The Galaxy S7 Edge+ has reportedly been cancelled, only two flagships left

by: Kris CarlonJanuary 27, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Hands On-33

It wasn’t all that long ago that the rumor mill said there’d be four Galaxy S7 variants – a regular S7, an S7 Edge and a Plus version of both – but then that number dropped to three as the Plus-sized Galaxy S7 mysteriously disappeared. Now the number has been reduced again, with Evan Blass reporting that the Galaxy S7 Edge+ has also been cut from the lineup.

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Blass, AKA @evleaks, took to Twitter to share the news. If true, it means Samsung will be sticking with a standard Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge model but not exactly abandoning the idea of a Plus variant. Considering recent leaks have put the S7 and S7 Edge displays at 5.1 inches and 5.5 inches respectively, these two devices will fulfill the role of a standard Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge+ under another naming convention.

Confused? The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, you will recall, had the same sized display diagonal, so offering an S7 and S7 Edge with different screen sizes is really just a case of dropping the Plus moniker, not of dropping a Plus variant. So it is actually the regular-sized S7 Edge that is getting the chop, meaning there won’t be an Edge screen option on a “regular-sized” Galaxy S7.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Quick look-14

Until Samsung goes public with sales figures of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ it will be hard to determine if this move was prompted by low sales or other considerations. Needless to say, releasing the Galaxy S6 Plus variant months after the original S6 launch with the same specs was a confusing move it would be wise to avoid repeating.

Blass also took the opportunity to remind everyone that his S7 predictions – including IP67 water-resistance and dustproof rating, microSD card slot and larger batteries – have all been “confirmed”. However, it’s worth noting that the original rumor of four variants came from Blass, then the news that the number had dropped to three and now the claim of only two variants.

With only a few weeks to go until MWC 2016 and rumors out of South Korea that journalists there have already had a Galaxy S7 preview, we’ll soon know for sure.

Do you think this product lineup is a winner? Will you be sad to see no smaller Edge variant?

  • DBS

    Well, IF this turns out to be true, it just means I won’t be considering any S7 phone.
    The S6Edge is the only Samsung phone I ever considered buying and the only reason I didn’t buy it was due to the lack of the SD card slot.
    The regular S7 doesn’t appear to me and the S7Edge, if rumours are true, will be way too big for my liking. So yeah. No normal sized S7E, no buy.

    • Dennis Furlan

      Well, I have the S6 edge. My brother has the regular S6. When I first saw his, it seemed bigger than mine. I think the reason is that the curved edges actually make the phone narrower. So, that might be part of the thinking with the larger 5.5-inch S7 edge, which is still smaller than the Note 5 and the S6 edge+.

      • jnadke

        This, the S7 and S7 Edge will probably be similar sizes, but the curved screen adds extra effective area.

    • Hans Pedersen

      Say hello the the Galaxy Note 6 then. Which will be a plus sized S7 with the added pen.

      • DBS

        Wait…you’ll have to follow me through your logic.
        I said the S6E was the only Samsung phone that I ever considered buying…which means the Note 5 was excluded.
        I said that is the 5.5″ S7E is true, it will be already too big for me.
        So…why on earth would I even consider the Note 6, a bigger S7 with a pen? lol

        • Hans Pedersen

          Sorry, misread as you said you definitely would not get an S7 series now because they supposedly wont make a plus sized regular S7. The S7 Edge and the S7 will probably very similar in physical size, with the difference that the Edge will have screen covering a larger curved area.

          • DBS

            Well, if Samsung manages to put a 5.5″ screen on a 5″ footprint phone, then I’ll re-evaluate. I’m just not sure that the 5.5″ is counting the curved part of the screen…we’ll have to wait for the announcement. This could all be wrong anyway lol

          • Dennis Furlan

            With the S6 edge, the 5.1 inches IS counting the curved screen, which is why the phone is narrower than the regular S6. However, I think I saw some leaked image renders or cases in which the S7 edge is longer than the regular S7, so it might well be bigger in two dimensions.

  • Thiago H

    Apple’s been doing this for two years now. It makes a lot of sense to release two flagships for the S line and a note later on. Keep it simple. It’s easy to get lost in the amount of flagships Samsung releases in any given year.

    • Stephenie

      S6, S6 edge, note 5 and more is now on sale only in the below mentioned website

  • RiTCHiE

    RiP Samsung with all their crap phones and now its on the same line as them weak iphones so time for them people to wake up and stop buying them products.,

  • Juliann

    so disappointed! I love my S6 edge but if I wanted a “plus” phone there is no reason not to get the Note with an s pen. very sad, however the lack of accessories for the s6 edge was convincing me to go with the regular s7 anyway.

  • Cakefish

    I’ve been working as a Samsung promoter the past few months. Based upon the local sales figures of all three devices I wouldn’t be surprised if low sales was to blame for the discontinuation of the plus series. The smaller devices are certainly more popular, in large part due to their more friendly pricing.

    • DBS

      Which also falls in line with the fact that Sony’s Compact series is also their best seller and the fact that the 4.7″ version of the iPhone also sells more than the Plus.

      OEMs just don’t seem willing to admit that no, people don’t want gigantic dinner trays on their pockets. For every person who wants that, there are 10 who don’t.

      • Cakefish

        I own the Sony Z5 Compact. Love it. Perfect size. Just needs Marshmallow.

        • DBS

          I have a Z3C (though I only use it as a music player now) and I loved everything on that phone…except the camera. The fact that the Z5C camera is still horrible (no OIS, no true full manual mode, bad post-processing) was the single reason I didn’t buy it and am putting up with the G4.

          • Vinícius Azzolin

            I agree with you about the bad post-processing, manual mode and software, but their stabilization system puts the OIS to sleep, just see some comparisons on the web that you’ll see that. The sensors are pretty good too, since a lot of other companies use them for a long time now.

          • DBS

            It actually does not. I have a Z3C. I tested a Z5C. SteadyShot is amazing ON VIDEO but I don’t use the phone to film anything. I use it for photography and there Sony has nothing but Digital Stabilization which can’t be used anywhere outside SuperiorAuto mode.

            The lack of OIS is pretty much the thing every single reviewer also pointed out against the Z5, if you go read all reviews (in case you can’t test the phone for yourself).

      • Akira Tabuchi Yagui

        It depend of the market… for some reason, the chinese market (larger of the world), love the 5.5″+ screen… then the Japan one, are used to even smaller phones… 4.7 is still big there…

        • DBS

          This seems to be a worldwide trend. In Europe and the US the smaller sized version of the phones also outsell the larger versions.
          And if OEMs are forcing people into phablets just because the Chinese like big phones…well…then we have really stupid people in charge of OEMs these days (although it doesn’t help that most OEMs are now Asian)

    • BS. If you were, you wouldn’t be talking about it.

      • Cakefish

        Why do you say that? I’m not under NDA on everything.

        • Regardless of that, your professionalism would make it an unappealing option for you. And yes, you are under NDA if you are telling the truth. So the fact that you are saying you are not, rufutes your claim in two ways.

          • Cakefish

            Oh shoot you got me. My actual occupation is money tree farmer.

  • Daggett Beaver

    Making the S7 Edge 5.5″ is the only reason I’d consider it. 5.1″ is too small, given that the edges reduce the normal screen size.

  • Dominick White

    Why is everyone taking all this has fact? The idea about s7 edge plus Were only rumors

  • Dennis Furlan

    The three-phone launch never made much sense to me. It just adds even more confusion to Samsung’s multi phone models approach. If it was four phones, with plus versions of the regular and edge S7 versions, fine. But with only one plus version, and three screen sizes, I think the picture was getting muddled. Now, you’re back to two phones again, which is much simpler for consumers to digest, in my opinion, ignoring for the moment that even these two phones will be coming in different screen sizes, which differs from last year, and still might lead to some confusion.

  • Roberto Tomás

    it is starting to sound like they are going to split the Galaxy S into two premium lines, with the larger one being based on the S6 Edge Plus instead of the Note. Are we seeing them clear the way for foldable displays?

  • jnadke

    Makes sense.

    If the GS7 is 5.1/5.2″ and GS7Edge is 5.5″, why cannibalize Note 6 sales with a 5.7″ curved screen?

    More designs to manufacture, less margins.

  • Eklavya Verma

    So all those who paid large amounts of money for the S6 Edge+ will essentially be holding outdated hardware within just 6 months of release? Way to go Samsung! That is an excellent strategy to retain customers! And just when we thought you were starting to make sense…… oh wait, we didn’t. Sorry my bad

    • Prince

      That’s… normal…

  • Andreas

    Ironically enough it was the plus version I was interested in. 5.5 is to small.

    • Dennis Furlan

      Everyone seems to have their own wheelhouse when it comes to screen size. 5.7 inches is definitely too big for me.

    • bradavon

      0.2″ makes that much of a difference to you?

  • Stadi

    I was considering buying a Samsung this year. There are a lot of things that irritate me on them but I really like the camera on my wife’s S6. But I need a 5.5 phone and will never buy an edge phone. So probably no Samsung for me this year.

  • Rob

    Well I’m definitely out then. The Edge doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest so it looks like I’m keeping my Note 5 until someone launches a 5.7-6 incher with either the Exynos 8870 (should the rumor be true that Samsung is releasing a lower clocked 8890 to other manufacturers) or Snapdragon 820 or the Note 6 comes out. Such a shame they dropped the Plus model of the regular S7.

    Maybe HTC will get my business back after all and I can go back to having a phone with a huge developer background instead of having a handful of ROMs to choose from with my Note.

  • Good now make this or the Note over six inches please!

  • Johnny Zenith

    Makes sense to you, not to those who wanted one. Samsung have lost my money and I am now moving on to others.

  • Juan S.

    As long as I get a note 6 with SD card support later on I’m good, i don’t care for the little ones or edge, for all i know i hope the edge plus is extinguished or stays out of the note launch

  • NO BS

    screw that!!!! I want the PLUS!!!! keeping my edge 6 plus then….samSUCK!


      I am so with u on that! I was really looking forward to the s7 edge+,will be keeping my s6 edge as well…Really sucks tho….