Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ gets Marshmallow

by: John DyeFebruary 24, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Hands On-31

When you get a flagship device, you expect it to stay relatively up to date for a few years in terms of OS version. Unfortunately, the rollout of Marshmallow has been legendarily slow. It took all the way until today for all of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy devices to get Marshmallow. The roundup is now complete as Android 6.0.1 hits the S6 edge+.

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Since Samsung is a Korean company, it should come as no surprise that the rollout is beginning in South Korea. Firmware version G928SKSU2BPAG is going out over the air in the form of a >1GB update. The update offers functionally identical features as it did with the S6, the S6 edge, and the Note 5: improved battery life through Marshmallow’s Doze feature, more control over app permissions with the live Permissions system, Google Now on Tap to bring you all the contextual search information you could possibly need, and of course, a metric ton of new Emoji.

In addition to a close-to-stock Marshmallow experience, Samsung is also packaging the update with a newer version of the Galaxy’s stock browser, which changes up the UI slightly and provides a cleaner, more intuitive browsing experience. Although the update is currently only going on through carriers in South Korea, we expect it to spread to carriers abroad in the very near future. While we’re waiting, let us know if this update impacts you. Stoked to get Marshmallow on your Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+, or are you already updating to the Galaxy S7 or S7 edge?

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  • [email protected]

    That moment when you ran out of creativity and you put the world’s ugliest camera on the back. Anyway, Xiaomi’s MI5 crushes this phone into pieces.

    • Biga173rd

      You must be joking right? lol

    • SnakeSplitskin

      who is selling Xiamo MI5? OH, no one. And what happens if I buy it from an importer and need to have it serviced? Oh yeh, I’d have to send it to China. That means at least 2 weeks of no phone. Yeh, that sounds like a great opportunity. Frankly, I don’t like the risk. But you keep rockin’ that phone that crushes other phones to pieces. In fact, you should throw a party with other phone crushing MI5 owners so you can brag about how your phone crushes other phones.

      In the meantime, we’ll enjoy paying for transactions at virtually every retailer, not just those with an NFC terminal. We’ll enjoy our very excellent and proven camera. But don’t worry, you’re still crushing with that MI5. lol

      • Max Hyle

        You only have 1 phone? I have 3 or 4 phones sitting around and they all work. None of them are activated but that’s just a phone call away.

        • SnakeSplitskin

          Well Ladee Freaking Dah! Apparently those 3 or 4 phones you’ve got sitting around weren’t good enough to already be the phone you prefer to use because they are sitting around not activated. Let’s face it, anyone who buys the MI5 would prefer to use that than their other 3 or 4 non-activated phones. If I buy an MI5 and have to send it back to China for support, repair, or replacement, that means I am forced to use a phone I didn’t want to use for at least 2 weeks. Why would I need to subject myself to that kind of crap when there are so many other better alternatives right in my own backyard?

          I’m certainly not going to believe some idiot’s statement that the MI5 crushes the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus when there is really no means for me to verify that.

        • awesomeNOTweather

          You have a phone? pfft I’ve got a butler that calls for me and do shit for me. I don’t even have to make a phone call, I snap my fingers and I get what I want however much I want.

          Not everyone is lucky enough to have 4 back up phones.

    • awesomeNOTweather

      you know how lenovo put all that junk that compromised your system? This is Xiaomi…no matter how cheap, how awesome a phone is, I’m sorry, I won’t get one

  • DBS93

    sorry ,did you say all Samsung flagship devices ? what about note 4 , and even s5? aren’t they considered flagships at all ? despite note 4 only having 1 year and a half?

    • Max Hyle

      You are getting an update. Just wait on it.

      • DBS93

        3 months later here im with my freshly update note 4 …

  • Chauntella Stephanie Brown

    Can anyone help me with this question? Since the s6 edge plus is being updated to Marshmallow through Carriers, what if one has an UNLOCKED S6 edge plus, will it still be updated to Marshmallow?

    • LocalNHBoy

      You should get it when whatever carrier you use pushes it out to your device.

      • Chauntella Stephanie Brown

        I’m with MetroPCS and as far as I know they’ve never updated their phones to any new Android versions.

        • LocalNHBoy

          Really? That’s odd. Go into your settings menu and see if there is a tab called “update software version” and give it a try. Settings > system updates.

  • LocalNHBoy

    This is ridiculous. As you implied in the article it’s an expectation when you get a flagship phone that you stay updated FIRST before other phones.

  • Chhana Chhakchhuak

    This is why i have never bought Samsung phone since Note 2, even though their products are awesome!!

  • Brian Abbott

    My S6 still does not have Marshmallow. I pretty much have given up on getting it. Is it even worth having?

    • Noah Cohen

      yep my S6 still on Loli

      • yea, still on android 5 something …At least they are giving you a free beard right … and the beard does not contain bloatware.. you pay 800 $ for a new phone, can’t even remove that s**t from your phone. oh but wait, you get Samsung pay, so you can pay at every terminal…. (** in about 10 years from now **) … don’t know about other people, but i feel bit scammed.

  • Catalin Emerich

    Uuum…the Note 4 isn’t even on the list?

    • Max Hyle

      Yes it is

  • jay

    Is there a 6.0 rom out for theS6?

  • Isaiah Peterson

    My poor S5, it’ll never get marshmallow. Won’t matter once the s7 drops though.

  • Sad

    I’ll be pissed and never buy another samsung product if my almost 1 year old Galaxy s6 edge doesn’t get marshmallow real soon. It’s been promised for what seems like an eternity and it seems everyday there’s a article about when this phone is going to get it but it hasn’t happened yet and it’s bull shit. Maybe time to move away from Samsung. First no expandable memory or removable battery (until the 7) now no update (as of now anyway) not real happy. Wake up Samsung.

    • Alex Bitzu

      Well at least you don’t have the S6 Edge+ like me. This one is the last one which receive the update. I agree with you, this is my last Samsung device too.

      • jeppe werring

        its unacceptable from such a big company for them to take this long. s6 edge+ user.

    • John

      Still waiting for my update on my s6 edge plus.

  • karl atkins

    After my note 4 dies I might just go to Apple at least every year every one gets the update and hack proof too. The note 6 is going to be around $1000.00 no the is no way I will pay that much.

    • hohopig

      Hack proof? haha, only an idiot and an iFruity fan believe that. And you do know that iPhone will also cost more than $1000 .. but comes with materials that cost close to only USD 200 while android flagship phone have gone beyond bill of materials that cost more than USD 250?

      • Obi Alfred

        Dumbass. The government can’t even crack the phones. That’s what the guy meant.

        • BlueBird

          Lmao, you believe that? Thay the government can’t crack iphones?

        • awesomeNOTweather

          BAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH…..wait let me catch my breath…BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

  • Tomer Ben David

    S5 marshmallow please

  • Srdjan V.

    Spoke to T-Mobile Austria about my S6 edge+. They said, that we should expect an update in the third quarter of the year! It unbelievable.

  • Ronnyek

    This is so typical…. This is why bootloader’s should be unlocked… You don’t want us fixing this shit but then you don’t do it… This is my last Samsung… Probably my last Android phone. As much as I love to hate on iPhone and complain about its software upgrades… They tend to deliver more updates over a devices life time.

  • Norbert Leks

    I havent got my update and i have the s6 edge

  • Maroonedfrancis

    Updated my Samsung galaxy s6 edge plus (duos) to marshmallow (6.0.1) yesterday. I am from the Philippines.