We’ve just had another look at the design of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship and it echoes previous leaks regarding the placement of the fingerprint scanner. The leaked design suggests that Samsung will be removing its home button completely and moving the fingerprint scanner to the back of the phone. In addition, Samsung will place this on the right hand side of the camera module, moving the flash over to the left side.

Moving the fingerprint scanner to the back is no bad thing in and of itself, even though it may throw a few consumers who are used to Samsung’s front-mounted scanner design. I personally find the rear placement adopted by LG, Huawei, ZTE, and others to be eminently practical and highly ergonomic, but your mileage may vary.

But Samsung seemingly has something a little different in mind with it’s top left position, and it’s hard to imagine it working out quite as well as other existing designs which typically locate the scanner below the camera.

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Just plain impractical

The most glaring issue is that the scanner is so close to the camera module. The design on the back will surely see a lot of us blindly reaching for the unusual module position, smudging the camera lens and flash module as we go. Keeping our phone lenses clean is probably not something we do often enough anyway and this will just make things worse, sacrificing our picture quality to a layer of finger grease.

Given that the Galaxy S8 and particularly the S8 Plus aren’t going to be small phones, placing the scanner so high up on the back also may be a problem for some with smaller hands, who usually don’t have any reason to position their fingers so high up a handset.

The nice thing about Samsung’s old home button was that it was always within reach, as it was never much further away than the on-screen keyboard. Scanners on the back are usually ok if they’re placed in the lower two thirds of the body, but right at the top on the back might be a bit awkward for some.

Furthermore, the rectangular module also looks to be a bit smaller than Samsung’s old home button and the circular rear scanners used by other manufacturers. Anyone who regularly uses their phone’s fingerprint scanner will attest to how finickety these modules can be to partial prints.

Unless Samsung’s fingerprint technology has improved in leaps and bounds, some users my find themselves having to learn how to carefully position their finger or just spend longer setting up the scanner to work with partial prints than they have previously. Either way, it’s not exactly intuitive.

Trying this out on a Note 5, the placement actually seems quite ergonomic. Providing that you hold your phone in your right hand.

All of that being said, let’s try a little experiment. If you have a large smartphone at hand, pick it up with your right hand and see where your index finger naturally rests. I was a bit surprised to find that mine actually sits somewhere just below the proposed scanner placement when testing this out with the Note 5, meaning that it’s a simple quick movement to reach for where the scanner would be. It’s actually probably even easier to reach for than the center placement on the G5 and others, so perhaps I’m wrong about all this?

OK, now swap over to holding your phone in the left hand and you’ll see the glaring flaw in Samsung’s design. Suddenly a fingerprint scanner on the right side of the camera module is horrible to try and reach for. You’ll drag your finger across the flash and camera module and contort it into a very uncomfortable position.

This Galaxy S8 design looks to be really unfriendly to anyone who predominantly holds their phone in their left hand, which includes myself. This design has its merits, but on the whole just seems a little too cumbersome compared with current implementations. Whether you’re a leftie or simply hold your phone in your left hand to swipe type with your right, the placement is all wrong.

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Maybe better than it seems?

It’s hard to see a major upside with the Galaxy S8’s new fingerprint scanner location, but perhaps it has been positioned there as a compromise rather than Samsung’s ideal position?

We obviously haven’t had a look at the phone’s internals yet, but we do know that removing the home button is allowing Samsung to shrink down the bezels and increase the-display to-body ratio of the Galaxy S8. This new rumored 18.5:9 aspect ratio also has to come at the expense of some of the company’s long running design traditions, as does the new single piece glass body. The fingerprint scanner seems like a logical piece to move elsewhere.

On top of that, there are plenty of electronic parts and circuit board space taken up by fingerprint scanning modules, and placing this at the bottom of the phone where the USB port and 3.5mm jack also reside would have certainly increased the handset’s length. Perhaps, moving this part is what’s allowed Samsung to keep the 3.5mm audio jack while still shrinking down the handset’s bezels.

This doesn’t exactly explain the placement right by the camera module, but it’s quite possible that Samsung has found that this allows for the most efficient mainboard layout. In addition, we’re all aware of the battery issue that plagued the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung may have chosen to position the fingerprint module higher up the phone in order to maximise the amount of space available to store the battery so as not to repeat the pressure problems that led to those infamous defects.

Samsung’s reasoning is unknown at this point, but there are plenty of plausible explanation as to why the fingerprint scanner may be positioned as it is. It may turn out that this was an important decision in order to build the sort of handset that the company wanted. Or it could just be to avoid looking like all the other rear-mounted scanners out there.

Wrap up

For some, the Galaxy S8 fingerprint scanner placement is going to be a bit of a disappointment and perhaps even an inconvenience. For others, it may turn out to be a highly ergonomical design that’s preferable to the old home button and even the rear placement found on other phones.

From a purely hardware standpoint, it’s also a little disappointing not to see Samsung making use of cutting edge technologies, such as under display implementations that could have removed the need for a dedicated fingerprint touch module entirely by embedding hardware in the display. Especially if reducing bezels is the primary design goal here. Regardless, we’ll have to wait to go hands on with the flagship before drawing any final conclusions. Not forgetting that the fingerprint scanner might just end up playing second fiddle to more convenient iris scanning capabilities anyway.

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Where do you stand on what we know about the Samsung Galaxy S8 design? Are you a fan or a skeptic?

Robert Triggs
Lead Technical Writer at Android Authority, covering the latest trends in consumer electronics and hardware. In his spare moments, you'll probably find him tinkering with audio electronics and programming.
  • patstar5

    I think most will be using the iris scanner anyways.
    I thought they were going to put the fingerprint scanner under the screen but I guess not.

    • Tabs2IsBoss #SamsungKnights

      Technology wasn’t ready for the S8 and S8Plus this early in 2017 so the fingerprint scanner will be where it’s located and I personally like it.

      Samsung doesn’t follow the norm they are leaders in the game of technology not followers they create.

      The Galaxy Note 8 will have the embedded fingerprint scanner under the screen in September that’s good enough.

      S8Plus here I come April 15th.

      • squiddy20

        “Technology wasn’t ready for the S8 and S8Plus this early in 2017 so the fingerprint scanner will be where it’s located and I personally like it.”
        Says the guy who just a few weeks ago was practically screaming at everyone that the fingerprint scanner would be in the S8, and it would be “under the glass”.
        “Samsung doesn’t follow the norm” So is that why they’re coming out with this supposed Bixby assistant, after Google’s Assistant? Is that why Samsung followed Apple in putting a fingerprint sensor on their phones?

        • SnakeSplitskin

          But there haven’t been ANY reports that state a fingerprint sensor IS NOT under the glass. For all we know, it very well could be.

  • Met Dervisholli

    I much prefer the fingerprint scanner on the front. I hate having to pick my phone up off the desk just to unlock it. Not to mention Samsung’s customers have been used to the home button on the front for years. I don’t see this going well for Samsung.

    • daftrok

      I always hear this argument but then I look at my phone on my desk thinking what possible angle can I make this work on my S7 Edge. Because the annoying thing about the S7 Edge is that I can’t just place my finger on there. I have to click it which moves the phone. I set up my thumb on it from every angle (even pointing down) and the damn thing still wont unlock unless I lay it flat across. At this point after all this gymnastics I can pick up the oh so heavy 5 and a half ounce phone and place my index finger on the back and have it unlock fast as hell. Huawei’s rear fingerprint scanners are so fast I debated they were just a pressure button instead of a scanner.

      • Met Dervisholli

        I’ve have had the LG V20, Nexus 5x, Oneplus 3, and Note 7. I register both my thumbs and my index fingers. I extremely disliked the LG V20 sensor. It was very slow to respond. I’m not complaining about the weight, I am complaining about the fact that I can’t use the phone on my desk. It is so irritating to have to pick up your phone just to see a notification. In my opinion, it is actually something I would not purchase a phone over. I do agree however that from testing the Nexus 6p once, Huawei makes great sensors. They should just put it in the right spot.

        • Techn9cian46

          Can’t you see notifications on the lock screen??? In your situation, LG’s knock on feature would work better than any physical home button would.

          • Met Dervisholli

            Personally, I am never getting an LG phone again. Their build quality is average at best and at worst it can end up bootlooping. Everything about the V20 screamed cheap. The fingerprint reader was very slow. When visiting amp sites there would be a line across the screen. Anyway, I keep my stuff private so don’t show notifications on the lock screen. Besides why should I have to compromise using the fingerprint scanner when other manufactures offer it on the front?

          • SuperiorFZ

            I have to agree with you for the quality build , its great but it does feel cheap. as for the the finger scanner. it might not be blazing fast but still fast. try resetting your finger scanner and set it up again. and i also prefer the finger scanner to be in front.

        • kamiller42

          This is the first I have ever heard the V20 fingerprint reader being slow. Every review I’ve read, many, says it’s fast.

          • Met Dervisholli

            Look all over LG’s Forums. Flossy also mentioned this on his stream the other week. It isn’t just me with the issues. LG really needs to improve their QA. I don’t think it should be a gamble on whether or not you will get a functioning phone. Sure there is warranty, but who likes having to deal with sending your phone back and not having it for weeks?

      • Zabih Cino

        you need to get an mi5, fingerprint works flawlessly without pressing

      • Viangels

        Why dont you register your index finger on your s7e?
        I registered mine and doesnt have any problem when unlocking on the desk.

  • S.L Jones

    I like the fingerprint scanner on the back… At the center where most other scanners on the back are placed, this does seem odd… No bother, if they mess it up on this phone it will be fixed by the time the note comes out, which is the REAL champ….you da real champ Galaxy Note 8!!!

  • Jed.Dye

    I hate this fingerprint scanner at the back! it’s ridiculously unpractical! I tried to practice with my S7 edge and it just doesn’t work for me, especially that I unlock my phone several times a day and I use that fingerprint scanner to unlock some apps. I’ll skip this phone I think and wait for the S9

    • Michael

      Completely agree.

  • MrMLK

    You shouldn’t be surprised that Samsung is only thinking about their right-handed customers with this decision.

    The first edge was exactly the same thing. Very nice for righties, totally useless for people who held the phone in their left hand.

  • Coolz Charmer

    They’re pushing us to use the IRIS scanner. There is no way that FPS location is good. It will damage the camera lens and the flash over time. Think of all the smudges.. ughhh..
    I was looking for a latest flasgip with great camera and battery. But that FPS placement is just plain dumb.

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    • thereasoner

      I actually prefer the back placement of the FPS on my Pixel. Because it’s so close to the camera on this one people would benefit from a case with separate cutouts for the camera and FPS, that will effectively reduce accidentally touching the camera. Samsung just needs to make it both fast and able to work with only a partial print because that is common on scanners placed on the back of phones. My Pixel does an excellent job in that area, Samsung needs to do the same.

      • Dummy Up Meathead

        Pixels’ isn’t off center.

        • thereasoner

          The Pixel doesn’t have the iris option either.

          I’ve tried it as if it were off center on my phone just to see what it would feel like and for my right hand, the one that grabs the phone from my pocket while unlocking it, the placement of Samsungs is very natural for that hands index finger. It is obviously more awkward for the left hand but doable and certainly not as awkward as it was on the lower front one handed with either hand imo.

          I think that I’d get used to it quickly and a case with separate cutouts would help prevent accidentally touching the camera anyways. That said, under the screen would be better if you could touch any part of the screen and you weren’t forced to use only the bottom edge like the current front facing home button.

  • Mr.AAKulkarni

    After seeing that fingerprint scanner’s placement. I think they just fucked up practicality by favoring symmetricity.
    But you never know, there won’t be any need for one if iris scanner is there and works flawlessly.

  • Ronald

    the fingerprint location is terrible, I bet there will be a lot of smudging on the camera lenses

  • Flyerman11

    It may take a little getting used to but in the end it’ll be intuitive. I tried your experiment with a J7 and with just a small adjustment to the way I hold the phone I could easily reach speaker (exactly where the finger print scanner will be on the S8) so I don’t anticipate this will be a deal breaker.

  • Philip King

    If that is the fingerprint scanner up there on the back then it’s impractical for me or anyone else that has smaller fingers or uses a holder/stand. Samsung must have done usability testing and surely they would have spotted this. Which makes me think:

    1) It’s not the only scanner. No reason there couldn’t be two scanners and the one on the back is for those times the handset is face down or in a pocket.
    2) It’s not a finger print scanner. It could be another health sensor or a rear camera button or something else.
    3) It’s a flat panel speaker for the virtual assistant.


    • thereasoner

      You can still use iris or pin. You’re not forced to use the FPS but it is better in certain situations like mobile payments when you want a better grip on the phone.

    • SnakeSplitskin

      I totally agree with your comment. I do believe this sensor will serve some other purpose. Samsung’s
      implementation of their iris scanner may have made finger print
      scanners obsolete OR the actual finger print sensor really is under the
      screen. One thing is for sure. Samsung made it known awhile back that
      they were keen on squashing leaks. They just might have succeeded in
      keeping the biggest features quiet while allowing the industry to remain
      abuzz with speculation.

      • Sufyan Hussain

        I agree, if it is the fingerprint scanner the iris scanner is primary therfore one day you could see the fingerprint scanner becoming obsolete.

    • Daggett Beaver |dBz|

      I hope you’re right, although I’m waiting for the Note 8, anyway.

    • enloquecido

      Agreed. This isn’t the fingerprint scanner. And no one has officially said it is. They presume that because there is something there that they know what it is.

      The fingerprint scanner is in the screen. This is just the pulse sensor with additional health sensors.

    • Hady Sayed

      I really hope you’re right! I think this might be a laser autofocus module or something of that sort. I want it to be anything other than a fingerprint scanner because that is a very odd place for it

  • Zabih Cino

    if they get rid of home button and place the fingerprint in the back, I am going to get iPhone 8 when it comes out. many people like me work on the road and always have their phones on a cradle. getting rid of home button will be a silly mistake

    • kamiller42

      They could have a double tap to wake option like LG. Makes the whole screen a target rather than a button at the bottom.

    • Ifnkovhgroghprm

      the home button isn’t gone!!!

  • PandaTurtle

    I agree that the Iris Scanner will be the main one to unlock the device, but if the rear fingerprint scanner is always on, and there’s no need to press it, then I’m okay with that.

    Regardless, I’m just sad they didn’t work out a scanner under the front glass, which would add a wow factor to the S8. Or maybe it’s still there, and the rear scanner is the second one? Only time will tell.

  • Flyerman11

    Here’s how to use it:
    Place your preferred index right above the scanner, the let the phone sit so your index remains in place.
    Finding the scanner is a simple as moving your first her down a bit.
    Do this a few times, muscle memory will take care of the rest.
    found the volume rocker easy to find using this technique as well.

    • Philip King

      That doesn’t make any sense. I would end up with my other fingers too far up the phone and it would be unbalanced as it’s to one side (what you say would work for a central finger print sensor lower down)

      • Flyerman11

        sorry you find it won’t work, personally I don’t think it requires more gymnastics then the current front pleased scanner. But that’s the beauty of Android, there are plenty of choices for each install preference.

  • Techn9cian46

    My finger naturally rests on the volume down button of the V10 and its quite easy to move it up to the sensor. The placement on the S8 would definitely be harder to reach. In fact, I’d have more trouble reaching it with my right hand than my left, as I struggled reaching the flash on my V10 with my right but found it less of a hassle with my left

  • DBS

    If the size wasn’t enough for me to NOT even consider buying the S8, the fingerprint on the back would be the last strike.
    The S7 already lacks double-tap to wake and sleep. With the fingerprint on the back I’d be left without an easy way to unlock the phone without having to constantly pick it up. And that’s completely out of the question.

    (And even if it brings a iris scanner…not only that doesn’t solve the problem…I have a Lumia 950. I know how sh*tty iris scanners are.)

  • They do that so users can use the iris scanner more and get used to it.

  • First off if you don’t wipe your camera lens before taking a picture with or without the fingerprint sensor on the back then shame on you. I have the N5x and love it on the back even with the extra camera smudges.

    Secondly, if you use Android smart unlock pairing by location or with a Bluetooth device (ie your computer, a smartwatch, car stereo etc.) you’ll rarely use the fingerprint sensor anyway. And the sensor reads the fingerprint in any orientation. Not like you have to hold your phone a certain way to place your finger on it, even sideways or upsidedown works.

    This is a whiny complaint. I’d surely sacrifice the location of the fingerprint sensor for more screen real estate!

    To those who threaten to switch to iPhone over this all I can say is… Bye Felicia!

    Oh btw, now that I installed an ad blocker I can finally tolerate reading posts on this site. I mean I wouldnt mind seeing ads on your site but you people are out of control with them. Page load times were insane pre ad blocker!

  • Daggett Beaver |dBz|

    I hold my phone in my left hand. I just tried it, and it feels terrible. What an awful placement for a fingerprint scanner.

    • Soundjudgment

      I hold my phone in my **Left** hand. Always. This scanner-location on the back top of the S8, if true… will be a Deal breaker(sm).

      • thereasoner

        I just tried with both hands and the index finger placement for the right hand is very natural, less so for the left but doable. Anyways, I also hold my phone with my left but I always pull it from my pocket, and as a result, unlock it with my right.

  • Billy joseph

    Imo front and back both have their pros and cons. Ideally one on the back and one on the front would make everyone happy but that’s highly unlikely. My problem is that the current positioning favors right handed users. Reaching that scanner with your left index might require some acrobatics. It’s just not practical at all.

    • SnakeSplitskin

      You never know. Maybe Samsung has that exact trick up it’s sleeve. Finger print senor on front built into the screen. Useful if you like to have your phone laying on your desk with screen facing up. For those who have their phones with screen facing down, there’s the finger print sensor on the back. Press your finger & you are then able to send voice commands to your phone.

    • thereasoner

      I found that reaching the scanner at the bottom front far more awkward, to the point of dropping the phone if attempted one handed. This is no big deal at all. I alway hold the device in my left hand but also alway pick it up or pull it from my pocket and unlock it with my right anyways. It just needs a case with separate cutouts reducing unwanted camera touching and most of all, it needs to be able to unlock on a partial print like my Pixel does because this is common for a FPS placed on the back.

  • caucasionally

    I like that the home button is gone, but the placement of the fps seems very user unfriendly. Why so damn high up…

  • Bonedatt

    It’s a Samsung flagship phone. Regardless of what tech enthusiasts say, people will still buy it and adjust to the position of the FPS. We underestimate the loyalty of Samsung customers. On another Note (no pun intended), I’m waiting to see what they do with the Note series (Note8) as that’s the Samsung line that I usually patronize.

  • Gwolf2u

    Well this is really crappy
    Remember I’ve shown a work colleague the first render of the back of the proposed S8, and while seeing the fingerprint position he reacted: “Don’t those engineers see how horribly it’s placed?”
    Well guess he was right…

  • thereasoner

    It will be fine with a case that has its own separate pocket cutouts for the camera and FPS, that will effectively reduce accidentally touching the camera lens. That said, one would still need to be more careful using the left hand as its a less natural placement for your index finger.

    They do need to make it as good and as fast as the FPS on my Pixel though. The one thing about having it on the back of the phone is that only a partial fingerprint touch is common. My Pixel works with even half of my finger tip on the sensor and fast too. Samsung needs to pull off the same performance if they want to avoid frustrated customers.

  • JMG

    Just shows that LG is better and if they had the same fortunes as samsung they would do marvellous things. G6 has the fingerprint in the middle and still keeping the 3.5mm jack and with geater screen to body ratio over 90℅.

  • Wis164

    I’m a lefty and I tried to imagine this sensor on my S7 edge and I feel it’s terrible but maybe actual experience could be different??I prefer finger scanner to be on the back of device ( used Honor 8 and Mate 9)…yeah sometimes its annoying to grab it to unlock and while driving when its on the car holder but I made my Car Bluetooth a trusted device so I can unlock it by just swiping.

    • thereasoner

      Trusted devices is so convenient, well played.

  • Tjaldid

    on the side like on Xperia

  • MobileRoamer

    Quit your whining an go but another phone. Nobody is forcing you to buy it. Jeez. How ridiculous.

  • Alan Burnstine

    I don’t like it on the back because I use wireless charging, and want to be able to turn on and unlock my phone without lifting it up off the charger. Otherwise, I have done some playing with my S7 edge (using hte flash as my target), and I think the concern about smudging the camera or hitting the flash instead of the scanner may be a bit overblown. I had no trouble within a few minutes of trying hitting the flash consistently with either hand. My bigger concern is what are they planning to do for camera quick start (currently double click on the home button) or one-handed mode (triple click on the home button). I use the former several times a day and don’t want to lose that feature. (although, to be honest, unless I break my S7 edge I’ll probably skip the S8 and see what comes out next year).

  • definitely-not-spam

    Personally, I will not be buying the S8 until after I’ve seen reviews/seen it in action/held it in-hand with a store display model, so none of these things really bother me yet.

    If these renders all end up being true, then I’ll probably lean towards waiting for the note8 or the s9, mostly because I believe backlash against design choices on this phone body will hopefully force Samsung to make changes and improvements in later models.

    But, who knows, this might not even end up being the fingerprint sensor at all.

    Either way, I don’t think Samsung should be playing around right now with things that could leave a large percentage of people unhappy. I imagine they want to make up for losses caused by the Note 7 situation, meaning that instead of being behind the trends of other OEMS and Apple, they want to stay ahead of the curve to keep market share.

  • stuntman3000

    Everyone was expecting Samsung to come out the gates swinging hard by using an under the display technology and no it just baffled everyone with a fingerprint sensor on the back in an awkward position. This maybe have completely thrown me off the hype I had for the S8. If the iPhone does use an under the glass touch ID Samsung would have lost the chance at beating Apple to it.

    • thereasoner

      They still could with the new Note actually.

  • CPKarth123

    Wow, was really excited about all those rumours saying S8 will have an optical fingerprint sensor built under the screen. I’m probably going to skip out on this years galaxy – so far from rumours I see no killer features;

  • bboyheat

    I love all of these excuses for how much of a space hog the 3.5mm audio jack suddenly is despite the fact that phones are double or triple the size they were when they weren’t a problem.

    Quit making the audio jack a villain!

  • RiTCHiE

    Fix the typo ‘”Unless Samsung’s fingerprint technology has improved in leaps and bounds, some users my find themselves having to learn how to carefully position their finger or just spend longer setting up the scanner to work with partial prints than they have previously. Either way, it’s not exactly intuitive.” my = may

    • Daggett Beaver |dBz|

      Ah, I remember the good old days, when publishing included editors.

      • noh1bvisas

        english hard is

  • Happy

    Who cares about a fingerprint scanner? Give me removable battery.

  • LineOS for exynos!

    I prefer fps this way! Only left handed need to cry.
    I practiced this on my 7 edge and find it the best position! More than s7 edge, and even lg5/pixels/etc (center bottom on the back). I explain why…
    better than s7e- I need to change my holding for tapping the bottom and after tapping come back to my regular holding (Its too low there..). *(Also navigation bottoms need to be replaced by gesture! Like iPhone/*telegram*/#root your phone to do this)* (the fps need to be home bottom- and way more).
    Now lg/pixels/etc- not so difficult in any way… but my finger closer to heart rate sensor (the place fps will be in 8). and the finger not ‘face down’ on the fps- need to flex my finger to cover it good…
    As I say- ‘left handed need to cry’ not to much as im left handed but hold phons with my right hand😎

  • Kevin Davis

    If this is the placement of the fingerprint scanner, simply put, it’s stupid as hell.

    #camerasmeargate2017. Lmao.

  • Gumbopudding

    It’s not camera smudges, it’s their new ‘soft beauty mode’ for the camera.

  • dsignrr

    I don’t agree, as I have the s6 with the heart rate sensor in the same location, and have never found it awkward to locate. You are underestimating the adaptability of the human mind, and creating a problem where none exists.

    • noh1bvisas

      you’re overestimating humans. most are pretty brainless. no offense to the morons in the audience intended.

  • Darian Farmer

    I have the pixel and the fingerprint scanner on the back is perfect… When you pull it out of your pocket, your finger is already on the scanner… So it normally unlocks before you even look at it. Pure genius!!!

    • illregal

      only for weirdos that put their phones in their pockets upside down.

  • James Junior

    C’mon guys, really? You just need like 10 seconds to get used to the FP scanner, regardless you’re right-handed or left-handed. Don’t make a huge fuss over it

  • Rock Lee

    I don’t it will make much difference, I personally don’t like the move, but it’s something I can get adjusted too. Besides, it may make the Iris scanner more useful.

  • Mannie Suri

    I personally dont even use the FPS so moving it to the back makes no difference to me. However, removing the home button just to reduce to increase the screensize is a MASSIVE disappointment for me. I hate the idea of having to swipe up just to open the bar to click home. Thats too many gestures. The idea of a home button is to get there as fast as possible. And now instead of one click, its two or three gestures and even then youre not guaranteed to get the bar to open (experience with htc m9 and m10, among others). Massive, massive disappointment for me. Im sick and tired of samsung following others. Just do what you do best and stick to your own guns.

  • Asher

    it may go well. I like back fingerprint as your finger rests better when you lift the phone instead of having to move your hand and awkwardly holding in one hand. this adds for better one hand usage. the on screen buttons are better to be able to remove the bezel and having more screen

  • Rick_Deckard

    What if the S8 may have the fingerprint scanner built-in on the display? I hate the idea of putting the fingerprint next to the camera… it doesn’t make any sense for me…

  • Vishnu Vadlamudi

    To me, the best implementation of the fingerprint scanner is on the Oneplus 3. The front facing sensor allows me to unlock it when placed on a table without having to lift it. The sensor is beautifully designed with a very small indentation just enough for a tactile feel. Also it doesn’t need to be pressed like a button and is always on and its extremely quick.

  • illregal

    samsung makes garbage throw away devices.

  • this off center placement of the FPS has nothing to do with convenience. it’s all about symmetry.

  • Gerald Mark

    Pretty lame to see ellipses in the title of the article, all because the author needs to give us a full article about one simple piece of speculation

  • Michael

    Rear fingerprint scanner sucks and is a deal breaker for me. I check my phone many times a day while it’s sitting on my desk or a table. Not interested in having to pick it up to turn it on. Fortunately I have my S7E for another year so hopefully they get their act together by then.