen as large as 8.4″ and as small as 6″. I agree that 7″ is the sweet spot. I can still have a case on it and fit it easily into my pocket. I can also get one hand around it to hold on while making a phone call. I am all about the all in one device.