Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge will lock to carrier upon SIM insertion

by: John DyeFebruary 25, 2016


Today a leaked image of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge setup guide revealed that Samsung’s 2016 flagships will lock to a carrier once a SIM card is inserted. Historically, most Samsung devices sold through carriers were nevertheless unlocked due to the hassle involved in custom-ordering carrier specific devices. Now it appears that Samsung has found a way for their smartphones to self-customize and lock to a specific carrier when they are first set up, and if carriers take well to this, then we can probably expect the Galaxy line to include this feature going forward.

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Here’s the slide content in full:

Out of the box setup:

Insert the SIM card before you set up the customer’s device for the first time.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge | S7 locks to the carrier of the first SIM that is inserted by resetting and installing carrier software. If you set up the device and then insert the SIM you will have to set up the device again.


Bear in mind that there doesn’t seem to be any reason for concern. This naturally wouldn’t apply to SIM-free and carrier unlocked smartphones. If you own a device purchased directly from Samsung or from a non-carrier retailer, then you’ll be able indulge in your commitment issues and flit teasingly between carriers as freely as before.

What do you think of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge’s feature that locks them to a carrier upon the first insertion of a SIM card? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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  • jakeopp

    Would this prevent users from buying, for example, a used AT&T phone and using it on Cricket or other similar companies?

    • King_Android

      It should. As you would need the carrier to permanently unlock it if the software thats on it doesnt do it. I think its called Device Lock that gets installed. Thats what you can use if you meet the criteria to unlock the phone. Otherwise you would need to install a 3rd party software as unlock codes dont work anymore. Again Samsung locking their phones is the reason why I will only purchase a Nexus or factory unlock device. If you ever trip KNOX which what most 3rd party unlocking software does, will make Samsung Pay useless forever with that device. WHich in itself is plain stupid.

      • jakeopp

        Because right now, you can buy used carrier locked phones and use them on some other carriers. I have consumer cellular, and most all AT&T phones are supposed to work fine with it. Unlocked S7 prices will probably be through the roof so this isn’t looking like a future option unfortunately.

      • kappatau808

        i dont know about ATT, when i was with ATT i just bought unlock code online. now im with tmobile there is Device lock thing so codes dont work. i did use that 3rd party software and did not trip knox

        • King_Android

          Oh nice. Maybe its just a T-Mobile app. It messed my world up though when I tripped Knox. Lol

      • Yielar1

        Are you confusing unlocking a phone with rooting the phone? Never had an issue buying codes online to unlock although you do need a different sim card, than what the phone is locked to, to prompt the unlock screen so you can input your code. Also never had any issues tripping Knox and heard this can only be an issue when rooting.

  • Robert Krummel jr.

    I would have to imagine that each cell co would still stand behind its unlocking conditions. Example as having a device on tmobile for x amount of days on a current plan fulfills the conditions to be unlocked and then they do it for you. I would think that would stay the norm and the other big 3 would follow suit.

    • King_Android

      But make sure you dont leave tmobile first, as even though the phone was purchased from them originally, the fact you dont have a contract with them anymore, they will not unlock it for you. If you do then, there is NO way to unlock it with out installing a 3rd party software on it which most times trips KNOX. Ill never buy a Samsung phone again with the risk of permanently tripping Knox and once KNOX is tripped, Samsung Pay will NEVER work again even if your phone is completely secured which is just plain stupid.

      • Dn Bro

        I’m actually dealing with this issue right now. I have an HTC one m8, paid it in full, then left without yet unlocking it. I’m now stuck with it and to unlock it, I need to go into a store and fill out a form and let them process the whole thing. It is utter BS.

        • King_Android

          Yea I know exactly what you mean. Simply BS.

  • levoila

    Can I buy the phone from one carrier and activate on a different one?

    • Daggett Beaver

      I don’t know. But it seems logical that if you completely factory reset the phone and delete all data, then pop in a new sim and set it up again, it would adapt to the new carrier’s sim. That might not work, I’m just thinking out loud.

      • King_Android

        No no no, once a phone is network locked its locked. You can reset it format it all you want. The sim lock sits on a different partition of the system.

  • Kliment Stamenkov

    I think Samsung is implementing an easier way for carriers to lock the devices and these are instructions for carriers. The title is misleading and it’s going to cause a lot of confusion. “Today a leaked image of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge setup guide revealed that Samsung’s 2016 flagships will lock to a carrier once you insert a SIM card.” -No. Once the carrier inserts a SIM card AND installs the carrier software then it’s going to lock, and this is not important at all for customers.

    • John

      Yeah this article isn’t clear on what is the locking mechanism. If this is true it seems pretty bs.

    • King_Android

      Actually, when I buy from phone companies, I buy the phone and I set it up on my time. They try to set it up but I always tell them that there is no need. Just make sure the sim card is active or I normally just pop in the sim from my existing phone. They are only there just to sell me the phone. I know alot of people who do this way, so the carrier associate setting up the phone is not necessarily always the case. Plus I dont like how they tend to treat my phone that I just spent 700+ for or will spend eventually.

      • Kliment Stamenkov

        They are referring to the initial setup the carrier does, because they install their modified version of the software and they lock it to their carrier. This is not the setup the people who are selling the phone are going to offer you.

        • King_Android

          I doubt it. As the software normally comes already preinstalled based on the model number of the phone. With this method it won’t get sim locked until you actually take the phone out of the box and install the sim and then turn it on. That’s when it goes through the sim process. I don’t even let them take the phone out of the box.

          • justmy2pennies2012

            Last year when I upgraded my phone, Best Buy activated the phone without taking it out the box. Phones comes pre-charged. During the sale, they scanned the barcodes and my old phone stopped working once the new one was activated. I like to finish setup at home over wifi!!

          • Choda Boy

            I just order/pre-order and have the phone delivered to me. No sales agent to deal with at all.

    • Yielar1

      This is nothing new. For the last few years phones bought from Carriers in Canada are unlocked until you insert your SIM card. If you need to unlock later on you simply buy a code online. Pretty simple.

    • kappatau808

      but arent carrier phones locked to carriers anyway unless you pay full price? i honestly don’t see anything different. if you buy a phone from a carrier now its locked to the carrier unless you pay full price.

  • Allyn K C

    If Project Fi were available for smartphones other than Nexus, would be interesting to try one of those SIMs in an S7/S7Edge. But without the software to hand-off calls between 4G and WiFi, it wouldn’t work as well.

  • Bill Blandford

    Anybody else hear Meatloaf Paradise by the Dashboard Light playing?

    • Brad Fortin

      “Here’s the throw, here’s the play at the plate. Holy cow, I think he’s gonna make it!” ” STOP RIGHT THERE!”

  • Ryuto Arisato

    I have a question and hope someone can answer this for me.
    I am planning to buy S7 Edge with no contract and no data plan, so I found that I can purchase the phone unactivated. So when I have the phone, can I switch my H2O sim from my iphone to samsung?

    • King_Android

      Yes as long as your sim sizes are the same. It should auto populate your APN settings. I think Samsung Galaxy uses Nano sims.

  • phatmanXXL

    We all know and agree ios is better than android but it hurts us to admit it.

    • pjtpjt

      Whatever you’re taking, I want some too.

    • jtw

      K bro

      • E-Fel lony ™

        So if I buy a att s7 and put my T-Mobile sim in then turn it on will it work for T-Mobile

    • levoila

      Aren’t iPhones carrier locked as well?

      • KRS


    • Ben

      in what way is it better then? No customization, no nothing, its just plain iCrap, which will never be able to be modified or anything, cause its made by money addicts aka Apple, who sell their bad shit for an extreme price

      • Chris

        At least their ceo is American. Not a Damn Arab.

        • Robert Krummel jr.

          I see there has been no mention of purchasing a sim unlock code via 3rd party either. Just because something locks doesn’t mean it is stuck that way. Atleast that’s what I recall from all previous devices.

        • KRS

          CEO of Samsung is not Arab and so what if he was.

    • KRS

      Lol keep dreaming

  • Apury

    Uhm .. so when I go study abroad and want to use the country’s local provider, I have to buy a new phone? Are you kidding?

    • pio_masaki

      If you mean as Verizon devices go then no, they’re gsm unlocked and pretty well global, at&t and T-Mobile can be unlocked to use another carriers sim card upon request assuming you didn’t buy the phone 2 days ago.

    • Yielar1

      No, you can buy an unlocking code online anytime before you travel abroad.

  • Marty

    I don’t like it. But I don’t like carrier commitments. My device should be my own, not a carrier’s playground.

    • Luke Perry Glover

      Plus as an afterthought Samsung telling us, on btw you guys dont get the snapdragon model like the U.S., you get the exynos model. After pre-orders went live. Wow. It’s not a huge deal, but still. Not very cool

      • Marty

        It would be a huge deal to me. It would a deal killer, in fact. I hate Exynos chips. My GS6 has one and not only is it not as smooth as Qualcomm-equipped devices, there are no Cyanogen ROMs for Exynos devices.

        If that happened to me, I’d do a time warp cancelling that pre-order.

        • Luke Perry Glover

          Yeah. I mean…I want to, but all Canadian carriers will only sell the exynos version. If i cancel it, then Ill have to say order one from amazon from the U.S. and not get the free VR headset. …sigh. I may actually cancel it.
          Yup. :/ Qualcomm is better.

        • willy

          So don’t buy it no biggy , get some Chinese phone and have at it…. I buy a phone for what it has on it be that hardware and software, I like this particular Samsung so I’ll get it. All done

          • Marty

            I have no plans to. My device choice will be between the LG G5 and HTC One M10. And in all likelihood it’ll be the M10. The S7 absolutely doesn’t interest me in the least. I can’t stand TouchWiz and I don’t like the curved backside of the flat faced S7.

          • Yielar1

            Love my Note 5 with the curved back as it’s very comfortable to hold. It’s no secret that Samsung dominates in the camera and video department and the S7 is going to be King for 2016 again with f1.7 ultra low light ability and 0.3 second auto focusing. Water, dust proof, bigger batteries, fast charging including wireless fast charging, best screen technology and in my opinion best custom version of Android. My Touchwiz 5.1.1 is lightning fast…the complaints about Touchwiz being slow and laggy are a thing of the past. They even brought back the SD card which to be honest wasn’t that big of a deal for me but nice feature to have.

          • Marty

            All that was said about the S6. It’s why I bought an S6. It’s also why I won’t buy an S7. Samsung won’t sell me an S7. They shouldn’t have lied about the S6.

          • Yielar1

            Actually, it wasn’t all said about the S6 and you should know that if you own one. The S6 has a tiny battery, it’s not water or dust proof, doesn’t have wireless fast charging technology, no SD card, isn’t as comfortable to hold and although very good still has an inferior camera. I understand if you want to try a different brand but don’t say it’s because of reasons that have no merit.

          • Marty

            The point is the GS6 was highly lauded and praised as a revolutionary new Galaxy. That is what I meant. Just like the S7 is being highly praised, the S6 also was highly praised. The S6 turned out to be a lie. You can’t delete bloat and the Exynos in the S6 stutters and lags like all past Exynos and Scorpions. Based on that, the S7 is sure to be a lie too. But, as always, Samsung will populate the web with shills to counteract the truthful reporting of troubles with the S7.

          • Todor Jelev


          • Loads of amazing things, for sure, but the card slot doesn’t let you merge storage (supposedly for our own good) and there’s still some bloat on there. Nothing that can’t be fixed with custom ROMs, but there are some downsides to the phone that I guess leaves something for Samsung to further improve with the S8…

          • King_Android

            My S6 Edge was a lagging mess over time. Use a Nexus device then use your Sammy. You will eventually notice the lag. Its quite evident. And TW is definitely not lighting fast in everything it does. You sir must have a special unit.

          • Yielar1

            I steered away from the Edge devices because I didn’t think I would necessarily use the extra features and thought they might slow down the phone. It’s probably why they released the Edge + within 3-6 months with more ram and a better processor. I think the S7 is going to be a great phone and I’m actually impressed with how many improvements Sammy jammed into it with the larger battery and water & dust proof being my favourite.

          • Marty

            They’re Samsung shills. Samsung populates the web with shills to praise Samsung devices. Either that or they’re Ssheep.

          • KRS

            Yep, love my note 5 to. I have had it almost 5 months now and it’s not slowing down one bit and still smooth as can be.

        • saksham

          u do know that SD 810 was a disaster ? and the exynos chip was better than SD in most benchmark tests

          • Marty

            Of course. I don’t hold it against the GS6 for not going with the SD810. The Exynos was sold to me in the GS6 as solving the lag and stutter issues of past Exynos. It didnt. Add the terrible battery life and reneging on deleting bloatware and I as a customer feel screwed over.

          • King_Android

            This times 1000x. The S6 lagged horribly. Battery life was horrible. It was worst than my HTC M8.

          • Rob

            My S6 Edge has no lag issues at all. I’ve had it for a year. It’s not the ideal phone for me, but it’s closer than most smartphones I’ve had.

          • My problem with Exynos, albeit an older chip on the Tab S that my wife has, is that despite benchmarking well, it – along with TouchWiz – manages to make even the most basic operations laggy.

            I just don’t get why this is. And has always been.

            I’ve got a pretty ancient (in tech terms) Nexus 7 2013 and that’s totally fluid and smooth. Of course it’s slower overall, but faster for day to day usage that you wouldn’t know, or care.

            I have to assume that by now Samsung has fixed something that gets picked up on almost all reviews (i.e. any reviews that do thorough testing, not fluffy ones in the ‘mainstream’ media) as on paper the S7 ticks an awful lot of boxes, but a laggy UI would drive me up the wall!

        • jrno1

          Big time! Exynos was no good for me!

      • willy

        Actually it’s been known for over six weeks that Canada was getting the Exynos 8890 chip

      • Creepy Pedro (King of WS)

        THere is also carrier locking.

    • Ikhsan Hasbi

      Sorry to hear that, man. I’m lucky enough to live in a country where carrier contract doesn’t exist. I can go grab a sim card today, toss it away the next day, and get a new one from a new carrier if I want to do so. My deepest condolences to those who have to go through carrier contract evil scheme. Seriously, whoever invented this carrier contract thing deserve to burn in the deepest pit of hell.

      • The thing is that people can buy SIM free devices and get SIM only contracts in many locations, but don’t. Why? Because they think it’s great to spread the cost over 24 months, unable to work out the total cost of ownership or consider that even if the cost of either were broadly similar, the SIM free route gives more freedom and flexibility. People should appreciate that by going down the SIM only tariff route, on a 30 day or 12 month contract, you can take advantage of special deals, ditch a network if they do something crazy, or just change to another network that now provides better coverage/speeds in your area.

        And if the issue is the cost of the hardware, people have been buying things on credit for decades. Just buy the phone of your dreams and set aside some money each month to pay off the loan early. Naturally, you also get to change phones as often as you want, and can more easily sell an unlocked phone..

        There are some genuine reasons someone might get tied to a carrier (e.g. needing VoLTE, which for the near future will still require a carrier specific firmware) but most reasons people go down the subsidised contract route is ignorance!

        • Andrew Lyons

          I wouldn’t say that people pay over 24 months just because they think it’s great. In my case it’s because it’s more affordable to pay over 24 months instead of one upfront payment and then monthly payments for sim only. Sometimes it does end up being dearer but I’m happy with that as long as I am affording to pay it.

        • Dn Bro

          I used to be on Tmobile and would get phones through them. The reason I would do this is it would allow me to jump before paying off an entire phone. So instead of having to pay $600 for a new phone, I could pay half of that $300, and then trade it in and get a new phone. If I paid for it all upfront, I would have to deal with selling the thing online and it wasn’t worth the hassle.

          I’m now on Project Fi, so I don’t worry about needing new phones as much, given that I can just find custom ROMs for my Nexus 6p so I won’t have to upgrade for a while, but that is one reason a customer, such as myself, stayed tied to contracts.

          Of course, if I was dealing with Verizon, that might have been a totally different story. :D

    • Avgvstvs

      Or Samsung’s with their bloatware. I’d even argue Google as well – but their apps tend to be actually useful.

      • Marty

        Agreed. Hated my GS6 when I found out that Sammy lied about being able to delete the bloatware.

  • Sriram Vishwanath

    “you’ll be able indulge in your commitment issues and flit teasingly between carriers as freely as before.”

    LOL! 10/10.

  • Gringo Aplatanado

    So does this mean there is one version of each that could work on any carrier but is locked in after the sim activates or are there still going to be GSM and CDMA variants? Verizon supposedly doesn’t do sim lock anymore so what does this mean for a S7 activated with a Verizon sim?

  • Lovelace Akuma

    Does anyone know where I can purchase an unlocked version of either phone, or how to purchase the phone directly from Samsung? Samsung just redirects me to AT&T?

    • levoila

      In Canada Samsung has few stores called Samsung Experience Store where you can buy the phone unlocked with a free VR and 128GB memory card

      • Lovelace Akuma

        Thanks for the response. Is there anywhere online I can purchase the phone unlocked or direct?

        • willy

          When you google samsung. ca on the site hit the tab for purchase and you can go from. there , I’m getting mine from Burlington store

        • levoila

          They sell it in store only, I wish they had an online store

      • Rawr

        -Samsung Canada doesn’t sell the devices as unlocked units and they can only be unlocked after the purchase via carrier.
        -It is an authorized Samsung store. You would not be able to purchase any unlocked phones through Samsung Canada.

        Via Samsung support chat.

        • levoila

          Yes, they do at the Samsung Experience Store not those experience shops in bestbuy. They sell them in person only though

          • Rawr

            Hmm wrote a reply but seems it needs mod approval cause of Sammy link. In any case, I guess I will have to check a SES myself to see if what you say is true since I have one nearby at the mall. I suggest you contact Samsung live chat and double check since I just quoted you to them and they said that they are not unlocked. Maybe you can get a different story from them on your transcript.

          • levoila

            Samsung live chat don’t know anything, the CSR told me he doesn’t know if they sell unlocked phones and when I asked him to check with his boss he just ignored me and stopped communicating.

            I called a SES and confirmed they are available for pre-order. They don’t have a final price yet buy the edge is up to $1000 and the black one will be available March 11 and the silver one will be available March 28 (if I remember well).

            Unfortunately the one in my city is a shop not a store; they don’t sell devices.

          • Rawr

            Thanks for the update and info. I’ll be sure to check out the store nearby then.

            On another note there are 4 colour variations in total for the S7/Edge; Black Onyx, Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium, White Pearl. Do you know when the Gold and White will be available? Why is the Silver being released later? That means those wanting the free pre-order VR won’t be able to get it with the Silver one right?

            I’m guessing Canadians are only getting the Exynos 8990 and not the 820 Snapdragon like in the US? Seems 8990 is better though from benchmarks. Loses to Apple A9 on single core but beats it on multi.

          • levoila

            I asked about the edge only which comes in black and silver, you can call them and ask more details about the availability

            Not sure if the silver is released later or in backorder

            The VR and memory card are given when you pre-order the phone regardless of when it’s released, so as long as you pre-order the before the promo deadline, you’ll receive the VR

          • Rawr

            Stopped by the SES. Edge comes in Black, Silver/White (think it was white), and Gold. Black released on March 11th while the other colours at the end of the month of March. You can pay a $50 deposit for them to hold the phone for you until it’s available and still get the VR pre-order offer. You are right as the rep working there told me it will be unlocked.

            They include a memory card? Haven’t heard that one before. What’s the size? I hear Sammy is fabricating 256GB Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 2.0 standard for the high end phones. That ‘up to 200GB’ was just a guideline btw since other phones state up to 2TB.

        • Yielar1

          Actually we normally just buy unlock codes online for much cheaper than what the Carriers charge.

          • Rawr

            Don’t carriers charge for free? Or maybe that’s only if you’re on a plan of theirs then before the contract is up you can request it for free or something. Online unlocks are fishy and some can be a scam. Some do it for free as well so it’s gamble when trying to unlock online.

    • kappatau808

      you do realize that if you buy from samsung you are paying full price. you might as well pay ATT the full price and have them unlock the phone

    • Lovelace Akuma

      So when on the Samsung site with either .ca or .com you aren’t able to purchase the phone unlocked, it takes you to a carrier or an experience store. When I ask a Rep in a chat session I was told that they don’t sell unlocked phones online.

  • mattpelegrin

    That is not a leaked image of the device “Setup Guide”. That is a screenshot of a training module sent out to front line carrier representatives.

  • Davi Jones

    Dafaq!!! ??

  • abn

    What about at end of agreement. Should be able to get unlock code for another carrier after 2 year agreement. This str8t bullsh

    • Jaime

      This should be no different than any other carrier locked phone. You will be able to unlock it at the end of contract.

  • Chris

    I don’t know any one who prances around switching carriers all the time. Unless it’s an Arab or mexican

    • Reed

      Telling racism.

    • Ikhsan Hasbi

      It’s not about switching carriers all the time, buddy. It’s about sense of freedom that you have when you’re not in a certain bind of a contract that counts. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about.

      • Chris

        Contacts are going away

  • Chris

    Don’t like the idea of the carrier lock as I like to change sims when I’m abroad and use the carriers of the country I’m in
    Don’t mess with a good product
    Chris E.

  • thaswagman

    Guess who’s buying LG’s flagship this year?!

  • Foss

    Why flagship phones have become more and more restricted?

  • Reed

    Every day I find a new reason to dislike either the G5 or the S7. Definitely sticking with my V10 until I either pull the trigger on a current Nexus or the next Nexus.

    • Chris

      Nexus a phone for nerds

      • thaswagman

        You don’t know what you’re saying. Nexus offers the cleanest and simplest Android experience. Essentially like an iPhone running Android. How is that for nerds?

        • KRS

          A boring phone then if it like a iphone.

  • Alain Lafond

    Less and less freedom with devices that you buy and pay….
    No more Samsung phones for me!!!

  • KeyserSoze

    Changing SIM cards will factory reset my phone each time? That’s pretty fuqd up. I will return the phone and buy an unlocked one if they pull this dik move. What a bunch of azzholes.

    • Yielar1

      Where did it say changing SIM cards factory resets your phone everytime.

      • KeyserSoze

        >>> Where did it say changing SIM cards factory resets your phone everytime. <<<

        It says so right on the Out Of The Box set up screen:

        "Insert the SIM card before you set up the coustomer's device for the first time. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (S7 locks to the carrier of the first SIM that is inserted by resetting and installing carrier software. If you set up the device and then insert the SIM you will have to set up the device again."

        By the way Yielar1, only losers upvote their own post.

        • Yielar1

          Keyser – you need to re-read the article because clearly your comprehension skills are a little weak. It only resets the phone and downloads carrier software the 1st time a sim is inserted…not every time. Nowhere does it say EVERY TIME a new sim is inserted the phone resets and downloads new carrier software.

          • KeyserSoze

            >> you need to re-read the article because clearly your comprehension skills are a little weak. It only resets the phone and downloads carrier software the 1st time a sim is inserted…not every time. <<

            WRONG! You're the one that lacks comprehension skills. The article says "S7 locks to the carrier of the FIRST sim that is inserted by resetting and installing carrier software". This implies that if you insert a second sim, the phone will still have the first carrier's software which locks it to the first sim until you reset the phone and install the second sim's carrier software which will then correctly lock the phone to the second sim.

            If you don't reset the phone, you'd be running the first carrier's software (say AT&T) with the second carrier's sim (say Tmobile), which obviously won't work.

  • Wise_JDesigner_Science_Teacher

    So if I buy a Verizon S7 directly from Samsung… and then insert my Verizon SIM, it’s still immediately locked to Verizon?
    And if I remove my Verizon SIM… and I can install a VERY different carrier like an AT&T SIM?
    The phone somehow knows that I bought it at a Verizon store… or a non-Verizon store?

    • kappatau808

      well if you insert a sim into a phone, apn setting of that network are automatically set up on your phone. so yes it will know what network you are on.

      anyway if you buy from from a carrier it is always locked to that carrier anyway, unless you paid full price and just have it unlocked at the store. or i assume like tmobile there is an app you use to unlock the phone, im guessing you unlock the phone first before inserting a sim. either way as long as there is an option to unlock i would be fine with it

      • pio_masaki

        Except Verizon, which has gsm unlocked devices anyways. It would be true for the other 3, though.

        I’ve been using Verizon devices on T-Mobile for years.

    • GonzoI

      Just looked into this myself. They don’t sell an unlocked S7. Samsung only sells the S7 by-carrier, presumably pre-locked to whichever carrier you select from their list.

  • Ex Isheep

    Think i gonna buy Mi5 and try it for a while, half the price of GS7 and comes with Snd 820

  • The-Sailor-Man

    ‘What do you think of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge’s feature that locks them to a carrier upon the first insertion of a SIM card? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.’

    We think you just waste our time with this ‘article’, hoping for bashing Samsung again.

  • Gunther Mangelschots

    I never bought a carrier locked device. I am wondering about dual SIM though because I own both a Thai and Belgian SIM card

  • kappatau808

    how is it different from what we have now? when i buy a phone from at&t or tmobile, it’s always locked to the carrier. if you pay full price you just tell them to unlock it permanently. the only problem we have now is, its not that easy to unlock phones. we used to just go online and buy codes. now tmobile has device unlock app installed and would need some software. i have used it on my s6 and worked.did not get any notification of knox being tripped.

    but yes i agree all phones should be unlocked even if im paying what $32 a month for it. what difference does it make right? im still paying tmobile for it. even if i sell the phone. tmobile still gets money. they should just make it so all devices are unlocked no matter how you pay. but you cant cancel your service if you have not paid the phone in full, which is 1 part of the policy they do have now.

    • KRS

      I was thinking the same thing, carrier phones have been locked for years so what’s everyone so upset about now, just save up your money and buy non carrier phone.
      Also carriers are not going to unlock that phone when you are making g payments because of all the idiots that won’t pay for the phones once they have them.

      • KeyserSoze

        >> I was thinking the same thing, carrier phones have been locked for years so what’s everyone so upset about now <<

        Up until this article's announcement about S7 SIM swaps, Verizon phones are unlocked. I've put Tmobile, AT&T, and Ting GSM SIM's in my Verizon phones and they work fine as long as you correctly type in the APN settings. There was no need to reset and re-setup the phones. Had no problem making calls, browsing the web, or sending text/MMS messages.

  • A.K. S

    I don’t get why everyone is whining. How many times a day do you change providers? Talk about a moot point.

    • GonzoI

      It’s not moot. The problem is that they have designed it to try to make you buy an entirely new $600-$750 phone if you decide to change carriers.

  • Robert S


  • MK-Atukunda

    So what’s the point if I only have one option which is the one I pick the first time? If it’s a wrong one, then I’m stuck with it

  • AS118

    I don’t like this idea, it’s a step back and may end up costing Samsung and carriers sales.

  • Bacillus

    Wait doesn’t the s7 have dual sim? That could really limit the phone

  • Jumbeau

    Carrier lock should be illegal. Oh, wait! It is where I live :D Sucks to be a murican.

  • Modest Mind

    What advantage has Samsung from this stupid decision decision? None! It will just loose more customers! And anyway for a smartphone with the same specs (CPU SD820, battery 3000 mAh, great screen, beautiful design, etc.) is Xiaomi asking for its Mi5 only € 350,- whereas Samsung, LG, Sony, Apple etc. are asking € 700+. So for me Samsung’s decision regarding SIM-lock is anyway irrelevant.

  • Seenzoned

    i was thinking of ditching my Nexus6p for s7edge… but seems it was a bad idea

    • Yielar1

      Why is that?

      • Seenzoned

        Coz I think it is a bad idea that’s why

  • Matt Anderson

    Not pleased by this at all

  • Josh Cook

    In Canada we have the “Cell phone freedom act” carriers must unlock phones upon request. Costs us $50. But still…it’s a pain in the arse.

  • Larry J. Skee Dunmyer

    The part that would concern me is if you switch carriers, which means switching sim cards, it sounds like you have to re-setup your phone. Transferring all information, re-downloading all apps, etc… In the US, AT&T, my carrier, has done away with contacts so that part of it isn’t an issue for me. I don’t have issues with their service for the most part so I have no plan on switching, but if that time would arise that someone better comes along, I shouldn’t have to go through all that hassle because I switched the sim card.

    • Yielar1

      Just buy an unlocking code online anytime before you travel or switch carriers.

  • David Eric Parkhurst

    And this is why I settled on the Moto X pure, I could’ve financed it at a set amount per month, but oh wait pay it off in a year and it’s interest free, no carrier commitment=no bloatware not to mention android 6.0 like 2 weeks after the nexus got it. Not a perfect phone but pretty close for $500

  • abn

    Or if I change to diffent carrier and they buy me out. What then, are they gonna try to make u wait. I always have good service use to have Verz. Now have Sprint never had a dropped call lost yet. I dont know this looks like some type of magic trick. We will see…..

  • Howard Fall

    This sim locking to carrier is just another reason I’ll never buy another Samsung phone again.

  • MeanDroid

    It will undoubtedly please and satisfy the network providers!
    …I’m just not sure it will please the end consumer?!

    I just found another personal reason to never buy another Samsung device again!!

  • bobo_exterminator

    Hi. Does this stop carriers from internationally unlocking Galaxy S7,
    or eventually providing customers with the MSL? That’s a big concern,
    and I just pre-ordered my unit…

  • Fitnesspro

    It sucks. If I pay the full price up front, I want unlocked device. I’ve had three cosequtive Galaxies and all three were Pure garbage right after the 12 month warranty ran out. Never again will I spend a fucking penny on Samsung phone. I have NEXUS 6P and iPhone 6+ and manage just fine. Thank you and Samsung and all the Galaxies can go to hell.

  • BertsShadow

    Question is, can you remove the SIM card, reflash the (pre-carrier) Samsung ROM, and then lock to a new carrier?

  • Korey Willis

    So they seen the errors they made with the S6 and made an S5 edge. Samsung seemed to want to go the iphone route with the S6, non-removable battery, no SD slot, not waterproof. They fixed a lot of those mistakes bUT carrier lock is bad.

  • Shelly

    As much as we have to pay for these phone , really now they want to pug lock on them this is why I haven’t upgrade yet to many restriction

  • Jordan

    So if you travel overseas, are you locked to your US carrier? I’m not quite following wtf this actually means for the consumer since the fcc required phones to be global ready.

  • mrt harris

    That used to be the case before but you can contact your network provider and get it unlocked just tell them your going abroad

  • Adam

    If I get a sprint phone and insert a Verizon sim, it will install Verizon software?

  • Flak

    I have a SIM free contract with EE and have ordered an unlocked S7 Edge from Carphone Warehouse. Does this mean that the phone will ‘lock’ to EE when insert the SIM? If so, does it also mean that the phone will install all the EE ‘bloatware’ and not receive SAMSUNG OTA updates???

  • Jonathan McMurray

    Can anybody verify this? I want to use this phone with Cricket but they do not sell the phone yet. If I order it through T-mobile however I can just buy a Cricket SIM. The customer service at Tmobile, Cricket, AT&T AND Samsung have all been less than helpful.

  • Creepy Pedro (King of WS)

    Fuck Samsung

  • Vic


    Can someone explain this? If a sim is inserted into the phone it will lock to that carrier by installing the carrier software. If the phone is factory reset and a different (AT&T) sim is inserted would that possibly work?

    Just a thought,

  • Andrew

    So if I do not insert the sim in, instead I grab a sim-free original softwear and hit it with odin. I can have an unlocked phone?

  • Oatesy

    I don’t like it one bit, neither do I like the locked bootloader ! Drum tight !

  • GS7Edge

    Inconvenient feature. setup my phone then inserted a sim and was wondering why it performed a software reset and erased everything.

  • fleur louise mawson

    Have to get it unlocked to uae samsung vr

  • CajunNSC

    IT’s wrong. No way around it. It’s wrong for any company to take away customer choices. That is what they’ve done, if this is the case, I just picked up the new s7 edge and I am not able to access the service codes. I understand that too has been locked if your with particular carriers, my case it’s verizon. Until we all stop allowing them to get away with it, it’s only gonna get worse! I plan to bring the phone back and never ever buy another locked carrier phone…period! And I could go on and on…discribing my recent experience with a Verizon Retail store… took three tries to get a phone that hadn’t already been used…Yep… buyer beware friends.

    • Diana

      I have a question. Does any of this mean that with the verizon s7 edge you cannot use another carriers tower? I have the s5 and get service at my cabin with it but cannot get it with the s7. I assumed it was the network bands in the phone.

      • CajunNSC

        Not sure why your s7 edge isn’t connecting … I’d contact your carrier to have your phone checked. Hope that helps.

  • Tim

    So I have Verizon and Sprint. SO hypothetically if I get a Sprint s7 and before I turned it on I put in my Verizon SIM will it lock it to Verizon? Or since all Verizon 4G LTE phones come unlocked would it essentially unlock the new Sprint S7 I would receive? I’m curious about this but don’t wanna go through the return process if I’m incorrect.

  • Joel Eckert

    This was a huge pain in the ass, to say the least. I was configuring a device for a dean in the academic world, had it configured perfectly, and didn’t have the SIM yet. It blew almost two hours of time by having the phone factory reset itself without any prompting as to whether it should proceed. Samsung.

  • jpoliveros

    Unfortunately, this forced an unlocked Note7 to lock to AT&T on sim card insertion. This voids the very purpose of unlocked phones.

  • ben

    Samsung galaxy s7 carrier verizon unlocked who can unlocking