Over the weekend Samsung unveiled the new Samsung Galaxy S7 to the world. While last year’s Galaxy S6 was a massive departure from the status quo, this year’s Galaxy is all about refinement, and it accomplishes this without missing a beat. We’ve already brought you a hands-on look at the Galaxy S7 and its brother, the Galaxy S7 Edge, and even managed to pit it against the new LG G5. Although I didn’t make it to Barcelona, I was able to check out the Galaxy S7 for myself, over at Samsung’s First Look event in New York City. During that time I took a closer look at the colors of the Galaxy S7.

So let’s jump right into this quick look at the Samsung Galaxy S7 colors!

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Considering you’re looking at the same glass back as last year’s Galaxy S6, it’s no surprise that the colors available aren’t too terribly different from what we were offered last year. The colors have been toned down and you aren’t go to find the bright blues or greens of 2015’s Galaxy S, with Samsung opting for more neutral colors. In total, Samsung is offering just three colors: Black Onyx, Gold Platinum, or White Pearl. Unfortunately for those in the states, Samsung has opted not to offer the white pearl model.

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Starting with the black color variant, one of the most welcome changes you’ll find is that the black color is actually black. This differs from the Galaxy S6, which had a black color that actually looked blue in certain lighting, and I have to admit this true black color looks really sleek and is a pretty solid step up compared to last year. Of course, we still have a reflective glass back plate that looks nice, though some might find it a little distracting, especially since the front is also reflective. This is still likely going to be somewhat of a fingerprint magnet, but it didn’t seem anywhere as bad in this area as last year’s Galaxy S6.

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Next up with have Gold Platinum, which as mentioned is the only other option you’ll have for those in the United States. This is without a doubt the flashiest and fanciest color choice available, and also the most reflective, so much so you could almost end up using the back as a mirror. This might give you an elegant, eye-catching look, but it also might be too much for some users. If you can get past that, the Gold Platinum version of the Galaxy S7 is really gorgeous, just clearly not for everyone.

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Last but not least is the White Pearl variant. We have to admit it seems a little strange that Samsung isn’t bringing the color white to the US market. After all this is such an iconic and simple color, and was previously found on other Samsung flagships. Still, the White Pearl is an option for those in other markets and looks fantastic. It’s not as showy as the other colors, and not as distracting when viewing the front of the phone. You’ll also have a tough time seeing fingerprint smudges with this color, which is a major plus.

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So that’s it for a quick look at the various color options available with the Samsung Galaxy S7! While all of them look really nice, I’m sure many of us will prefer the new black color variant over the blueish black sapphire color of last year’s Galaxy S6. In the US this is a color you’re going to see a lot of people walking around with, as the Gold Platinum color may be a bit too flashy for some.

Which was your favorite color? How do you feel about white being left out of the mix for those in the US market? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

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  • amiaq

    What does the Gold Galaxy S7 think it is? C3P0??

    • neonix

      I have no problems with that!

      I’m surprised no one teamed up with Disney to put out some “droid” phones… The pun is just too good to have been passed up! I know verizon had some Star Wars themes for the Droid Turbo 2, but they really should have made some physically-themed as R2D2, BB8, and C3P0. Timed with the release of the movie, they could have sold a crapton of phones.

      • jnadke

        I’m pretty sure that’s not possible.

        When Motorola trademarked DROID, Lucas Arts actually sued them.

        Motorola eventually licensed it, but I’m sure that free money contains some sort of non-compete.

        • Dusty

          Motorola never trademarked Droid because Droid is trademarked by Verizon in an exclusive deal with Lucas Films since 2009. In fact you’ll see that Verizon has exclusively offered Droid phones through several other OEMs besides Motorola.

  • Jake

    Shame they didn’t include the Black Sapphire color for the new SGS7. As I really like that color!

    • It really is. I can’t stop looking at my Note5 because the colour is always different at different angles.

    • neonix

      I’m on the opposite side of this. I’ve never been a fan of Samsung’s blue colored devices and I’m very much pleased with the look of the true black S7. Though I’m even more enticed by the silver one.

  • libertarian2012

    They probably lost one customer. White is the only color I liked in S6 Edge which I currently own. I’ll look at the new black, but I doubt I’ll like it over my white. I guess they don’t sell enough white phones in US, but it wouldn’t have hurt shipping in a few and only sell it online to reduce inventory.

  • Elaine Miller

    The White version isn’t available in the UK either. I’m disappointed as I really like white phones/tablets. I had the gold colour previously and don’t want it again, personally I don’t think it looks that nice. Looks like it will be black then. Boring.

    • Jeff Martinez

      I’m using the black Sapphire S6, this time around I chose the Gold platinum. Can’t wait.

  • Sad that they only offer 32GB. I want gold 128GB.

    • Freak_ Aniket_

      and that’s why Samsung offer SD support upto 200GB.

  • Adrián Iriarte

    Good phone, bad software… horrible decision

  • Banney Ley

    I am absolutely disappointed with Samsung not offering White Pearl in the US. White was perhaps their most popular color, I don’t get why they would alienate their customers like that.

  • Nutella World Order

    White Pearl isn’t available in the UK or US… I guess we will have to wait for the S8 for them to ‘learn’ from their mistake and ‘listen’ to what their customers want yet again.

    I was seriously considering the S7, I guess I will have to import the Asia market version or just go ahead and give Sammy a miss and go for a LG G5.

  • Jeff Martinez

    Would of went with the white pearl, but ended up choosing the gold. I’m happy.

  • Adn

    I really really really want a white variant!!!!! Please find out, I’m sure the people of the galaxy fans will be proud of android authority if you reported that.

  • Mariya

    The worse decision they made was not to have white available! That’s the color like the majority of people choose. I’m beyond pissed about that. And the gold looks so bad that it’s not even an option for me. Ugh! Guess I’m deciding now if I’ll be okay with black b/c color does matter for me when choosing a phone.

    • 88

      Sounds like color matters for you period.

  • Charlotte


  • 88

    Gold Platinum.

  • Niksi

    I could not find the white pearl in England.