Samsung trademarks “Always On Display” for Galaxy S7

by: Kris CarlonFebruary 9, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Colors-8

A month ago when Evan Blass leaked multiple details on the Galaxy S7, we first heard the term “Always on Display” with respect to the upcoming Galaxy flagship. Samsung has now trademarked the term “Always on Display”, supposedly for use with the Galaxy S7, which will be announced later this month on February 21 at MWC 2016.

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Samsung’s “Always on Display” will make use of the S7’s AMOLED display to provide information on weather, notifications, calendars and S Health data among other things. It will reportedly use as little as one percent of battery per hour but it is unclear if it will be a full-screen mode like Motorola or Google’s Ambient Display or something smaller like LG’s Glance View.

AMOLED displays, by virtue of only illuminating individual pixels, can be used to display information when the rest of the screen is off without consuming much battery power at all. LCD screens don’t permit this kind of energy-saving feature because the entire screen is backlit, even when displaying blacks.


The idea of an always-on display is hardly anything new and, if anything, it’s peculiar that Samsung hasn’t included something like it already. Even the name isn’t new, with YotaPhone using the term “Always On Display” for years with regards to its e-ink second screen devices. Samsung is sure to have something very different in mind though, and we only have a couple of weeks left until we see it in action.

How do you think Samsung’s Always on Display will differ from Moto’s, LG’s and Google’s?

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  • Žiga Štupar

    intresting just hope there will be no burn in

    • EasyCare

      I’m assuming the information will be constantly moved across the screen. But even then, it’ll still decrease the screen lifetime.

    • jai151

      Burn in hasn’t been a thing to worry about in many years

      • B

        tell that to all the samsung display models in the cell phone store.

        • blusasuke

          I can attest that burn in is still a thing. My Note 4 has burned in images on the screen. The game that the images are burned in from use a static menu par at the bottom of the screen and one can faintly make out the text from the icons.

          • Jack

            Thats also almost a 2 year old phone. Moron. Tech evolves

          • Ch4e

            Well he is not a moron , If you are someone who upgrades their phone every 2 years , others don’t and keep it for 4+ years . Burn ins become visible after 1-2 years so you can’t say tech evolved when the 1-2 years haven’t passed yet and we didn’t see updates on burn-ins in the newer amoled panels .
            Burn-ins still a thing to be afraid off , otherwise make your display on full brightness for 30 days with screen idle set to at least 5 mins and accept your burned in “Evolved Tech” Display .

          • tanjiajun34

            Did you all try running those burn in fixer application?

        • tanjiajun34

          Because they are always on, always on max brightness and more importantly always displaying the same image.

    • Mister Pyrrhuloxia

      I have burn in on my 5 month old Nexus 6. Not sure how to prevent it from happening.

      • Simranjit Singh

        Lower the brightness (keep it on auto), use dark/black theme or wallpaper and reduce the screen on time on idle, preferably 30 seconds. I still have an S3 and no burn ins for me.

      • fitnesspro22

        You should have stayed with NEXUS 5. No problems, Ferrari like performance.

      • tanjiajun34

        Ask Motorola because the Nexus 6 is using an old model of AMOLED display.

  • Žilvinas

    interesting just hope there will be burn in

  • Frizen Yeh

    interesting just burn there will be no hope in

  • David

    How the Hell can something being trademarked what is used by another company since years?

    • ConceptVBS

      Its whoever tradmarks or patents it gets to be the winner these days.

    • Simranjit Singh

      Money speak louder than common sense these days

    • Choda Boy

      I believe trademarking reserves/protects the name, not the idea or implementation.

  • Chief

    Seems pointless to be honest. Marketing gimmick.

    • Jackass

      Yet motorla has it

      • Prince

        It sure isn’t a gimmick on the Motorola devices.


      Naw I used to love the feature on my old Moto x and its great on my v10 too. I get to see battery time and notification without touching

    • tanjiajun34

      True. If I have the phone, it is the first thing I will off to save battery.

  • Jairus

    I like AMOLED but my biggest gripe with AMOLED panel is screen burn especially on the notification bar where almost everything is fixed and not-moving, that’s why I always have the brightness at the lowest level as much as possible when indoor to prevent screen burn.

    • pIXo

      3 years of normal use = no burn anywhere so why worry?

      • Jairus

        Not all AMOLED panels are created equal, you must be lucky to get a higher quality panel but my S5 AMOLED already have burn in on the notification bar, I’m preventing further burn ins by lowering screen brightness. It is almost 2 years old now but I’m gonna switch this year if the S7 delivers.

        • pIXo

          I was talking about Galaxy SIII

          • Jairus

            Well I’m talking about my experience with my device panel, as what I have said above, not all panels are created with equal quality and AMOLEDS are already know to degrade overtime because it’s using organic LED, your S3 just happen to degrade gracefully.

          • TheDude

            I have an S3 too (3 year old), and there’s very little burn in (it’s really minuscule that I didn’t even notice it until I actually tried to find it and even then I barely saw the difference), other than that the display is as good as new. (maybe the colors have deteriorated, or maybe it’s the work of CM13, so I can’t really tell about that one.)

      • Simranjit Singh

        Same here

    • John-Phillip Saayman

      What is the easiest way to see if I have burn in?

      • Jairus

        Open a plain blue, white or gray picture in full screen with 100% brightness. Blue because the blue led in OLED panel degrades faster than red and green led.

  • Βάλε Φίνα!

    S7 it is going to be awsome!

  • jasonlowr

    Really can’t wait for this phone!

  • Meir

    Amazing device ! Can’t wait !!!

  • TR Young

    I hope we get an SD card slot back.

  • Kody

    Idk, it seems like a useless feature to me.It would seem better to have something like a glance feature, where the accelerometers and the gyroscope sense the the phone is being held in a position where it is being looked at and flashes info or notifications.

    • Choda Boy

      Well, they already have Air Wake Up, but I do not know which eats more battery.

  • Kliment Stamenkov

    But doesn’t ‘Always on”+Amoled=burn in? I’ve seen a GS5 on a store display with a really bad burn in. We can expect #BurnInGate coming if this is true…

  • Jonathan Mercieca

    Lol shouldn’t they be saying “always draining battery display”

  • Xandercom

    My note edge has an always on time and date on the edge display, and have since they were released in 2014

  • Scott Ricketts

    I didn’t know burn-in was still a thing. Because the s6e’s battery life is so shitty, I’ve had to keep it on auto bright pretty much from day one and that helps with battery life, guess it’s handy for burn in as well.

  • mrt harris

    Samsung phones don’t bend burn or shatter that’s the apple iPhone brand. I got the sg6 Sg4 sg6 I keep full brightness on. I even keeps Samsung Sg4 on charge for a week show movie 24/7 no bend no burn no shatter. Simple the most advanced smart phones in the world. What’s on thee new iPhone 7 easy just check out what’s on a two year old Samsung galaxy phone to find out.

  • fitnesspro22

    Galaxy sucks for the money spent. I had three Galaxies, 2,3 and 4 and they all had absurd problems as soon as the warranty expired. Frozen screen. Battery drain when phone not in use. Same with Internet data. Gone in 24 hrs without using the phone. Blue tooth problems. You name it. Tossed the first two in the garbage bean. The last one sold for fraction of what I paid for it. Never never again will I buy another Galaxy. In December of 2013 got NEXUS 5. It was a life saver, fast and furious, no problems. I even found a new one now. So, I am the happy owner of NEXUS 5, 6P and 7, all new devices. (Sent from my brand new NEXUS 5, white. My NEXUS 6P is fast charging after two days of heavy use).


      Only problem with the 5 was the battery it was really below iphone 5s level. But besides that great phone and great value, the screen wasn’t amazing either but the phone only cost 350. The nexus 6p is near perfect tho

      • fitnesspro22

        Now with the Marshmallow the battery life is twice as good. Screen is no big deal, however, the performance is outstanding. There is no other phone as fast as the N5 except the NEXUS. 6P. They are about the same in normal use, excluding games playing. As to price, get a load of this. I paid $349 for my 5 in Dec 2013. Sold it in Dec 2015 for $149. Found a brand new, white N5 on Amazon, LG warranty for 12 months. Grabbed it for $189. I love that phone. My NEXUS 6P is a top phone, however after two and a half months, I am still getting used to its big size. Otherwise it is a true Flagship. It should be for $650.00 plus tax.

        • DEXTER DAVIS

          The 6p is a beast. I was going to pick up the n5 years ago, but I was on Verizon, and I couldn’t justify 350 for a device that I couldn’t actually use

    • Btort

      you just mentioned the shittiest galaxy phones, the s6 and on are much better and not much lag unlike the POS phones you mentioned

      • Falenone

        Indeed. I had S3 and it’s usable only with custom ROM. Stock software sucks.

        • Btort

          it’s that bad that I am comparing s3/s4 laggyness to the A9, I’ve never seen a htc phone with much lag ever….the processor is probably just a POS

  • Ash J

    I hope they copyrighted it in the US too, or Apple will sue them and take that too.