MWC 2016 may not have officially started yet, but Samsung and LG have already set the tone for what should be a very exciting trade show. Both companies took the wraps off of their respective flagship offerings earlier today, and with both smartphones launching within hours of each other, the obvious question on everyone’s mind is with regards to how they fare when pit against each other. That’s what we find out, in this quick look at the Samsung Galaxy S7 vs LG G5!

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galaxy s7 vs lg g5 quick look aa-4

2015 was the year where Samsung introduced drastic changes to their flagship Galaxy S series, with a more premium design and build quality, albeit at the sacrifice of certain staple features like microSD. On the other hand, last year’s G4 may have come with some refinements across the board, but for the most part, LG stuck to what was tried and tested. This time around however, there has been a complete role reversal, and while Samsung continues to improve on what it started last year, LG has made some dramatic revisions to their flagship G series.

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Starting with the Galaxy S7, returning is the premium metal and glass unibody construction, and unsurprisingly, the latest flagship does share a lot of its design language with its predecessor. However, it was a great to decision to bring some elements from the Galaxy Note 5 over as well, such as the curves along the sides of the back, which add significantly to the handling experience. The camera module on the back doesn’t protrude as much either, and also making its way back into the fold is expandable storage via microSD card, which a lot of users will appreciate.

lg g5 first look aa-18

On the other hand is the LG G5, which looks entirely different from its previous iteration. The power button remains on the back, with a fingerprint scanner integrated into it, but the volume rocker has been displaced from its position on the rear, to the more standard left side. Of course, the big news here is the full metal unibody construction of the device, but LG has managed to figure out a way to continue to offer a user-replaceable battery. We have discussed the modular aspects of the device extensively in the hands on with the LG G5, but what you are essentially able to do is take out the bottom panel, take off the battery, and add it to new modules that expand the capabilities of the device in various ways.

galaxy s7 vs lg g5 quick look aa-10

Personal preference is always key when it comes to making a choice based on aesthetics, but with both devices now coming with premium designs and build qualities, things are a lot more even. While the Galaxy S7 may feel familiar, it does bring enough to the table to stand out from its predecessor. Props have to be given to LG for their out of the box thinking, and apart from figuring out a way to retain staple features despite making the jump to this new body, there are some unique capabilities thrown into the mix as well.


galaxy s7 vs lg g5 quick look aa

The Galaxy S7 comes with a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display with a Quad HD resolution, while a 5.3-inch IPS LCD display, with the same resolution, is seen with the LG G5. Both displays are as good as expected, but what is interesting this time around is the availability of Always On displays with both, which means that after the phone is locked, there will a section of the display that is always activated, to show the time, and any other pieces of information. The Galaxy S7 may offer a bit more in terms of features as far as the Always On display is concerned, but for the most part, both devices are quite limited in this regard so far.

As for display performance, it will really come down to what you like better: LCD or AMOLED.

Performance and hardware

galaxy s7 vs lg g5 quick look aa-8

Under the hood, the LG G5 comes with an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, backed by the Adreno 530 GPU and 4 GB of RAM. The Galaxy S7 will be powered by either a Samsung Exynos 8 Octa Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, depending on the market. Regardless, all versions are paired with 4GB RAM. As far as performance is concerned, it has been really good in our short time with the devices so far, and certainly helping is the fact that the software experience has been heavily streamlined in both cases.

galaxy s7 vs lg g5 quick look aa-6

Both devices come with fingerprint readers, and while they are located in different places, the method to trigger them are exactly the same, and requiring a press of the respective home buttons to unlock the devices. In terms of battery, the Galaxy S7 comes with a larger 3,000 mAh battery, compared to the 2,800 mAh unit of the LG G5, but only the Samsung device features wireless charging. However, both devices come with fast charging capabilities, which lets you get back up and running in a very short amount of time.

lg g5 first look aa-22

The Galaxy S7 isn’t lacking in hardware features, but things remain conventional, which is why the LG G5 takes the crown as far as hardware is concerned, solely because of the expandable experience. You can add functionality to the device by simply popping out the bottom portion and connecting the battery to a new module depending on your needs. A few examples includes a a Hi-Fi audio DAC that can be put at the bottom to enhance the audio experience, as well as a camera module, called CAM Plus, which adds hardware buttons, like a shutter button, video record button, zoom scroll, and more, to better the camera experience, while also adding an additional 1,200 mAh to the battery.

This is a very out of the box thinking on the part of LG, and if functionality over form is what you’re looking for, then the LG G5 does have more to offer when compared to the Galaxy S7.


galaxy s7 vs lg g5 quick look aa-7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a 12MP rear camera with an f/1.7 aperture lens, which sports larger 1.4µm pixels, which should allow the camera to take in much more light, and should allow for some great shots, especially in low-light conditions. On the other hand, the LG G5 has its own trick up its sleeve, by adding in an 8 MP wide angle lens to accompany the 16 MP standard lens primary shooter on the back. Having a wider field of view is certainly good to have, and the good news is that it is a fairly seamless experience when making the switch between the two rear cameras.

We can’t wait to put these cameras to the test, but if their predecessors are any indication, we can continue to expect great things from both these devices.


galaxy s7 vs lg g5 quick look aa-3

Both devices are running Android Marshmallow out of the box, but as mentioned, the experience with either phone has been streamlined significantly.

In the case of the Galaxy S7, the look and feel remains largely the same as previous iterations of TouchWiz, with a lot of the features hiding in plain sight, with the Settings menu housing a lot of the advanced features of the device. In the Settings menu, there is now a Galaxy Labs section, where you now have the option to turn off the app drawer. The lack of an app drawer is controversial with any Android device, but at least with the Galaxy S7, the choice is left to the user.

galaxy s7 vs lg g5 quick look aa-9

Why this talk of the app drawer is important is because surprisingly, it is something that isn’t available with the LG G5 any more. LG claims that market research indicated that consumers were looking for more streamlined and simpler experiences with their smartphones, and eliminating the app drawer also removes the sometimes confusing menus that pop up when looking to uninstall or remove apps, or move icons around.

Samsung did keep a lot of its TouchWiz features, LG has gone the other way, and removed features like Q Slide and Multi Window, all in an effort to offer a cleaner software experience.


Conclusion at a glance

galaxy s7 vs lg g5 quick look aa-2

So there you have it for this quick look at the LG G5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7! When choosing between the two, what it basically comes to down to is what kind of experience you are looking for. The Galaxy S7 is a refinement of last year’s design, but brings back a key feature in expandable storage, while also making some useful additions, such as resistance to dust and water. If you liked its predecessor, but found it lacking in these areas, the Galaxy S7 may be the perfect smartphone for you.

On the flip side, LG believes that there is going to be a stagnation in the smartphone space, and is trying to buck that trend by creating a whole new ecosystem to complement the G line. The design is radically different from past iterations, and it will take some getting used to, but this design allows for a lot of new functionality with the various modules, making for even more experiences to be available to the general user.

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Stay tuned with Android Authority as we continue to bring you more great coverage from MWC 2016!

  • Sam

    I am sold on both.
    Take my money!

  • Hassan Raza


  • retry4

    No USB type c on S7… I guess we’re stuck with micro USB for another year :/

    • Neslom

      It may not have Type C USB but at least it has wireless charging. Which I think is a big miss for the G5

      • Chris Bowen

        yea because that wireless charging will be good while on the road or at work, or traveling, but hey, if you like constantly over charging your battery.. No Type-C, no S7 for me, and I w as really wanting one.

        • Neslom

          I have a wireless charging dock in my car. This is the only place my phone gets charged. To me Wireless charging is more important than type C USB. No wireless charging = No go for me, which is a shame as I was really looking forward to the G5

  • Joel

    Lg g5 is great, much better! Wow

    • BritishGuy94

      What? You just clearly dislike Samsung, S7 easily beats G5, G5 is very disappointing in every department and looks so ugly.

      • Chris Bowen

        So because someone likes one phone over the other it clearly means they dislike the manufacturer? that is nonsense. I have 2 60′ Samsung TV, a Samsung Fridge, a samsung laptop and an S5, I am clearly a “loyalist” however the LG seems to have the better specs, specifically Type-C connectivity, which I will not buy another device without.

      • RoboBonobo

        I don’t like how Samsung phones handle multitasking. If that makes me a hater, I guess I am.
        To each their own. Takes all sorts. Different strokes for different folks.
        I actually think the G5 is the better looking phone, in my opinion. I also like the VR headset better.
        The removable battery is a must have, and I might pick up some of those modules for it too.
        The only thing that would be a deal-breaker is if it has abysmal battery-life like 2 hours screen time.
        Keep in mind that a bigger battery doesn’t necessarily mean better battery life.

  • Ben Bird

    Still rocking my galaxy s5 waiting on an alternative with a removable battery. Lg you’ve won me with the g5.

    Samsung you’ve lost a loyal customer that had every galaxy up to the s5. I like my phone to last the duration of the contract and batteries are still the problem for me with the reduction in efficiency. Only downside with g5 is no IP rating. But I can live with that.

    • xavier X

      Totally agree with your comments, G5 is my S5 replacement. Bye Samsung!

      • Ben Bird

        Only thing about the s7 is the higher IP rating of 68 but I only have to think about the battery not being removable and that is worth it. If the g5 wasn’t as good as they’ve sold it I’d probably have gone with the g4. Well done lg for keeping the removable battery. Made me laugh when that DJ guy from Samsung started the conference with we listen to what our customers want. Well if you did you wouldn’t of removed the SD card in the first place on the s6. Just another cash cow for them to sell the higher capacity for more money!!!

        Not particularly sold on the add ons by lg though. I’d like to see an expansion just for another battery for extra life without the thickness of the camera module.

        • WGACA

          Why need a removable battery when the battery will actually last you the entire day and night compared to the G5? The only thing that that removable slot will do over time is gather dust, losen and fall off. PLus it will significantly weaken the sturdiness of the the body. Can’t wait to have a bendtest on the G5. Bet it is going to suck compared to the S&. That slot is just a nerdy gimmick. Nothing more.

          • abn

            ITS all gimmicky. Attatchments and crap.
            Welcome to the real. Phone Performance S7 will win out everytime.

          • To be honest LG has a good approach with that slot.. My first phone was LG Optimus. Then came the Nokia N8, Sony Xperia Z1, iPhone 6 and then Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. I must say Samsung’s AMOLED display is the best among them all. Also The features of Touchwiz is great and I love it. Now the performance part, I think the LG G5 will have an edge over the S7 because Considering both use SD 820 Touchwiz is still a little heavier to LG’s UI. And considering S7 uses Exynos 8 and G5 uses SD 820, still G5 might win because as far as the benchmarks released till now SD 820 gave 130000 (approx) and Exynos 8 Gave 116000 (approx) on Antutu benchmarks 6.0.1.
            Also this might just be because Qualcomm might introduce a tweak to the processors perform better during benchmarks or even Overclock (who knows?). Anyways that shouldn’t matter a lot because Still The Note 5 my brother uses which runs on Exynos 7 is smooth as hell even the OnePlus 2 with an Underclocked SD 810 is Very smooth. So If you are using either of the S7 or G5 for your daily tasks, it shouldn’t bother you. If you are a hardcore gamer (which I personally am) I’d suggest using a console or a PC. But if performance is the only thing that you care I suggest before buying either install Antutu(Because it’s the easiest and all rounder) on both the device and some app which shows the CPU clock in the status bar and benchmark both to see if both the devices perform normally during benchmarks or if the manufacturer introduced some tweaks to change the way those Chipsets work during Benchmarking to get better scores and then decide which one to buy. On the other hand if you want the touchwiz features like multi tasking and stuff, I suggest stick to Samsung and if you prefer a more stock like experience among these two, get the G5.
            -Sorry for the long post…. Hope this helps and stops the war between Samsung and LG fans :)

          • abn

            They all readjust the phones for final benchmark weigh in. LG and Sam will get there phones up to maximum benchmark they can achieve. Those phones you see at the MWC aren’t at final adjustment
            Sam will do well, you sill see. Come back to this post after phones start eing sold then you sill see how high they rise.
            Thats why you dont see Lg posting up against Sam regarding this. Stay tuned

          • WGACA

            I saw the Exynos 8 to be a lot faster in muticore on Geekbench… But like you say, last year’s phones were already fast enough. No need to upgrade for that.

          • Chris Bowen

            200mAh is not going to be the difference of 8 hours, I am sorry to tell you. also you are really just doing some massive speculation on everything else. But wonder what excuse you will make when we can replace the battery with a larger battery?

          • WGACA

            So you will carry an extra battery but not a small power bank? Also the S7 Edge has a massive 3600 battery and the Amoled screen consumes way less power than the LCD of the LG. There’s also already reports that the G5 battery tray doesn’t fit properly anymore after a while. That’s poor quality. No two ways about it, the S7 will dominate the G5 with regards to the battery. And pretty much every other department. Screen, camera, build quality, looks, durability, audio, etc. G5 really is a geeky poor man’s phone with no class if you ask me.

          • Chris Bowen

            Who said anything about “carrying an extra battery”. Why are you creating a strawman.

            How are there reports it “does not fit properly anymore after a while” the phone is not out..

            you seem to be making crap up because you love Samsung.

          • WGACA

            Josh from Android Authority mentioned it in his video review of the G5. So I’m not making things up. Also is common sense. A lose open and close item will loosen after a while.

            By the way, why are you defending the small removable battery to be an asset in your comments, while you then wouldn’t carry an extra battery… You make no sense.

          • Chris Bowen

            Wow can you be any more vague? After doing looking at the 2 articles about the G5 on his page on Android Authority I still dont see the one you are talking about. Can you please post an actual link to it?

            Next the battery is not “small” it is only 200 less than the G7. Second a removable battery is an asset. It means I can change my battery myself if it dies or they gome out with a 4000 battery without having to pay someone or voiding the abhorrently. It has nothing to do with an extra battery. Just because you cannot think outside the box does not mean I dont make sense.

          • Ex Isheep

            They are just trolling they don’t Android phone they are isheep

          • Jumbeau

            Good luck selling your phone with 40% of its original capacity.

          • WGACA

            Don’t really know what your comment has to do with mine, but you do know a battery can be replaced right? Even with a unibody design. Also I never sell my old phones. I tend to use them for two or three years and then keep it as my backup phone.

    • Ex Isheep

      Go get the G5 and I guarantee you will return.

      • WGACA

        To customer service?

  • Butane87

    I wonder if that magic slot will become loose over time

    • Amin Nadirali

      That was my concern at first, but to open the magic slot, you have to press a button. So no chance of it accidently opening by itself.

      • abn

        If its spring loaded mechanism. Can weaken. Not willing ro take that chance.

      • Pedro Capello

        hahaha are you kidding? it would happen to me every single day

      • WGACA

        That was not his comment. He has a point. Android Authority already noticed the slot not closing properly anymore after some use.

        • Chris Bowen

          citation please.


      As long as you’re not trying to stick 2 batteries into the same slot at once

  • Zhiyong Sun

    Sold on G5 but the Gear 360 is also very attempting.

  • Shivna

    G5 > S7

    • The G5 has a smaller battery than the G4, has the same dimensions as the S7 Edge but a smaller screen, and an ugly design.

  • vmxr

    LG G5 wins this year

    • WGACA

      Better check the G5 camera samples… You might have to change that opinion.

      • Zmeg2222

        Bet Samsung’s wide angle is awesome Oh wait it doesn’t have one….

        • It’s already wide, LG just made the primary camera more of a standard lens than the wide angle found on most smartphones

        • WGACA

          Bet LG’s auto focus, clarity and night shots are awesome. Oh wait, no they aren’t.

    • abn


    • No

  • fluxx

    The Galaxy S7 feels like an iPhone, a nearly perfect phone even better refined. And somehow boring.

    The LG G5 finally brings back some excitement into the mobile world, up to now it is the star of the MWC 2016.

    • Daggett Beaver

      The funny thing is, I was thinking that if Samsung doesn’t make a Note 6 that I want, I planned to switch to an iPhone. But the S7 Edge changed my mind. If the Note 6 sucks, I’ll get the S7 Edge. I’ll cry about losing the S Pen for a while, though.

    • Geoffrey

      I had the S6 Edge and eventually got bored with it. Then moved on to the LG V10.

  • Vinícius Azzolin

    I heard that this option of removing the app drawer is also considered by google on the next android version, so maybe they are just showing the future of android.

    • Daggett Beaver

      I’m happy to see it go, but I hope Google replaces it with something smart, like how Smart Launcher works or like some of the other launchers that auto-categorize your apps into folders.

  • Daggett Beaver

    LG G5 is a modular camera pretending to be a phone. If that turns you on, fine. IMO, the S7 is going to be the phone to beat this year.

    • V-Phuc

      you realize that you do NOT need these modules if you have no need to take pics all day, right (as an example)? The G5 as a phone can certainly stand on its own, and IMHO is better than S7. For its own specs, and the modules. Again, no one needs to purchase these modules to make the phone complete.

  • Rick_Deckard

    Most definitely, the S5 is better than G5…. It’s a solid choice to get the S7.. It’s time to recycle my Lg G4… So long LG!

  • aaloo

    if i were to choose between these two, my vote goes to G5.

    • The only reason I see is a removable battery. What else about the G5 appears better to you? The S7 has a much larger battery, it has smaller bezels, it’s waterproof, and very well may have a better camera

      • Toss3

        Pretty sure the S7 had the best smartphone camera to date (if we do not count those with much larger sensors) going by the early shots I’ve seen thus far. Really impressive.

      • Zmeg2222

        The removable battery is a major plus for me seeing that I find myself traveling for multiple days. Not only that but the camera functionality is very intriguing especially the wide-angle. The S7 only has a 10% bigger battery and after the last round of S6 batteries I’m not optimistic. Waterproofing is a plus but if I have insurance it really doesn’t matter. I really don’t think the Samsung is going to have a better camera and it dosn’t shoot Raw.. If I was going to buy a Samsung phone it would have to be the 7S and it starts to get too big and heavy.

        • WGACA

          Wrong, S6 already has RAW as well after a the update. And who uses that anyway? NO ONE. Most people will get the more beautiful and special S7 Edge which has a 29% bigger battery with a AMOLED display. It will outast the battery of the G5 by miles. Just like the S6 did compared to the G4. And I also have an insurance, yet I would like my phone to be water resistant. You know what a pain it is too lose your phone, wait for a new one and have to reinstall everything? Sorry, but LG sucks in every way. ‘It’s ugly, nerdy and not sturdy’. That should be their slogan come to think of it.

          • Zmeg2222

            Whats your next intelligent comment ” your Mothers ugly” . Enjoy……

          • WGACA

            Right…. And you think your’s is?

        • Ex Isheep

          I have 2 batteries with my GS5 and I’m heavy users 4,000 texts and 1,000 calls per month and I never get a chance to use my spare one. ( my text log still holding 800 texts around 4,000 conversation I never clear them)

          • Zmeg2222

            That’s good to know thank you! The Samsung S7 edge is quite an impressive phone I must say. The SD slot really makes a big difference and the waterproofing. The LG G5 has some amazing features that I can use, but because it’s not available to test there’s no real data to go on. I would like to know how long the Samsung takes to charge using an external battery and how long they last? Most people are writing off the LG G5’s modular design as a system that won’t work and is especially susceptible to next year’s model update. LG hasn’t addressed any of these concerns which is disheartening. I like the third parties being able to design friends for the system but still not knowing whether it’s going to happen. As a photographer the camera is the most important part for me when I don’t have my high-end cameras with me. It looks like right now the Samsung camera is superior other than not being able to do the wide-angle zooming that the LG can. I wonder if aftermarket manufacturers like Fuji could add a modular camera sensor and use the onboard lenses with the LG. This could be quite exciting seeing that you could put a 1 inch sensor in one of these with the battery if you know what I mean. I’m now waiting to make a decision based on the real phone testing of the camera, batteries and operating system.

      • Chris Bowen

        200 is not “much”, and the G5 has USB type-C. Water resistance is not that big of a deal.

        • So you prefer Type C over having a 3600mAh battery over 2800mAh, and over wireless charging and water resistance? Kind of an odd compromise.

          • Chris Bowen

            you mean over a 3000Ah, besides you dont know that I wont be able to get a larger battery later? And yes, I would rather have it over wireless charging, wireless charging does not help when I am at work or on the road in general. Water resistance is pretty pointless (I have an S5 now).. It is not an odd compromise, all of my new devices will be type-c it is the VASTLY superior standard, and I am tired of needed 4 sets of cords for power at my home, work and in my truck.

          • I meant an odd compromise to want USB C over all of those, you didn’t mention removable battery before. Type-C means you need to buy all new cables, so most likely you already have those 4 sets of MicroUSB cables, so what would be the harm in going another year with them? And no, I meant 3600 which is what the S7 Edge has. Before you say it shouldn’t be compared to the Edge, you’re wrong. The S7 Edge and G5 are identical in physical size, and 5.3″ is closer to the 5.5″ Edge than the 5.1″ S7 when you factor in the size of the phone.

          • Chris Bowen

            I know what you meant, and I addressed those.

            Your argument is poor. Firstly I would not need to buy new cables, because the devices, about 6, would come with them, so I would have 6 cables that work with all my devices for 4 locations, not to mention I will undoubtedly have more at work meaning those 6 can be 2 at each of the 3 other places (work, truck, travel pack)

            secondly now you are failing at math.. 5.3 is EXACTLY the same distance from 5.5 as it is from 5.1 for screen size, screen size affects battery life, not bezels

            Again wireless charging is worthless for the vast majority of places you would charge, and tends to kill the battery, water resistance is really a trivial matter, and battery size is really not as big as you make it out to be, and ignores the possibility of a larger after market battery and the G5 is possibly wireless charging capable.

          • 6 cables? Are you buying 6 new Type C devices? If so, then sure I guess that’s a point.

            You didn’t read my reasons – 5.3″ is in the middle, but since the phone is exactly the same size as the 5.5″ Edge, it’s more comparable to that phone than the much smaller 5.1″ S7. If you think it belongs in the middle (despite the physical size being identical to the 5.5″ Edge), then it should have a 3300mAh battery as it falls between the S7 and Edge.

            I still think the Edge wins with having a large factory battery, eliminating the need for many to buy extended batteries or wireless charging backs. LG really loves to nickel and dime it’s customers.

          • Chris Bowen

            phone, 2x tablet, watch, 2x laptop within the next 2 years. All of those will use type-c as a power source.. My home is not going to be the IPv6 of the power sources. Even if not type C cables are cheap, 2 packs between $10 and $20. It is worth it to switch.

            The G5 is looking to be $100 cheaper than the edge, if you want to compare the 2, I could by multiple larger batterys and comparable wireless charging for that, with some left over, if I was concerned with that.

          • I love how you can see into the future and know what ports future products will have.

          • Chris Bowen

            Type C is the charging port going forward. If you dont have it you are behind in tech. I never stated I know what ports a particular product will have (look up strawman fallacy), but I will avoid any that do not have Type-C, besides just 1 cable for all my devices there are tons of other benefits, default fast charging, reversible, exchangeable, and transmits more data than any other method.

          • I know Type C is the future, I do like it on my 6P. Your point is why I don’t see a problem with the S7 having MicroUSB. In 1-2 years I imagine most high end electronics will use Type C, but in that time I won’t have my S7 anymore so it won’t matter. In 2016 it’s still not a big deal for people to use their existing cables and accessories that have MicroUSB for another year until they upgrade in 2017.

          • Chris Bowen

            That is not my point at all, I dont care why you dont see an issue with the S7 having microUSB (2.0 at that), your choice is yours. You were the one who had an issue with me seeing a problem with it having it.

            Most people dont change phones every year, besides the argument Samsung is making this cycle is still going to be there for the S8 and S9 and all other devices. Something has to give.

          • Aris Routis

            Why compare to a 5.1 inch (S7) whereas 5.5 is a better companrison?
            Yes, 3600 mAh it is…

          • Chris Bowen

            Why is one magically better than the other? I am comparing base phone to base phone.

          • Aris Routis

            Both 3 are top tier phones but the lg g5 is 5.3 which is better suited to be compared to the 5.5 instead to 5.1 inches s7.

          • Chris Bowen

            Again, WHY.. they are both .2 inches different in size, however the 5.1 is the base model, the same as the G5, therefore it is better to compare those two.

          • Aris Routis

            Again. There is no such thing as base model. Just two different versions of a model. You wish there was such thing.

          • WGACA

            S7 Edge has 3600. Again, ever heard of a power bank? And micro usb connector is still used on pretty much every device. So if you go forget your own charger, there’s a very big chance you can borrow someone else’s. I don’t think your arguments very strong.

          • Chris Bowen

            My argument is very strong, just because you like the idea of carrying 4+ chargers around does not mean everyone else does.

          • neural_physics

            Your argument is not very strong, lol.

          • WGACA

            You don’t need to carry 4+ chargers if all your devices are micro usb. Your argument goes the other way as well. You’re just trying to justify why you think the G5 is better and a removable battery or USB c are just not convincing enough. If a phone has a better screen, better battery, better audio, better camera, has better build quality, is more durable and looks better, it’s a better phone regardless of removable battery or USB c. If you can’t see that than you’re just a blind fanboy.

        • WGACA

          Well, it is when you drop it in the toilet. Calling water resistance not that big of a deal you might as well call a removable battery not that big of a deal.

          • Chris Bowen

            Except a removeable batter is important even if you are not careless with your phone…And besides drop your phone in the toilet and use it, I dare you.

      • Tjaldid

        QuickCharge 3.0

        • It’s not much faster than 2.0, it’s just more efficient. Both have 14W max output power.

  • Ronald

    G5 seems more special more of a revolution rather than an evolution like the S7

    • Because the S6 was the revolution by Samsung.

    • maroon1

      AMD bulldozer was an revolution from phenom (has huge changes)

      Intel Sandy Bridge was just evolution

      Does that make bulldzoer better ?!

  • Mike

    I’m still in the G3 which recieved marshmallow before MWC. The support for this phone will make me pick LG again. Some disappointment in certain aspects, but I had the S3 and G3. I’ll stick with LG. Now, this or the eventual V20….Hmm. Anyone know if an unlocked dual band version is in the works?

  • Abhiram

    Bitch please! S7 is best phone you can get hands on right now. You can put comments saying some xxx phone is greater than S7 but you can’t deny the fact inside you that Samsung just made stakes very high.

    • Chris Bowen

      learn the diffence between fact and opinion. There is nothing of a fact in your statement.

  • Žiga Štupar

    Guys is it known how does G5 cools his CPU becose S7 cools it with liquid cooling?

  • kreemer

    LG G5 threw everything out there today, and boy did it launch! Everything about the experience was new, quirky and – yes – humble! Flanking LG the whole way, were partners.

    They brought B & O, they brought Qualcomm, they brought that french company that deals with drones (radar?).

    They unveiled the coolest looking VR, and they played with their entire presentation (clunky but hey, they’re Korean), and really made it feel like they were offering something new, they were eager to innovate, and wanting to really be where we, the customers, are.

    It was great and I think, if they get their price right, they’ll have a great year ahead.

    • abn

      DONT forget the free bag to carry all that crap with you.

    • abn

      Wak÷ee up! Same ole phone performance.

  • Zmeg2222

    The high-end audio module and camera module really rock! The best feature of all is the wide-angle lens capability. I do like the water resistance of the S7 but that’s about it, I won’t miss Samsung’s bloatware.

    • WGACA

      Samsung bloatware? You still live in 2013?

      • Zmeg2222

        Spoken like a true Samsung “My Magazine Fan”

        • WGACA

          Spoken like someone who actually has a Samsung so knows what he’s talking about. Samsung’s stopped lagging 3 models ago. Watch some speedtests versus LG, they’ll tell you the same.

    • LG is wayyyy worse in UI than Samsung is.

  • jasonlowr

    That ugly LG phone right there can recycle itself. S7 edge is the way to go!

    • abn

      ANd S7 series just getting started.

  • Kanoosh

    both are awesome

  • disqus_H248sZwVkR

    It is a pity that Samsung still hasn’t optimized the software enough to 2016 standards. At around 01:57 in the video, when the reviewer scrolls the recent apps, we can clearly see the S7 getting a lag while G5 does it smoothly.

    • WGACA

      No it doesn’t.

      • abn

        YOU cant argue with the haters. Lg had to create all that crap. There phone performance allways been sub par.

      • disqus_H248sZwVkR

        Try and watch it again. The scrolling is clearly not smooth. It breaks unevenly.

        • WGACA

          Ok. Watched it. No it doesn’t. And it it won’t. Just like the S6 was faster than the G4, the S7 will be faster than the G5. Guaranteed.

          • Chris Bowen

            The G5 has the same processor and faster memory, in what way are you making that guarantee?

          • WGACA

            Faster memory? Both have LPDDR4 as far as I know. The exynos version of the S7 will definately be faster than the 820.


    S7 by far. Better looking, better screen, better build quality, water resistant, better camera.

    • Chris Bowen

      No USB-type C, worse overall Specs, LG G5 it is going to be. I go for specs over looks anyday. it is sad, most of my Devices are Samsung, but I am not willing to wait 2 years to get all my devices over to type C just because samsung wants to cheap out.

      • maroon1

        What is the benefit of USB-type C ?!

        Worse specs in what ?!

        • Chris Bowen

          Type-c is fast charging, I know Samsung already has a version of this, it is reversible, meaning both ends are the same, and flippable, meaning it does not matter which side is up. It is strong enough to power a laptop, which leads to the most important benefit, you dont need a laptop cable, a phone cable, a tablet cable, they are all interchangeable. It is like the one ring, one cable to rule them all.

          It has slower memory and SSD performance then the LG.

          • maroon1

            What do you mean by slower memory ? slower ram ?! Both use 4GB LPDDR4 ram with same speed

            As for internal storage performance. Have you seen benchmarks comparison between the two ?!

            At least Galaxy S6 had faster internal storage (check NAND benchmarks from anandtech review) than LG G4

            You have to wait for Galaxy S7 benchmarks before you claim LG G5 has faster speed.

            The laptop I have does not even have Type-C usb. It seems like you need to change all your devices before type-c become useful.

          • Chris Bowen

            Type-C becomes useful with 1 device, and more useful the more devices you get. You do not have to change them all out to become useful.

          • neural_physics

            How do you know about storage performance?

      • neural_physics

        What is with your obsession with usb type c… It really is not that big of a deal, so what if you have another cable for your phone… You really shouldn’t be so passionate about a freaking port

  • Scott Lowe

    To me, there isn’t much of a difference now between the Samsung Galaxy S7, and the Alcatel Idol 4S. A fingerprint scanner, and that’s it. No Touchwiz crap on the Idol 4S cancels that out. Neither phone gets updated fast. Galaxy S7 costs $300 more, for a fingerprint scanner. No thanks.

    • abn

      Go get a lg tribute then. FOH

      • Scott Lowe

        Ahhh, another internet tough guy. Coming strong with the insults over the all important smartphone opinion blogs. I wanna be just like you.

        • abn


  • Neslom

    How does the cap on the G5 feel though? I am worried that it will come off easily after a few uses. Or has it got a good locking mechanism to keep that cap on. also not having Wireless charging on the G5 is a major let down.

    No USB Type C on the S7 is an oversight. Any news as to which markets get lumped with the Exynos processor?

    • Caitlin Richardson

      It is really hard to get off, the “button” to open the tray is completely flush to the phone and small so it is hard to push while you try to take off the tray. You need a bit of force, and force to detach the battery as well. I thought i was gonna break it.

  • Zoide

    None of the videos are working. They all say Invalid Content Specified, Error #2048

  • Andrew White

    Thought the 820 chipset was quadcore and not octacore.

  • Kody

    Two very interesting devices but I’d have to say the LG G5 is the more interesting of the 2, despite it’s ugly cam mod.

  • Akira Tabuchi Yagui

    S7 sim tray looks like you can chose between 1sim + SD or dual sim… Why no one mention it? I always use dual sim versions because I don’t like to move around with 2 phones (personal + business)

  • How do you open an app on the G5 without an app drawer?

  • aaloo

    man, was that stutter on S7 in the messages app?

    great coverage by the way android authority. one feedback form me would be to actually show various apps running on the phones, rather than just scrolling repetitively through home screens and opening and closing app folder and scrolling up and down settings menu.

  • aviv.silman

    under performance and hardware you said the 820 was an octa-core, im pretty sure you meant quad-core, please correct me if im wrong.

    • Chris Bowen

      It is an octa-core that has 4 of its cores locked. So it is an 8 core processor that will only be running 4.

  • BritishGuy94

    Wow Samsung have destroyed LG here, really surprised.

    • Chris Bowen

      In what way? Maybe looks, but that is it.

      • BritishGuy94

        Design, looks, screen, camera, performance, features, battery, yep everything

        • Chris Bowen

          In what way is performance better? the G5 has better performance stats (they are the same until you get to faster memory and faster disk perforamce on the G5). Features is arbatrary, the S7 lacks one of the most important features of 2016, USB type-c. Battery is only slightly better, but can be upgraded on the G5. design and looks are the same thing. So you got it on the looks and “maybe” camera”

  • S7 is the beast, But G5 has the edge.

    • BritishGuy94

      How? Its so ugly and behind in every department. S7 easily wins

      • As I said, S7 is the beast, it has the design, the power, the prowess. But G5 actually brings a new idea to the table, while S7 is just more of the same.

  • Sproid

    People argue about the battery size differences but, have you considered: the software impacts battery life (only time will tell which phone is better handling it; having two batteries is way better for traveling, gaming, etc than looking for a plug and being stuck; people claiming s7 will last them all day..well flash news, for heavy users most likely both phone will get short. People complaining about usb compatibility and wasted cables… well usb type-c will become the standard sooner than later, just get in the wagon, cables are not that expensive.

  • Matt

    I’ll wait for the in-depth review comparisons to make my decision. Battery size means little until it is interpreted into real-life measurements (how long it lasts doing certain activities, which is also software dependent). Phone-side software means little to me regardless though, considering that alternative launchers are simply the best way to go if you want maximum customization and functionality. The brightness levels play a huge role into my consideration too. I need something that will be plenty bright in complete sunshine, yet also dims down to barely bright at all for night reading. Those are the 2 main factors for me that I am waiting to hear on. I will say that the S7 has my current vote though simply because of the waterproofing.

  • cyric0

    One thing I know I won’t miss this year is posts crucifying Samsung for the lack of expandable storage and the fanboys saying get over it.
    But I’m sure they’ll find something to argue about.

  • CryoGX

    I’m with LG. The S7 Edge honestly tempted me a bit, but I realized that the S7 is a “safe choice”, which means the G5 utterly destroys the S7 in terms of sheer potential, so going from my G3 to a G5 later on this year won’t only be an upgrade; it’ll be an investment.

  • N3xtlevel

    This is 2016! As consumers, we can’t wait for the latest tech!! Whether it be a phone, or anything else in tech. I was extremely impressed with the innovation and the hardware of the G5! Way to bring something new to consumers and get us excited about your device! Nothing better than stepping outside the box and really showing off the future of phones. Thank you LG!

  • Total_telecom

    Now all we need are AT&T and Verizon root methods. Send everyone is backpedaling on nixing micro sd?

  • Ashna Kumar

    No app drawer? What are we apple? No q slide apps…no dual window….what are you doing LG? I think I’ll just keep my LGG4.

  • Joe

    Samsung still just dragging its feet and made another phone that lags behind the galaxy s5 > Still not removable battery and no ir blaster. They also keep that god awful glass body design which is just horrid. The G5 is interesting but not sure why they took the app draw as thats a must have feature. The G4 is still better and the V10 even better.

  • Writer is incorrect. The LG does offer the app drawer – it’s in settings. Got to XDA’s Youtube page and see it if you want proof.

  • My biggest concern with the G5 is the cost of the add-on modules. If you are a frequent phone switcher, this theoretically could bring the cost up dramatically. Does anyone have any idea what these modules will cost? Thanks.

  • Mar

    S7 Edge > LG G5(ever so slightly) > S7 There’s no other order.

  • Melly belly

    I just saw a review that shows the app drawer on the lg g5 it was just turned off. Has that option same as Samsung

  • Patrick

    hmm now this is hard but, it is either G5 or Nextbit Robin

  • xtinajerez

    Both phones look great. Why is everyone fighting over what phone is the best, the best one is the one you like for you. If you like it you buy it.

  • neural_physics

    S7 edge is CLEARLY better guys! Best screen out there, HUGE battery, probably the best camera of the year, and it looks the best with curved glass! And it has wireless charging! Come on now, the choice is obvious. I’m getting a S7 edge in Silver Titanium on launch day. Can’t wait. The hype is real!

  • meohmymy

    All things being equal I’m always going to choose a phone with a removal battery. LG for me

  • Fifen

    I don’t know how I feel. I’m not a fan of samsung. but I do love how they brought the waterproof back and the sd card. On the other hand I really like LG. the magic slot looks awesome. I like the accessories and cant wait to see what more they add. Right now I’m rocking the LG V10 and really like it. the only think that would really make it any better is waterproof. possibly a higher cpu.

  • Handheld Addict

    All 3 have similar quality features, but biggest battery wins. S7 edge for me.

  • Ronan Fitzgerald

    Definitely curious on what both phones have to offer – currently, because there have only been 3 flagships from big brands (Nexus 6P, G5, S7 (edge included here)) I’m having a hard time deciding. The amoled displays on the 6p and the s7 are definitely attractive, but the 6p is just a tad too big for me, and like the s7 is a fairly locked phone. The G5 may have no app drawer, but as long as custom roms and even launchers can bring this back I have no qualms. The big thing that will make-or-break the G5 in my opinion is that modular bottom. Obviously standalone bottoms, as showcased above will play a big part but so will cases! Could you imagine a otterbox/lifeproof style case for the G5 that also includes an enormous battery, hardware controls, a camera lens, etc – if companies decide to really try and use that modular feature, and assuming HTC, OnePlus or Sony doesn’t make a spectacular product later this year I think the G5 will win my next purchase.

  • perfectreign

    My son’s S5 is still far and away better than my S6 or this newcomer. My other son just bougtht a LG V10, which is okay, except for the power/volume on the back.

    Still liking my 950XL better than the others just because the OS is more friendly. (Sorry, Android, need to go back to a good model like Froyo or Gingerbread.)

    • Kody

      950xl as in the Lumia? Lol.

      • perfectreign

        Yeah. I went from a list of Android devices to a HTC One M8 Windows. I then got an S6 at work. I was given the Lumia 950XL and eventually abandoned the S6 as it just doesn’t feel right. The only thing I with the Lumia had was an official Starbucks app.

        • Kody

          Nice, it was one of the few windows phones I considered because of the specs, but ultimately decided not to because I personally didn’t like the OS as much.

  • Albert U.

    Too bad the G5 doesn’t have wireless charging!

    • Bruno Oliveira

      Exactly what I was thinking, I love to put my G3 on the support and just wait it to charge, hate to connect cables arg =/

  • Frex

    As per the conference, the s7 had a 5.5″ display and a 3600 mAh battery!!

  • Mark Conroy

    Surprised that LG have an octa-core S820, I wasn’t aware they were making one.

    On a more serious note, I would have to agree with the previous comment, LG are trying to do something different, and potentially providing a way forward for evolution of the smartphone. I was horrified when Samsung dropped replaceable batteries, and card support, even if there were technical reasons for the card omission until MM.

  • Hipster Soni¢

    I liked the S7. It’s just more appealing to me than the G5.

  • jeremey

    if the finger print of lg g5 would be in the front it would have been more convenient to use,lg thanks for keeping IR on the phone,but the AMOLED and camera takes all the cream of phone in samsung.gear lg 360 VR should have been wireless,and no wireless charging option in lg g5,next time put both removable battery and wireless charger,no one likes to carry wires around our neck with lg 360 vr ,better luck next year,lg almost beaten samsung this year but if it betters camera and amoled and wireless charging with wireless vr i have no problem to switch back to it

  • Steven Tankard

    My nokia 3210 wins hands down.

  • Jay Kallsen

    I’ve always liked having a spare battery in my wallet. So I’ll be keeping my Galaxy 5, it my 3rd. Galaxy, and I love it. If Galaxy doesn’t come up with another phone w/ a removable battery 4 my next phone I guess I’m moving to a LG.