iFixit Galaxy S7 teardown reveals a worse repairability rating than the Galaxy S6

by: Kris CarlonMarch 9, 2016

Galaxy S7 teardown teaser iFixit

You may have already seen a Galaxy S7 get disassembled, but now the iFixit teardown is out, complete with a worse repairability rating than its predecessor the Galaxy S6. Let’s take a look at what iFixit found in the belly of beast and why it comes out with a worse score than last year’s model.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge photos-20See also: How the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge pulls off its curved display22

With no exterior screws the Galaxy S7 must be heated to loosen the glue bonds. The glue seems to be slightly stickier, which might have something to do with the Galaxy S7’s IP68 water-resistance rating. Either way, suction cups are required to pop the front and back glass off.

People in glass houses…

iFixit found a lot of the internal components of the Galaxy S7 to be modular, meaning they can be replaced easily enough individually. However, just to get access to them means you need to remove two panels of glass. As iFixit notes: “replacing the glass without destroying the display is probably impossible.”

“Replacing the glass without destroying the display is probably impossible.”

As if that isn’t bad enough, the entire display needs to be removed just to replace the USB port. This means that if your charging port wears out you’ll need to remove both the display and rear glass, which are both easy to break, just to replace it. This is pretty devastating, because the charging port is the component most likely to fail on almost any smartphone, due to its heavy usage day in and day out.

The teardown continues to uncover a Sony IMX260 sensor paired with the Snapdragon 820 – not the ISOCELL sensor and Exynos SoC most Europeans will be receiving – along with 4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM made by SK Hynix and 32 GB of Samsung-made flash storage. Last but not least, there’s a variety of rubber seals protecting the headphone port, speaker and microphone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge photos-14See also: Samsung shipping both ISOCELL and Sony sensors in the Galaxy S7…again64

Galaxy S7 Teardown complete iFixit

Liquid cooling system

Of course, the Galaxy S7 retains the standard micro-USB port rather than opting for the newer USB Type-C standard, so it can maintain compatibility with the Gear VR headset, which Samsung is throwing around like confetti for anyone that pre-orders the S7 or S7 Edge. But again, considering you’re either going to break the display or lose the soft-key LEDs when replacing the USB port, this is probably the worst part of the teardown.

Finally, we get to the copper liquid cooling system, which iFixit calls a “thermal spreader”. This is probably a more apt description as it is just a thin copper heat pipe with copper micro-fibers inside for dispersing heat from the CPU. As a previous Galaxy S7 teardown revealed, there’s no visible liquid in there at all, although there might be vapor of some description to assist in the wicking process.

Samsung Galaxy S7 iFicit teardown rating iFixit

When all is said and done, the ease of breaking the display and rear glass and problematic USB charging port replacement mean the Galaxy S7 gets a repairability score of 3/10, compared to the Galaxy S6’s 4/10. The lesson to be gleaned from all of this is to look after your charging port with extreme care, because replacing it might end up costing half the price of the phone.

What do you think about the teardown.? What are your thoughts on liquid cooling?

  • Nallaikumaran

    iFixit is a shameless Apple coward site. Who fucking cares. Because these sites and its writers are apple-biased. This is not true. The exaggeration in this post. They campaign (Apple cowards) against Samsung S7. KRIS CARLON is an Apple fanboy. Thanks to the writer for showing us how dumb Apple supporters really are and how easily it is to fool them. KRIS CARLON u are shameless Apple fucker.

    • Kalavere

      Grow up; maybe the fact is that Apple make their products easier to repair? This coming from an Android user, by the way.

      It’s dopes like you that start Android Vs Apple arguments over fucking nothing. Time to learn to get along, kiddo.

      • Nallaikumaran

        iFixit is an apple-biased, this is biased report. Don’t hide the facts. Some facts you cannot hide. Why are you so defensive? Apple fanboy?

        • Ryan Loong

          Maybe it’s the fact an iPhone doesn’t need a heat gun suction cups and guitar picks to just disassemble, just saying maybe and I know first hand my old iPhone 5 was unbelievably easy to replace the battery with but my Samsung galaxy note 5 is so scary to take apart because of the glass. Just saying

        • Kalavere

          Haha, you clown. I’ve never owned an iPhone.

          I just think you’re a fucking idiot. =)

          • Nallaikumaran

            Oh, You are fucking idiot..douche bag. Who you calling boy! The only idiot, in my opinion, is you. You’re just mad. Why are you so defensive? brainless fucking idiot.

          • Kalavere

            Christ, I’ve never met such a fanboy, you need to stop being so aggressive. You’re the mad one, I don’t have any issues fixing my Samsung phone!

            You’re coming off like you’re a cunt, but then again…

          • Seventh Reign

            $100 says he owns an iPhone, ipod, iPad and 1 or 2 apple laptops lol

        • Shaun

          Now then kiddos, let’s not have a fit.

          Some android phones can be quite hard to repair, especially when you’re getting to flagship products. I used to own a Xiaomi Mi 4 with CM flashed and had to repair the screen after drunkenly letting it slip out of my hand.

          It is held onto the frame by adhesive and if you’re off by a fraction when placing it back in the screen will crack again extremely easily. In addition to that the ribbon cable for the digitizer was extremely fragile and with you having to fold it, it had quite a habit of tearing rendering the phone pretty much useless.

          While I can’t vouch for the repair-ability of Apple products I see no proof that IFixIt are in any way Apple-Biased with many Android phones getting the highest scores.

      • Psychomantys

        Yeah I’m an android user and work at an independent repair shop and in all honesty it’s easier to replace an iphone 4 and up than it is to replace a samsung device from Galaxy S5 and up and it just gets harder when you hit S6 with the glass back. I don’t see where they’re wrong. Apple uses mainly screws and only with their 6s and 6s plus is where they use adhesive with the screen but it’s still screws being the main component holding it. Honestly I can fix an iphone 5-6 plus in roughly 15 minutes on average with the 5c I’m able to fix in 5 minutes (being the fastest), however, with the Samsung line up the fastest is 30 minutes on average with S4 being the easiest at around 15 minutes. (These are all pertaining to a screen replacement alone.) and it’s not only Samsung who has difficult to repair screens, other difficult examples are HTC m7, Moto X (Nightmare), and the LG G2. So far I don’t see them as biased just brutally honest in terms of repairs.

    • abazigal

      What are you talking about? iFixit has been one of the most vocal critics of Apple gluing their products shut and not making them readily repairable or upgradeable!

      It makes sense. iFixit profits from the sale of DIY repair kits and 3rd-party components, so of course they have a vested interest in ensuring that consumer electronics are readily serviceable by the end-user.

      • Nallaikumaran

        What are you talking about? iFixit is a pure apple-biased site. What a shameless liar. Thank you.

        • abazigal

          Can you show me some instances of iFixit being biased in Apple’s favour? Because they are usually the first to call Apple out for stunts like soldering their ram or gluing their iPads shut. If they are criticising Samsung here, they are simply calling a spade a spade.

          Whether people care that their S7 is not so readily serviceable is another question, but not everyone who criticises an Android product is necessarily pro-Apple.

        • Seventh Reign

          Go home Troll. You aren’t very good at this. If you are going to make up lies, perhaps you should try making up things that we cant actually research in 3 seconds.

    • Ilham Rusyd

      Throwing accuses without point. It’s like a kid. or just pure hater, or stupid fan.
      “Hey, iFixit is Apple fanboy. Hey, there are bias. Hey, you are a fool.”
      Where’s the bias post? Where’s the writer campaign?

      • Nallaikumaran

        Hey, you are a fool. Open ur eyes read the article (iFixit article and video).

        • Airyl

          The Apple Smart Battery Case got a 2/10.
          The Apple Smart Keyboard got a 0/10.
          The Apple Pencil got 1/10.
          The iPad Pro got a 3/10.
          The Nexus 6P got a 2/10.
          The Galaxy S6 got a 4/10.
          The iPhone 6s got a 7/10.

          The Fairphone 2 got 10/10.

          • Nallaikumaran

            Hey, The Fairphone 2 got 10/10. Hahaha..

            On April 3, 2014, iFixit announced a partnership with Fairphone (Wikipedia). Confirmed, iFixit is a biased site. Dishonest site.

      • Nallaikumaran

        Hey, you are a fool. Open ur eyes, Checkout Article and video (iFixit)

    • The-Sailor-Man

      ‘iFixit is a shameless Apple coward site.’
      Don’t you thing that same apply to this site?

      • Nallaikumaran

        The Nexus 6P received a 2 out of 10 (iFixit), Where is the headline? and Where is the news?

  • M.bell

    In fact, iFixit had partnered with Apple (Before). it’s an apple-biased site.

    • Airyl

      Is it, though?

  • TheInfamous Stephenson

    Who cares…do you want an easily repairable phone with baseline specs, or a cutting edge (pun intended) device packed with innovation?

    • Airyl

      How about an easily repairable phone with cutting edge specs? Can I want that?

      • TheInfamous Stephenson

        It doesn’t work that way. Usually the more advanced the tech the harder it is to repair. You’re dealing with a lot of tech crammed into a very slim form factor and exotic tech (which is never easy to repair). If you want an easily repairable device then pick up a basic smartphone, instead of opting for a device with a curved AMOLED display, a heat absorption system, dual pixel auto focus, UFC 2.0, etc…

        Also, why would I care about repair difficulties it’s not like I’m repairing my own device. If I have an issue with my smartphone I take it to my carrier and they facilitate a repair, and if it’s a serious issue I send my device off for a replacement (that’s what insurance is for).

        • Daggett Beaver

          Exactly. I buy insurance for every phone. If it dies or breaks, let someone else fix it.

        • Airyl

          So you’re telling me I can’t want what I want?

          • TheInfamous Stephenson

            You can want what you want, I’m just trying to align you with reality.

            And if you’re not fixing your own phone (which most people aren’t) why does it even matter?


      Want a easily repairable and modular phone because, a flagship is something I will have say for a period of 3-4 years and if it’s easily repairable then I can replace, when I feel it’s outdated.

  • Nallaikumaran

    The Nexus 6P received a 2 out of 10 (iFixit), Where is the headline? and Where is the news? Androidauthority is a shameless google reseller site.

    • Airyl

      iFixit’s given plenty of devices rubbish scores. The Galaxy S7 one of, if not the most popular device at the moment, therefore making an article like this will attract a lot of attention, giving them more views. It’s simple really.

  • Daggett Beaver

    “This is pretty devastating, because the charging port is the component most likely to fail on almost any smartphone, due to its heavy usage day in and day out.”

    — ummmm…. Wireless charging? Fast wireless charging? Why would my port get ANY usage day in and day out?

    • Airyl

      This might come as a shock, but not everybody uses a wireless charger.

      • Daggett Beaver

        Well, so many crap phones are shipping with metal backs these days, it’s no wonder they’re not using a wireless charger. But the latest Galaxy phones provide not only wireless charging, they support two types of wireless charging AND fast wireless charging. So if you buy an S7 and plug in your phone day and day out, you bought the wrong phone.

    • Sergei Castañeda

      this one might shock you as well, but sometimes you will need to transfer/update/backup/sync stuff on your pc, so you’ll need to hook up via USB

      • Daggett Beaver

        Yes, I do that (rarely). But that doesn’t qualify as “heavy usage day in and day out”. I connect my phone maybe once per month, if that. I also use Airdroid and Bluetooth to transfer files, and that doesn’t require a USB connection.

  • Noah Jones

    If the USB port gets damaged, just use wireless charging.

  • Alejandro Delgado

    Wow people are so…fearing? of a site talking about Apple. WHO CARES if iFixit favors Apple, Samsung or whatever. Here, on ANDROIDAuthority they give us a post about the Galaxy S7. Stop being such crybabies, everybody has different taste than you. Get over it.

  • Enrico

    Wireless charging is quite expensive thou
    One standard wireless charging costs more than $40 and that is already with a discount
    Fast wireless charging probably costs around $100
    So nope, fast charging is better for me

    • Daggett Beaver

      I picked up 3 wireless 3-coil chargers for $24 each on eBay. They’re all brand name and all work great. You can buy even cheaper ones, but I wouldn’t take the risk on those. And these phones do fast charging, too, if you really need it. It’s not like you can’t unplug your wireless charger and plug the cable into your phone if at the last minute you need a fast charge.

  • Curtis Ling

    this might come as a shock but if you take care of your phone it wont break

  • The-Sailor-Man

    ‘Either way, suction cups are required to pop the front and back glass off.’

    Many did it on youtube without, though.

  • Nallaikumaran

    iFixit is a shameless Apple coward site. Who fucking cares. Because this site and its writers are apple-biased (iFixit). This is not true. The exaggeration in this post. They campaign (Apple cowards) against Samsung S7. KRIS CARLON is an Apple fanboy. Thanks to the writer for showing us how dumb Apple supporters really are and how easily it is to fool them. Android authority is an android site? or Apple news site? What the fuck that.

    • SculpinIPA

      The truth hurts, doesn’t it, kid. What a clown.

  • Danang Wijoyokusumo

    Charging port wears out??

  • kashan

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