All the rumors are finally over as Samsung took to the stage this morning to announce its latest large-screen handset, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. In the past, the Note series has generally taken a different design approach from the Galaxy S series, but one of the first things you’ll notice about he Note 5 is that it will strongly remind you of the Galaxy S6 series, for better or worse.

Is the Korean manufacturer’s “true flagship” all we were expecting? This phone is huge, but we have managed to get both hands all over it and are ready to give you our first look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Let’s jump right into it, shall we?


If you think the Samsung Galaxy S6 is a beauty, you will also love the Galaxy Note 5’s aesthetics. This is because the new handset adopts the design language that was introduced with the S6 series.

The Note 5 has a sleek unibody design which consists of a couple materials. There’s a metal edge all around the handset, while glass covers the front and back. One large difference is that this phone has a couple edged sides like on the Galaxy S6 Edge, but these are on the back. This will give the user a much better grip on the rounder rear, not to mention the fact that it happens to look great.

samsung galaxy note 5 first look aa (35 of 41)

My only gripe is that there is still a protruding bump around the back camera. The flash and the heart-rate monitor are located right next to this shooter. Everything else is where you would expect it to be. We can find the volume rocker on the upper-left, the power button on the right side, a home button/fingerprint reader right below the screen and a SIM card slot on the top side of the phone. And we can’t forget that S-Pen slot, which is located on the bottom-right and operates via a spring-loaded mechanism.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 looks great, but I would be a little worried about its unwieldy nature. Larger smartphones are usually more prone to accidents, and the Note 5 isn’t exactly thin, either. We will have to test it more to pass judgement.

samsung galaxy note 5 first look aa (14 of 41)


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with a massive 5.7-inch Super AMOLED panel with a QHD (2560x1440p) resolution and a 515 ppi pixel density. Samsung smartphones are known for featuring some of the best displays in the market, so we are sure the Note 5 won’t disappoint. Its high resolution will ensure all text, images and videos are as crisp as ever. And if you like deep blacks are vibrant colors, Super AMOLED screens are king at offering those.

samsung galaxy note 5 first look aa (10 of 41)

Hardware & Performance

We can assume the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be just as fast as the Galaxy S6; it sports very similar specs. Inside it you can find a powerful 2.1 GHz octa-core Exynos 7420 processor backed by a Mali-T760 MP8 GPU. In addition, those 4 GB of RAM memory should keep your multi-tasking sessions smoother than ever.

samsung galaxy note 5 first look aa (37 of 41)

We all know speed and power don’t make a great phone; there’s plenty of other factors to consider. Let’s start by touching on storage options, which are not too varied. You can opt between 32 GB or 64 GB of internal memory. Need more? Then you better look somewhere else, because this phone has no microSD card slot. It also has no removable battery, which is something we suspected would happen. The 3000 mAh battery might seem a bit small here, but on the bright side, you will find wireless charging and quick charging support which at least helps make up a little for the samller battery.

Returning hardware features include the fingerprint reader, heart-rate monitor and the famous S-Pen Samsung fans love so much.

samsung galaxy note 5 first look aa (27 of 41)


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is blessed with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and takes advantage of the latest TouchWiz iteration. As with many other things in the Note 5, this is the same we have seen on the Samsung Galaxy S6. At least it’s a more toned down version of Touchwiz, which gets rid of lame tutorial pop-ups and fancy gimmicks.

This is not to say Samsung’s new phablet is lacking in features, though. You can still find the theme store, a full set of toggles, multi-tasking features and the glorious S-Pen tool set all Note fans love. Samsung has also improved the S Pen experience a lot here.

First, the Note 5 includes a new way to start an action memo from a turned off screen. Simply pulling out the S Pen when the phone is locked will result in a slightly lit up black slate that will let you quickly write down a memo. There’s also a new scroll capture mode in Screen Write, allowing you to take and piece together multiple pictures of the same webpage in order to have the entire webpage available.

Finally, Samsung has also redesigned the Air Command window a bit. Fading out the background a bit, giving you access to the three main functions of the S Pen, but also a few application shortcuts.


This gadget packs the same 16 MP camera with f/1.9 aperture and OIS we found on the Galaxy S6. In short, this means the Galaxy Note 5 has the best smartphone camera in the industry! It’s also paired with a good 5 MP front-facing shooter, so you can keep on taking those awesome selfies.

samsung galaxy note 5 first look aa (15 of 41)

While the hardware might not be different, the camera software has received a few notable additions. There is a new video collage mode, and there’s also a new live broadcasting to YouTube mode that makes it easy to do a live broadcast stream right from the camera app.


Wrapping up

So there you have it, guys! There are certainly pros and cons when taking on the S6 design, and while we do think this makes the new Note feel more premium than before, the design does omit some of the features we were hoping that the phone would continue to have such as a microSD slot and a removable battery. We can’t help but think some Note loyalists are going to be more than a little disappointed by some of the concessions made here, but really with all the features found inside, it really shows that Samsung has reached a far point in their smartphone game.

There’s a lot to like about the Note 5, especially for long-term fans of the series, even if there are also some very real steps backward. How you feel about the device will largely vary, depending on how much you care about the missing features that the Note 5 ditches from the Note 4.

What do you think about the Note 5 so far? Are you thinking about getting one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Joshua Vergara
Writer, blogger, and videographer - Josh is a former support technician that learned much about technology by fixing everyone else's. On the side, he wrote and performed spoken word, maintained his own personal blogs, and began his own video podcast. Now, he's here at Android Authority looking to put it all together!
  • Daggett Beaver

    “The 3000 mAh battery might seem a bit small here” — no, it’s not. A 3000 mAh is a massive battery promising long battery life. I know, because I read that on Android Authority in a Moto X article.

    • V-Phuc

      That’s because you believe that TW would not eat away your battery. Hey, Sammy wants you and all of us believe it so. Well, not buying this BS.

    • TheGreatDroid

      LOL. You are still holding on to that? I almost feel sorry for you. Since you have nothing ‘defensive’ to say about Samsung screwing it up in the battery department (Actually, samsung screwed the whole phone up but for the moment, let’s just ignore all that) you are constantly trying to bash Android Authority and Motorola because it’s their fault….somehow. Grow up.

      • V-Phuc

        If you can’t grow, then at least don’t make it smaller. Don’t BS people with “optimized hardware/software will make your battery last longer”. Small always remain SMALL, no matter what BS you pull out. I agree with your comment.

        • David

          That’s what she said? Too early for that one?

  • tony

    the disappointment i expected. looks like i’ll won’t be getting this.

  • V-Phuc

    “we do think this makes the new Note feel more premium than before”. Stop that damn fallacy. There is nothing premium when one drops that piece of glass and shatters it!
    “We can’t help but think some Note loyalists are going to be more than a little disappointed”. Damn right! Not a little disappointed. How about A LOT.
    “There’s a lot to like about the Note 5, especially for long-term fans of
    the series, even if there are also some very real steps backward.” What a contradiction! What is there to like unless you’re a total noob to the smartphone world, and never ever see a Note phone before. Very real step backward? How about the whole phone backward. Just gimmicks added and no true real improvements over Note 4. Put it this way: Sammy just made a GIANT step backward, and wants us to fork over $800 or 900 bucks for a backward phone. Pff… don’t think so.

    • keithbe

      Spot on! Also sick of the “premium feel” crap. Note 3 has been dropped manya time and have had no issues. Nexus6 here i come.

    • Canucksftw

      If the masses gave two craps about what the commenters here did.. Apple wouldn’t have sold a ton of iPhones come on seriously, you think the average dude who has no idea android authority or xda exists cares about the micro sd and battery.. You sir are sorely mistaken. Now I’ve dropped my s6 case less on concrete a couple times with nary a scratch so unless you’ve dropped and smashed yours.. Have a seat. The butt hurt is strong here oh well.

      • V-Phuc

        Go ahead and drop it a few more times and come back crying to me, son. You identified yourself to the masses, I see. Should that imply you’re disguised iSheep too? LOL. You spend your money the way you want, dude. However take a good look of what Samsung offers on Note 5 vs what was already on Note 4 or even Note 3, and tell me these new features are not just pure gimmicks. Push S-pen? Really, my fingers work just fine to pull it out. Fast-charging? No, thanks, don’t want to become an iSheep wall-hugger (how about you? Well, you’re 1 already with your S6). New Air command? Really?!!! BS.

        • Canucksftw

          Actually I get 5-6 hrs SOT on my s6 which is plenty for me, if I needed more if have kept my note 4 or z3 oh silly rabbit, you must know me so well, I mean you know exactly how I use my phone you must be psychic.. Now go play with your nexus..

          • V-Phuc

            I always think S6 is for the wannabes, and you, my friend, are a perfect fit for such profile. 5-6 hrs SOT and that’s enough for you. What are you? High school student who only plays games, and texts love messages. Well, then, Note is NOT for you, dearie. Note is for adults who use it primarily for WORK. We can play but that is AFTER WORK. Crystal clear? Now go play with your S6 and love text. Text love messages for 5-6 hrs is kinda a record, I give you that, loverboy. LOL.

          • Palm Prezus

            Actually 5-6 sot would be damn good considering size of battery. Problem is he’s lying same way guys pretend to own Xbox and Playstation so they can bash one console without being seen as biased somehow.

            3-4 hrs tops SOT is what S6 gets.

            Next he’ll say he left it in the toilet overnight, gave it a Rand Macho Man Savage elbow drop and hasn’t charged his phone in 3 days.

          • V-Phuc

            LOL. your comment about Randy Macho Man Savage had me rolling on the floor. Seriously! Well there are Samsung users and there are Samsung fanboys/fangirls. Nothing can deter the latters to fork out their dough and pout off that they have the best no matter what you tell them. Let him play with his S6. He needs it to text his love messages.

          • Palm Prezus

            Yeah haha , Samsung makes great phones overall and they are clearly #2 which isn’t so bad but catering to iPhone users that won’t leave iPhone is sort of dumb. Now had say the Galaxy S4 looked like the Galaxy S6 Edge then sure but after iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 Apple has cornered several markets that have tried to take iPhone out. Note 5 with no SD Card but a 4100 mah battery would’ve better better perceived. Either way, you can love iPhone, Galaxy, whatever but exaggerating like his phone was some magical device just to try and respond to pretty valid criticism stood out to me.

          • Ope Sam Olowu

            but apple uses samsung processors. You are just a boy in a man’s world

          • Canucksftw

            Ummmm hey don’t talk to your dad that way.. Have some respect you little shit.. Hahahahaha yer funny u got jokes.. But I have no time for you.. I have a life.. You obviously don’t so go back to whatever bridge you crawled under

          • Palm Prezus

            You don’t get 5-6 hours otc so quit lying…Unless you’re counting times you put device on Qi Charger.

            I thought you were full of crap when you said you’ve dropped your device a couple times on concrete without scratch but 5-6 screen time is a lie.

            Apple has easy to use OS, good design, most effective marketing, iTunes, headphones deals, music steaming services which adds to the biggest reason they flourish without sd cards and big batteries: they are a status symbol and make a decent sum of money purely off their rep and cool factor for celebs, college students and even hipsters.

            Samsung isn’t going to seduce an iPhone lover especially when the prices are equal. Their best chance was to offer alternatives not trying to imitate a company who is almost a cult at this point.

            IPhone 7 could have some “innovative ” built in Qi charging and it would move the needle. Same way people flocked to iPhone 6 plus despite always convincing themselves the 4 in screens were fine.

          • Canucksftw

            You sir are an idiot plain and simple.. It’s called rooting, debloating and using a little app called greenify now.. Genius since I’ve solved this little issue of mysterious screen time can I help with anything else.. Like perhaps tell your where I left all my fucks I give about your opinion… They went that away… You don’t know me, or my device usage so here’s a pic

          • Palm Prezus

            No need for insults, who are you Christian Grey? Anyways, clearly you found SOME fucks to give since you took the time to screen shot…Secondly, rooting your phone isn’t what “the masses” would be doing especially since takes a little extra bravery and tech know how not to trip Knox(assuming they care about Samsung Pay)…Like I mentioned also technically speaking you could have your screen on time say 10 hours if you wanted. The screen on time doesn’t reset until the phone is fully charged. I know this because my GF has the Edge(gorgeous phone btw) and she had 40% before we went to dinner, topped it back off at 100% and by the time it was around 5% it said screen time one was 6 hours…I’ll assume you didn’t do trickery like that though. But to answer your question, I guess my followup would be, you dropped your phone several times on concrete with no case it it kept ticking with no scratches eh? Or is your secret rooting the actual hardness of concrete? Lastly, someone having a difference of opinion than you or even IF someone was wrong, that doesn’t make them “an idiot” to begin with. I get this is the internet though and if someone put “their” instead of “they’re” that would indicate they are uneducated and sweep floors at BK

          • Canucksftw

            Do you know how to read a graph, if you did you could probably see that regardless of your SOT, if you plug it in the graph will spike. Now I’m not going to obviously post my s6 drop test so you’re going to have to take my word for it. Wait who am I kidding…. I don’t care if you believe me “random Internet person who wants to have arguments with strangers to improve his/her feelings of self worth.” so all in all this is completely pointless for you and me. You have your opinion, I have mine I’m done talking. I will not feed your troll ass.

          • Palm Prezus

            Who is trying to make themselves feel better or trolling? You seem well too angry about this, I simply called you an exaggerated, no trolling at all. Your over the top need to tell people you dropped your phone on concrete and your average SOT 5-6 hours(while omitting it’s rooted and what apps or functions you have disabled) shows you get pretty damn worked up. Chill out bro. I am a random person on the internet, I can’t prevent whatever imaginary paycheck you’re getting from Samsung to put on your cape for them. Chillax, I apologize sheesh…Don’t beat your wife, you seem too angry

          • Canucksftw

            Actually I’m beating your mom so yeah…

      • Airyl

        We don’t give any craps about the masses. They don’t really care how good the device is, they only care if it’s popular enough to show off or cheap as dirt. That’s the main reason the Samsung and Apple are doing incredibly well while brands like OnePlus and ZTE get pushed aside. We’re here because we know what we want. We’re not going to accept shit just because it’s pretty. We care a lot that the Galaxy Note 5 isn’t even much of a Note device anymore. You seem to be a part of the brainless masses, so go and join them in their march of idiocy and buy whatever you want, just don’t tell people who know what they want that they’re “sorely mistaken”.

        • Canucksftw

          Nope, you obviously missed my point entirety, I don’t give a shit what the masses want I’m pointing out supply and demand something that you should probably look into. So suck it up it is what it is if you don’t like it it’s a free market vote with your wallets. Now go put your big kid pants on..

  • NoldorElf

    Samsung you just lost yourself a sale – several in fact, most readers on this site also tell our friends and family what to get.

    I will not be getting this because:

    – No SD card slot. I keep a large FLAC collection and sometimes (especially when I leave the city), I cannot get signal. Plus to stream FLAC would be data prohibitive.

    – No removable battery. I used extended batteries (ZeroLemon and Hyperion) and after about 12 months, the battery sure doesn’t hold the same charges as on day 1.

    – It’s a glass back phone (I had a buddy who worked at a smartphone repair shop and there were many iPhone 4s due to the glass back … good for business, bad for us)

    • Airyl

      Took the words right out of my mouth.

    • Shehab Skull

      And there is not USB type c inside it which it super sucks .

    • Daggett Beaver

      I’m sure Samsung will be devastated to find out that it forgot to accommodate people who are allergic to MP3 format, and can’t afford an OTG adapter for their FLAC songs. Samsung will surely go out of business now that it has lost you as a customer.

  • Amigo_URSO

    NO TABLET ANNOUNCEMENT, disapointed…

    • Mark Thorsø

      Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has already been announced :)

  • No IR Blaster! Horror show.

    • Daggett Beaver

      Ah, so there you are. You must be one of those three people who use a Note as an IR remote. Anyone know where the other two are?

  • Syed Alwi

    i’ll stick with note 4…or note 3…or note 2 or note 1… very disappointed with this new note 5.

    • P3numbr4

      Amen on that

    • Ope Sam Olowu

      If you are very disappointed with this new note 5,go and tell that to Samsung

  • JGaLaXY

    the thing is…they WANT to be Apple sooo baddddd, and the reason they’ve become so popular is because they weren’t like them…removable battery isn’t a deal breaker for me but no sd card slot simply is no bueno for me and especially for the $800 they probably want for a 64GB model…Moto X Pure…will officially replace my S4…*marks calendar* this is a huge gamble for Sapplesung, theyre betting on simply the pen features will be enough to lure people in

  • V-Phuc

    AA should stop writing how wonderful the premium material feels. Just crap. Call it as it is. Note 5 is a total step backward, NOT forward. If AA people have any tech decency, they would stand up and call this POS (note 5) a total joke: a smaller battery, no microSD, no removable battery, etc. In exchange of what? A push S-pen (really?), a ‘redesigned” Air command (really?), a piece of glass (plastic works just fine and resists drop better, thank you)? fast-charging (so I can become an iSheep wall-hugger? No thanks). Pfff…what crackhead came up with this Note 5?

    • Ope Sam Olowu

      go and tell that to Samsung

  • David

    Well, not terribly blown away, and disappointed in the SD card omission. I think I’m gonna take a serious look at the iPhone 6s when it comes out…I’m beginning to lose faith in the connection between the efficiency of Android anyway – my Note 3 is struggling.

    • Daggett Beaver

      Uhhh…. you’re disappointed in the microSD omission so you’re going to take a look at the iPhone 6s? So… iPhone 6s will have a microSD slot?

      • David

        Good point Daggett. The SD card would of been a reason to stay with Samsung/Android – without that, I’m indifferent to the two as it relates to capacity/space. With that no longer a factor for consideration – what tips me toward iPhone is Android vs. iOS. I’ve had 3 Notes – 1,2 and 3 and have been happy with them for the first year or so, then just find they bog down. I know that’s not Samsung/Note specific, but the more I think about it – the more I really believe it’s hard for Android to build an OS that is optimized for thousands of different hardware configurations from hundreds of different manufacturers (Samsung, HTC, etc.). Apple has to make a phone OS that is compatible with optimized for a handful of hardware specs – I believe that is how they are able to remain on par with Android, while having inferior hardware. Vertically integrating the OS with the hardware allows them to do that.

    • Mark Thorsø

      The thing is, you have to remember WHY they chose to do as they did.
      MicroSD is removed because it’s old technology and SLOOOW!!! they chose a harddisk that is faster than an SSD, this wouldn’t have happened with microSD. They actually removed it so that you won’t have a slow phone.

      • David

        Mark – yeah, good point as well. But I usually use my SD card for pictures, music, videos, etc. Just like my computer – have the main OS on the SSD drive, and have an extra “slower” drive for data storage. That’s how I setup my Android phones as well – but this makes it impossible.

        • Mark Thorsø

          Sure, some things will have to change at some point. But from my point of view, this is DEFFINETELY worth the change!
          You need to know why Samsung made the changes they did before you can be disappointed.
          I understand why you are using SD cards for pictures and stuff like that¨, but like i said SD’s are just old and slow, which is why the UFS storage is a better solution.

          • Michael

            It is not! Beside the ability to swap storage on the go, SD Cards are sufficiently fast for media. Take 4k video recording as an example: 350 MB/min. A good SD card has no problems to handle this bitrate. Record 100 min of “holiday video” – 35 GB….

            But I am quite sure you also use SSDs to store your Full HD movie collection and be happy to pay at least 3x or 4x times the price per MB just because it is faster, don’t you?

            Apps belong to internal storage (PC: SSD), media on external storage (PC: HD) and no valid speed argument left.

            The marketing bs that SD is of and slow just tries to mask that Sammy just wasn’t able to integrate SD support in their UFS controller chips.
            IMHO big FAIL.

  • anustart

    I don’t give a shit about the Note 5 lol. Major step backwards in terms of everything really.

    The only thing I want is for the S6 or S6 edge to get this new Touchwiz update. Does anyone know if that’ll happen?

  • s2weden2000


  • F. S.

    Did everyone forgot that was the Note the line to bring aluminum first, and not S6? 4 seems better than 5…

    • Mark Thorsø

      Actually it was the Alpha, not the Note 4.. but oh well.. at least you tried

      • F. S.

        I know it, but Alpha is not a line.

  • oldmanrocha

    Lost this customer. Only thing still left competition has is S pen and it’s not enough. Think I’l be getting the Pure Moto Style

  • Romeo Bucur

    I think the Note 5 will do great things in seales figures … for the note 4… :)

  • William Mills

    I’m keeping my GN4

  • allycat99

    cant wait to get my hands on the note 5. The new design is awesome. Glad they got rid of the clumsy sd card slot and removable back cover. I don’t need either of those options. Just want a big screen, stylus and an os that screams.

    • V-Phuc

      Is this your first Note? If so, I can understand your love…Ohh, Ahh, Woww, Ohh, Ahh, Woww…to infinity. Samsung presenters would have loved to have you sit in their first row and clap really loud to profess your undying love for their Note 5. They need support, and they found you. What a coincidence!

      • allycat99

        Nope, not my first. I have the Note 1,2,3,4 and currently use the Note Edge.

    • Palm Prezus

      Fair enough but couldn’t you just NOT use the “clumsy” sd card slot? It’s not going to slow anything or hinder anything if you’re not using it anyway so removing it doesn’t help you, only hurts those that do use it.

      • allycat99

        I fail to see your point

  • Hal1278

    I predict very poor sales for the Note 5. I loved the Note 2 and have the Note 4. but I won’t be buying the Note 5. Samsung is trying to be more like Apple, but do they not realize that they removed from the Note 5 the main staples that brought us to the Note line and Android in the 1st place? What do they have over an IPhone now? So the Note 5 may have a better camera and hardware (for now) and Android may offer more customization, but Samsung, especially with AT&T, has made it (nearly) impossible to root, there is no more expandable storage or removable battery, and no IR blaster (yes, I still use mine daily on my Note 4). All this without mentioning the fact that Samsung has not, can not, and (likely) will not ever be able to keep pace with Apple on software updates, which is possibly the biggest reason people flock to Apple from Android. The Note line only offers a stylus now over the competition. I love the SPen, but it wasn’t the reason the Note line became what it is today, and sure as heck won’t keep me from going somewhere else.

  • Jobie1

    No SD slot?…No replaceable battery?…Nope! I won’t be buying a Note 5…I’ll buy the Note 4 when the price goes down…After that i will move to another brand that has what I want…

  • Shane Hazlewood

    For all of you that complained about plastic Samsung devices over the years this is what we have now…thanks to you… no removable storage and battery. All Samsung did was listen to their customers and basically their customers said they want an Iphone that runs Android. Good job guys!

    The Moto X Pure can’t get here fast enough!

  • Zaid

    Congratulations samsung for announcing this disaster. I didn’t upgrade from note 3 to note 4 because it wasn’t worth it and now you come up with another worthless crap.

    Guys here suggest me some alternative I guess I am done with samsung now. I need a bigger battery and removable one for sure.

  • ddd

    I watched note 5 unpacked yesterday and phone is very nice like curved on back. I like s pen features and phone features, and camera features. I don’t like screen size 5.7 inch qhd which is from note 4, but they should made 6 inch with 4k. They should made 20 mega pixels on back and 8 mega pixels instead of s6 cameras. They should made around 5000 mah instead of 3000 mah. I am not sure which phone I get. I am getting either note 5 2015 or note 6 2016. I think samsung should brainstorm very harder to make better phone.

    • Palm Prezus

      A lot of wishful thinking there, I mean I can’t disagree but I think they may have legit reasons for not going 4K, with 5000mah, 20mega/8mega on a 6 in screen…One reason that comes to mind is the phone would be at least $1,200 off contract

  • Navaneet

    Any idea when it’s coming to India?

  • Steve Newbury

    Been using Note 4 for about 18 months and it’s easily best smartphone I’ve owned. Very disappointed that Note 5 has no SD card slot – I tend to need a heck of a lot of memory, so that’s a downer. Whilst battery has not been an issue, I’ve always had phones with replaceable item. As such, I will certainly think twice before upgrading to 5, when my contract is due. Two backward steps I’m afraid, Samsung.

  • qubizRRR

    Everything seems fine to me except that missing SD card slot :S

  • Cathy

    I think the Galaxy Note 5 is gorgeous. I want to use it for the S-Pen because my hand, wrist, and arm are over-strained from using the mousepad on my laptop too much.

  • Oshada Bandara

    Awesome device

  • miguel hernandez

    Hello can anybody help , what are the model number for this and the s6 edge + international … All I see is carrier versions .

  • Daniel

    This seems like it could be improved with a bigger, removable battery and a SD slot.

  • Anthony Pifer

    Why manufacturers insisting on no expandable memory or removable batteries on all new phones. Totally sucks a**.wanted to upgrade my note 2,but looks like Sammy lost my business.That being said I would take a free one.otherwise be going qith the oneplus 2 or one of thw neq nexus phones. ??????#Samsung fail

  • F. Nesler

    Well I will keep my Note 4 as I will not be buying a Note 5 without the SD card slot and replaceable battery. What a huge mistake for Samsung. You just lost another customer. I do not even like the design of the new Note 5.

  • Marcin Szcześniak

    Nice, but the s6 style camera looks ugly imho.
    Samsung have awesome displays, but for me full hd it’s sufficient, and 64gb memory too.

  • Robzki

    Another nice phone from samsung.

  • Abdullah Firoz

    I don’t get why people are being so hateful towards this device? People complained about Samsung making cheap phones that felt like plastic,people complained about Touchwiz and still people are complaining.
    Don’t like it just don’t buy it.

  • webkeeper666

    I have to agree with NoolderElf, its such a shame you have stopped listening to you loyal followers to try & become another , sorry for saying this , but just like “Apple” with there phones. They supposedly do all these surveys on what there users want and then give them the opposite. At least the load there phones with so much, if any, bloatware crap… When we choose to buy flagship devices, we would do so for a reason… Stop and go back to what put at the top of the leader-board, let “Apple” do there thing and do what you always used to do best… Make a damn good flagship with flexibility.

  • Allison Damberger Jung

    I would love to test your products! That is what I do and I love electronics and have always had a knack for them. How do I go about applying to be part of your review team?

  • Karan Bhoomraddi

    A decent phone with major compromises.

  • Ghazanfar Ali Riaz

    Note 5 is androidicious i like it

  • Silent Angel

    No micro sd and removable battery. At first, I was intimidated but darn it, I never replaced my battery and there is now a usb for your android.

  • Erwan Paguio

    Superb! It was a great smartphone from Samsung. I love it. Hope to get it soon..

  • I’m not really techie but after reading your review, I find SGNote5 actually okay (though the price was not indicated, it really is hard to compare it to other phones just by specs alone.) I wish I have read your review sooner because just days ago,I accompanied my sis to buy a phone. I wish we had bought this instead of the phone we actually bought :( The 16MP is a stunner, the 4G RAM, 32G/64G just enough for me, though I wish the battery is not built-in. And one more thing, I don’t really dig phones bigger than 5″— way too big for me, too clumsy. But overall— Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is very much okay to my taste (not a heavy gamer but not an average user either). Btw, thanks for the very honest review. More power!

  • D.Khalil

    It looks Outstanding, good specs, and packs the best hardware on the market.

  • dblhelixman

    The Galaxy Note 5 64gb is a POS in my opinion. Battery life is DREADFUL. Performance is no better than Motorola’s equivalent flagship (which is half the price) and the Bluetooth is a joke. It does not work with a 2006 Lexus RX330, a 2008 Lexus RX350, a 2011 Hyundai Sonata Ltd. or 2015 Nissan NV200, all with Bluetooth & NAV (the Nissan is BT only). I have tried every android BT phonebook app w/out success. Meanwhile the Motorola Droid X, Droid Razr, Droid Razr Maxx & it’s most recent flagship ALL function flawlessly with the same vehicles, as do 2 LG phones. This was the biggest waste of MONEY I have ever spent. I will never buy another Samsung phone. It has. a gr8 screen but that is all I can say + about it. Save your $$ and buy a Motorola or a new LG or another less expensive phone that works. Samsung also offers virtually NO support & for 2- $800+ phones you’d think they’d give a crap, but they don’t. Instead they developed the Note 7 which has been recalled en masse due to catching on fire, and blame the BT issues on all the vehicles despite the fact 5 other “lesser” phones costing less than 1/2 as much function flawlessly. In typing this message battery went from 53% to 47% – unacceptable. The screen is set so dim as to be almost unviewable, power saver is on, other apps are not running and still this thing sucks up the juice. Even in standby mode without placing a single call or using the device at all it barely lasts 2 days (in direct conflict with Samsung’s false claims). Wow, battery now at 45%. What a piece of junk.