The Samsung Galaxy S8 was supposed to have its own AI assistant similar to Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google’s own Assistant. Now a new, unconfirmed report claims that a previous patent agreement between Samsung and Google may prevent the Galaxy S8 from adding its own digital assistant.

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November 21, 2016

Following Samsung’s acquisition of the AI firm Viv Labs earlier this year, the company admitted  in November that it was bringing a new AI digital assistant to the Galaxy S8 and other Samsung products. However, according to a report on Korea Business, Google is putting pressure on Samsung to kill those plans.

The dispute reportedly is based on a patent-sharing agreement that Samsung and Google signed in 2014. It is supposed to allow both companies to use each other’s patents in their devices and services for 10 years. However, that deal also has a non-compete clause that, in theory, could be used by Google as leverage to kill Samsung’s digital assistant plans for the Galaxy S8.

Of course, these kinds of patent deals could have some loopholes that might allow Samsung to add an AI assistant in the Galaxy S8. Alternatively, the two companies could also enter negotiations so that the non-compete clause would not apply.

As stated previously, this report has not been confirmed by Samsung nor Google, so be sure to take it with a grain of salt.

The most recent rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8 claim that it will be officially revealed in April at a New York City press event.

John Callaham
John was a newspaper reporter before becoming a technology and video/PC gaming writer in 2000. He lives in Greer, SC with his wife and five cats.
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    Good. You can also get rid of these other useless apps on my phone that Google already makes by default and is better. Seriously, the phone would be twice as fast if it didn’t have all this duplicate crap on it.
    1) S Voice
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    3) Calendar
    4) Email
    5) Messenger
    6) Weather
    7) Calculator
    8) S Health
    9) Gallery
    10) Clock
    11) Contacts
    12) Galaxy App store (seriously why)
    13) Game Tools
    14) Gear VR
    15) Memo

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      How about we the people get to choose what apps are you on our devices? Googles bloat is far from light, actually a nexus device has over 40 something bloatware apps on its devices compared to only 18 on Samsung devices. You can do the math yourself, as I have.

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        Exactly, I for one am annoyed with the fact that OEMs and Google both pre-install apps that can’t be disabled. I thought that was the whole point with adding the disable app feature to android, but it seems like Google and everyone else is ignoring the feature now more then ever.

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          root and uninstall them ;)

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            That’s what I used to do. Now I just disable or ignore the apps I don’t want.

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        Google stupidly believes that all its apps are the most ideal, forcing OEM’s to live them as system apps😩😧

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      There’s an app called ‘Package Disabler’ that is the solution to your problems. I think the one that works on system apps is paid (sigh), but there’s some apk’s of it on the internet (yay!).

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      Many of those are significantly better than the Google alternatives. Namely calendar, S Health, and calculator. Plus some aren’t offered at all by Google.

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      Useless to you maybe, but I use S-Health a lot and the Gear VR stuff. The Galaxy app store is used to download apps and clock faces for my Gear S3 along with messaging and email apps if I want to reply from the watch. But I agree they should be downloadable and not pre-installed so we have a proper choice.

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      Here in the Americas and I’m sure most European countries as well don’t need another assistant app. However, you get over into the middle east and asia, things get hairy for Google as a lot of governments outright ban Google apps or cripple them. Samsung needs needs it’s own assistant app to compete with those other assistant apps in foreign countries and potentially with Google itself on the home front in the future. I’m curious if Google can prevent Samsung from using it’s own assistant in countries where Google isn’t allowed, if not, that would be a huge blow to Samsung.

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        that’s nonsense… have you ever seen a voice assistant app or something simmilar properly working in a language other than english? i haven’t, so i dare to say – no assistant in asia or a translated buggy unusable assistant make no difference

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          Yes you are true

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    I’d be satisfied with the sam Google Assistant that the Pixel has but if Google doesn’t let other OEM’s ship handsets WITH Google Assistant then f*** them and Samsung should ship Viv anyway and have that fight.

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    Do people really use voice assistant apps ? Seems a little douchey if you ask me.

    • Daggett Beaver |dBz|

      It seems douchey to me, too. I love using my Amazon Echo, but that’s not me talking at my phone.

      I use S Voice for “navigate to [place]”. I’ve tried replacements like Hound, etc., but while they may be more powerful in what you can ask them to do, they don’t work very well for simple things like “navigate to [place]”.

  • Daggett Beaver |dBz|

    S Voice is a voice assistant. Why hasn’t Google sued Samsung for that? Because it’s not very good? So Google only cares about patents when the competition is better than what Google can deliver?

    I suspect this is about Google being afraid Samsung will create a competitor to Google Home. Given Samsung’s commitment to the IoT, that would be tough competition for Google.

  • Well, something tells me, to wait for the Note 8.

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    can we have a bigger battery instead of ai?

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    Good. I love Samsung hardware, but I hate all the freaking duplicate apps.

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