The Bottom Line

  • Beautiful and solid metal/glass design
  • Gorgeous display
  • Fantastic camera
  • Revitalized software is snappier and less bloated
  • Improved fingerprint scanner
  • Unique curved edge glass
  • Loud single speaker
  • Wireless charging
  • Lacks expandable storage (subjective)
  • No removable battery (subjective)
  • No IP certification for dust and water resistance
  • Average battery life
 The edge is no longer an experiment, and with Samsung’s new and improved build quality, revitalized software, and hardware changes (for better or worse), it is very clear that Samsung is carving out a new path for itself. The Galaxy S6 Edge is the beautiful result of Samsung’s newfound identity. 
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Over the last few years, Samsung has been heavily criticized for their build quality and heavy use of plastic, with consumers eagerly awaiting a design overhaul with every flagship release. This long awaited evolution began with the Samsung Galaxy Alpha which featured a metal frame, a design element that made its way over to the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge. The mid-range Samsung Galaxy A series also debuted around this timeframe, featuring full metal unibody designs. These experiments culminated into what we have today, the Galaxy S6, along with a version that includes Samsung’s unique edge concept. What does the Galaxy S6 Edge have to offer when compared to its flagship counterpart and the competition? We find out, as we dive into this in-depth Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge review!

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-1

While Samsung may have taken some inspiration from existing products when it comes to the design language, there’s no denying that the Galaxy S6 Edge is the company’s most beautiful phone yet. Samsung has finally given us a phone befitting the flagship title, and the high price point the device commands. The Galaxy S6 Edge features a metal frame with chamfered edges that holds together two Gorilla Glass 4 panels, resulting in a very solid feel in the hand. The glass on the front and back allows for a translucent effect that is extremely eye-catching when the light hits it at just the right angles.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-9

Although this is a welcome new direction on the design front, there is no mistaking the Galaxy S6 Edge for anything other than a Samsung device. For starters, the typical button layout returns with the power button and volume rocker on the right and left, respectively, both offering a solid tactile feel. As always, Samsung’s signature physical home button can be found up front, flanked by capacitive recent apps and back keys.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-10

Above the display are the usual sensors, the front-facing camera, and a very bright notification LED. On top is an IR blaster and the nano-SIM card slot, with the headphone jack and speaker moving from their usual positions at the top and on the back, respectively, to the bottom, with the microUSB port placed squarely in between. At the back is the camera module, with the heart rate monitor now found next to it.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-7

As is the case with the Galaxy S6, the camera does protrude quite a bit here, due to the thin body of the device. This is something that we’ve started to see with an increasing number of devices, mostly of the ultra-thin variety. At least in my experience, the protruding lens hasn’t been impacted negatively with the Galaxy S6 Edge, but it’s something to be careful about, as we saw in the review of the Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-14

The new design aspects are not without compromises, with expandable storage, a removable battery, and waterproofing all being cut from the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Some may view the removal of these staple Samsung features as a step backward, some may simply not care, and some probably won’t even notice, depending on which device they’ll be making the switch from. Samsung has thus far always preferred function over form, typically piling on a slew of hardware and software features. This time around, the focus on form does result in some of these features being given a skip. This will surely be a subject of debate for many users, and it’s going to be up to you to decide as to whether the premium design is worth those sacrifices.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-18

At 5.1-inches, the Galaxy S6 Edge is still within the realm of comfortable one-handed use for most users, but its unique design does raise questions with regards to the overall handling experience. To put any doubts to rest, holding the device isn’t any different from using a device with a flat display. Even though the glass curves into the metal frame, the actual display portion does not. As such, what you grip in the hand and hold on to is purely metal and bezel, and the device is not as prone to accidental taps or presses as you might expect. With the way Samsung has implemented the features that take advantage of these edges, it is, in fact, actually very difficult to trigger them unless you’re intentionally trying to.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-34

The star of the show really is the Galaxy S6 Edge’s display, with the device featuring a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED screen with Quad HD resolution, resulting in a pixel density of a whopping 577 ppi. The advantages of Quad HD are debatable, but it is impossible to deny that the display here is simply gorgeous. All the great characteristics of Super AMOLED can be found here including deep blacks, high contrast ratios, and saturated colors.  With 600 nits worth of brightness, the screen is extremely vivid and easy to see in broad daylight, and everything from web browsing, games, and video look absolutely fantastic on it. That said, the color calibration can also be toned down from the Settings, if the default doesn’t quite suit your taste.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-35

What sets the Galaxy S6 Edge apart however, and gives it its name, is the way the display is curved onto the sides and disappears into the metal frame. This is a concept people will be familiar with from the Galaxy Note Edge, but this time around, the edge can be found on both sides of the display. Plus, the edges are no longer visually separated from the rest of the display, like on the Note Edge. Apart from the software features that take advantage of these edges, I really liked the swiping experience, which is extremely smooth and seamless, fitting right in with the various slide out elements found in Android 5.0 Lollipop. The illusion that it creates, of the user interface rolling in from underneath the glass as you swipe inwards, and disappearing as you push outwards, gives it that extra charm.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-20

Another big change Samsung made with its latest flagships was the decision to go all-in with its in-house processing package, entirely skipping Qualcomm this time around. Under the hood, the Galaxy S6 Edge packs an octa-core Samsung Exynos 7420 processor, clocked at 2.1 GHz, and backed by the Mali-T760 GPU and 3 GB of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-3

With its top of the line specifications, coupled with the software optimizations made by Samsung, the Galaxy S6 Edge is blazing fast. The sluggishness that is typically associated with Samsung devices is nowhere in sight, with the Galaxy S6 Edge flying through the elements around the UI, quickly jumping in and out of applications, and comfortably handling multi-tasking and gaming without missing a beat. The animations throughout the user interface have also been cleaned up to make the phone feel just as fast as you would expect. Probably the best feature to showcase this impressive speed is the ability to launch the camera in less than a second with a simple double-tap of the home button.

It isn’t all perfect though — there is one glaring hiccup, even though the blame may lie entirely on the software side of things. Swiping into the My Magazine second screen is now faster than ever, but swiping out forces a one-second pause before you can do anything. This makes it feel like this second screen implementation isn’t as well integrated as Google Now or Blinkfeed are. Granted, this only occurs if My Magazine is enabled, and since this is a software issue, a fix is likely on the way. Still, it’s worth mentioning, even if it doesn’t take away from the raw power that this device delivers otherwise.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-22

With expandable storage now out of the picture, Samsung is hoping to alleviate this concern by offering the Galaxy S6 Edge in 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB variants. The heart rate monitor makes a return, but is now in a vertical orientation, and it seems to work more effectively thanks to this. The fingerprint scanner that is integrated into the home button has also been improved. The sensor is now touch-based, instead of the rather cumbersome swipe-based type found in the previous generation, making it much faster and easier to use.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-32

As far as speaker is concerned, the newly bottom-mounted speaker is surprisingly loud, and can easily be heard even in noisy environments. It does suffer from the same issue that all speakers placed in this position are facing though, with the sideways-firing audio being easily muffled when you hold the device in the landscape orientation. The Galaxy S6 Edge may not be on par with its front-facing counterparts, but this is still one of the better sounding speakers you’ll get from a Samsung device.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-33

Another point of contention is with regards to the battery. The battery on the S6 Edge is not only non-removable, but also, the 2,600 mAh capacity seems rather small, especially when taking the Quad HD display it has to power into consideration. The Exynos 7420 does feature a 14-nm processor that is much more energy efficient, but all in all, that only helps to keep the battery life at just above average. With that said, even if you will have to charge the device every night, getting through a full day of use should be easy, keeping in mind that the screen-on time won’t go very far beyond the 4 hour mark.

Wireless charging is now built-in, and Samsung is utilizing a dual-mode charging technology that allows the Galaxy S6 Edge to work with both the WPC and PMA standards, which, in layman’s terms, means that this device will work with the vast majority of wireless chargers, giving you a variety of charging options.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-24

The Galaxy S6 Edge features a 16 MP sensor with optical image stabilization and a very wide aperture at f/1.9. Samsung has decided to ditch the ISOCELL camera tech it used on the Galaxy S5, in favor of a more conventional sensor, but this change is really for the better.

The camera UI has been cleaned up and simplified, making it a lot easier to navigate. Basic camera settings like filters and HDR mode (which now features an auto mode that kicks in when needed) are all available. Camera modes are easily accessible by swiping to the right, or by tapping the mode button in the bottom right corner. The camera modes have also been slimmed down to just a few, like panorama, selective focus, and a pro mode for full manual controls, with users being given the option to download more if required. A new mode called Virtual Shot has been added, allowing you to take a full 360 degree view of an object. But, as cool as it looks on the viewfinder, it’s not something that can be easily shared on social media.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-38

Of course, picture quality is what matters the most, and the great news is that this camera absolutely delivers. Pictures are sharp, colorful, and full of detail, and the shutter speed is extremely quick. More often that not, I got exactly the image I wanted on the first try. The tracking autofocus is a nice touch, especially for moving objects like cars or pets, and the f/1.9 aperture gives off a “natural” bokeh effect, that just can’t be beaten by fancy software tricks that try to emulate it. HDR also works well on this camera, bringing out some extra detail. It’s not overly aggressive though, and sometimes you’ll be hard pressed to see a difference between the standard shot and the HDR shot. 4K video recording is also possible, and even though video stabilization is disabled in this mode, the built-in OIS prevents the video from becoming too shaky.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-39

The camera is also pretty phenomenal in low light, and what you’ll soon realize is that you can’t always trust what you see in the viewfinder. The viewfinder may show a grainy and colorless image, but once you take the photo, it’s a completely different result, which is a testament to how well the software handles post processing. The low light images may appear slightly muddy in the darker spots of the photos, but the post processing does a great job of cleaning up the excess noise, providing for an overall sharp looking image, particularly at the point of focus.

Samsung cameras have always historically been pretty good, but Samsung continues to exceed expectations with their latest offerings, and it’s going to be up to other Android manufacturers to keep up.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-11

Changes are not limited to the design and hardware of the S6 Edge, with the latest in the Galaxy S series also bringing improvements to the software. The Galaxy S6 Edge is running on Android 5.0 Lollipop with a revamped version of the TouchWiz UI on top, which is lighter, cleaner, and faster than ever before. Samsung finally got rid off all the slow animations, the Settings menu isn’t the convoluted mess it once was, and all the annoying “nature” sounds have been removed.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-12

The general aesthetic remains largely the same though, even if things aren’t as jarring as they once were. Another welcome addition on the software side is the newly introduced Themes feature — the built-in theme engine allows you to change the user interface completely, including icons, wallpapers, sounds, native applications, and the notification shade. The theme options available as of now are somewhat limited, but should get much better once Samsung opens up the feature to theme makers.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-40

The trimming of the TouchWiz UI continues with regards to the pre-installed applications, with only S Health and S Voice still present from Samsung’s old stable of apps. Users are given the option to disable or uninstall some of the pre-loaded apps as well. The slew of features that Samsung usually packs into its devices have also been cut down; features like air gestures and toolbox are no longer available, while more useful ones, like multi-window, Smart Stay, and palm swipe to capture have been retained.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-29

One of the software aspects that doesn’t get talked about much is the built-in keyboard, but it’s worth a mention here, because Samsung redid its keyboard from the ground up. It’s now extremely accurate and easy to type on, and the dedicated number row is a nice touch. I haven’t felt compelled to replace this keyboard with a third-party one, something that otherwise I usually do right away. In a lot of ways, this keyboard is very comparable to the Google keyboard in terms of accuracy and word prediction, and that says a lot about the time Samsung has dedicated to revitalizing its software.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-41

Now we come to the side of the software that takes advantage of the curved glass of the Galaxy S6 Edge. The edge features can be set to either the left or right edge, depending on which hand you mostly use when holding the device. The new features are Edge Lighting, People Edge, Information Stream, and Night Clock.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-26

With Edge Lighting, the edge of the screen will light up when you receive calls or notifications, and can be dismissed by simply placing your finger on the heart rate monitor. If People Edge is enabled, the colors will light up according to what you have assigned for each individual contact. You can add up to five of your favorite contacts, and have them easily accessible with a swipe on the top portion of the display. From here, you can place a call or send a text message, and if you have a missed call or message from your contacts, it will place additional tabs on the edge of the display so you can easily respond.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-27

Information Stream allows you to view various streams like Twitter, Yahoo News, sports scores, and more. Tapping on a stream will take you into its respective application if you want to see more, and additional streams are also available for download. While useful, the implementation is a little bit clunky, as you have to swipe quickly back and forth across the edge to activate it, and doesn’t feel intuitive.

The final feature is called Night Clock and it’s pretty self-explanatory. The edge can be used as a night clock, and you have the ability to set the time at which this feature is automatically activated and when it turns off again.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-28

People Edge and Night Clock are certainly the more useful of the bunch. Not a lot of people are going to be placing their devices face down to really take advantage of Edge Lighting, and unfortunately, the implementation of the information stream isn’t the best in its current iteration. Features you don’t use can easily be turned off, but if you decide not to use any of these additions, it almost defeats the purpose of picking the Edge variant of the Galaxy S6.

Display5.1-inch Super AMOLED
2560 x 1440 resolution, 577 ppi
ProcessorExynos 7420
Storage32/64/128 GB
Camera16 MP rear camera with OIS
5 MP front-facing camera with 90 degree wide angle lens
ConnectivityWiFi a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth 4.1, NFC, GPS + GLONASS
NetworksLTE cat 6 300/50
Battery2,600 mAh
Fast charging
WPC and PMA-compatible wireless charging
SoftwareAndroid 5.0 Lollipop
Dimensions142.1 x 70.1 x 7.0 mm
132 grams
ColorsBlack, white, gold, green

In regards to price, you can expect the Galaxy S6 Edge to be priced at a premium over the Galaxy S6. So far, only T-Mobile and AT&T have come forward with pricing, with T-Mobile coming in just shy of $780 for the 32GB model, and it only goes up for higher storage options. The AT&T version will be available from 815, and we can expect the remaining carriers to be priced similarly. As you may already know, the Galaxy S6 Edge will be available in four different colors, depending on carrier or region. The green option is exclusive to the Edge, just like the blue option is exclusive to the regular Galaxy S6. With all of the different storage options and colors available, users will have plenty of choices to pick from.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge-4

So there you have it – an in-depth look a the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge! The edge has grown up, and is no longer the experiment that it was on the Galaxy Note Edge. We can expect the Galaxy S6 Edge to be marketed just as heavily, if not even more so, as its flat counterpart. The edge will probably be one of the key aspects of Samsung’s new identity going forward. There isn’t a lot that sets the Galaxy S6 Edge apart from the Galaxy S6 though, except for the unique design and the still somewhat limited software features that take advantage of the edge. So it’s up to you to decide if the premium you’ll be paying for the Galaxy S6 Edge is worth it.

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  • teomor

    I think you should have put ‘(subjective)’ next to every item in the Pro’s and Con’s. We’re all subjective here. For example, I don’t really care much for a fantastic camera… I would have preferred a lousier one.

  • Dusan

    Yeah, but no thanks. The price on it is INSANE. The basic, 32gb version costs $962/€888 here in Sweden, while 128gb is whooping $1217/€1123. Even the normal S6 is way overpriced.
    Alright, curved screen is something new, I guess some idiot will buy it before the price goes down. But S6, what is its excuse for price increase? There’s nothing new in it, just performance boost.

    • ajshdv

      In your country yes but the s6 regular is much cheaper than the iPhone or note 4 when when they were released in the middle east. The s6 edge is also much cheaper than the note edge when it was released

    • nikk

      hey. i pre-ordered the edge and i am not an idiot. i want a good phone that looks nice and i don’t need to wait for a price to go down to get what i want.

    • It might be ridiculously priced in your country. In Kuwait, it is 210KD for the 32GB edge with the Wireless Charger whereas the 16GB iPhone 6 was 250 KD at launch.
      FYI 1KD is approx $3.5

      • Saurav Santhosh

        210KD for the regular s6.not the edge variant

    • j2001m

      Hm, ufs for a start, that mean it’s not going to slow down after 3 or 4 months of use and will not need to be restarted all the time and so on, think ssd on a pc over a normal hd

    • das

      what i dont get is ,in the UK the edge STARTS at the 64gb model ,there is no 32gb edge

    • Jason Henderson

      same prices as apple 6 phone but better than apple 6.

  • Great review Lanh, very detailed and interesting. Have to agree with Dusan though, price is ridiculous! I can understand that the manufacturing costs for producing a curved screen are high (until economies of scale come into effect) but still, if they’re trying to entice iOS or other Android users, going to be incredibly hard

    • j2001m

      Why they always pay top cash for crap, now they can pay even more for a good real phome

    • Jason Henderson

      You are wrong. Preorder sales are already way above expectation lol

  • This is the most comprehensive and informative review. Great work!

  • bikrame

    Nice phone but no external storage is big deal for me . And also removable battery. And if you ask yes I do carry extra memory and external memory is life saver for root users :)
    Waiting for G4

    • ericesque

      Can you expound on the “external memory is a life saver for root users” comment? New to Android and pre-ordered the S6. I expect I will root at some point, so I’m curious. Thanks!

      • Slaughter

        Root is great for removing bloatware. Just ask yourselves keep warranty or erase bloatware?
        With root you also can move some big apk or game directly to your SD card. Especially great for 16gb phone… but for actuals phones..

        • ericesque

          I appreciate the reply, Slaughter. But I was specifically interested in why external storage is “a life saver for root users”. I probably wasn’t clear what I was asking about.

          • Slaughter

            I’m not an expert of root of course ( since my s3 i kept warranty over root)
            So why a life saver? I ( me and my poor knowledge of this) think it’s because of the possibility to move your huge apk and game directly on the SD card ( rarely possible for most app)
            Or, this guy is also a custom rom user, so having a SD slot provide him the possibility to flash directly from SD card, or create a back on the SD card.

          • Blind

            By saying “a life saver for root users” ,he meant when you have an external memory you mostly keep your data on it and when your phone malfunctions or can’t turn on you can simply take the memory card out and retain your data.Whereas in devices with no ext memory support if your phone dies your data is also not accessible.

    • Jason Henderson

      Have you heard of cloud storage??? You never need to open your phone. What are you a caveman??? ;)

      • bikrame

        I guess you are rich man. This clouds dont come for free ! Do they ??? May be 50 gig of drop box for 2 year and what ? 9 dollar per month!!! No thanks. I bought 64 gig of sd card for guaranteed 5 yr on 50 bucks ! And dude what if you want to watch a movie on remote camping where there is not even cell tower !!! I

        • john

          1.99 month for google drive 100 gigs. 24 a year

          • bikrame

            I know. You can get 50 gigs on mega if you just sign in. But i m not into clouds.

          • Jason Henderson

            Then you not in to the future. Goodluck with that.

          • nosredneh nosaj

            your type of reasoning is not in to the future.

          • nosredneh nosaj

            oh and Goodluck with that

        • Jason Henderson

          You do not research. You get 115gb free cloud storage with this phone.

          • bikrame

            No thanks. I am not into cloud storage :) . good luck to you.

        • Jason Henderson

          You get 100gigs free cloud with this phone. Why would you need to be rich? You looking at the wrong cloud companies if you only find that price anyways. You are so wrong in many many ways.

          • bikrame

            Good luck bro, just posting my view not trying to change yours.

  • ericesque

    I went in to Best Buy over the weekend just to see the S6. It took me all of a minute holding the phone to know I’d pre-order. It’s stunning. At the risk of sounding cliche, pictures simply don’t do it justice.

    The iPhone 5 was my first smartphone. The iPhone 6 just didn’t evoke any desire in me like the iPhone 5 did. Every time I picked up an iPhone 6 or Plus I felt disappointed that it would likely be my next phone.

    When I picked up the S6 Edge I knew I’d found my next smartphone.

    • Joey Pandocchi

      That’s exactly what i did. Went and played with it at best buy and it felt/looked better then I thought it would. Was super fast too. Pre ordered the edge.

      • John

        Same here, went in to pre order GS6 and walked out pre ordering Edge and best buy giving free Samsung wireless charger on top of that.

    • Slaughter

      Same for me, i’ve just played a minute… And cannot erase this big smile on my face! First time a phone make me so impatient to arrived april 10th.

      • gkeli

        tu l’as pris en quel couleur et quel capacité?

        • Slaughter

          Je l”ai pris en blanc ( toujours eu des téléphones blanc :p) et en 32go… je voulais le 64go mais pas dispo chez bouygues … :/

          • gkeli

            Nan moi le blanc j’aime pas du prend tjr les téléphones en noire..quand l’écran est éteint j’aime bien ke ps voire la délimitation de l’écran dans la face avant du téléphone je vais le prendre nu..les opterateurs j’aime pas trop..avec les appli pre installé et quand il y a une mise a jour .il faut attendre au tour par tour selon les opérateurs .ils me fatiguent .lol

          • gkeli

            Comment ça se fait qu’ils n’avaient pas le 64go? vise le 128go au prix du crois que c’est mieux

          • Slaughter

            Je sais pas, au debut il était dispo sur le store opérateurs et quand j’ai voulu precommander il ne restait que le 32go. je devais changer d’opérateurs donc prendre chez bouygues ca diminuait la facture.
            Sinon perso les bloatware opérateurs je les vire en flashant une rom stock sans opérateurs. Et pour mes mise à jour, je flash moi même les version compatible, même si non déployée dans le pays.
            Genre depuis décembre je suis sous lollipop sur mon S5

          • marcus

            ah quoi ça sert de filmer en 4k si on a pas assez de mémoire pour stocker ? 32go ? tu es sérieux ?
            heureusement qu’il y a la vente lié pour vous pauvre français

          • Slaughter

            Ah quoi veux tu que ça me serve de filmer en 4k déjà? 0o

          • marcus

            comme je le disais … une grosse fiche caractéristique qui au final ne sert absolument à rien , à part flatter les pseudos geeks qui n’y comprenne rien. Je suis vraiment déçu par les performances de ces S6 à part l’appareil photos, ils ont rien pour eux …
            Tu tiens un discours tout autre sur frandroid, le edge est un gimmick de plus ajouté par samsung, au final ça n’a aucune pertinence et ne sert absolument à rien

          • Slaughter

            Ho oui guide nous ô être supérieur qui comprend. :’)
            Tu es déçu par le téléphone le plus performant actuellement sur le marché… Bah comme tu veux ecoute.
            Quant à venir essayer de dire que je tiens un double discours. .. juste lol n’ayant pas de tv 4k je ne vois pas où j’aurais été vanter le fait de filmer en 4k… Mais si tu trouves un commentaire qui va dans ce sens, enjoy, j’attends les screenshots :)

          • gkeli


            le premier drop test du edge

          • Slaughter

            Je les ai tous vu! Ce tel est le futur 3310 xD

          • gkeli

            Mdr. Non le 3310 c’est Pelé +Ronaldo est un dieu de son…je trouve que 32 c’est limite un peu..déjà dans mon s5 je met des cartes de 32go donc..j’hésite entre le noire le gold ou le vert

          • Slaughter

            Bah perso sur mon S5, qui avait 32go avec sd, je tourne à 15 20go d’usage… Donc là avec spotify pour la musique et mes photos en clouds, 32go ca va etre large pour mon usage.
            J’aurais voulu 64 pour être large et le revendre plus chers mais bon, introuvable chez les opérateurs. ..

          • gkeli

            Pourtant chez sur et Orange on trouve les versions 64..bouygue je ne comprend pas pourquoi la version 64 à disparu..d’ici la sortie sûrement les 64 seront dispo

          • gkeli

            Salut j’ai besoin d’une petite précision . pour supprimer les applis des opérateurs pré installé faut rooter le tel j’ai vu sur les sites.mais pourtant quand on va dans gestion d’application, on nous propose de désinstaller les applis opérateurs ..donc je suis un peu perdu là

          • Slaughter

            Salut. Si tu peux les supprimer à la main, pas besoin de root. Si elle ne voulait pas être desinstallée il te suffirait de flasher une rom sans opérateurs (XEF) comme ca tu gardes ta garantie, contrairement au root.

          • gkeli

            Ok.merci pour la réponse..dans ce cas on gagne de l’espace mais le téléphone reste toujours relié à loperat..donc quand une mise a jour viendra c’est seulement quand cet opérateur diffusera la MAJ que ton téléphone va l’avoir.., vu que le téléphone reste lié à loperateur

    • Xman2014

      The iPhone feels so light, flimsy, and cheap (really no wonder why they’re bendable). I just don’t understand all the hype about their aluminum frame and aluminum back cover.

      • ericesque

        I honestly didn’t take any exception with the build quality of the iPhone 6. I simply didn’t care for the design. The rounded edges were slippery and not nearly as striking as the chamfered edges of the iPhone 5. I also didn’t like the sizes Apple picked this time around. 4.7″ wasn’t bigger enough and 5.5″ was too big. I would have been more comfortable settling on the iPhone 6 if it hadn’t meant I’d also give up a 1080p display and OIS.

        Going beyond the hardware I was tired of Apple delivering half baked features since iOS 7. Nearly every marquee feature in iOS 8 is still either unavailable or required developer adoption that has been uncharacteristically slow. As a result we essentially didn’t get those promised features. Now Apple is rumored to be spending a major release (iOS 9) on improving performance, squashing bugs, and essentially finishing iOS 7/8. This is great, and absolutely necessary. Kudos to Apple for recognizing the need and being brave enough to actually do it. But my favorite part is that it gives me a year and a half to test the waters of Android before Apple finishes their software and releases a new hardware design.

        IMHO, Samsung picked the best time they possibly could have to hit such a home run.

    • dennis Matamoros

      Same here.. it took me 5 seconds after holding the gs6 edge to realize that I needed to get that phone right away.. looking at it on a YouTube video or photos doesn’t do it justice till you see it in person and you hold it in your hands. That’s the WOW FACTOR

    • Sonny73N

      Whatever. I’m sure you’re paid shill.

      • ericesque

        LOL. You caught me! Take me to paid shill jail. But you should know that Samsung will cover my bail and I’ll be back on the interwebs tomorrow with a new screen name running my mouth like an ordinary person with an opinion!

    • Wall Breaker

      I agree I am a Nexus 6 user but after using the Galaxy S6 at bess buy I was immediately like “Wow” not only is the phone beautiful but even Touchwiz feels completely different it actually felt almost near stock like experience it still has samsung UI but the performance was fast, snappy and smooth. It just felt lighter and more enjoyable to use.

  • Denis De Fazio

    “Unique curved edge glass (subjective)
    Lacks expandable storage (subjective)
    No removable battery (subjective)”

    How are those things subjective? The design is unique and there is no memory card slot and battery is not removable, these things are not subjective. Whether one likes them or not doesn’t change that it is what it is.

    Oddly enough completely subjective statements were not labeled as such

    “Beautiful and solid metal/glass design”

    Is it beautiful? If it read solid metal/glass design it would be ok, when you say it is beautiful your statement becomes subjective.

    • Ben

      What is subjective is that these things are pros and cons.

      • Denis De Fazio

        Still doesn’t make sense, if that is the case why even lable them since every pro and con is subjective. I, for one, don’t care about the design and it is still not labeled as subjective, as if I have to like the design.

        • anehlo

          I think the author meant that those labeled as subjective could go either way considering what people traditionally liked about the Galaxy S series. The S series has always had removable batteries and the ability to add additional storage, but it might not be an issue for most people, so he wrote “subjective” meaning it may not be in the cons category for some users.

          Others features are more generally solid claims as pros and cons – i.e. Beautiful metal/glass design and fantastic camera would almost universally be considered a pro. I can’t imagine anyone who would think a fantastic camera would be a con. “Fantastic camera??? Screw that! I want a poor quality camera in my phone. Change that to con!!!”

          Now if you’re going to argue that the author is not qualified, as a reviewer, to make declarations such as “beautiful design” or “gorgeous display”, etc., then why even read this guy’s review? I mean, a review, by definition, is subjective.

          Many can disagree about the quality of a phone. But the way he used “subjective” to distinguish between different pros and cons makes sense to me. at least enough sense where I didn’t get bent out of shape about it.

          • Jason Henderson

            Yes for me the non removable batter and extra SD card are not a con at all!

    • xoj_21

      because people ignore those on the iphone why not on this?

    • Anonymousfella

      Yeah I mean a review is meant to be subjective/opinionated.

  • Julian

    So what this review is telling me is that the hardware isn’t to blame for battery. It’s androids crappy OS and lack of optimization. Android system and Google services used over 30%! While the screen only used 16%? Seriously?? Either you’re running a ton of crap and need to turn some features off or optimization is seriously lacking. My S3 with a custom ROM barely has any losses because of the android system or Google services. Biggest drains are screen and whatever browser I have running.

    Hopefully I can optimize my s6 when I get it and fix this supposed average battery life issue. The hardware is there to do it.

    • xoj_21

      its new software. .. but the battery is smaller thn s5. even cpu is half size.

      • Julian

        Yeah that is obvious. I know that. The CPU is half the size. Where the hell is all the power going? Android system? Really?

  • Anonymousfella

    Nice review but I really don’t get Lanh’s scoring technique. According to him, this device is as good as the Xiaomi Note which also got a 9? Seriously?

  • Rufus MD

    Im afraid to buy Samsung again..they’re just good within few weeks and feels cheap in the long run. The UI feels dated too.. With metal and glass being more common for a flagship..i guess the curve display is the only new here. overall still looks samsung..

    • Jason Henderson

      Wow you did not research much. The processor alone is a new and unbelievable!

      • Rufus MD

        Well ofc there will always be improvements in every aspects just like every other new model does every year right?.. that ‘unbelievable’ processor you said wont still be able to cook my food to be called that unbelievable. :) explain this processor stuff to my parents and neighbor they wont see it nor care about it.

  • s2weden2000

    That’s right!

  • Camilla

    The green emerald color look absolutely stunning ,but still I won’t buy the s6 or the s6 edge,I’ll stay with my amzing note 4 :)

    • You dont need to. Galaxy Note 4 is already a really awesome device :)

      • Camilla

        True, I can’t find any one good reason to upgrade from the note to the s6, OK maybe one the green emerald color but still this ain’t good reason to spend almost 1k buks on it, I’m happy with my pink note 4:)

        • i want pink note 4, but it cost more than the other colors

  • Can someone please confirm if Air View is also removed along with Air Gestures?
    Air Gestures were a bit gimmicky but I found Air View to be genuinely useful.

    • j2001m

      They ther but you have to turn them on

  • notNormal

    Android Authority – battery stats are really bad. Massive battery drain with google service. Repair this things up, and please test battery again.

  • Greg

    Went to Best Buy to check out S6 and Edge. BEAUTIFUL phones. I LOVE the look of the Edge but LOVED the feel of the regular S6. All things considered I want the 64GB GOLD S6 Edge. What totally pissed me off though when I went to pre-order the only available colors at this time are white and black? Whats up with that? So who knows when the gold color will be available. My excitement went from 100% to 0 pretty quickly.

    • j2001m

      Gold out from the 24 April to 1st of May in most areas like uk and usa and so on, there was gold but they sold out very fast

    • Jason Henderson

      It depends what mobile company you are getting the phone from.

  • Will S.

    It’s a beautiful phone, but I see no real reason to buy it over the regular and cheaper Galaxy S6.

    • Jason Henderson

      That is why there is a choice. You don’t have too!

  • daniel

    What games were played in the video?

  • Grayson

    Mine arrives tomorrow. 128gb edge, black. I preordered it through T-Mobile on the 25th and it shipped the same day. I can’t wait, I’m geeked.

    • Jason Henderson

      I ordered the same phone but on the 27th. Mine comes Weds! I wants now! lol Wait T-Mobile did not start presales until the 27th so that is impossible for you.

      • Grayson

        You’re right. It was the 27th. But I just picked it up and am on the way home with it. I’m stoked.

        • Jason Henderson

          Awesome! I get mine in less than 24 hours!

          • Grayson

            It’s so worth it. Very fast and smooth ui. And it’s just a beautiful phone. Plus T-Mobile threw in a free year of Netflix. And Samsung gives a 50% off $50 or less for registering. That means I get my wireless charging dock for $25. Can’t beat the value.

          • Jason Henderson

            Yes I love this phone!

  • The-Sailor-Man

    No surprise that most bashing S6 and S6 Edges reviews are here in AA

  • Jeff Martinez

    As much as I liked the Edge I went with the S6 No edge, which to me felt better in hand but I ain’t denying it looks better. I just got my PMA wireless charger in the mail today, only costed less then 10 bucks. Can’t wait to use it for my S6 this week. Samsung almost nailed it with these phones, still wish they had included the SD card slot, but Sammy I ain’t mad’acha!

    • Wall Breaker

      I agree the edge felt sharp in the hand and I didn;t liek it it looks cool but in my opinion the extra $100 isn’t worth it.

  • Abd

    You didn’t mention 64 bit processor, fast UFS 2.0 storage, DDR4 RAM, Visa/Mastercard certified payment system which is compatible with 90% of current systems. To name a few

  • Ryan
  • Dennis Furlan

    I think this review appreciates the positive impact the Edge will have on consumers more so than other reviewers recognize. For example, when Samsung showed the Edge to U.S. carriers leading up to the official launch, the carrier execs were taken aback by the phone’s stunning design. One source even suggested that the Edge beats the iPhone on design. That’s quite a statement. Reviewers are far too focused on the functionality of the dual-curved screen, and I think part of this comes from the Edge’s departure from the Note Edge precedent, some of it is the result of confusion leading up to the launch, and maybe some people are just too hesitant to give this design the embrace it deserves. It simply looks great, and certainly differentiates itself from any other phone on the market. That in itself will attract customers. The few functions the Edge screen has right now is more of a bonus, in my opinion.

  • andgdv

    Wait this phone which is absolutely top notch has the same score as that xiaomi phone a while back?? What?????

  • Antonio

    “The new design aspects are not without compromises, with expandable
    storage, a removable battery, and waterproofing all being cut from the
    Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.”

    “Samsung has thus far always preferred function over form”

    Your first sentence calls bullsh*t on the second. The omission of a microSD slot, a user-replaceable battery, and waterproofing, is CLEARLY putting form before function. Also, is there really any practical purpose to Edge? Not saying the phone isn’t impressive, as there is definitely some solid hardware under the hood, but aside from an improved processor and RAM, this is almost ENTIRELY an update of form, rather than function.

  • King4evr

    actually this isn’t the 1st time Samsung places the headphone jack, the Galaxy Nexus had it at the bottom 1 year before Apple did. So let’s put this “iPhone 5 had it first and the S6 copied it” argument to rest.

  • Jeff Boyd

    The price point of $915 for the Samsung S6 edge from AT&T with 64gb of memory is crazy expensive. The cost of my LG G3 was $579. Upgrading a phone at that price point every year is out of the question, I don’t need a new phone that bad, I need the 64gb version since we don’t have a micro sd card anymore. The reviews need to consider value for money spent? Samsung needs to lower the cost of this phone, try less commercials on TV so you can lower the cost of the phone. If we pay for high prices for phones like this, the note 5 edge will be over $1000 easy. Samsung is pricing themselves high above the competition of Android phones.

  • Ion

    Play and download funny videos on Android smartphone. Best free app.

  • Ion

    Best video app for Android. Play, download, enjoy funny videos on your smartphone.

  • I really want it but the battery life is dissapointing. Going from a 3000 mAh battery to 2800 is just a little too much for me. I realy don’t understand why we can’t do better? Year after year the batteries in these flagships are seeing incremental updates…the Drioid Max Turbo did it, why can no one else? This is the only thing keeping me from this otherwise beastly phone.

    • Jason Henderson

      You do not understand.The processor is way better and takes less battery power. You do not need a bigger battery. They wanted to keep the phone slim and light also. I have had my phone a week now and it is awesome! They also have portable battery packs that are the same size of a battery and no different than carrying an extra battery so not sure why this would bother you.

      • I’ve heard a lot of mixed opinions over on xda. Think I’ll have to pass on this one. I already have an external battery from Anker. 10000mAH …just not really looking to use that everyday.

        • Jason Henderson

          Loving my phone. no shortage of battery life. It charges full in less than an hour =D

          • Yeah. I ended up getting it the day it came out.

  • Jason Henderson

    I love love love love love this phone. I pre-ordered mine fro T-Mobile first day and have had it for a week now. AWESOME PHONE! Sorry Apple you fail.

  • Ken Ds

    Edges is the new classic.

  • Kevin

    I still cant tell the difference between this and the normal S6 outside of the obvious physical difference. Just doesnt seem like its worth any more money than the normal S6.

  • rich2

    Hi there, is this an international version 925i? How’s the general reception. I have a 920F and signal performance on Tmobile or AT&T is bit sketchy.
    Thanks again!

  • Wen Guźman

    Question: Does the Galaxy S6 features native 4k encode where you can shoot 4k videos for more than 5 minutes?

  • khadir

    Launched an Amazon
    Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 EDGE
    All options with price control

  • nawfal
  • alex_palade

    Can you give score for Design, Battery, Display, Camera, Software and/or Performance

  • Khadim Hussain

    Very nice