Updated with video and new details on the S7 and G5 on February 17. 

Original post, January 21. With flagship season just around the corner, the two smartphones everyone seems to be talking about are the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the LG G5. Both of these will bring robust specs and style to the mobile market, but which are you more excited about? Let’s take a gander at what the S7 and the G5 are posed to look like, and see which fan base is more stoked about this year’s flaggiest of flagships.

Samsung Galaxy S7: Rumor Recap

samsung-logo-x-x-mwc-2015 (1)

Samsung is a giant in the Android ecosystem, and most of their success in the mobile industry has grown from the popularity of their Galaxy S-series. Because of this, the Galaxy S7 may be the most anticipated flagship Android device of all time.

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March 22, 2016


Going into 2016, with its cooling handset market and flagging component sales, Samsung has a lot of eggs in the S7 basket. As the new head of the Mobile division Dong-jin Ko said in his point-blank first statement after taking his post, “Next year will be tough.”


We’re predicting a 5.1-inch SAMOLED display with Quad HD (1440 x 2560). Word on the street is that the Galaxy S7 Edge might have an even larger screen at 5.5 inches. The device will almost certainly sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 in the US and China and a Samsung Exynos 8890 in Europe and Asia.

4GB of RAM, of course, and standard options for internal storage: 32GB or 64GB. The main camera is expected to be 12MP and is rumored to markedly improve low-light photography. For the battery, we’ve heard either 2800 mAh or a 3000 mAh unit for the S7, and a 3600 mAh unit for the S7 Edge.

galaxy s7 crop


The Galaxy S6 ruffled some feathers when its design axed the microSD and removable battery its predecessors enjoyed. However, the device was praised for ditching plastic and upgrading to glass and metal.The S7 looks like it will be bringing back the microSD slot for both the regular S7 and its curved counterpart.

From what leaked information we’ve encountered, we don’t expect the S7 or S7 Edge to look much different than their S6 counterparts. In December, the Wall Street Journal reported that the S7 won’t bring any “major departures” from the S6 visually.

Price, Release, and Availability

Although we’ve heard some rumors that the S7 is slated to be 10% cheaper than the Galaxy S6 was at launch, we’re not sold on that figure just yet. There wouldn’t seem to be any motivation on the part of Samsung to vary from the $600-$700 range we’ve come to expect for flagship devices.

We don’t have an official release date as of yet, however we do know that Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge at MWC on February 21. According to several reports, in-store availability should begin from March 11, while eager customers will be able to pre-order from February 21. A Gear VR is said to be offered as a bonus for those who pre-order.

LG G5: Rumor Recap

lg logo mwc 2015 1

In the other corner of the ring, LG is set to unleash the G5 on the world. The company is out to prove that it can remain competitive with Samsung and Huawei, so a lot of weight rests on the G5’s shoulders.

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LG G5 rumor roundup: release date, specs, and features

March 29, 2016


Last year wasn’t so great for LG. The mobile division returned financial losses, and the company’s devices were largely eclipsed by Samsung in the mind of the public. The G4 failed to turn the heads LG so desperately needed it to, but the rugged V10 made up some of this lost ground with a late 2015 showing.


The LG G5 is reported to have a 5.3-inch LCD main display with an additional ‘ticker’ display riding above. We know the device will be rocking the 2016 darling of the processor world: the Snapdragon 820. 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and a microSD slot for additional memory.

Camera-wise, the G5 will supposedly be taking a page out of the V10’s book with a dual-camera setup. While the V10 implemented this feature on the front side, the G5 will be using it on the back. Dual cameras allow for wide-angle shots and a handful of other nifty little tricks. 16MP for the main camera, 8MP for selfies.

lg g5 leak (1)

We’re expecting a slightly smaller battery on the G5 than its forerunner. Some are a bit disappointed with the rumored 2,800 mAh, but others have taken to the G5’s defense, claiming the smaller screen and better processor will result in no loss of battery life. Plus, it’s supposedly removeable.



From the several hands-on leaks that surfaced, LG has gone full-aluminum. Normally when phones go metal, they lose replaceable batteries and microSD slots, but LG has come up with an inventive workaround to give users the modular aspects they love with elegance and durability of a unibody design. Supposedly the phone features a slide-off “cap” that will let you swap batteries and microSD cards. The same source reports that LG has ditched their unusual rear-mounted volume rockers in favor of the more traditional side-mounting.

Price, Release, and Availability

We’re expecting the LG G5 to hit stores with a price tag ranging from $600-$650. No official confirmation on that figure yet, but some believe that the full metal body may increase production costs.

LG has confirmed that the device will be revealed on February 21st, just before MWC. We can expect to see the device in stores about the same time as the Galaxy S7.

Who wins?

samsung galaxy s6 edge vs lg g4 aa (20 of 28)

There’s a lot to process here. The phones are both in a similar price range, and both are rumored to offer some impressive specs. Providing that all the rumors prove true, the G5’s lower 3GB of RAM stacked against the S7’s 4GB might seal the deal for some buyers, and those extolling the virtues of AMOLED vs LCD are sure to side with Samsung in this battle. However, the G5 appears to be trotting out a lot more innovation with this device, incorporating everything they’ve learned from the G4 and V10, while introducing some new ideas as well.

Strategically, Samsung looks like they’re attempting to display consistency. The S5 was a hard shake for the company, and they appear to be leaning on the success and popularity of the S6 in an if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it move of Apple-esque, non-startling upgrades. LG is the smaller combatant in this showdown, so they’re leaning hard on creativity and niche usership to take a bite out of Samsung’s share.

However you land on this decision, it’s clear that both of these devices will be power players in the 2016 mobile arena, but what’s your pick? Which 2016 flagship are you most excited about? Cast your vote in the poll, and then let us know why in the comments!

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  • 29

    both will be good-looking, well-built, powerful, expensive/premium phones. both will have great cameras. both companies offer ugly UIs. since im not a “power user” i don’t need sd card expansion or removable battery. so- equally intriguing

    • 30

      Have you seen the G5 leaks? You think it’s good looking?

  • TheBigPotato

    Honestly, for me not having a micro-SD card is not a big deal until and unless the manufacturer is providing Huge in-build capacity.

  • TattoozNTech

    I’m VERY happy my LG V10, and likely won’t be swapping that out any time soon. It’s the most solid, premium, well-built phone I’ve ever owned, and there are zero complaints so far. I give them lots of kudos for that. They really hit the nail on the head with this device, and hopefully for them, the G5, and future devices, will only build on that.

    • Deepak Gawande

      Battery life???

      • Falkner Ebra

        Around 3 – 4 hours SOT. Sometimes without data using i can just push it up to 4 30 SOT. Also i did get me the extra battery and 200 GB sd card. So im really happy with this phone :)

        • TheDude

          Wow I was expecting newer devices to get better SOT… I’m getting 5-5.5 hours of SOT from my 3 year old galaxy S3, with it’s 3 year old battery running marshmallow 6.0.1 (CM 13 nightly)…..

        • TattoozNTech

          ya i got that deal also. bitchin.

        • Camilla/קמילה

          Same here the sec i bought the v10 i ordered me from ebay 200 gb sd and extra battery and charging cardle,absoloutly love this phone.

    • Rohit Raja

      The V10 is pretty much an allrounder…but my old nexus 5 still is around, wondering whether if i should chuck it…

      • SamsaraGuru

        Hold off for about six months or so and let the dust settle re the new G5. Let them work out the inevitable bug or two that all new phones have. If the LG G5 lives up to the write up and has the panache and power of the V10, I plan to buy one. See my comment above, you may find it somewhat helpful.

      • abn

        Yea chuck it at the lgv10 cayse both you guys phones are crap

        • Scattman

          watch out we got a keyboard warrior over here.

    • abn

      What do they have to build on they only have that secondary screen. Most owners arent even using that. And as for the camera surely theres plenty of work still to be done. Lg v10 not even ranked top 5. As for the lg g5 looks like Iron stock used to carve out a sword. Thats what they should do carve that phone into a sword and cut the camera out of it looks to be generic

      • ruggerd

        wow, you are an incredibly opinionated and know it all asshole.

        • abn

          News to you? Truth hurts dont it? I dont call names I speak truth. Hiding behind your bs Lg you can do that. Stop it,
          Just stop it. Go cry to somebody else oh I know, Lg call them and complain. I dont make fucked up phones.

          • RLB63

            I personal like lg. I have had bad experiences with Samsung. To attack someone because they like this phone or that one is childish.. you aren’t spreading the truth you are spreading your opinion.

          • Tony Powell

            Typical Shamsung fanboy..haha! Shamsung is bling for the faggots that like plenty of shiny glass!

    • David Drake

      They did terrible with the v10. Placing the power/finger print on back, crappy battery, and the worse of all… cant use the phone while wearing polarized sunglasses. The screen is totally black. Biggest fail of all time.

    • Samira

      LG Phones are now available at a discounted price only at AndroidSmartphoneDeals:com

  • Steven Fox

    LG, as they are willing to experiment and bring something new to the table, while Samsung just go for shiny design and Top Specs, but lack in departments like battery life, camera and endurance of the device, which in the long run are more important.

    • You’re joking right? LG has used the same 3000mAh battery since the G2 which was a 5.2″ 1080p phone. There is no excuse for using the same battery in the 5.7″ V10. Samsung is likely using a 3600mAh battery in the 5.5″ S7 Edge so it will win for battery life if LG uses the same 3000mAh battery in the G5. Both have excellent camera hardware and software as well.

      • Steven Fox

        That’s only because they want to keep their phones thin and still provide enough battery to last you through the day.
        I do agree that for the V10 and it`s design language(rugged, not exactly a woman’s phone) a bigger say 4000mAh battery would have been the better choice.

        • I don’t agree, since the G2 > G4 have been some of the thickest flagship phones out there, plus with the width and height of the phones increasing since the G2, there’s no reason the battery couldn’t have been taller and wider to increase capacity.

          • Steven Fox

            I own a Flex 2 and it has 3000mAh battery and it`s fine by my standarts, but than again I`m not a really heavy user(phone always lasts a day and a half-two at most, but I rarely do any gaming)

          • Steven Fox

            Do you know a thinner device with over 3000mAh battery? Maybe the battery quality is very good, and that’s why they are sticking to it.
            Now, I would as you, welcome a bigger battery at that thickness, but let me throw an argument in here just for the sake of argument:
            Samsung(and other manufacturers)phones’s battery starts degrading after a year of usage for almost every model, I have lots of friends who own a G2 and G3 for years and battety life has been the same, so more is not always more in the long run.

            Btw, cool name, my favourite singer is named Geoff :D

      • Person Dude

        Screen size doesn’t affect battery life, resolution does. Therefore the V10 isn’t at a disadvantage when it comes to battery compared to the G4 seeing as they both have 2k screens.

        • It most certainly does. The larger the screen, the more power it consumes. In LG’s case with using LCD’s, the back light has to illuminate a larger area. Otherwise there would be no power consumption difference with TV’s either when comparing a 22″ 1080p display to a 42″ 1080p display. My main point is that the battery has remained the same since the G2, which was a 5.2″ 1080p display compared to a 5.7″ 1440p display.

          • Person Dude

            You have a point, but I’m pretty sure a backlight for a 5.5″, even a 5″ screen could be used at the same brightness for a 5.7″ screen. I know the differences between those two screen sizes feels huge when actually using the phone, but when talking about light and backlights that’s really not much of a difference at all. On the other hand, the backlight for a 42″ TV would definitely need to be brighter than that of a 22″ TV since that’s a much bigger size difference.

      • David Martrano

        Well you wrote your article 3 mos. ago and the g5 has a 2800mamp battery. I can’t believe they are going backwards with battery power. The release of only 1 module when introduced goes to show you their marketing sucks. Sales are in the toilet again. Why not improve on the V10 and stick the 820 in it and boost the battery to 3600mamp. They wonder why sales are slow. The g5 is gonna be a shelf item once again. All they had to do is listen to the consumers. But I guess that’s to hard. Samsung did and look at the sales of the s7 series!!!!!!

    • SnakeSplitskin

      So…the Note 5’s camera is pretty much the universal standard in terms of who has the best camera of 2015 and so far 2016. Yet you say Samsung lacks in the camera department. Oh, and have you noticed that there aren’t many complaints AT ALL from people about their Note 5’s or S6 variants getting lots of chips, cracks, dents, etc. typically associated with normal wear and tear? You can thank the endurance of Gorilla 4 glass and the phone’s design with that aluminum frame. I think those phones have been holding up quite nicely in the long run which is important as you say. Let’s see if LG has the expertise to pull off a non plastic phone that actually looks good and resists scratches & dings without a case.

      • ruggerd

        actually fanboy that’s not true. The Note doesn’t have manual controls and hardly beats out the G4. In fact the G4 by many accounts as well as professional reviews takes superior pictures. It’s irrelevant. Samsung does not have manual controls, LG does. Makes a big difference. LG wins in the camera department, Samsung and your fanboy OPINION loses

  • retrospooty

    Based on rumors of the GS7 getting a larger battery (I’ve seen this on other sites) and the G5 getting a smaller one? The GS7 wins for me.

    • T4rd

      Yes, because larger battery size automatically means better battery life. SoC, display, and software do nothing for it, nor does the ability to actually replace the battery on the fly. /s

      • Avieshek Rajkhowa

        1) Snapdragon is fabricated by Samsung themself with 2nd generation 14nm process

        2) Google is working with Samsung but LG is no different making ugly, useless interface

        • Billy Allen

          LG has worked with Google since UX 4.0. Their software is already more efficient with memory consumption. Put a g4 and a s6 next to each other. Clear the ram and check ram usage. You’ll see. So this will be the 3rd iteration of their operating system that lg will be working on with Google. Ontop of that LG also works with Qualcomm since the G4 to optimize the phone so it runs faster. Your comment is pretty useless other than your preference in looks

          • Avieshek Rajkhowa

            Thank you

        • T4rd

          I’m not sure how this is a relevant response to my comment..? I was explicitly talking about battery life, nothing else.

          • Avieshek Rajkhowa

            ‘coz of course, the SoC, software affects the battery life

      • Lim Ming Quan

        agreed, more battery is always good, but in the end, it’s the battery life that counts.

      • retrospooty

        Uhh… Both will have the same cpu, both 14nm sd820, both on Android 6, both LG and Samsung have a similar amount of bloat, so yes, it will be close, and the larger battery will very likely last longer. This is not rocket science.

        • T4rd

          Both will still have different displays (normally the largest power draw on phones), different software (similar amount of bloat? Nice logic, lol) and the S7 could still be using the Exynos in the states as the S6/Note5 phones were. This is not rocket science. =p

          • retrospooty

            Yup, not rocket science… Simple to see that both will be very similar in terms of battery life if using the same rated battery. Samsung has recently been going thinner and using relatively small batteries and I will be glad to see that trend change.

          • T4rd

            Right, because these rumors couldn’t be wrong either.

          • retrospooty

            Yes, they could be wrong… The article is about the unofficial rumors of the S7 and G5. My OP said “Based on rumors of the GS7 getting a larger battery and the G5 getting a smaller one? The GS7 wins for me”. Based on that, in relation to the article above theoretically comparing the S7 to the G5, I would pick the S7. You just like to argue dont you. You dont even have a real point to make. Other things affect battery life? Yes, that would be correct, but the 2 phones will be very similar as I stated.

  • T4rd

    I’m actually more exited about the M10 even though nothing has been leaked about it really. I still love my M8 and would love to get an upgraded M8 (M10). The only thing that killed the M9 (and a lot of other phones) for me was the 810, which basically did nothing to improve on battery life. The display and camera weren’t much, if any improvement over the M8 either. I just want another M8 with a 820, faster eMMC or UFS 2, and a fingerprint scanner (on the back if they have to for the boomsound speakers).

    • Avieshek Rajkhowa

      ‘m excited about the HTC too but Samsung has the UFS 2.0 flash storage

      • T4rd

        Doesn’t mean they can’t sell their components to other OEMs, like they do with their displays and other misc. chips/components.

        • Avieshek Rajkhowa

          Does HTC use tgose components? Does anyone supply UFS 2.0 flash storage?

          • T4rd

            Yes, HTC (and other OEMs) has used Samsung’s AMOLED displays before in the A9 and Incredible. Not sure about the UFS chips, not that I’ve read or that I expect HTC to have it, but it’s still entirely possible. I’d say Samsung charges much more for their UFS chips than the normal eMMC chips, which is probably the only reason it hasn’t made it into a lot of other devices.

          • Starboy

            I believe the 6s storage was made my Samsung

          • Avieshek Rajkhowa

            Yes :D but it doesn’t have UFS 2.0

    • Matthew Merrick

      Sorry bro, but the M10 will be cutting out the boomsound speakers. The front of the phone will look just like an A9

      • T4rd

        Thanks for letting me know on my month-old comment that was made before any of the M10 leaks. Lol

    • SnakeSplitskin

      me thinks you’re asking way too much from HTC.

      • T4rd

        The M8 with current hardware? Yeah, asking way too much. /s

        Esp. considering that’s exactly what the M9 was, problem was the current hardware (810) at the time wasn’t much of an upgrade.

        • SnakeSplitskin

          Yeh, in that respect I do feel bad for the HTC fans. I liked the M8 and was totally blown away by it when my friends got it back in the day.

  • Avieshek Rajkhowa

    The S7 is confirmed with 12mp f/1.7 Britecell camera and not 20mp camera!

    C’mon this is u’r site

    • TheDude

      ur* (aka your) not u’r (aka you’re aka you are)……

      • Avieshek Rajkhowa

        Thank you :D

  • Starboy

    I just sitting here waiting for the g5…i hope they clean up the ui and use super fast storage

    • Avieshek Rajkhowa

      UFS 2.0 flash storage

  • Lim Ming Quan

    Based on the rumors, the LG G5 is shaping up to be a very interesting device for me. Definitely excited to see how the G5 turns out. As for the S7, looks like it’s going to be similar to the S6 with a few upgrades, but we’ll see how the actual device turns out b4 judging.

  • After the worst phone purchase of my life (The LG G3), I’m not waiting on anything from LG!

  • gardobus

    I hope LG keeps their rear buttons, I loved them on my G2 and love them on my V10.

  • balcobomber25

    If you put a gun to my head and made me pick one of these two it would be the G5. But really I could care less about either of these. I am more excited about a potential Vivo Xshot successor in 2016.

    • MaxPower

      Well said

      • balcobomber25

        I am forced to buy Samsung phones every year for the wife so I have plenty of experience using them. If they ever want me personally as a customer they need to seriously overhaul Touchwhiz.

        • MaxPower

          I’ve never been into Sammy’s but the S6 is a terrific phone.
          Beautiful display, wireless charging…a great piece of hardware but ruined by the battery and horrible software.

          I honestly don’t think they will ever get rid of touchwiz, but they can do something with the battery

          • balcobomber25

            They don’t need to get rid of Touchwhiz just fix some of the underlying bugs and remove all the crapware from it.

          • MaxPower

            But considering that most of their phones are sold through carriers (here in the US) you still have to deal with the huge amount of bloatware that companies install.

            My last Samsung was a Galaxy S3 from Sprint and was loaded with their crap running in background.

            That’s why only unlocked gsm devices for me.

          • balcobomber25

            We bought one unlocked in Thailand and it was still loaded with crap.

        • Paul M

          Just replace the touch wiz launcher with Nova, and a Samsung phone becomes ok

          • balcobomber25

            A launcher doesn’t fix underlying bugs in software.

    • Paul M

      You mean “couldn’t care less”

  • Steve

    I’m honestly not excited about either and more excited about the next batch of Nexus phones and seeing that Lenovo does with the Moto X. I don’t see why anybody should be locked into a carrier in 2016. Straight from manufacturer universally unlocked should be the way things go from here on out

    • SnakeSplitskin

      Agreed. I’m impressed with how the Nexus 6P is a gargantuan step forward in terms of camera quality and fast UI and amazing fingerprint sensor. But I preferred the 6″ style of the Nexus 6. I’d actually consider getting a Nexus 6 to use as a 2ndary phone to my Note 5 if the camera on the Nexus 6 was better and had wireless charging.

  • Vinícius Azzolin

    Sincerely the Z6, but the G5 seems pretty interesting.

  • sonicboomin

    htc m10 if screen size is 5.5+

    • TheDude

      aw shit yall people carrying huge slabs around and shit.

  • Rybone89

    “4GB vs 3GB of RAM might seal the deal for some” – I LOL’ed. If LG can manage to pull off metal AND removable battery/memory, that will be game changer this year, mark my words. The fact LG is much more aggressive with their carrier contract pricing should help too.

    • SnakeSplitskin

      I disagree. People don’t want to be bothered with buying or replacing their batteries all the time. It’s just a lifestyle choice that more buyers of smartphones are making. So it doesn’t matter how elegant of a solution LG makes the G5’s replaceable battery. If they make it a long-lasting permanent battery with fast wireless charging then they’ll have a possible contender but if they’ll also need to tone way down on their skin to fully optimize that software experience. And finally, LG will need to design a very nice looking phone that stands out from the rest of the flat slab phones. I don’t believe going all metal is the answer but it is a good start versus their plastic designs.

      • ruggerd

        You are such an expert of what everyone does and doesn’t do. Who the hell are you to make these determinations. I know lots of people that use replaceable batteries and I have replaced batteries myself. Speak for yourself. You throw around anecdotal evidence like you know what you are talking about when it’s clear to anyone with a greater than double digit IQ you don’t.

  • louey

    LG g5! because Lg always have something innovative!! like the flexibility, laser autofocus,rear buttons……..!! but who the hell cares about samsung ! i think if samsung will not change the way of work!! they will go down!

    • Fox Theone

      You do realize that Samsung will outsell LG by about 20 fold+
      Geeky stuff is cool for geeks, but at the end of the day smartphones are designed to sell,

      Samsung is the one who is innovating, Lg is at least 2 years behind, I mean who builds with plastic anymore? Even samsungs mid range phones are metal.

      • Gamod

        Who builds a phone to look like shi when u hold it? Glassy feels good but whenever I go to a store to see the S6 and then I look hwo dirty it looks… makes me wonder why someone would say it has a great design. iPhone 6s wins design and no dirt looks. G5 looks similar and looks really good..all metal frame matte. afternall I don’t want a shinny phone, I want something classy and matte. Not bling bling.

        • RLB63

          Over its on a protective case not that big a deal

      • ruggerd

        hey fanboy, go fuck yourself.

  • Daggett Beaver

    Neither. But if I HAD to choose, I’d choose the S7 only because it has the SAMOLED display.

  • Camilla/קמילה

    Im really enjoying my lg v10 and really like lg, i lost any faith or love i had for samsung when they went completly nuts and drop the removble battery and sd card slot(2 features i cant live without) so i am more excited about the g5 ,the 2015 galaxy series is such a disepointment imo.

    • trob6969

      Yep my thoughts exactly. Its a shame to me because I really liked my Galaxy S4 and the only reason I wanted another phone was because I wanted a larger display. Considering Samsung not only took away the microSD slot, user-swappable battery AND IR blaster, but also made the Note 5 much more fragile than the previous Note by encasing it in glass; it came down to either the Note 4 or V10 for me. It was kinda tough for me to decide which but i chose the V10…i REALLY like the phone but i must admit to missing the amoled display of my S4.

      • robertkoa

        Agreed. I did not “upgrade” to S6 because I am not going to be trapped with no Service by a puny non removable Battery.

        Make it Removable or large .

        AND IF you make it with a Large Battery don’t put it into a Phone like S6 Active that has push buttons like a Blender.
        Liquefy -Puree- Chop…Mix…

    • Kawaii Koolaid

      I don’t get this removable battery hype, as long as a phone has quick charge, it’s fine.

      • Camilla/קמילה

        Not for me, i dont wanna be limited to the wall , i want to be able swaping battery and be portable , so no only quick charge is not accepteble for me.

        • Gamod

          The same for me! It is so convenient to swap a battery… and the battery of my s5 died so I just bought a new one.

          • Camilla/קמילה

            Yes indeed its so convinient not to be limited to the wall charger, just swap the battery and im full of juice again, plus the device dosent have an experation date with swapble battery.

        • Antony Guan

          Its called betting a portable battery

          • Camilla/קמילה

            No ty, i dont want to be connected to anything not a wall, not a brick nothing, theres no removble battery on the phone? I put big X on this phone.

      • ruggerd

        unless you are somewhere where you can’t plug it in. Then you’re not fine.

    • Kraziken

      This is exactly how I feel.

      The S7 returns some of the things we want. But still no IR blaster. I use it as my universal remote now. I really wanted to replace my Note 4. But I guess it is LG G5, or nothing.

      • Camilla/קמילה

        You can also wait bit more and buy the next v10 device.

  • eliHd

    am getting redmi 3 ftw!

  • lex lawrence Quintal

    This is ridiculous, people don’t find a microSD card important? My phone has 64GB of onboard storage and I just purchased a 128GB MicroSD card because 64GB is really not enough for me. And most of the people out there needs that simple slot because it is really efficient by any means. One more thing LG’s approach to the slide in slide out removable battery feature seems not to be so up to date “BUT” adopting ideas in the past is not something to be laughed at, after all they are the true innovators who “REALLY” thinks out of the box for solutions not just dumping such feature for the sense of the design language. Neither fast charging nor the wireless charging is not the solution, while doing task going here and there it is not convenient to use your phone with a wire attached on it, or lift up your phone from the wireless charging station then it stops charging, after using the phone put it back again so it will continue to charge or lift it together with the charging station as other people say which is so stupid. Isn’t that convenient that under a minute you can have 100% battery life again just by swapping the battery and go on with what you are doing rather than charging your phone if you are in a place that has a charging station get an ample amount of juice then when its time to go unplug it then once there is another chance of charging your phone in other places do the same thing again find some outlet and charge it to get some juice in the long run that will give you a lot of work and of course will ruin the battery of your phone. This is the real scenario in the real world don’t get blinded by fanboism I’am processing a lot of spare battery for smartphone orders everyday if this isn’t real why do people consistently buying batteries for their devices? because the original battery is already out of its function. Sorry for the long comment lmao XD XD XD

    • Falkner Ebra

      M8, my V10 has 64 built in and i got the 200 GB SD card offer and its half full xD. Idk how pple live without the SD card. Maybe cloud storage? Idk.

      • TheDude

        I have a 16 gig phone with a 32g sd and neither of them are half full… I have no idea what can you fill all this memory with.
        Even when I had FLAC albums on the SD it didn’t even get close to being full….

        • abn

          They dont know just a rub point on samsung thats all. If you want 300 gig available on your phone for storage buy a laptop. Its cheaper

      • Camilla/קמילה

        Same here i have thev10 with 64 gigs and sd card of 200 giga and im 80% full.

      • abn

        I own s6 edge plus 64 gig. Use dropbox and cloud. I had my phone since last May. Sd no affect on me. Heres the thing my phone has no issues no lag always available. Treat your device like an investment and it will come bk to u.

      • Monji

        Don’t even know how you have time to view 164Gb worth of data. People have other worries…

    • alkhrt

      If you case your phone and take reasonable care of it, you’ll likely wear out the battery before the phone breaks. Any phone’s battery can be replaced, just you-tube the how to. Some require PHd like skills to replace which is BS. A simple removable battery is the way to go. As far as micro SD goes, I can take or or leave it. I don’t see the need to store my whole life’s music/photos on my phone, especially w/cloud storage and streaming. 32G seems more than enough for me.

    • SnakeSplitskin

      Are your battery orders exceeding sales of phones that don’t have replaceable batteries? The answer is no. So you should accept the fact that the rest of the world doesn’t like the battery swapping lifestyle hell that you seem to embrace. I’ve been there and done that. It was not convenient for me to have 2 spare batteries in my pocket. It was even less convenient to have my phone shut down whenever I removed a battery to put in a new one. Then I had to wait til my phone rebooted again. To make matters worse, I always seemed to put the expended battery back in when I was ready to swap in the remaining charged battery. And then finally, the whole process of swapping batteries on the go meant that I could always count on dropping a battery, the back panel, or the phone itself. This all was just a bit too inconvenient.

      My Solution: Get a phone that didn’t require a battery swap, had wireless fast charging, and could last all day on regular use.

      My actual experience: So at work, yes, I place my phone on my wireless charger rather than placing it on just the desk. I have to place it somewhere so why not on the wireless charger. Your phone is losing battery juice when you set it on your desk while mine is actually adding more power. It doesn’t matter how often I pick up the phone to use it because once I put it back down I know its charging. By the time I leave work in the evening it’s always at 100%. So for those evenings when I’m going out dinner & drinking with friends knowing I won’t be near a charger nor be home until about dawn, I’ll just use my Zero Lemon battery pack/case, the one with an 8500mah battery. With that I’m good to go for all night fun with no worries about my phone going dead.

      So while you’re out at the bar with your friends, those batteries will be cutting into your leg from within those tight pockets. You’ll then be swapping your batteries, dropping your back plate on the floor, putting in an expended battery by mistake, having to reboot your phone each time, and then still running out of juice before night’s end. I’ll be totally relaxed enjoying my night and using my phone with no worries at all.

      • abn

        Lithium batterys arent the kind of things you want to keep tinkering with

        • SnakeSplitskin

          I’m not sure I understand the point you’re trying to make

          • abn

            I should of been more clear if you have young children or as in my case granchildren around. Lithium ion non metalic batteries even though are safer still i dont want loose cell phone batteries lying around the house if accidentally battery gets placed to close to heat source still capable of fire being started and as for carrying around a full charged battery in your pocket your body gives off heat therefore possible affect on thyself and fire safety thats all. I THINK sammy though about those things and decided to seal it up. The phone that is.

          • SnakeSplitskin

            ahh, point well made. I never considered the danger of having body-heated batteries in my pocket. I did hear of people having spare batteries catch fire, I just never made the connection that I could be at risk too of setting my own pants on fire. As for kids, yes. I do get it. Kids playing with batteries is a definite no-no.

          • abn

            And to be objective about it. Batteries arent the concern. We want phone efficiency thats all. Thanks for the intrest

      • ruggerd

        you sound like a fool

    • Kawaii Koolaid

      People are different, I have a 32GB phone and it’s not even half full, just get a laptop lol.

  • Paul M

    I’m hoping that Sony will come up with some new models that will be special

  • Walter White

    LG G4 already comes with fastcharge 2.0 and a 128GB microSD card goes for $50 on Amazon. I’m waiting for G5.

    • devilreaper

      How much meth did you have to sell to save for g5?

      • Falkner Ebra


  • nebulaoperator

    This on is interesting. I never owned any of these phone since my first and last Galaxy S2. Both phone came a long way and did amazing things. However last couple of years somehow didn’t change the world .yes we have new hardware every time, camera, better screen, new design but nothing that would take breath my away, something truly innovating. If rumors confirms and LG will come up with new slide off battery off thing I will call them truly innovative. Phones already have truly amazing cameras what I need is battery technology that doubles it by factor of two or slap bigger battery 1-2 mm won’t ruin phone if design is ergonomic. Thanks god SD 810 nightmare is over 829 will power tons of phones this year including these two devices. I am so happy Samsung is staying on the sane plane and making S7 5.1″ one hand operable device. Thanks I don’t need a phablet.

  • ME

    I really hope that both of these keep wireless charging. If they both ditch or one has it and the other dont that will make up my mind on whether or not i will upgrade this year.

    • Person Dude

      If the G5 does turn out to be metal (which it looks like it is now), it won’t have wireless charging.

  • marshallpower

    the camera on the S7 will be unbeatable I’m pretty sure…I’m tired of my LG tv, will get a Samsung next time, if LG were that good in electronics, they would make great computers…try to find one…I don’t trust LG to satisfy me with a phone to last for 2 or 3 yrs without big bugs in it.

    • JMG

      Well to me LG phones are much better than samsung phones.i had the S3 so many problems,it rebooted by itself once a day,lagged,freezed…then i got the LG G2 all those problems were gone and its still going without problems!

      • You realize you’re talking about phones 4 years old right? A lot has changed since the S3. I had the G2, G3, G4, and Note 5. The Note 5 wins against the G4 hands down.

        • SnakeSplitskin

          Agreed! Besides, the S3 for most people was an excellent phone. I was happy to see LG come out with the G2. If I’m not mistaken, it was the first phone to move the volume buttons to the back. I thought that was really innovative. But it’s been 3 years since LG has done any further innovations and their design aesthetic is not all that great. The Chinese manufacturers are making better looking phones these days.

        • ruggerd

          just curious how long you had the G4 because the camera on the G4 is way superior so I’m not sure how it beat anything hands down.

          • You have me there, the G4 does have a better camera, although the Note 5 is still very good. Everything else about the Note 5 is better though.

    • ruggerd

      actually the truth is quite the opposite. Companies that make many things make very few of them as top of the line. But I won’t bother you with common sense and logic. The camera on the G4 with manual controls is far superior to the Samsung Camera. The same will hold true for this years phones. I guess if ASUS made good electronics they would make phones. You realize how stupid you sound.

  • LG G5 because of the removable battery.

  • RiTCHiE

    G5 is the phone i want to see the most!! Samsung only makes them boring phone or phone for them hype sensetive kids that want to be cool with a edge screen with zero purpose.

    • SnakeSplitskin

      Make up your mind! Does Samsung only make boring phones or do they build cool looking phones? As for the edge screens with zero purpose, how much more purpose are you getting with your current flat screen? Do you think the G5’s flat screen will serve some additional purpose not seen before in any flat screened device?

      You should be giving props to Samsung for innovating smartphone design. For the last several years all smartphones have had pretty much the same flat slab form factor. Samsung succeeded in making their phone stand out visually from the rest of the industry with a beautiful design by simply adding curves to the sides of the screen. This was pure genius. Add some extra function to those edges is just icing on the cake whether a user wants to use them or not.

      • ruggerd

        by copying the Iphone. hardly

    • Monji

      Lol at secondary display on the V10 and their Q slide apps. Brace yourselves for x cam and x speaker.

  • X

    Samsung with UFS storage, 4Gb RAM and 3D Touch Screen, Exynos 8890, AMOLED Screen, fast wireless charging that supports both standards, Samsung Pay, might be waterproof…, Edge Screen v that secondary screen of LG…no my money will be on the Edge Screen.
    What will LG have which will not seem like a gimmick?
    But really this article will always be in favor of Samsung’s competition….people hate Samsung even though the S7 will be excellent.
    The G5 will be good but it is stupid to launch it the same day as Samsung….ask HTC.

    • alec reser

      If the second screen is a gimmick, then the edge screen is as well. It goes both ways. And only the International will have the 8890. With touchwiz and Samsung’s poor memory management 4gb = 3gb of ram for any other device. And 3d touch, wireless charging and Samsung Pay aren’t gimmicks at all? Let’s be honest, Samsung won’t make it water proof. If the iPhone aint water proof, Samsung flagships won’t be either. They’ll release a Galaxy s7+ edge waterproof instead.

    • Scott Ricketts

      The Exynos is the deal breaker for me. The s6 will be the last phone I get with this chip. The lack of AOSP ROMs is just killing me.

  • Robin George

    Obviously no doubt g5….

  • Kamalnath

    i think sammy will produce a nice looking phone like apple do. it’ll be more of a fashion piece with lots of bolt ware…
    if you want more storage, you just have to to pay more…
    lg usually produces overall nice devices. hope they include LED & IP certification too…

  • Frank-o

    Neither. I’m going to wait and see what LG has planned for the V11.

  • Christian Silva

    Samsung has the best hardware by now, but its software is the worst. I moved from the HTC M7 to the note 5 and the sammy has apps crashing and freezes way more often, It also is worst at multitasking, it has to reload apps more often despite the double of RAM. The best thing samsung can do its improve its software efficiency-wise to take advantage of its software

  • alkhrt

    More interested in the G5. Have a G2. Wasn’t impressed with the G3/G4. Thought hard about the V10, but it was WAY over-hyped by the press on supposed specs. Assuming the G5 will actually be delivered with an 820 and the camera specs hyped about for the “v10”, that that will be my new phone. If not, then I suppose I’ll get the S7. Like others have said, I’m not a fan of touch wiz, thought my wife’s S6 is a nice solid phone.

  • saksham

    true android fans dont like samsung but im a true samsung fan :3

  • Alex Branch

    I’m excited for whichever one gets me a custom ROM. I’m desperate.

  • Clo

    One of my favourite things about LG is the rear-mounted volume rockers……. if they remove it i’ll be crushed

  • robertkoa

    Well- IF Samsung can get a large enough Battery into S7
    -as I keep saying -people who work ON and WITH their Phones need a removable Battery OR – A Galaxy S7 Pro Version – 8mm Thick with 3800 to 4200 Mah Battery ..

    But IF Samsung gets maybe 3100 or 3000 Mah into S7 I may be tempted if I can squeeze 6 Hours SOT at low brightness.

    LG – the Camera on G4 is great and one of the few that equals S6 and the V10 looks like it has
    some great features.

    IF LG can get Durable with removable battery AND a pocket sized Device (!) about the size of S6 and a great Camera- I am very interested.

    The all metal “Sliding Tray” design looks very promising.

    Removable Batteries give twice the Battery Life ( or 3 times) if you carry a spare as I do with Alpha.
    Also- after 200 to 400 charges a Battery can lose 20% to 60% or more capacity.

    A friend’s Note 4 started acting strange with Battery going from 30% to 0 in a few minutes- New Battery and like brand new- problematic with Fixed Battery..yes they can be replaced but no phone while they do it- a great “While You Wait” business IF there are any who do this (?).

    1K to 2K Screen Resolution switchable may be needed IF the silly “Thinness Race” continues- the one “Feature” most Android AND iPhone users want is more Battery Life= Larger Batteries= 8.0 mm thick Phones.
    Software will NOT do it.

    The idea that Reviewers and Marketing People spew that a
    6.5 millimeter Thin 4.5 ounce Phone is more ergonomic than
    a 8.0 millimeter Phone at 6 ounces is ridiculous IMO.

    Hopefully LG will go out of Phablet Mode or make 2 Different Sized Flagships with the ” sliding tray Frame ” & removable battery etc.

  • bini

    I think LG G5 is going to be more fluid without any issue because it’s software optimization. Samsung has the best chip and is more efficient but it’s not showing the real power. Samsung really really must work hard with the s7 to be successful because LG G5 is going to be a beast.

    • SnakeSplitskin

      wow. I have no idea how fluid any unreleased phone is going to be. Nor do I know how well the software optimization has been implemented. Would you mind sharing which crystal ball you’re pulling your opinions from?

  • Johny_Amadeus

    LG G5 only with new display screen “WOLED (WRGB)” have to be realy boom in 2016, or nothing of LG G5!!!!

  • Aayaksh Chadha

    The G5 for sure

  • SamsaraGuru

    The LG 5 represents the natural, intelligent and practical evolution of the smartphone.

    There was a time, now gone by about three or four years ago, when the differences and improvements between one generation of flagships and the following brought with them actual, truly noticeable, usable and important improvements that warranted “upgrading” and of course given the markets immaturity and all the attendant hype that goes with something as revolutionary as smartphones it was all very exciting.

    That was then, this is now.

    Now, even the writers at Android Authority or the other tech magazines would find except for personal, foibles and preferences find little to truly distinguish or differentiate on super flagship from another. In a nut shell, the market has matured and smartphones are now entering or have arrived depending on your opinion the commodity stage of their life cycle.

    LG, I believe, understands this cold, hard fact of life and is approaching the market with long term, big picture thinking.

    If the levels of power needed to accomplish what needs doing and done; of the features most people like are basically known; if most people are actually smart enough to realize that the hype days of bigger, faster, more are done and gone, then if you are smart, you begin building devices that people can keep, use, enjoy for several years – not till just the next envy inspiring new models come out.

    Thus, the prescient approach LG is following of NOT discarding either a removable battery or micro SD from their offerings. Someone very smart at LG other than oversexed, not getting enough, tech boys with too much time on their hands enamored of all that glitters is in charge.

    An adult, in other words, who comprehends that sizzle may sell a steak, but if the steak is tough as shoe leather you won’t get them to come back and buy again. So, in addition to building beautiful phones they are building PRACTICAL phones as evidenced by the slip out battery, aluminum case with SD card mentioned as a possibility for the LG 5.

    This feature alone will make it possible for someone who wants a top quality, high performance device to invest in this device and feel confident, as long as they don’t break it, that it can reasonably be expected to last 3 or 4 years.

    Men and women who amass wealth and attain financial security have always practiced frugality, been circumspect as well as resisted emotional flights of fancy and fads when it comes to buying things, whether it be a car, a house, shoes or a phone. The wise man always buys quality items that they know and feel confident will last, realizing that buying “cheap or fancy” now, is a perfect prescription for trouble sooner rather than later.

    • SnakeSplitskin

      OMG you said a whole lot of nuthin! Your openeing statement “The LG 5 represents the natural, intelligent and practical evolution of the smartphone” hinted that everything else that followed would be batsh*t crazy yet I went ahead and read it anyway. I’ll just make one counterpoint to your opening statement. The natural, intelligent, and practical evolution of the smartphone is one whose battery lasts a week with actual SOT of 48 hours of heavy usage and no “Doze” or other battery saving modes. That truly would be an evolution. Samsung has already perfected the evolution of the screen. Battery performance is the next natural, practical, and intelligent evolution.

      • SamsaraGuru

        Do you often when you totally miss the point of what someone says resort to – and thereby avoid having to make – an intelligent and reasoned response indulge in hysterical, insulting, childish histrionics?

        Your one lamer than lame “counterpoint” ignores the fact that at this point no one has batteries – unless they are around 4 or 5,000 mAh that go all day or for two days, but someday when a new technology does come along, the LG G5 will be in a position probably to take advantage of it by its owner being able to slip in the new technology packaged in the old battery’s form factor.

        Someday, when you are not riding the intellectual equivalent of a bicycle with training wheels, perhaps you may recognize that what I wrote was an analysis of the respective values offered by the phones in question. The features of either are for all practical purposes virtually indistinguishable.

        You, sir, are a fool and an idiot.

        • SnakeSplitskin

          Evolution. You used that word. If you’re having trouble with it you might want to look it up. Evolution as it pertains to smartphone batteries means that the battery itself would have to go through some dramatic change in its performance. Simply changing how it’s slipped into a smartphone is not an evolution. If my phone still has to become inoperable just so I can take one battery out to put a new one in then my battery hasn’t demonstrated any sort of evolution. I rely on my battery to power my phone and I don’t have any other requirement for said battery. Ergo, if it provides me with enough power that I can use my phone heavily for 10 straight hours of sot, then it indeed has demonstrated an incremental evolution. But if it just gives me the same ol’ 4-5 hours max of sot, then there’s nothing evolutionary about it.

          With that said, does slipping the battery in as a cartridge mean that the action of battery swapping has evolved? Maybe. But only if it’s a better solution which I don’t think it is for 2 reasons. # 1) if the battery and bottom section of the phone are one single piece and the replacement batteries are of the same, yes this would be easier to swap BUT I now have the inconvenience of having an oddly shaped item that is wider than the battery that must fit into my pants pocket. This would be very uncomfortable or dangerous depending on how you look at it (guys). So with this option it’s not much evolution, and even less practical and not very intelligent. #2) if the battery is separate from the bottom of the phone then I’ll still have two separate pieces I have to deal with when swapping a battery only this time it’s the bottom piece of the phone rather than a back plate. So this would be just as inconvenient as the standard battery swapping action. No evolution here and hence nothing intelligent or practical added.

          And I don’t know about anyone else but any time a comment has to refer to “techboys” as “over sexed” in order to support their argument is probably someone who isn’t quite dealing with a full deck. I’m not saying you’re crazy nor will I call you a fool or an idiot. I’m just saying your comment and then your follow-up comment speaks for itself in loud stereo surround sound clarity.

          • SamsaraGuru

            Not bad! lol

            Thank you – and I do mean it – for taking my response – obviously – with seriousness.

            Ok – first of all – methinks that mayhap perhaps we are both on the same side, but just apparently don’t know it! (I like levity and really hate pontificating solemnity given I took care of a dying, invalid wife for decades and came to be more than a little bit familiar with interminable manifestations and variations thereof.)

            So, let us establish a basis upon which we may discuss!

            Your response – and the complexity thereof – give evidence of the fact that you are neither idiot nor fool. Point taken.

            My contention – lol – is that you took more than necessary umbrage (for those who are vocabulary challenged amongst the 20 year olds reading AA – that means exception and irritation and pissed off at) at my contention that the LG LG5 was a prime example of the evolution and ultimate direction that all smart phones ultimately will head towards – which I still contend is true.

            My problem – with your assessment was that you went off the deep end – which is always a mistake when trying to present yourself as being a reasonable person whose opinion is worthy of serious consideration – was that instead of kindly differing with me – you choose to use the usual, liberal type of scorched earth approach that left wing liberals use to denigrate – by using sound byte buzz phrases and words – to attack the messenger in the hope of somehow diminishing the power of their statements in the eyes of those they wish to get to blindly follow their Pied Piper misguidance designed to lead them past the point of no return.

            I would be surprised to find out that I am not older than you are – whomever you are – but as that incredibly wise man, Sir Winston Churchill once said: “If You Are Not a Liberal at 25, You Have No Heart. If You Are Not a Conservative at 35 You Have No Brain.”

            If I had to guess, I would say that you are in your 20’s, but may perhaps have some potential to get beyond that infirmity and impediment in time! lol

          • SnakeSplitskin

            Let’s be real. It is the apparent maturity or lack thereof in comments that is more relevant than our actual ages. That is why I try to refrain from name calling so that my own statements don’t lose credibility where credibility might have been gained.

            To be fair, I’d like to focus first on what I pointed out in my first comment – your statement: “The LG 5 represents the natural, intelligent and practical evolution of the smartphone”

            Perhaps my initial comment was less mature than it probably needed to be. I think I replied too quickly because your statement was so outrageous and just plain weird given the context of the article and the context of where LG has come from as a smartphone maker up to this point. I just don’t share your opinion that LG is somehow creating the next trend in smartphone design. Your statement is tantamount to saying that the “Tesla Model X design represents the natural, intelligent, and practical evolution of the automobile” when in fact it’s just another automobile in an ocean of automobiles that has unique features that make it stand out such as being all electric and having gull-wing doors that automatically adjust depending on objects in its proximity. Sure it has interesting design and may even appeal to some people. But you definitely won’t see car makers trying to replicate what the Tesla is. The bottom line is that the Tesla X won’t have much of an impact on the rest of the auto industry.

            Inserting batteries like a cartridge into a smartphone just isn’t cutting edge at this point of the smartphone’s industry to really mean much to the masses. Hardware add-ons in general won’t become ubiquitous much like cases are. We’ve already seen 3rd party external lenses and filters, especially for Iphone in the past, but it hasn’t caught on as a must-have to the masses of Iphone users and certainly hasn’t transferred over to the Android handset market.

            So where does that leave LG G5? Exactly where Samsung found itself with the S6 Edge and Edge Plus. Curved screens look sexy on those phones but it remains to be seen if the rest of the industry will be rushing to put curved screens on their phones. Blackberry was wise to do it because it definitely made the Priv stand out as far as design aesthetic. To be successful, LG needs to build a very sexy looking G5 that feels good in the hand. It also needs to build on software features rather than count on optional external hardware features. The S-Pen on the Note 5 is integrated into the hardware of the phone making it an integral part of the phone’s experience. If you have to pay for add-on hardware options on the G5 that are not already part of the phone’s integral experience, then I think most consumers will balk at the idea. The G5 will find itself as a niche product catering to previous G5 owners.

            I’ve attempted to contain my comment to aspects of the phone in the article and to your original comment rather than a personal critique of our already apparent debating styles.

          • SamsaraGuru

            Mon ami. The wonderful thing about free speech is that it means that brainstorming – throwing whatever occurs to us out there and seeing what may happen to stick – is not forbidden.

            Thus, I do not take exception – I can assure you – to the fact you don’t agree with me – only the fact that you made the mistake, which hopefully the next time you go up against someone who has command of himself and his subject and the English language – you won’t make.

            I, personally, am not interested in fanboy – sadly not able any longer being able to claim myself a boy – baubles that “glitter but are not gold”.

            I believe that there is nothing wrong with the new and exciting “advances” that everyone likes to lay claim to but which in the end are of small import and significance in the grand scheme of things.

            What I am interested in are those companies that will attract my support and cause me to refer them to my young friends – who do follow my recommendations – which, best evidence a concern for providing true quality, lasting value that will stand up to the test of time – like a Rolls Royce (I suggest you do some research into the company; I would be totally surprised if you don’t appreciate their intentions and paradigm completely from what you have written).

            Like Rolls Royce, whose goal was simply to produce the best automobile imaginable; using the best quality materials, the best quality technology and best understanding of the market and its needs as were available.

            I have no particular allegiance to LG save to the extent that I am perceiving – for the moment at least – that they are serving for me and others the same goal as the magnificent founders and partners of Rolls Royce did.


          • SnakeSplitskin

            This is bordering on ridiculous. I’ll close this out by being short and sweet.

            1) You don’t have a very strong command of the English language. At best you’re a foreign exchange student studying early to mid 19th century literature. Your choice of words exposes the fact that English is not your first language.

            2) You shroud your points in outdated prose in an attempt to convey a person of refinement and education. But anyone of the gentleman class would never ignore social mores of the class and resort to name-dropping traditionally coveted brand names like “Rolls Royce”. No one here is impressed by that. A mature gentleman of upper class refinement would never make that mistake.

            3) Speaking of Rolls Royce, were you trying to say that LG phones are the Rolls Royce of smartphones? That’s a joke that will keep the forums laughing for a long while. I don’t even need to make any supporting arguments here

            4) My only mistake is continuing this back-and-forth with you. It seems, to the chagrin of the rest of the community, that I have contributed to your self-aggrandizement by responding to you. Please look elsewhere for attention and work on modernizing your prose. By the time you graduate you should have a stronger grasp of the English language.

          • ruggerd

            you don’t call people names but you sure like to demean people and put them down. Think your fooling anyone you fucking two bit douche bag.

          • SnakeSplitskin

            when people have lost the argument, when they lack the ability to communicate a point of view at a mature adult level, they often times pepper the comment sections with f-bombs, name-calling and other expletives as a means of expressing what’s on their minds.

            Ruggerd, you have certainly shown us what few remnants of thought that’s on your mind…..and the mass volumes of what isn’t.

          • ruggerd

            credibility, you have no credibility. People who pass off their opinions as facts have ZERO credibility. Got it pussy.

          • ruggerd

            trolling along, trolling along. Go fuck yourself you dumb pussy.

      • ruggerd

        once again shut the fuck up you trolling samsung fanboy

  • ME

    They both need to support wireless charging.

  • Oz

    if leaks are to be believed, seems the LG has the technological edge this yr

  • The Doctor

    I’m looking forward to the S7 edge because of the 3600 mAh battery, larger screen, microSD card slot, and the inclusion of water-resistance.

  • Person Dude

    They both seem pretty evenly matched. I don’t know if I’d go for the S7’s waterproofing or the G5’s removable battery…

  • Salvador Hernandez

    Currently satisfied with my V10

  • JohnOne

    I already have a galaxy s6 so I’ll go with the Galaxy S6 S the battery life can’t be as bad as it was last year

  • Don Rambarran

    My G4 is incredible!!! It was a definite improvement over the G3 (except aesthetically). If we could have a prettier/faster G4 then that’s alI need really.

  • Kalen G

    I’m really excited to see both of these devices. If the LG G5 really is as modular and beautiful as the leaks are claiming, it may be a winner. Though Samsung with a water-resistant, large battery, beautiful display phone may also have a winner.
    We shall see what Feb 21 brings but either way, I’m excited to see what’s next!

  • Sage Brenner

    will lg give us the ability to format the ad card in the g5? we can’t on the g4…

  • So impressive

  • Nathan Sassaman

    Samsung is in a design rut, every phone looks the same and Touchwiz is still there….yuck

    • SnakeSplitskin

      Yep. their 2015 designs are so old and dated and overused, right? And that aweful Touchwiz. I guess you’re enjoying ……? Hmm, Nathan not proud enough to say what he prefers to

  • Scott Lowe

    Neither. Both have horrible UI’s that are totally unnecessary, and even worse, uninstallable. I’ll never buy a Samsung, LG or any phone with that excess crap on it. My Moto X 2014 still serves me quite well on Marshmallow, and as long as Lenovo keeps the Moto phones with stock software, I’ll be sticking with them or Nexus phones.

    • SnakeSplitskin

      Yikes. Such a terrible camera. But then, if you don’t take a lot of pictures I can certainly understand. But why wast money on a Moto X when you could spend less on a Moto G and still have a crappy camera?


    The G5, not only will it be cheaper than the Sammy, but it also has the magic slot. Sammy only has splash resistant phone

  • Eric Jensen Michels

    I hope they are wrong and the lg has 4 g ram, and I am really hoping for it to be water proof, it is such a tough decision as that removable battery is cluck, but the lg is waterproof. On will see progessivly worse battery life Aa it gets older, and replacement will be a pain in the, you know. But the other is more likely to be damaged by the environment, I with they did not make me compromise, and I know I would be willing to pay a little more if they did not

    • Eric Jensen Michels

      I can not possibly be the only one that thinks this way to, I use my phone for just about everything, way more then I use my 1400 desktop, or 1500 surface, I mean come on manufacturer

  • Monji

    Work a at cellphone shop. We sell 1 LG per 20 samsung and 20 iphones. G4 is priced the same as midrange phones for some reason. Loses half of its MSRP after 1month…

  • Rick_Deckard

    I am more excited for the S7… My current phone the LG G4, which I love for the camera…. However, my LG G4’s display got burn in!!!!! In less than 7 months….

  • Bruyork

    Absolutely SGS7 (edge version). I absolutely love my Galaxy s6 edge. All I want is a much better battery and less freezing and I’d be much happier. Now, the major battery upgrade is confirmed if Samsung new version of Marshmallow with touch wiz smooth even after filling up the storage half way I’d be estatic already. Then with water proofing and so much more on top of that. heck yeah! lol

  • Barbara Burns

    Used to love Samsung but I haven’t upgraded since Galaxy S5 because they dropped removable battery & SD slot. When I get a new phone I will switch to LG!

  • Jennifer Stricklett

    It’s funny to me that some are still stuck on the removable battery issue. Samsung is giving larger batteries and there are external chargers that make this a non issue. If you are going to spend the time and money on a 2nd battery and charger why not just use an external which can be used for multiple devices not just one? The changes Samsung made to the design of the edge means we can have comfort, style and a larger screen without the extra baggage of modules. The modules seem like gimmicks to me, cumbersome and unnecessary. So while you guys spend time swapping out your “friends”, I’ll be capturing the shot you missed. I’ll see you in line at the next Samsung launch, when you tire of all the added baggage that comes from the LG G5.

  • Vinh Nguyễn

    IMO, when in such doubt, go with the underdog. Not for any dramatic reason, heck no. LG was not nearly appreciated enough with its solid G3 and outstanding V10 ( to get back some of the market G4 lost). Their sales therefore was not what they deserve. And facing the truth, no matter what I or all of you choose, Samsung will turn out the more popular choice. It is time like this that we need to support LG to ensure there will be a future competition, not an Android monopoly by Samsung (I don’t have much feelings for HTC and the likes, sorry).