Samsung Galaxy S6 review: the change we’ve been waiting for

by: Joshua VergaraMarch 20, 2015

The Bottom Line

Samsung finally delivers the change we've been waiting for

  • Metal construction brings a better look to an accessible form factor
  • Excellent Quad HD 5.1-inch screen
  • Exynos 7420 is proving itself as full replacement to Snapdragons
  • Loud bottom mounted speaker
  • 16MP camera performs very well in all but the dimmest lighting conditions
  • Touchwiz is actually dialed back and is the smoothest yet
  • No longer waterproof
  • Lack of expandable storage
  • Battery not replaceable
  • Battery life average - just over one day with typical usage
  • Camera sticks out and can get damaged somewhat easily
With much needed changes inside and out, Samsung finally brings to the table what you’d expect from a high-end flagship with the Galaxy S6.

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Editor's Choice Update 2015With the Galaxy S series losing steam ever since the Galaxy S4, Samsung needed a dramatic change in order to make a comeback in the flagship market, overrun by better looking, and sometimes even better performing devices. That drastic change came in the form of the Galaxy S6, with its beautiful metal and glass design, even while retaining what makes Samsung, Samsung.

Does Samsung’s latest flagship mark its return to dominance in the smartphone world? We find out in this in-depth Samsung Galaxy S6 review!

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With every new addition to the S series, Samsung has always made promises of “revolutionary” design and build quality, only to leave consumers feeling disappointed with their somewhat cheap feeling plastic builds. That has all finally changed with the Galaxy S6. Boasting a classy metal and glass design, the Galaxy S6 offers the premium look and feel that is expected from a high-end smartphone from Samsung.

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That said, there’s no mistaking the Galaxy S6 for anything other than a Samsung smartphone, with the general design language being quite similar to its predecessors. The device retains signature elements of Samsung smartphones, including the tactile home button up front, flanked by capacitive back and recent apps keys. The volume rocker and power button are also found at their usual positions to the left and right respectively, and have a reassuring click and press to them. Changes include the headphone jack and the speaker grill being moved to the bottom of the phone, flanking the microUSB port. Moving to the back, the camera and flash area have been redesigned and come with metallic accents to add to the premium look.

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Coming to the new build materials, the metal frame is a very welcome change; the tapered rises on the top and bottom halves are reminiscent of the frame of the Galaxy Note 4. 2.5D glass adds a little dimension to the glass atop the display, and now the back of the phone itself is also made of glass.

There’s no denying that the change in build material and quality was a necessary move on Samsung’s part, but this decision wasn’t without compromises, with two staple Samsung features, expandable storage and a removable battery, now unavailable.

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At just 6.8 mm thick, the Galaxy S6 is extremely sleek, but this thinness does result in the camera module protruding quite a bit, and while we have seen this with other smartphones, in this case, this proved to be a real world issue. When I tried to stand the phone up for a shot, a wayward gust of wind made the phone fall on its back. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem as it’s not even a real drop, but on picking up the phone, a crack in the glass that covers the camera optics could be seen. Thankfully, this was just a cosmetic issue and the camera experience was not affected. That said, it’s very unfortunate that it even happened, and though it might have been a singular situation, it still didn’t make me feel very secure about the crystal that was supposed to protect the camera.

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Aside from the material change, and despite it, what is first noticed about the Galaxy S6 is the phone’s light weight, making for a device that is pretty easy to handle. With a display size of 5.1-inch, this smartphone should be pretty accessible for the vast majority of users. Though there was some slippage from time to time, it definitely doesn’t keep me from rating the Galaxy S6 as a very comfortable phone to use.

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I can’t help but think that the very people who previously lamented the plastic builds of Galaxy phones will now be happy, while everyone else will now be upset. Those users who want and expect quite literally everything from their Samsung device just won’t be getting it here. The replaceable battery and expandable storage are the main holes here, and it’s up to the user to decide if they are dealbreakers. Nonetheless, this just might be one of the best looking phones that Samsung has ever made, and we’re quite happy with the step forward that Samsung has taken this long to finally take.

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As mentioned, the Galaxy S6 comes with same 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display of its predecessor, but with a boost in the resolution department to Quad HD, resulting in an impressive pixel density of 577 ppi. Super AMOLED brings with it what many of its fans already enjoy, with its deep blacks and highly vivid colors that are Samsung’s signature. And if the saturation is too much, you are given full freedom to tone it down.

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With the high resolution and pixel density, just about everything on this device looks absolutely gorgeous. Text is incredibly sharp, videos are a blast to watch even when the full 2K resolution isn’t really being taken advantage of, and playing games is a very enjoyable experience. Viewing the phone in broad daylight is not difficult at all, though some issues with glare are to be expected. At full brightness, I had no issue getting things done out in a very open and sunny area.

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With such a high density, the display is also a little sensitive. Swiping down the notification dropdown requires just the right kind of flick, and even a small touch from the skin on the sides of the device when playing games can mean the difference between virtual life and death. These aren’t necessarily issues per se, but things that I simply noticed on the Galaxy S6. Perhaps they are testaments to how advanced this screen is, apart from being one of the best viewing experiences available now.

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While previous Samsung flagships featured two iterations, one with a Qualcomm processor and another with an Exynos chip, Samsung is not looking to Qualcomm for their chipsets this time around, favoring its in-house octa-core Exynos 7420 processor, clocked at 2.1 GHz, and backed by the Mali-T760 GPU and 3 GB of RAM.

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It certainly makes sense that Samsung would optimize their software experience for their own processing packages, and the combination seems to have paid off. As expected from a high-end device of this caliber, the performance is fantastic. Swiping and scrolling through the various elements of the UI, opening, closing, and switching between apps, other transitions, and general tasks are all extremely smooth. The performance of the Galaxy S6 is perhaps most easily demonstrated by the camera shortcut. Simply double tap the home button, and the camera application will slide up from the bottom in under a second, doing so without a hitch almost every single time.

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The Mali graphics also do well to produce a good gaming experience, and the only noticeable slowdown was when there were too many things happening on screen, like explosions in Sky Force. Even then, the stutter was cosmetic and the game speed itself didn’t let up. The phone does get hot under heavy gaming load, sometimes to the point where I had to put the phone down because of how uncomfortably hot it had become. That said, nothing shut down, and the games that caused this never closed or slowed down in any way.

Where you might have previously always noticed and got angered by the stutters and slowdowns of Touchwiz, we now have the smoothest iteration of Samsung’s UI yet, and it only further justifies Samsung’s move to stick with the processors they’ve made in-house.

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The Galaxy S6 comes with 32/64/128 GB storage options, but the latter two options may be the better choice for power users, given the lack of expandable storage. A full suite of connectivity options and sensors are available, but Samsung always adds something extra when it comes to their flagships. In this case, these are both features inherited from the Galaxy S5.

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Starting with the fingerprint scanner, the sensor has been updated to a touch-based variety, which is a far better implementation when compared to the swipe type of its predecessor. To begin with, you now have the option to set up the scanner with your finger placed in a position that is the most comfortable to you, and it doesn’t require the rigid movements needed with a swipe type variety. This implementation also makes it very quick and easy to unlock the device, as you only need to press and hold the home button to get into the main screen. The scanner can also be used with Samsung Pay, whenever it’s released in the later part of the year.

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Also making its way over from the previous generation is the heart rate monitor, also found on the back, and it works a little better because of its placement vertically on the side of the camera, instead of below it. Even if you don’t use it very often with the updated S Health application, the ability to use the sensor as a trigger for self portraits make it quite useful.

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When it comes to speakers, moving away from the back of the phone is always a good move, and the Galaxy S6 is probably the best speaker experience Samsung has ever put out on a flagship. The bottom located speaker is bringing some very loud audio, enjoyable even in noisy environments, and while it still isn’t as good as front facing speakers, it’s vastly superior to any rear mounted units Samsung has used in the past.

Connectivity was no issue, with the phone easily connecting to LTE networks and the call quality proving to be as good as ever.

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Finally when it comes to the battery, the Galaxy S6 packs a relatively small 2,550 mAh battery, and, on top of the fact that the battery is now not replaceable, it’s quite easy to dismiss the battery life as subpar. What I haven’t mentioned in the performance section is the processor being fabricated with a 14 nm process. Moving down to 14 nm basically means that data is transmitted across a smaller distance, which should lead to better power consumption. With this said, I found that battery life remains in line with the Galaxy S5, rather than get better than before.

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As such, the Galaxy S6 battery performs just about how you would expect. A bit over a full day of work for the typical user, with the power user probably having to rely on the power saving modes and the occasional connection to a fast charger. To say that it’s a bummer the Galaxy S6 isn’t an overachiever in the battery life department is unfortunate, but the fact that it is an average performer at best is something we, quite frankly, expected.

Wireless charging is also available with the Galaxy S6 now, and the best part being is that the S6 is compatible with the two major wireless charging standards currently available.

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Hardware is rounded out by the camera package, which brings some of the best specifications we’ve seen from a Galaxy device. The Galaxy S6 features a 16 MP rear facing unit and a 5 MP unit in the front, with both shooters sporting f/1.9 aperture for better low light shots, and auto-HDR modes to easily make your photos pop.

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It’s easy to see in the camera app that things have been dialed back a bit, with UI elements relegated to the sides of the viewfinder, at least until you hit the Pro mode, which is a very welcome addition. While Pro modes are certainly not new, what I personally enjoy most about the Galaxy S6 Pro mode is the ability to manually adjust the focus. This is a far better way to take advantage of the depth of field an f/1.9 aperture provides, though if you prefer to change the focus after the shot, the Selective Focus mode is still available.

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Panorama and virtual shot modes are available too, if you want to get fancy, and the panoramic capture does well to keep stitching to a minimum, unless your subjects are moving way too much. Video can be captured in slow motion or in 4K, though both of these modes will not have the benefit of HDR and various other enhancements that are available with 1080p video capture. The front facing camera, though not an overachiever, is more than enough for self portraits in just about any situation, and having HDR available means you can get a somewhat better shot if you need exposure compensation.

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Though the viewfinder might not always show how good the photo will turn out in live view, the pictures I got in situations where I expected lackluster quality frequently turned out better. Having HDR on auto takes the guesswork out of double exposure situations, but the effect is sometimes too light, and enhancing the photo in the photo editor may be necessary.

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In good lighting, the camera gets highly detailed, very vivid photos, that are worthy of everything from social media to capturing key moments of your life, and rarely did I get a dull photo. Autofocus tracking proved useful for moving subjects, as the camera typically managed to keep focus steady. That’s certainly a better implementation than having to feverishly tap the screen yourself. In lower light situations, the f/1.9 aperture definitely helped, though there is a law of diminishing returns as the light gets dimmer.

For shots in the dead of night outside, I was still quite impressed with what came out, and I was even more impressed when I zoomed in. Normally, on most smartphone cameras, zooming into the darker parts of a photo reveals smudges and fuzzy interpretations of the captured light. After all, it’s not necessarily how much the camera is able to capture, but what is done to the data after the photo is taken. In the case of the Galaxy S6, the noise is largely left alone, so the portrayal of the scene remains accurate. After having to suffer through many cases of shoddy post-processing, this is a much better way to handle low light situations.

samsung galaxy s6 vs note 4 aa 16

I recently revisited the Galaxy Note 4 for its great camera experience to re-familiarize myself with the Samsung way of taking pictures, and it proved itself to be a great camera companion. The Galaxy S6 proves to be just as good, if not slightly better, than the Note 4, and Samsung continues to provide one of the best camera experiences in the smartphone world.

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Finally, we come to Touchwiz, which has gone through a number of changes, and one of the first things we noticed was its silence, literally. When navigating around the user interface, those water drop noises and all those other annoying Samsung sounds are absent, which should be a plus for most users.

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This story of trimming down continues when you get to the settings screen. Many of the features that oversaturated previous Galaxy S devices are nowhere to be found, like the air gestures or the Toolbox, and even the setting screen itself is not an incredible mess of dozens and dozens of circle icons. This time, it’s a simple list with an easily editable quick settings area up top.

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The notification dropdown still clearly bears Samsung’s signature, but it’s made a little easier on the eyes with the Lollipop aesthetic put in. Speaking of Lollipop, the recent apps screen has the card layout, but it is also the place where Mulitwindow can be activated, either by holding down the recent apps button to be guided into creating your dual panel, or by pressing the icon found on any of the cards compatible with this feature.

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The next thing we noticed in this Touchwiz was the lack of incessant tutorial popups. Rather than throwing all of its capabilities in the user’s face, the Galaxy S6 seems content to be used based on the user’s own sensibilities. If you want the extra Samsung capabilities, they’re available if you know how to trigger them. The Multiwindow is the main example of this, but there is also the small window capability from the Galaxy Note 4, which I actually accidentally discovered on my own when swiping down from the top. Sure enough, this feature is still available by swiping from any top corner to create a smaller version of the screen, and nowhere in this situation was I interrupted with an annoying tutorial screen.

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While many of the questionable features of Touchwiz were removed, that’s only part of the trimming done here, as several less important Samsung applications are no longer pre-installed. I do tip my hat to the new look of S Health though, which is a bit more attractive to look at as I check my heart rate from time to time.

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This dialing back of the software is a refreshing change of pace, even if Touchwiz still looks a little too bubbly and too colorful, just like before. But there is a solution even for that, as the Galaxy S6 introduces a theme store, where you can find and install a whole new look for the interface. It’s not the most customizable version of themes we’ve seen, but it’s a big step in the right direction.

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Like we’ve already said, the Galaxy S6 flies through all of these interface elements, even the Multi and S Window portions, and that is perhaps the biggest takeaway here. Users who just want a phone to work based on the typical Android multitasking and navigation experience will have no trouble with the Galaxy S6, and that’s quite a feat. If they do want a bit extra, they can dig deeper, without Touchwiz parading itself in their faces. This is definitely one of the smoothest and easiest software experiences Samsung has ever put out, and it stands out as one of the best in this current crop of flagship devices.

Display5.1-inch Super AMOLED
2560 x 1440 resolution, 577 ppi
ProcessorExynos 7420
Storage32/64/128 GB
Camera16 MP rear camera with OIS
5 MP front-facing camera with 90 degree wide angle lens
ConnectivityWiFi a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth 4.1, NFC, GPS + GLONASS
NetworksLTE cat 6 300/50
Battery2,550 mAh
Fast charging
WPC and PMA-compatible wireless charging
SoftwareAndroid 5.0 Lollipop
Dimensions143.4 x 70.5 x 6.8 mm
138 grams
ColorsBlack, white, gold, blue

We don’t quite know what the price will be on carriers in the US, but the Galaxy S6 should come at the typical prices on contracts, with the equally typical price of around $700 unlocked. For an even more premium price, the Galaxy S6 Edge is a choice that brings a unique take on the Galaxy S experience, though our review will soon give the verdict on whether the edges are worth it. Of course, other flagships will compete with the Galaxy S6, like the HTC One M9, which is arriving soon, and the usual arch-rival, the iPhone 6.

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So there you have it – a detailed look at the Samsung Galaxy S6! Sometimes, a company needs a different perspective to gain all of its attention back and, with the Galaxy S6, Samsung has definitely brought back quite a bit of the buzz it lost with its predecessors. A pretty drastic change in the design philosophy brings the best looking and best handling device the Galaxy S line has ever had, but sacrifices some key elements that Samsung fans may pine over.

For all that has changed on the outside, what has changed on the inside might even out the negatives, though. Touchwiz is better than ever, which is something I never thought I would say. The camera experience continues to improve and keeps Samsung among the top Android shooters, and a powerful screen and processor make the Galaxy S6 an easily recommended daily driver for many users. Whether forward or backward, Samsung has finally shifted in a number of key areas, and the Galaxy S6 is the change we’ve been waiting for. The end result is one of the best devices Samsung has ever put out, and one that won’t fade into obscurity as easily as its predecessor.

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  • Is this a pre-release model or a final version with final software?

  • JK

    all I took from this was bad battery life….this thing does not outlast my Nexus 6?? lets see the sammy fans respond with WHY this is not a fact

    • One

      He said it’s close to the S5, which already had great battery life. In addition, the N6 is phablet. Talk about comparing oranges to apples.

  • Fred Flinstone

    I might go with the IPhone 6 Plus if the price is way to far out. I am ready for a change and this may push me over the edge. I use the galaxy s4 but it will come down to price and what i see and hear about this phone.

    • ed

      The normal S6 will be about the same price as the normal iphone 6. The Edge will be around the same price as the 6 Plus.

  • jose chavez

    I Just have a question about software, and i think its something that most of reviews have been missing, ¿ How much of those 32/64/128 GB will touchwiz take away?. I have the SGS4, and only the touchwiz takes half of the internal memory available and that sucks… Now with the S6 there’s no SD card slot and i think this is the biggest mistake that Samsung has made …

    • Pumpkin King

      The S4 took extra memory, but S5 and Note 4 took it back to normal amounts at around 11gb usable.
      26-28gb usable is very normal on 32gb and what should be expected. Especially since Touchwiz has been dialed back and you don’t get 32gb exact…or whatever level of memory it is you don’t actually get that exact amount.

  • Thunderzak

    Such a high FPS video!
    Are all your videos like that?

  • musecal

    Disappointed by the cracked camera lense. Also noticed a reviewer pointing out scratches on the display floor at MWC. I don’t mind a fragile inexpensive phone, or an expensive sturdy phone, but having something I’m going to have to pay Appl€$ prices for AND have it break easily is worrying. My old S3 (still my present handset) has survived numerous drops and scrapes. I need to see this phone in a drop test.

    • Pumpkin King

      Scratches on a display model? Seriously? You have no idea who handled it or what they did

      And the camera thing was their own carelessness.

  • Poopik Shmill

    Biggest problem: it’s to damn expensive

    • JK

      follows by the home button.

    • asdfas

      its not, in the middle east the s6 32 Gb is much cheaper than the note 4 when it was released. it is about the same price or slightly lower than the other high-end phones with similar memory

    • TheNash

      Galaxy S and Note lines always start off expensive then drop to almost half the initial price after a year.

      That said, being an early adopter of any gadget usually carries a day 1 premium

  • TheNash

    OK review, but it focusses too much on the build quality and standard Android features of the S6. It hardly mentions what’s actually new or unique about it.

    What about the new fingerprint scanner compared to the S5 one (which was terrible), Samsung’s wireless payments, built-in wireless charging, fast charging, wifi calling and audio quality through headphones. Those are some pretty significant features that a lot of people will want to know about

    • Hans Pedersen

      Yeah, this felt more like a preview than a review. I guess some sites do that just to get firsties.

      • Guest

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    • Josh DeGroat

      WiFi calling isn’t a new feature for the s6. And the wireless payments won’t be available until summer so they couldn’t review it

    • Jay Holm

      Everybody focuses way, way too much on “build quality”. How a snartphone is built has nothing to do with basic functionality such as web browsing, YouTube.

      • Airyl

        Anything can web browse or play Youtube videos.

    • Cho

      I agree with you that this review does not show some important features that the phone has. however, you sould realize that that it’s not easy to check out some of the new features; like samsung pay which can only be tested with a machine for that the service is not launched in public.

      • TheNash

        I completely agree that not all features may be active or ready for testing yet, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that they weren’t even mentioned. In fact, besides the camera being fragile, all they did was repeat what was already covered in the previews.

        As Hans mentioned above, this feels like it was rushed just to get a “first”. This may get AndroidAuthority some site hits in the short term, but it makes makes them less trustworthy as a proper place to go to for real reviews going forward.

    • gacl

      What’s new: super nice CPU/GPU, Android 5.0, lighter TouchWiz, more RAM, more built-in storage, no waterproofing, no SD card slot, no removable battery, nicer camera, nicer AMOLED screen, better fingerprint sensor… And yes, more aesthetic case materials. And the curved screen option. Most of us knew these things, but I was hoping an in depth review would show us more hidden details. Personally, I am eager to here more about the rumored “Active” variant which may be more durable and maybe even water proofed. That stuff is way more important that cutesy case materials.

      • Gard Vikingstad

        More news: support for both wireless charging standards OOTB, 4G+.

    • shane g

      Read the specs

      • TheNash

        You do realise there’s a difference between a review and a specs sheet, right?

    • iKrontologist

      Plus Joshua Vergara is a known Samsung Hater from the word GO. So if this is Android Authority’s Official Review, they’re in big trouble. What I’m wondering is how in the world he could ever crack the camera glass in the first place, the way he claims it broke. Since it’s been revealed that it’s not breakable sapphire glass many thought to be.

      It’s officially Gorilla Glass 4…. just like that in the front n back, now taking abuse in drop tests. So if it’s going to crack the Gorilla Glass 4 camera lens cover merely 5″ inches high, he had to have done something to it a whole lot more punishing. Like accidentally on purpose taking a screw driver or something and hitting it with a hammer! lol….

      But….. oh well, now we know who and who not to believe on the next claim he makes about some bogus inferior trait on a non-HTC phone!!! ;-P

      • TheNash

        I don’t think it’s anything quite so diabolical. It was just a weak, rushed review meant to get hits for being “first”.

        That obviously worked, but it’s made me less inclined to trust this site as a reliable source for Android gadgets in the future

    • Robert James

      The most I like in this design is the change in the position of Headphone jack. Earlier at least to me it was difficult to read books in bus because of it but thanks to samsung they have changed the position from top to bottom.

  • SimaYi

    No expandable storage
    No replaceable battery
    Unimproved (One day) battery life
    More expensive than the S5 ($800 for a 64GB???)

    Why does AndroidAuthority think a phone thats worse than its predecessor is worthy of a higher rating? Because Samsung is desperate – they will keep giving them free phones and schwag as long as Verge, AndroidAuthority, and CNET keep kissing Samsungs butt. I’m not even a Apple fan and its obvious Samsung is trying to appeal to Apple fans (who are ONLY GOING TO BUY APPLE NO MATTER WHAT). Hope Samsung is looking forward to more mediocre smartphone sales in 2015.

    • le_lutin

      “Why does AndroidAuthority think a phone thats worse than its predecessor is worthy of a higher rating”

      Cos they don’t think it’s worse?
      Just a guess.

    • One

      Lol, they are already on the path of beating the S5 sales. You mad bro?

    • Pumpkin King

      While losing those two main things such for many users… Its just as stupid to claim that those two things alone make it worse.
      Its largely improved in almost every other way.

      And if you think battery is unimproved you have not done enough reviewing to know what you are taking about.

      And duh its more expensive. Is just about to release and comes with higher memory versions.
      And it uses some of the most expensive and advanced technology.

  • dkbnyc

    So it seems the NOTE 4 is still the best thing Samsung ever produced. [They better not mess up the Note 5 with this glass crap and lack of extended memory or removable battery!]

  • Mainman

    why grammar no good on dees commetnt?

  • Openfullres

    Open the sample pictures of the S6 in full screen if you want to see the real quality. I looked at the small window and was really disappointed with the quality until I opened the full picture. Really stunning.

    • Karl Dagenais

      They’re nice, but not as impressive as I expected with all the fuss they made about the camera and that f/1.9 lens. Some of those low light shots are blurry, including the first selfie. Can’t expect miracles from such a small sensor, but expected a bit better.

  • WestFiasco

    If I’m honest, Samsung outdid HTC this time around. The S6 is great in my eyes, the only issues I have in terms of UI are the quick toggles and settings menu but it looks like a good theme could remove those gripes. Good job Samsung.

    • Justin W

      It’s not hard to out-do someone who sits on their ass and does nothing though.

      • WestFiasco

        That is true but regardless of that I’m giving credit where I think it’s due.

  • Flip Jumpman

    Why couldn’t they just make it a bit thicker for a bigger battery?

    • vita09

      nah man, they are competing with apple for thiness. cook will go up the stage in october and say the iPhone 6S is 10% thinner and lighter than the 6.

  • Gochichi

    Let me say, I’ve never owned an iPhone. I have owned a Galaxy S2 a while back. I presently own an HTC 8X, HTC One M7, and a Nexus 5.

    I’m ashamed for Samsung as this is perhaps the most blatant copy of an iPhone (the iPhone 6 specifically) that I’ve ever seen to date. I am certainly surprised as well to see this review not even place this shameful copy-catting in the cons column and it obviously played no role in your generous score of 90.

    This is not a “poor Apple” whine fest. Apple will be great, it’s clear that the knock-off is a great form of flattery. Where does it leave the competitors who aren’t willing to blatantly copy designs though? Where does it leave HTC, LG, Sony, OnePlus, and so on, when the biggest problem with the HTC M8 is that it was just too similar to the M7.

    I’m amazed frankly, that Samsung managed to make a touch controlled slab of glass look so distinctly like an iPhone 6. My jaw drops at the sight of this. I hope as consumers we can hold off on the temptation (it’s a tempting phone) and go with companies that play fair. I see no need for this, none. Reviewer: I don’t value your tolerance, I don’t think you’ve thought this through… does this knock-off truly deserve this high rating when other companies are actually competing with their own assets?

    • Flip Jumpman

      Why does every damn rectangle phone have to be a iPhone copy? Oh yeah, Apple created the rectangle.

    • j2001m

      You are up on Apple copying the direct design of the 1st windows phone 8 phome samsung came out with I.e. It’s samsung design and not apples

      • hoggleboggle

        Or that the back of the iphone 6 is a carbon copy of the HTC One stying, just flattened. Maybe Apple’s photocopiers couldn’t pick up the subtle curve of the HTC’s back or they would have copied that too?

    • IulianPeride

      Apple fair. Please tell me more about it.

      Go watch a picture of the nokia lumia 925, the profile is identical to the one which was adopted by apple with iphone 6 so get your facts straight with who copied who.
      I’m not saying that samsung is not copying, everybody does it but this doesn’t mean that “apple copied first so samsung cannot copy”.

    • hoggleboggle

      So based on one shot from a particular angle of the bottom looks a little like the iphone (and a dozen other devices with rounded metal edges including Samsung’s own tablet range) and they are once again copying Apple. Really? Why not complain that the camera bulge on the back is copied from LG or that the glass front and back is stolen from Sony?

    • Jason Henderson

      You are an idiot or a apple fan.

      • Marwan Wahman

        you gave him no choices man cuz if he is an apple fan then he is an idiot

    • Pumpkin King

      The front and backs look entirely different. Most would agree better on s6, though subjective.
      The sides have different shaped frames. Samsung went slightly different while apple copied the shape/design and rounded frame of past samsung devices like the note 1 and ativ.
      The only similar area is the bottom… speaker and headphone jack are on the bottom….and the rounded frame apple copied.

      But there’s more. You do realize that Samsung also had phones with headphone jacks on the bottom at least two years before iphone right? And that they had phones with bottom firing speakers since at least 2009 right?

      So if thats copying then its 100% apple doing the copying. As for charge ports are obviously different, and antenna cutouts speaker for themselves.
      What should Samsung have done? Changed their designs because apple are shameless thieves? Used squared or triangular speaker holes and frame shape? Put charger, headphone, and speaker on the side? Not used plastic cutouts for antenna?????

      And as for everything else apple just released HD displays and has never used superior Amoled. It doesn’t have the worlds best mobile display according to the display experts.
      And they sure didn’t use the worlds first mobile 14nm chip far exceeding other phone SoCs. And they definitely didn’t use new ufs ii memory thats 3-5x faster and more efficient. Even multi task. Or drop 16gb base model.
      Infact crapple used weaker memory that caused issues and crashes. And dropped 32gb in favor of 16gb to squeeze more money out of you.

      And if you really want to go there apple stole the names iphone, ios, and ipad. As well as copied the designs of the lg prada and samsung sgh z610 for the original iphone.
      Too bad it took them over 2 years to finally include mms.
      So troll again? Of course you will.

      • Gochichi

        Just because Samsung decided to copy something, doesnt mean that I love that thing. I don’t think the best cartoon of a mouse is Mickey Mouse. Look at a mouse, create a new cartoon. But if you draw a knockoff of Mickey it’s just a little weird to me. And entirely unnecessary.

        I think Samsung has the answer, it just goofed. All Samsung needed to do was go 100% S6 edge. Just kill off the iPhone replica before even beginning.

        The HTC 8X (from 2012) has a screen that is the same size and resolution of the iPhone 6. I am completely aware that were aren’t going to see complete originality in a smart phone. The standard S6 just goes to another level, and I think of it as a replica.

        Not a replica of the best phone ever. Not a replica of the best looking phone ever. A replica, specifically of the iPhone 6. Good or bad.

        Look at Chinese replicas of cars, and you’ll begin to see what I mean. Cars that are just too similar in their designs, that it is even deemed illegal to sell them outside of China.

        I want an S6, I too enjoy the 32gb of base capacity, I too hope that it costs less than an iPhone. I just feel bad for companies that are original, like Nokia was, like Sony, like HTC, like Samsung is sometimes (the note, the entire concept seems VERY original). I am surprised it’s legal to sell a replica in the developed world.

        • Pumpkin King

          Your reply is completely bias and false and completely ignores and contradicts the facts in provided. You didn’t even bother to read it guaranteed.
          As such I have no care to read any of your fanboy delusions. Come back when you actually have a clue or some brain cells

  • Aaron Martone

    Can you confirm whether or not Samsung is forcing the Magazine UX application when you swipe to the side of the home screen? Theme support is fantastic, even if professionally designed ones are extremely rare, but I would love the option to be able to get a truer Lollipop UI on the phone if at all possible; understand why Samsung defaulted to TouchWiz, and glad they put it on a diet; but choice and customization are powerful features of a phone.

    • j2001m

      It now loads supper fast and can easy ne removed if needed

      • Aaron Martone

        Are you talking about TouchWiz vs other loaders or about the Magazine UX?

        • Kaleidoscope Dream™

          No he’s talking about the read and write speeds of the storage. It more than doubles the speeds of the fastest SD cards or any other phones read and write speeds. If they added a SD Card slot it would completely negate that amazing speed.

          • Aaron Martone

            Ah, OK. Well, fixed storage speeds vs mounted storage; was to be expected. Not sure why he made mention of it being removable if needed, simply because it cannot.

            But I really would like to find out if Samsung opted to force Magazine UX down its user’s throats again. My Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 (which will either never see an OS later than 4.4.4, or must wait another year before Samsung will push Lollipop out to it) has that horrible app eating up memory on load. Of it’s fixed 2GB, at any given point, I only have about 16-20% of that free. I like my OS to be as minimal as possible, and as ME for approval to load/install things.

          • Kaleidoscope Dream™

            No dude fixed storage and mounted storage speeds were still completely dominated by the GS6. Meaning the storage read and writes on the S6 are faster than in any phones or in any flash storage SD card they could find. And if you were to put an SD card in the S6 you’ll diminish the amazing speeds of its storage. Btw it’s storage is supposedly 2.5x’s faster and in the tests I’ve seen can even be over 3x’s faster

          • Aaron Martone

            OK, but this doesn’t change the fact that my initial concern is not over the storage solution. I’m personally planning on a 64GB model and I’m sure read/write will be phenomenal. The video in this review (though done very well) was aggravating in that each time he showed the home screen, rather than just swipe left/right to see if Magazine UX was installed, he goes either into recent apps or the app drawer, so I still have no confirmation if MagUX got the boot or not.

          • Kaleidoscope Dream™

            No it’s still there I’m pretty sure you can disable it though just like on the S5 so no problem. I may end up installing BlinkFeed on it.

          • Aaron Martone

            Odd. I have an agency S5 and never had MagUX on it to start out with. But my Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 (KK4.4.4) does have it, and I’ve never found away (sans rooting) to get rid of it. If I can disable it (and preferably remove it), I’m fine with it being preinstalled; I’ve just never met a MagUX I could get rid of.

          • Kaleidoscope Dream™

            It’s in options somewhere as I believe. Either you swipe to it from the home screen and look in settings there or in the actual settings of your device.

          • Kaleidoscope Dream™

            Do a pinch gesture on the home screen go to home screen settings and disable it.

          • Hoggleboggle

            Shouldn’t installing a different launcher get rid of it? They also don’t require rooting.

          • RedWolfeXR

            No offense, but it doesn’t NEED fast speeds for the things I store on my SD cards. (Android has been blocking applications from running from SD for a while now) I keep books and music on mine, and don’t see why I should have to tie up the applications space on the main memory with media.

            One major issue is that many carriers ONLY offer one memory option, generally the smallest for price reasons. So saying “its only $50 or $100 for the 128GB upgrade” which is the same cost as a “good” SD is meaningless in the actual marketplace. Apple gets to sell 5-6 variants of memory and screen per model — Samsung doesn’t. So all that is going to be easily bought is the 32GB version.

          • Kaleidoscope Dream™

            Well you’re shit outta luck sir. I’m going to get the 32gb version.

        • j2001m

          Magazine UX and it can be turned off, touchwiz now as themes manger that changes icon and so on and addon apps can be installed like the ms ones and facebook and so on

  • hoggleboggle

    “only to leave consumers feeling disappointed with their somewhat cheap feeling plastic builds” the thing is the consumers never had a problem with this, it has always been the reviewers who have this idiotic notion that metal and glass is a better idea for a device that is prone to being dropped.

    • Jason Henderson

      YOU ARE WRONG! Please do not speak for me as a consumer. Thank you.

      • hoggleboggle

        no need to shout either. The very fact that you are posting here distinguishes you from the average consumer.

    • Pumpkin King

      Exactly. Silly reviews and people who will always find something to bash them for are for the most part the only ones that think this

  • Jason Henderson

    “Lack of expandable storage” This is not true! You actually get 115 Gigs free cloud storage with this phone. Cloud storage is no different than SD storage except that you do not have to open your phone to use it! 2 years from now standard SD storage will become obsolete and cloud will be the norm. Come on people grow with technology!

    Exchanging the battery does not matter either since the battery charges 4 hours use time in 10 minutes and there are batter packs you can use.

    • hoggleboggle

      Cloud storage is great, right up to the point where you enter a tunnel or other signal black spot and everything goes silent or when you are on holiday and don’t want to incur roaming charges. Having the storage physically on board will always trump a cloud solution.

      • Jason Henderson

        You should not be playing with your phone while driving anyways. Plus come on how many tunnels do people go through in a day??? Get real man.

        • One

          I think hoggleboggle is a mole man

        • Pumpkin King

          You purposefully contradict their factual information just to right it off with your own bias and tell them to get real? Grow up…. And some brain cells.

        • Hoggleboggle

          Ever heard of trains, or the metro/underground/subway? A very common form of transportation here in the UK and with a lot of tunnels and signal deadzones. There is also this thing called a basement (often used for parking or shopping malls) where a signal is often poor or non-existent.

        • satanburger

          Because underground trains aren’t a thing.

          • Jason Henderson

            Exactly! =D

    • arcwindz

      Wanna bet? I’ll contact you again in 2 years and I’ll gladly inform you that Cloud Storage has not become the norm yet in Indonesia

      • One

        Well, if you aren’t a first world country, I wouldn’t be shocked.

        • arcwindz

          That’s the point my friend.

          • One

            My point is the most lucrative customers are in first world countries.

          • arcwindz

            errr, no. Developing countries are the most lucrative market.
            Developed country may provide a good market, but significant growth can only be achieved in developing country.

            Edit: Not always though, since life is unpredictable anyway

          • One

            How are developing countries the most lucrative markets? Unless you are talking about the winning the low end, which only works if you are selling in bulk. The competition in the low end is becoming increasingly saturated and is only going to get worse. Larger profit margins are in the high end, which is only available with greater purchasing power. Developing countries are riddled with economic disparities, i.e., lacks a middle class, whereas develop countries have a larger and wealthier middle class, in other words, larger purchasing power.

          • arcwindz

            We are talking about phones here which is around $1000 at most, not a supercar. Around that level, developing countries got a lot more people who can buy that.

          • One

            Not really. Higher numbers does not equals more purchases. You have to take in consideration the cost of living as well. Paying $1000 for phone is more justifiable when one is living in a developing nation than a lesser developing one. On top of that, if one can afford to easily purchase a $1000 dollar phone, cloud vs expanded memory would probably be the least of their concerns.

          • arcwindz

            I saw that argument a lot… Believe me, the consumption culture in my country is not to be underestimated.
            Yeah it’s expensive, but so what if people can pay it in 12/24 installments anyway.
            Well, companies know best, and they are marketing their stuff in developing countries for a reason. And the cloud storage? It’s a good trend, but not something that can become the norm yet. I guess the discussion is a bit long already?

          • One

            Of course they are market in developing countries. How do you want to have buyers if you don’t market your goods? With that said, taking the fact the those consumption cultures are also heavy purchasers of iPhones,which lacks an microSD slot as well, you may be overestimating the worthiness of the microSD.

          • arcwindz

            Have… to… resist… reply… arghhh

            ” you may be overestimating the worthiness of the microSD”

            Dude! We are talking about the cloud here, Yes i agree it’s a great idea especially with IOT in the future.
            It WILL replace MicroSD like SSD will replace HDD eventually
            But not now… and definitely not in developing countries (in 2 years)
            I could careless about people who buy iphones and finding the lack of storage baffling

            We discuss a lot about developing market and it seems we agree that there are potential markets in those places. That’s that.

          • One

            I do not think microSD are that important. EVEN in developing countries. At the end of the day, design means more to users than microSD. With that said, we are speaking theories here, let’s wait for the final results, but with the current rumors on pre-orders, it seems like your argument will prove to be wrong.

          • arcwindz

            Okay, fine, I’ll also inform you in 2 years about the cloud trend in my country, along with jason up there (What? this is my argument that you first reply on)

          • RedWolfeXR

            Sorry, when the carriers quit charging $10/GB for data THEN cloud storage will replace SD cards. Also pulling music down constantly drains your battery MUCH faster. There are things that work well in the cloud, music isn’t one of them. (and I say that as someone who uses Amazon’s music service) On my motorcycle I only play “on-device” music, its not dependent on good data connections, limited data capacity, wifi accessibility, ect… I can’t pull my phone out and mess with it, either.

            If you are just using your handset as a portable device at home/work with wifi then your viewpoint on cloud storage will be different than mine, sure.

          • arcwindz

            first thing first, yes i agree

            But i think you directed the reply to the wrong person here. (not feeling so? read the entire thing first)

          • RedWolfeXR

            Yeah, I was replying to the subthread — not you specifically. I sometimes forget how this system attributes.

          • Derek923

            The point is, developed
            countries creates the norms which developing countries have to follow. I am
            also in the developing country, but I care less about Microsd. The
            majority of them slow the phone and cause it to lag. I barely use Mirosd, I
            always buy phones with about 32gb which is enough for me. If I want expandable
            storage, there external hard disc are flash outside that nearly all flagship
            phones support. This lack of Microsd is just nonsense. People just wanna complain for the sake of complaining.

          • arcwindz

            I concur, Derek923.
            But, ask again if now is the right time to move toward cloud?

            32 GB is enough, my current phone use around 20-24 GB (Internal 16 GB + External 32 GB)
            But is enough good? For the sake of “complaining” i prefer to have that extra 16 GB for a peace of mind.
            And that’s what the 32 GB non expandable phone couldn’t give me. The 64 GB version will be the solution, but the price jumps up.

            Yeah it lags, especially with samsung’s new tech. But that much bandwith most probably are needed for 4k videos, otherwise your previous gen emmc could do the job just fine for storage.

            And finally the cloud, which is a great solution for the future, but for now with our expensive, limited, and mostly slow data traffic. Not a good idea for daily driver.

    • Pumpkin King

      That’s only your opinion and one many disagree with. And cloud better than SD???? Lmfao!!!! Let me know how that goes when you have to constantly transfer 100s of megabytes of data or gigs on your data plan and how consistently fast it always is. Or how easy it is to swap.
      Or how nice it is when you have to pay after your time is up.

      • Jason Henderson

        Wow you not too bright. Good luck with that!

        • Pumpkin King

          Translation…. Denial…
          PS…”you’re ” not too bright. Calling someone stupid out of butthurt while making typos yourself…. Priceless.

          • Jason Henderson

            lol ok

  • kumarraidi

    So, the Galaxy S6 do get hot to the point that they sometimes have to had put the phone down. Interesting. Quite Interesting indeed.

    • I guess who used it had LTE and brightness at Max and was playing at a poor optimised game

  • Guest

    Glare gate is coming …

    • Guest

      On most of the pics we have a reflection on the screen .

    • Pumpkin King

      From the display? It’s one of the last reflective

  • design4you

    I like the S6 but i think that with the S6 Edge , i will have more girlfriends …

    Six Appeal

  • HeatFan786

    Anyone switching from a Note 4 to the S6 32 GB or 64 GB model?

    • jendrush

      I thought about switching from my Note 4, but no expandable storage, and no waterproof decided. I am staying with Note 4. .

  • Greg


  • Rick_Deckard

    To save some money… I decided to get the Black S6 128 Gb Global version instead of the Edge…

  • A

    Is this the international version?

  • franktronic

    I’m just perplexed by how a blog run purpotedly by tech nerds would see this as a step in the right direction. With the exception of the processor and the streamlining of TouchWiz, everything sounds like a step backwards. People liked the S series *because* they’re made of plastic, not in spite of it. I realize that everyone has their own opinion on the subject but we already have the HTC One if you’re into the glass/metal slab. Having an easily replaceable battery is HUGE. Again, if it’s not a priority to you, that’s fine, but there aren’t any flagship phones left with this option. And in this age of cheap flash memory, it’s insane that I have to pay a massive premium just to get enough storage space when I used to be able to pop in a card. I was thrilled to see the move toward waterproof devices and then POOF! Gone.

    “…the change we’ve been waiting for.”

    Really? Were you really waiting for Samsung to drop FOUR of the features that made the S5 great? I just don’t get it.

    • On a Clear Day

      Most of the complaints you are voicing and say would preclude you buying an S6 are simply not ones that concern the market Samsung is aiming this phone towards. Waterproofing? Of little to no relevance nor interest to the average consumer. Removable battery – ditto; micro SD card double ditto.

      The S6 has a better camera system, processor as well more convenience – freedom yielding – features deliberately and consciously built into it than perhaps any other phone on the market now that it is here – certainly more than any iPhone, and

      best of all, unlike the iPhone it does have as its primary goal – because the S6 was NOT designed from initial inception of concept through implementation of marketing – like the iPhone and all things Apple – to in every way overt and covert imaginable to burrow its way into your life; and/or lure you into captivity within Apple’s prison – I mean ecosystem.

      The goal with the S6 was to make sure the phone gave people everything they may want in a quality phone that would give robust, satisfying service and to up the game style wise; they succeeded.

      • Pumpkin King

        I agree with what you are saying for the most part and where you said it in the other comment.
        But I think their opinion stood more ground without the reply.
        They are pretty much saying those are the things that actual Samsung users in a large majority liked and expected.

        • On a Clear Day

          I am and always have been someone more more interested in functionality, serviceability and reliability than glitz and the features that appeal to the “I think I’m sexy and want you to know it” crowd. All the angst and hand wringing about the supposedly “tacky” plastic case to me evidences an irrational, undue and silly over affection for the superficial aspects of life; not to mention ignores as well as the real point and purpose of these wonderful devices and what they are capable of doing for us and how they are able to enrich our lives.

          So, it should not surprise you that I agree with you completely when it comes to making it a bit thicker to accommodate a larger battery. As far as the removable battery goes my feeling is that observation of the market and common sense tells us that as relates to this being of importance to the biggest segment of the buying public goes – as the Amish would so beautifully put it, “It really don’t make no never mind”.

          When we are selling something – speaking as a professional salesman – one MUST sell the features, the benefits your prospect wants – not the ones we like; otherwise you end up creating a total disconnect with the logical and emotional elements that motivate and create the sale – and end up with no sale – and deserve to be rebuffed and rejected for basically being a stupid salesperson. Samsung I would hazard to guess is listening to the advice of some master salesmen and has decided to stop trying to be all things to all people.

          I also find it hard to understand why putting stereo speakers on the front of a phone seems to be a feat tantamount to orchestrating the second coming of The Lord. If HTC and Sony can do it certainly Samsung can.

          I personally, would not buy the S6 since my heart already belongs to the upcoming Note 5, but I would not hesitate to recommend it to a friend.

          • Pumpkin King

            I agree. While I don’t like idea I can at least see why they did away with the battery. Just could have at least tried to squeeze for the same 2,800mah at least. And I think the removable SD was a profit thing. Though I could be wrong and they could have not had the time/space to add the extra pins needed for consistency in the memory. This time around at least.
            Aside from those known staples this is a decently large update that should happily start to remedy their sales. Sad part is…Had it been all this except the dramatic redesign it would not be considered much of an update at all. Despite all the improvements inside.

            I might pass it up too. But seeing as my Note’s screen died “:'(” I need a new device soon. I like the idea of the S6 Active at least until the Note 5. All the same tech in a still fairly slim body and 3,500mah battery? Yes please. And it ups the chance of having one or both of the staples back. Though now looking at the pin situation it might only bring back the removable battery.
            I want the 128GB version, but that’s expensive. And I feel like I’m supporting the evil profit action.
            I really also like the Z3 and probably the Z4. Especially in Purple. But I just can’t give up the Amoled, UI, and the Note.
            So I think I may get the S6 now, and then get the Note 5 later on. Man that’s a lot of money though haha.

            And yes. I don’t understand. They had stereo speakers only a notch or two behind those of now back in 2009. So why have they not continued this. But with the way the S6 has gone in dominating almost everything I like to think they will have amazing speakers in the nearish future. Quad would be better ;P

            What do you think will be in the Note 5? We know it will roughly be a similar size display, but of 4K resolution. And probably match/beat the Basic color accuracy mode. Reach around 800-820nits in auto brightness. Hopefully follow the trend of improved efficiency. It’s pretty amazing the Note 4’s 5.7 inch QHD Amoled uses up to 40% less power than 5 inch 1080p LCDs. I wonder if it will finally over take the 808 in terms of sunlight visibility.
            I’m imagining they will try and make it a lot thinner as well now. Hopefully they at least add 100-200mah with all the efficiency. And I think they will finally use their 4GB ram chip. Of course it will use their new UFS II storage memory. Will it be in the same 32-128GB flavors? And will they add extra pins for the SD card? Or not? Or leave out the UFS? Or sacrifice speed and add the sd slot without the extra pins?
            And of course I imagine them to continue to use their Exynos. I don’t think they will have the 10nm ready then though. Unless the S815 or S820 are a large enough and timely enough comebacks. I see Qualcomm’s new custom cores making a come back, but just not yet. Will it be a Mali T760MP10 or 16? Or a newer Mali? Or their own designed GPU they are working on? Whatever it is I hope it’s strong enough and efficient enough to outmatch the onscreen performance of what’s available even with S6.
            Do you think the battery will be removable? I think at least for now they know not to mess with the Note line. Though is it inevitable in the future?
            Will they return USB 3.0 and/or bring water resistance? I don’t think they had gotten it down yet with the metal/glass builds as it’s a different adventure than with plastic.
            And will they finally add the other speaker? Though a little ringy I liked the volume and range of the Note 4.
            And my last ramble at this…Camera. Will they finally bring back their Isocell? Will it finally have larger pixels in the rear? Will it be a 20MP 1.12-1.2UM instead of improved pixels? I wouldn’t mind the jump to 20MP so much if the sensor and pixels were bigger enough. Bigger than 1 1/2.3 even. And at least 1.4um pixels. And I imagine it to retain the F1.9 lens and probably carry over the same 5mp 1.6um F1.9 front camera from the S6.

            I honestly dream of a phone that combines it all. The Note combined with the Zoom, combined with the Beam. Note, Spen, Projector, 10x Optical Zoom? Doubt they can get water resistance in that yet though. Lol. And use that extra thickness for a massive battery and 4/6/8 speakers. And no less than 90DB. With less crammed larger pixels and xenon flash of course. And for Heaven’s sake these are still phones. Where is all the signal strength battles?
            With or one with a full keyboard would be killer too.

          • On a Clear Day

            Wow! I am truly impressed by your command and knowledge of the minutia of the arcane mysteries hidden within the labyrinthine innermost workings of the that which you did delineate above with such gleeful and facile abandon – so blithely, so clearly and so cogently! LOL

            I can spin words, transpose ideas, extrapolate concepts and interpolate viewpoints and then once the whole process is complete cogitate (some would say regurgitate) them into something even I didn’t know I knew.

            But, I couldn’t do what you just did and do!

            I believe – that – Samsung is smart – a state that (no flattery intended) you probably are familiar with, and consequently, I think it is more than a little bit likely that given they are so that it is not at all unlikely that they have some specifically – even totally – tasked with reading the erudite musing of such as we on posts such as this, and further wouldn’t be surprised that

            when they get back to the castle to the throne room – they sit down and discuss points made in both comment sections as well as virtually all the Android article here, there and everywhere; with special attention most given especially to that one, that only, that most august and impeccable pinnacle of all things known and pertaining to android – Android Authority! lol (I have such fun doing this!)

            I would not in the least be surprised to see your wish list as so ably defined (and mine too) magically appear in the next Note 5, talk about the kick ass ass kicker of all time till that time THAT would be! Wow – who could, who would be so selfish, so unreasonably demanding and utterly self-serving after that to ask for anything more? Except us – two months after it is out!

          • Pumpkin King

            You do indeed have a marvelous way with words there. Haha. I wouldn’t give me so much credit either. Phones are just one of my favorite things :).
            You also know a lot in abundance. Especially aware of the filthy cash cow. The welfare/wannabe Umbrella Corporation. Crapple. That’s my magical play on words lol.
            I wish I knew as much into development and coding, but alas I am very naive in that respect. I do however agree that they will offer most of those things with the Note 5. Though some of those aspects are near impossible to pin point from an outside perspective at this point in time I believe.

            Now if only I could get that magical all in one device from them xD.

            I would consider myself to indeed have a good level of patience for many things. It’s a littler harder to exorcise with phones though. However, I have already changed my mind from the S6 indeed. While I actually am very confident I would enjoy it very much overall though. I do at least hope someone I know gets it’s because I would love to spend some time with it. Even the S6 Active with the larger 3,500mah battery and water/shock resistance sounds better.
            I would really love to get it because I do need something, and it is very compelling. I also don’t think it would go to waste after the Note 5 because I would sell/trade it. Or donate it to the foundation of “one of my best friends or Mother needs a nice phone”. Lol.
            But I also really want to diverse my phone collection more. I just find it so hard to move away from the Galaxy with their lovely Amoled screens, cameras, and features. Especially the Note.
            Since I will need a replacement device though I think I made final decision. I need something with a great camera and great microphone recording abilities. And I never owned a WP yet :). Which I believe is what Crapple wishes iOS was. I can get an unlocked Nokia Lumia 1020 fairly cheap and use it on Straight Talk as long as I need. The Great, Powerful, Wonderful, and Mystical Nokia ^^.

            I have the Birth Anniversary and concert of my Dramatic Soprano Heavy Metal Siren coming up next month. I have no choice in this one matter. One does not need patience in this situation…..Just get there anyway possible! And bring offerings ^_^.
            I have been since stuck using old inferior devices following the untimely demise of my Note. So the 1020 should do marvelous for this.
            I would also love to own some final Symbian devices. My Omnia HD is great for media, but a little more outdated in the camera….And especially as far as apps/UI/internet go. Samsung may be an Android leader of updates nowadays, but sure dropped the ball with terrible update support then.

          • On a Clear Day

            If “anticipation is half the fun”, just imagine how much fun you will be having in the months ahead awaiting the Note 5’s debut? We may – for your own sake and safety only of course – be forced to call in the men in the little white jackets by that end to lock you up – what with you having suffered so much pleasure consequent of the agony of the ecstasy! (Sorry, it’s not my fault – that just happens when I start writing and typing – the devil makes me do it.)

            I like the idea of the Active being more rugged, water proof, etc, but still not the Note 5 with its unique features.

            I will wait and have fun anticipating till then. The Nokia idea sounds like a good interim solution to your problem especially if you can find one at a decent price. The chances of my ever getting a Windows Phone are essentially nil, but it would be very interesting to hear your most critical sort of analysis of what you discover if you do get one.

            As relates to Apple – much as I hold the company and its products in utmost destain there are a number of marketing, emotional and logical reasons they are as successful as they have been and also, why most of the rest of the industry always seems to be chasing after quarry that seems to be making itself ever more elusive and hard to catch.

            See my comment in the Power vs User Experience article:

            That is of course only one aspect of the complex, ephemeral picture, but if I were tasked with taking apart Apple so that “All the Kings Horses and all the Kings Men couldn’t put it back together again” and then supplanting it – that is where I would begin. It wouldn’t be an easy task – but certainly it would be doable for a company of Samsung’s resources.

            Currently now though, the only company that has truly managed to master the secret that Apple discovered, but in a positive way that empowers people, rather than the in my opinion negative, entrapping way used by Apple, is Google, whose paradigm I feel is beyond brilliant.

          • Pumpkin King

            Right??? The anticipation of the Note 5 is indeed a big one. And I do like the idea of the S6 active. But the S is not the Note.
            I think I would be very happy with the lumia 1020. However due to money and time shortage by the next couple weeks I may still have to come to a different conclusion. Like the lease option of devices. If only I had just a little more time. Like a few weeks to a month I could choose any option I wanted for the most part. Just the way things are in life. Compromises have to be made, and I need a phone with a good enough camera to suite my needs in these next couple weeks.

            Oh yes. Apple has their ways. Some smart, and a lot strong manipulation based on the foolish society ways.
            When can we start on this project of tearing down apple to rebuild them :)!
            All the King’s horses and all the King’s men might have failed, but Mother Goose should succeed.

            Nah….Google just ripped off iOS and made a laggy, buggy, virus ridden crippled set of codes…….The internet…Gotta love it.

      • roeshak

        You’re talking nonsense about the sd card expansion and waterproofing. The reason why these features are absent from the s6 is because it’s their first attempt at a unibody device and so they didn’t want to push things too far on the first run.
        I’m pretty sure we’ll see these features return in future models as Samsung becomes more confident at unibody construction.
        Htc and Sony’s first attempt at unibody devices didn’t have sd expansion either. Remember the one x and m7 or the xperia s?
        Sony were the first to reintroduce these features to unibody devices because they’re design guru’s.
        Samsung will bring them back as their competence at unibody construction grows.
        The removable battery is the only thing that’s past its sell by date. The other features are popular and will make a comeback to the galaxy s line. Sd card expansion will be first with probably the s7 with ip certification probably following thereafter!

        • On a Clear Day

          Tis not I who is talking nonsense if you think Samsung doesn’t have the capability to do whatever it wants right now without practicing. This was a conscious, wise and deliberate decision on their part; based on making this unit as saleable and enjoyable and trouble free for its target market as they could. In that respect they did take a page out of Apple’s playbook – namely, give people something that is focused on what people want in terms of reliability and enjoyable features. Where they departed from Apple’s playbook is that they baked in much higher performance than what Apple can offer coupled with the freedom of Android.

      • franktronic

        We all have our own preferences and it’s pointless to argue what someone else should or shouldn’t want in a phone. What *can’t* be argued, however, is that the market is becoming incredibly homogenous. I respect that many people — perhaps even the majority — want a shiny slab of glass and metal. But I don’t, and I know that I’m not alone. Unfortunately, the Samsungs and HTCs of the world want to sell the most number of units and aren’t particularly interested in making sure that angry nerds like me get what they want.

        The bigger problem, of course, is that niche devices essentially can’t exist in the current market. When you consider that virtually every living person in modern countries have a cell phone, it’s insane that there are only a handful to choose from. I can’t think of another consumer market with so few choices. I see a glimmer of hope in devices like the One Plus. While not my cup of tea, it’s nice to know that a smaller player can get in on the action and potentially cater to more niche/enthusiast consumers.

    • Jose Nieto

      I agree, so much. This is terrible. I really loved the fact I could remove the battery and add space with an SD card. It baffles me that they say this is what they’ve been waiting for. Maybe if it had kept the SD card and removable battery I’d agree with that statement. I’ll be skipping this phone, and I will be skipping future Samsung phones indefinitely if they also follow the same route as the S6.

  • Dan

    No removable battery? No expandable storage. This is CERTAINLY NOT the Samsung we’ve been waiting for. They have stripped away what makes Samsung superior to apple products. I don’t want a Samsung branded iphone, I want the Samsung devices with their expandability and easily replaceable batteries! This is a huge step in the wrong direction.

    • Android Developer

      Yes. At least they could make the battery have a much higher capacity. Even for the cost of being a bit thicker.

      • Theodore Carpeneter

        Well in comparison to the latest iPhone it has a much bigger battery by 750 MAh. Iphone 1800 MAH, GALAXY 2550 MAh.

        If Battery is a concern and you live in the US. Might consider waiting for the Active variant as that’s supposed to come with IP67 water resistance and a 3500 MAh battery

        • Android Developer

          But compared to SGS5, it’s less, and since it’s a newer model, I’d expect them to improve this a lot too, especially now that the battery isn’t easily replaceable.

          • Pumpkin King

            I do think they could have made the capacity just a bit more too. But it is a lot more efficient at least. Don’t trust the reviews that day battery is worse or the same yet

          • Android Developer

            I wonder what the battery benchmarks would show.
            EDIT: It’s quite bad there too. On GsmArena, it got a lower score (64h) than SGS4 (which has 65h) and SGS5 (which has 83h) , and of course of the Note4 (which has 90h) :
            Some people claimed that with unibody, the battery is more efficient in using its space, but here I don’t see the advantage of it at all…

          • Pumpkin King

            That’s one pre production review. Come on now. How about the geekbench battery score?

          • Android Developer

            I didn’t know that.
            What about geekbench ? I didn’t know they have battery score. I can’t find its results there. Have you found it?
            I can find the one of iphone 6:

          • Pumpkin King

            Yeah. I really like GSMArena reviews normally. But they/or someone there, seemed to have been to premature with that review. And I believe it didn’t initially even state it was pre production. They had to edit it because of all the angry fans and to remedy a lot of trolling. Not that such a thing would ever happen really.

            I think some redit pages share it. I didn’t know prior either. I think a lot of people are now finding it. 8 1/2 hours. I’ll have to find it again now….Why did I not bookmark it?
            Also another review site compares it to the Z3, iphone 6, and another device at full brightness and supposedly gets 10 hours of some webscript and 12 hours of 1080p video.

            That page has the Geekbench and scrolling through a couple should show some of the sites that show some great results.

            Of course this early on some reviews are going to be worse than others. Yes they used a 250MAH smaller battery. But you have to view the whole picture.
            The display is 20% more efficient than the S5’s. And the S5 and even Note 4 have more efficient displays than most 5 inch 1080p and even 720p devices. While it’s when the 5s is set brighter the S6’s display at 5.1 inch QHD is more efficient than the 4 inch non HD iPhone 5s. And tied for World’s best.
            Their new 14nm Exynos is the top contender right now. And brings along a lot of efficiency. And can handle the display without stressing or throttling badly.
            The DDR4 ram doubles speed and efficiency. Though everyone will have it.
            Their UFS II memory is overall efficient by completing the tasks way faster and more efficiently.
            And they used an all new all on one radio chip. Like the SoC. Supposedly saves 80% in efficiency though that number sounds big.

            If they can improve efficiency that much do you think 250mah should matter? So it has to have better battery life. That is unless they botched horrifically somewhere like using an extremely hungry modem terrible hardware implementation or something.

          • Android Developer

            Yes, it has improved in many ways, but imagine it would be on top of the scale in terms of battery, if it could just stay with the same (or better) battery capacity. I could live with a bit thicker device if it could have replaceable battery.
            Anyway, on the XDA link you’ve shown, it says it got 5093 points on geekbench. Seems very good (and actually I’m quite impressed) :
            Thank you for the link.

          • Pumpkin King

            I agree too. Though I do kind of understand why they wen’t that route. Though I do also wish that at the very least they had squeezed the same 2,800mah battery or possibly 3,000mah. If 250mah smaller can possibly prove better, than the same 2,800mah or larger 3,000mah could have proven vastly better. But they needed to be thinner than the iPhone. Which while I would much rather the the 2,800mah I can at least from an outside point understand whether I fully agree or not. And it would have only cost them 0.2-0.4mm if they tried I think.
            The sealed battery would have been easier to swallow if it had been 28-3000mah and just atiny bit thicker with an SD slot. Though they would have had to have added extra pins for it.
            That with stereo speakers, usb 3.0 would greatly benefit the fast memory, and water protection. Haha.
            Though those things aside they did very very well.

            And it is quite a claim to boast massive performance gains in SoC, display, ram, memory, and a killer new sleek shell with a smaller battery and still match or exceed battery life prior.

            I wondered that myself as soon as I saw it. Nice score from the Note 4!

          • Android Developer

            Yes, that’s true. Other hardware features would be very welcomed. At least they stopped putting the speakers behind the device.
            About the note 4, I think what you see on the table includes all kinds of configurations for devices, and not just stock. It could be a custom rom that the note 4 has (still nice to see it there, together with tablets).
            That could also explain how come Nexus 5 is there.

          • Pumpkin King

            That’s very true. And I would like to see how it differs with the Exynos variant.

            And yes. We are all a little spoiled by Samsung so it comes as a surprise that they have such a specific method of attack this time around. I think in some ways they needed it and that it should not be viewed as a damper for all future devices either.

          • Android Developer

            You’ve got a point. Now I wonder what Sony, LG and OnePlus will show. In terms of performance, Samsung raised the bar quite a lot this time.

          • Pumpkin King

            Definitely. And with their more power hungry displays and the S810 I can’t see them bring much. Especially LG. I still feel like Sony can surprise me a bit.
            LG needs a large change around too. The G3 used the same size battery in the same thickness of device. And had worse battery life. Despite with a shell that thick even in the G2 there was more room. Not to mention that the G3 was a year newer and taller.
            Plus the 6 month older G Pro 2 was 0.6mm thinner with a larger battery.

            I do imagine their display is more efficient now though. And hopefully a little improved. And they did finally move away from being a Galaxy knock off in design/material/and especially UI.

            Supposedly its thicker this year. If so it better have at least a 3,400mah battery and more efficient display.

          • Android Developer

            Good competition is good :)

    • On a Clear Day

      These are features that only someone like yourself – and myself – and people who are more into a higher performance level truly value.

      Nothing and no one can be all things to all people – if we try we end up being nothing special to anyone. Samsung is using their brain, marketing and technical power intelligently and cogently by moving the S6 in the direction they have. Yes, they have deleted some of the features you and I and others really like – but they are a business, they have stockholders and employees and bills to pay and they must make products that the market wants that people will happily buy.

      Unlike Apple, which is really nothing but a vertically integrated marketing conglomerate that happens to sell electronic stuff as a way to get you into their monthly payment scheme to make sure you feed their cash cow for the rest of your life – Samsung actually creates new technology (rather than buying it “like an off the rack suit” like Apple). Samsung manufacturers things.

      Just because they have built one phone – the S6 – with a sealed case etc; does not mean they have forgotten how to make phones that can use micro SD cards and allow removable batteries and which are waterproof.

      The arguments I am seeing here seem to be predicated on people acting thinking as though that now that the S6 is out, the future of all Samsung’s phones will be predicated on its formula. If there is one thing we know about Samsung is that they are not afraid to build a variety of models if they think there is a reasonable market for variations.

  • shamatuu

    surprise that the S 6 got the first review .

  • Mystery Man

    Drop test?

  • MNAV

    Can anyone confirm “Ok Google” works reliably on this phone from any screen? On the note 4, it worked initially, then slowly stopped. Seemed like it was an s-voice conflict on the note 4, because it worked PERFECTLY on cm12.

  • Major_Pita

    I know it looks good in a photograph, but I cringe every time I see a review where the writer has the phone sitting on brick or stone. Those are THE WORST materials to set a phone on since in terms of rockwell (surface hardness) as they are among the hardest in nature and will scratch the heck out of Gorilla Glass not to mention the soft aluminum frame on the GS6…

  • Sunho

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  • yungqb7

    So the only con on that list that applies to me would be the protruding camera. A case should address that issue though. SD card doesn’t matter to me because I’m getting the 64GB variant. The only apps, that I know of, that can natively write to the external SD card would the OEM camera app and Google Play Music (if you choose to, it’s not done so by default). A non-replaceable battery isn’t a big deal for me since I do not swap batteries with my galaxy s4 (I don’t even have a spare battery to begin with). I can’t wait until my upgrade in May to get this phone in black.

  • cdm283813

    I’m starting to have second thoughts about the Edge. Just looking at both phones side by side on the web the Edge looks tons better. But I’m worried about actual use, how websites and Apps will appear. Plus you have the higher cost and certain cases will not protect the phone completely.
    This is one of those cases where I have to use both phones in person.

  • Will S.

    I’m a GS5 owner and I just can’t believe how smooth the performance is!

  • sevm


  • Will S.

    I think its a good phone. Sure the lack of Galaxy staples is a concern for many, but the phone does look beautiful and I envy the performance…I just hope Samsung has a plan for those that buy Galaxy for the features, features and more features. Galaxy S6 Active has a good ring to it…

  • Horus Jarilo

    Anybody know what’s the game he played? Not sky force but the other one. Thanks!

  • Ettercap

    They should be a bit more explicit with their review for technical people, it feels like the review is only contoured towards the general consumer who only uses their phone to take beautiful Instagram photos, constantly update their Facebook feed with nonsense, use their phone to track their heartbeat it would be nice to have some serious benchmarks and performance scores.

    What I care about a smartphone:
    CPU/GPU benchmarks vs other soc upcomers
    Which I already know exynos is showing better performance than snapdragon 810

    Ram speeds, did 3gb of ram show an increase in performance for the price with Lollipop percentage?

    Fps with different high definition applications, what kind of future potential does it have, acceptable performance for use with gear vr???

    Is the battery effective under heavy usage, I use my phone as a penetration suite using metasploit and backtrack how many hours can I expect under very heavy usage?

    It would just be nice if your review had anything for the technical people, rather than be completely suited to the general selfie crowd.

    • Pumpkin King

      Right!? They focused so much on design, buy don’t even mention that is uses 50% stronger aluminum alloy than others.

      That they used the much faster new memory…
      That battery life was average yet lasts a day? And no real numbers to back it up.

      Just talking about how it looks good and a bunch of opinions.

      • roeshak

        A days battery life is average by todays standards. There are phones which go a day and half to 2 days on the market. Those are the ones with good to excellent rating.
        The type of metal used is a minute detail nobody really cares about apart from those looking for cheap points.
        Also the faster ram is also a minor detail which makes little difference in real world terms.
        No point boring readers with stuff that only belongs in the small print lol

        • Pumpkin King

          That wasn’t a benchmark of any sorts. It was a claim that it lasts the day.
          And now phone on stock battery lasts 2 days with actual usage. Some with very moderate light use.
          The type of metal used when the only thing anyone can ever cry about is build “quality”, is a helpful claim. And they are really talking about preference of material not quality.
          The faster is double the speed and efficiency.
          No point boring readers with a whole page of you rambling endlessly about opinions and throwing in a few details along the way.

          • On a Clear Day

            Touche! Oh that was very good. LOL

            tou·ché to͞oˈSHā/
            (in fencing) used as an acknowledgment of a hit by one’s opponent.
            used as an acknowledgment during a discussion of a good or clever point made at one’s expense by another person.

          • Pumpkin King

            Indeed. And fun to say. As well as be able to admit.

    • roeshak

      Benchmark tests are so 2012. Real world usage is all that counts and that can only come from them sharing their experiences with the device.
      The S5 benchmarked higher than both the M8 and z2 but it lagged a lot more than those devices.
      I don’t want something fast on paper, I want one that’s fast in the real world. That’s why he spent time talking about the optimisations and debloating of touchwiz because that’s the critical thing people needed to know. An answer to the question is touchwiz still laggy? One which I think he did well to answer.
      Benchmark scores are for geeks who want silly bragging rights over things that mean very little in realit!

      • Ettercap

        You are right and wrong, benchmarks mean nothing to the general consumer at this point because phones are fast enough to run any “general” application smoothly. If you read my post I do not use my smartphone just for conventional purposes I use it for a wide range of applications. The various benchmarks scores may mean little to you but to me I use a lot of the applications in which they score against and this can tell me which areas it is stronger and weaker.

        I haven’t heard of any articles saying it lagged anywhere under any application so I’m not sure how you came to that conclusion, from every article I’ve read its been remarked as being extremely smooth.

        Also I don’t use factory Roms so the performance of touchwiz will make no difference to me.

  • Nate

    Goodjob AA.. good score.. Waiting for the S6 edge review, as well.. most comments here & in FB & in other Techsites still complains the non-removable battery.. get over with it, powerbank is the most practical solution for this.. (who the hell brings an extra battery in their pocket nowadays) i’ve used a lot of phones in the past that has a removable battery but neither of them i removed or changed the battery.. none of the people i know as well were able to utilize the use of removable battery…. iphone & nexus users never complained about the non-removable battery as well except for the battery life though…

    • Pumpkin King

      You don’t care for it. Doesn’t mean others agree

  • On a Clear Day

    I would imagine that if you bought the right protective case that the problem of the camera sticking out might be eliminated. I always use a case on a phone so that would be no problem for me.

    Looking forward to seeing the technical tests when they are ready.

  • Danny

    I wonder what’s the real available memory on the test model.. can anyone tell?

    • Slaughter

      From a french reviewer: around 25.02go on the 32Go version of the S6 edge.

  • simpleas

    Great location to make this review! I’ve been to that korean bell a couple times.

  • Eric

    This is the first Samsung phone I have no desire to own. I guess I will be looking at HTC or LG this year. The lack of removable battery and expandable memory is a 100% deal breaker for me. If I wanted an iPhone I would switch to their products.

  • Why are you not using youtube? I cannot watch this on chromecast

  • CheezyBubble

    Why do a bunch of reviewers glance past the fact that Samsung Pay will work on EVERY SINGLE TERMINAL THAT ACCEPTS CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS?

    • Dee

      Because its not going to be available at launch…?

  • Wspanic Brad

    So my LG 3G is still the best option, and ill put it’s laser focus up against any on the market today….plus removable battery 32gb and micro sd, and 2k video…..Hummm.

  • dex

    If you want to fault Samsung, or put removable battery/ waterproof/SD as a con, then be fair.. You must fault others phones too, like HTC m8/m9, iPhone, Sony, lg, …many many more

    • duong ngo

      You know why it was a con? The last phone has it.

  • On a Clear Day

    You are a little trouble maker Joshua; look at all the “arguments” you’ve caused with this one little grenade of an article you threw! LOL

  • no

    The change we’ve been waiting for! Less features! You’re an idiot. Fucking fan boys. Samsung is now nearly as shitty as Apple without the design perks or ui or store perks. Legally change your name to nerf. Seriously.

    And if you mention the screen…water torture yourself.

    • On a Clear Day

      We think just as highly of you as well you will be happy to note.

    • iKrontologist

      no? Just No? …..are you serious? Bet you’re a fan of the Devil and a flaming queen fan at that, like in wearing a devilish grin every time you plug your powered buttplug in! haha…. Get a real life and a real name, like iHateEverything….. except my Devilishly Great ButtPlug! ^_*

  • gacl

    How did all tech sites unanimously agree that “build quality” means superficial aesthetics? Build quality was supposed to mean durability, reliability. In other words, fewer glitches, restarts, crashes, weird bugs and gremlins. And is more likely to survive some falls and bumps. I could care less about the metals they use in the case when I’m going to put on a rubber case and won’t even see the aesthetic enclosure materials.

    • On a Clear Day

      True. I agree. Only one teensey, weensey problem with what we agree upon and know to be true – for me and you.

      Most people don’t think our way and with smartphones, as with cars, as with clothes and as with the people to whom we are attracted – especially in the biblical sense – looks do count; despite any logical, reasonable or justifiable reason or reasoning.

      Did you know? That studies have shown that people automatically tend to trust someone who is good looking and ascribe to them positive qualities – like being kind, “nice”, honest; more easily and quickly (and without justification we might add) than someone whom the gods of good looks did not favor as kindly as they?

      True – just like what you and I agree on; a fact of life and one of those that make life more interesting and fun and something that has served humanity apparently in a more positive than negative fashion for whatever reason it has and does and which is beyond any of our abilities to fathom. Thus, we should not let it bother I suggest our pretty (or not) little heads and accept it and realize that this point has never been nor ever will be overlooked as a powerful buying motivation on the part of marketers since time began and will not be till time comes to an end. Vive la difference!


    So.. The phone got so hot you had to set it down because of how uncomfortable it was. But that’s ok? Not in my book….

  • shane g

    Not worried about the camera, most people have cases just like my note 3. But I heard note 5 is coming with 4k Resolution. So im going to see which one I want. I think the modular phones coming might be the best way to go. A New Phone Come out Every year, making our phone we just bought obsolete. One question is why have touch wiz home, when go launcher is definitely better. They should run go launcher instead of touch wiz. Folders are a big improvement, smooth,simple And it’s more of Competitive towards apples ios. But I believe all companies are missing the mark when it comes to a phone. I have made a design that would be a big upgrade for people. It wouldset the bench mark on how a phone should look. Just looking for investors.

  • shane g

    If it wasn’t for phone cases , our phones would be scratched up. No matter how it’s built. there’s two types of people using smart phones. Simple people and peopl that like to customize. People like andriod because of customizing. This new modular phone (Googles ara) might be the answer they are looking for. Not buying a phone every year and just upgrading is great. Another reason why touch wiz needs to go….go launcher is to of people (iphone) users went back to the new iPhone from samsung. Why? Touch wiz. You can build the best phone in the world. But if the interface is not so good then it dosent matter. touch wiz isn’t bad but it needs to be updated. Folders look disappointing. Go launcher is better. Much bette.

    • iKrontologist

      It just was and here’s a little secret for you….. No! ….first here’s 50 things about Samsung you may not know link:

      But here’s another for you, not on the list; Touchwiz is running a full Linux Desktop Environment GUI. Which is why….. unlike other mobiles, it can do full drag and drop App to App, multi screen and multi window with PoP and PiP features, as well as full system wide IBM “Pervasive Multitasking” without simply suspending Apps and tasks to the background! ……..that’s superior back end of Touchwiz. Don’t like the front end design? Then Samsung gives you the ability to instantly customize the look n feel styles of it. If that don’t make you happy, then there are a myriad of custom launcher downloads available on Play Store.

      If you still insist on hating on Samsung, then just go get another phone. It’s just that freaking simple. No need to hate on something, just to hate on it!!! ….just go buy Go or use it Free with their 50 million ways to pick over your personal info on the free versions, and then you can enjoy their slow downs and trying to take over your phone instead!!! Happy Now? lol…. ;-P

  • shane g

    This is go laucher with glow neon theme. Clean and looks great.

  • shane g

    And no tizen. Do not like circle apps and circle everything. Still missing the mark On how a phone should be. Go launcher is the closet to that.

  • ChrisHD32

    Really. I think this was a great review of the product. I first pushed the Galaxy S6 out as an option for upgrade but I think (after watching this review) that I might make the jump and get it. I like the HTC One M9 due to the Boomsound Speakers and SD card storage but I know that the camera once again will be lacking.

  • Geir

    How many fps can the phone run on its screen?

  • I wish reviewers would standardize on screen on time when reviewing battery life.

    I’m really tired of them saying I got a full days battery with x amount of usage which basically means nothing to me. How are people supposed to know what your usage was and be able to compare to their own? That’s just too subjective and not at all useful.

    While screen on time varies it’s at least far more objective and a better way to gauge battery life.

  • Sonny73N

    “The change we’ve been waiting for” lol

    Still same old home button, front speaker, protruding back camera and outrageous price tag.

    • asdfas

      how is the price tag outrageous

  • batmobil

    A solid step back. Even the so called improved “build quality”. Glass is too heavy and too fragile to be used as a protective casing. This material begs a third party cover, and then the point is gone. It’s like wrapping a Ferrari in plastic bags, pretty on the inside, but for no purpose.

    Samsung has always been about function over appearance, which is what I really liked about them. Now, they just have another phone among the crowd, trying to hit a new market segment and giving the finger to their existing customer base who wants a great phone, not a pretty toy.

  • Walter Humphries

    Just want to say that this might out do the HTC one that I have now .

  • iKrontologist

    Leave it to the F***heads at Android Authority to screw up a review of a product destined to sell 55 Million of this year. They are all knowingly biased to other Android brands here. But instead of just coming out and stating that as fact…. they persist in clouding that fact up with subtle dissing of Samsung superior end to end parts to device manufacturing skills. They are the only phone maker who not only supplies 90% of their own parts and manufacturing in house (and I’m talking all within Samsung Group and their some 80 both privately and publicly held companies, not to mention their controlling shares in companies like Corning Glass and a myriad of Joint Industry Ventures). Compare that to Apple = NONE and even LG or Sony only supply less than 40% of their own parts to go with Samsung supplying some of their parts too!

    Give it up Android Authority… because you are Android Authority afterall. Hire some decent writers, that actually know what they are talking about, while not being so asininely jealous, envious and biased!!!

    • Abhinav Kochhar

      I agree, the galaxy s6 hardly has any cons, until someone deliberately tries to bring them up. Score of 9 out of 10 is due to jealousy? I would easily give s6, 9.5+ out of 10

      • keithtae

        Both handset could easily last a whole day according to AA reviews themselves. So why pro for m9 and con for s6 lol, especially when s6 is pushing a screen double the resolution with smaller battery still last as long as the m9. Its just weird. And a camera which performs worse then the m8 is totally unacceptable. Yes i said this before: no more htc for me after the pink dot in my m7 camera, but just a 0.5 difference in that just shows how funny these reviews are. Almost unreliable now…

        • iKrontologist

          Because the d***wad’s mommy owns shares in HTC! Also his little so called innocent test of crystal glass on the lens was totally absurd. Let’s see him do the exact same test of any smartphone on the market. Because that’s what we are going to now see around the web from anal minded reviewers.

          I’d swear he’s a close relative to that monkey butt Ron Amadeo, who also hates Samsung with such a passion he turns beet red and his balls catch fire every time a new Samsung device comes out and is better than every other device on the market.

          That tilt drop test was specifically manufactured to break the lens cover on purpose. Otherwise he would do it on every phone he review and for God’s sake don’t let this asinine creep get near a Galaxy Edge. His whole body would catch fire with envy and jealousy. It’s a law of physics…. in a dynamically loaded test meant to make it fail, placed over a surface object, where the camera lens is meant to hit it, the top will always fall with far greater force than the bottom. It’s like swinging a hammer and you know you wouldn’t want to have this Hater behind you, because he’d accidentally push harder on purpose, to make sure you broke your nose!

          I predict he’s just invented the new replacement for the iBendGate Test. We’re going to see the same test being done now, to make sure the glass on HTC M9 also cracks…… guaranteed. It’s Murphy’s Law. If you do a test like this in such a way so as to load a given result, it will indeed happen. But now…. he’ll get the payback against his beloved HTC M9! …..can’t wait for this to happen now! ……reviews should be totally unbiased in every way. Something most reviewers don’t know how to do. Of course the Payola Christmas stockings put a smile on their face every year, for pumping out bogus FUD and Misinformation fueled hate every year!!!

  • iKrontologist

    In the video above, I’m really F***** disappointed that here we are, having to listen this moronic smug A$$Hole drone on and on in a purposely sing song tone, lacking any real emotion whatsoever. I mean where were you born? Inside a Robotics Repair Shop??? The voice, just has go south totally irritating and it would almost be better if the video, for sure didn’t show your face and instead had a Siri or S voice speaking all your words for you instead.

    My score on your knowledge and overly judgemental attitude against Samsung? Nor more or less than -10 out of 10!
    For presentation skills (or lack thereof in this case), I give you…. -10 out 10!

    Too perfect and almost machine like in an almost Applewellian Elitist Prole or inner party member dude in screen on every corner way. Joshua Vergara could easily play Spock in a new Star Trek series and not have to change a thing. That’s not meant to be a compliment either. His whole attitude toward Samsung sounds so ridiculously PLASTIC PHANTASTIC…. as if it takes such great effort to say any thing good. You need to get a different job, for sure!

    What I mean is that it’s almost as if he loves himself so much more than he does the whole rest of the world. It almost like the most emotional sense of feeling is experienced only when he goes home to no wife or girlfriend, just so he can beat off listening to a recording, so he can hear himself talk to get off. That’s the height of ecstasy for him in a colorless drab existence he calls life!

    Buddy you need to relax, quit thinking you’re more intelligent than God and realize what an Arrogant Ignorant Spastic Megalomaniac you really sound like. Quit the self idolization. Maybe what you really need to do is take a really good listen to yourself and realize you sound like your own dick… still stuck up your own a$$!

  • successful

    wheres the s6 edge review? AA should be more consistent with their pros and cons.

  • Cicero

    Front looking at pictures of S6 and you will find alot of similarities with S4. S4 Black Edition is a fine looking one.

  • Pandu Nani

    every thing is quite good. it would be better if there is no bulge camera at back.

    • iKrontologist

      There has always been a budge on not just Samsung’s phones, but many of them every year. Why all of a sudden are they paying so much attention to it? Plus it really only has to stick out from the back like the one on iPhone 6 to understand that if you drop it like he did, pointing the camera at a rock on pavement, it’s going to hit it and crack it.

      What people really have to realize is if these idiotic reviewers with so much hate in them are going to find a way to break anything better on the device from the company they hate the most, that is about to have another record breaking year of sales. Topping last year’s record (that nobody mentions) of 319 Million vs what from HTC a few million! …..can’t wait for his little designed drop comes back on him being done against his beloved HTC M9! Crack Goes the Weasel! haha….

      • Pandu Nani

        if u r interested in budget phones then one plus one is the best option as of now. these costly phones are just for show off they have same hardware that is used in both the costly and budget phone that u wish to buy. coming to this cost issue these company spend for publicity and some amount for further researches so they will impose that money on their flagship devices.and coming to the breaking issue the persons who spent more money on their devices will surely take care of their devices using some cases to protect their phones for some extent.

  • sturmen

    Whats the specific model number of the device reviewed here? If it’s the international model and yet still connects to LTE with AT&T, I’d much rather buy that than the AT&T branded one.

  • moof

    The GPU isn’t good enough for that resolution.

  • Darktanone

    The Galaxy S6 may have just delivered what Android users have been yearning for, Apple hardware running Android. In that sense, it’s brilliant.


    This reviewer seems to have absolutely no knowledge of camera technology. This is not ‘one of the better Android shooters’. This is almost certainly the best camera ever put in a smartphone. Too bad he broke it!

  • iKrontologist

    This nutcase thinks we believe that bogus story about the S6 camera sapphire crystal cracking, just falling forward 5″? Are you kidding me? hahaha…. Every other site has rated S6 and Edge higher and HTC M9 LagGate lower. Who the F*** are they kidding and yet just like with iPhone Purple Haze combo CamCrackGate, that didn’t phase them. Look at last year…. with BeardGate and GapGate against Note 4? Didn’t phase their sales and probably helped fuel them greater than S5 on the year! …….hell even Note 4 got more Awards and Sales than HTC M8 copy of M7!!! …….be the same this year against M9 w/ Qualcomm 810 LagGate that’s for sure!

    btw…. I’m only picking on HTC, because it’s Android Authority’s favorite company….. obviously. I like them, but M9 ain’t no Galaxy S6 Edge, that’s for sure. While their clone of Ron “The Ultimate Samsung Hater” Amadeo Clown show here. Now making an appearance in the center ring of Android Authority’s Circus Barker and Shills show. Maybe Joshua should try tossing an S6 in a garbage can, like Ron did Note Tablet? Yet… that’s only proved what an A$$Bite Hater he really was with his garbage mouth. I think Joshua Vergara has topped him here with his Magically Cracked Camera Glass from 5 inches, that could never be repeated even, in the first place! :DDD

  • Oli72

    Who made the instrumental to the galaxy s6 commercial ad. Its fire.

  • Zack S

    Those camera shots are impressive, especially those of the lady holding the dog. Crisp and detailed. This might be the best camera on a smartphone right now.

    The one doubt I had about the S6 was the battery life. Coming from a Nexus 5, I could expect 11 hours of use at max, with about 2.5 hour of on screen time. I considered the GS5 to have good battery life, so if this is on par with that as stated in the article, that’s fine with me. The Nexus 5’s camera was also hit-or miss if HDR wasn’t on. I’m also used to not having expandable storage and a removable battery. That being said, the S6 looks like the perfect upgrade for me. Now if only I get could the blue color on T-Mobile. Black and white are too basic haha.

  • Ion
  • Ty

    Was he reviewing the black or the blue version of this phone? It looks like it could be either and I know the colors are suppose to ‘change’ depending on the angle.

  • simeon tuoyo

    I’d be on the S6 Edge in a heartbeat if it wasn’t for Touchwiz. Even in its cleaned up state, its still too damn ugly and inconsistent for me to look at several hours every day.. That hardware though, is stunning! Finally..

  • Tanuj Chokshi

    I really hate that Joshua never puts Screen On-Time stats.. Although his video reviews are always outstanding.

  • Lord Lubiano

    Well i got my s6 edge gold apr 10, very DISAPPOINTED ON BACK CAMERA IT WAS CRACKED, I just put it inside my jacket pocket iwas not bang or something for sure! And when.i saw it the back camera was cracked!!!! I realized there is no metal protection on it like.other phones!! The camera is very exposed! Now im on my way to samsung service center see what they will do!! Feel irritated and waste of time.

  • Robert James

    I have a 4K HD TV and I use my phone to play games or surf video online. I just use cable to do that and thanks to samsung for upgrading that to MHL 3.0 but it seems there is not so much mhl 3.0 cable available in market but luckily got to see a cable on kickstarter . Seriously worth the money it.

  • is not LG G4 is better than Galaxy s6 ?

  • Zack S

    Owned the phone for 10 days now. Battery life for me is pretty good, and as Joshua says, it should last a full day. On average, I get about 14 hours with 3.5 hours of SOT. I use a lot of twitter and Instagram. I’m coming from a Nexus 5 which wouldn’t last me past 11 hours if I could even hit 3 hours of SOT. Obviously, battery life in my GS6 is an upgrade over that in my Nexus 5, so I’m happy with that. It suits my needs.

  • Ayube Ibne Nur

    galaxy s6 is more stylish than iphone 6

  • Matthew Dorris

    Anyone with issues with the s6 needs to root it. I rooted my s6 edge to stop apps from running in the background and to remove bloat and now my battery life is excellent with no lag whatsoever. The s6 is a great phone once again ruined by samsung software so I recommend that any user having problems with their s6 should root and debloat. Super easy, super worth it

  • Arkymedes

    You guys should fix the section titles from the shortcuts used in the review!

  • Randy Orton

    Hi it was very informative post. Thank you for sharing this information.
    upcoming samsung phones, how much does the samsung galaxy s6 cost check @