Samsung Galaxy Note 5 color comparison

by: Joshua VergaraAugust 14, 2015

Yesterday Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to the world, giving us a new member of the Note family that takes obvious inspiration from its little brother, the Samsung Galaxy S6. We’ve already brought you a number of features and videos showcasing the new Note 5 and the Edge+, but now it’s time to jump in and take a quick look at how each of the new colors compare.

Samsung’s most familiar colors do make a return here, so let’s start by focusing on those. Yes, we are talking about black sapphire and pearl white, the two most common colors in the Samsung ecosystem.

samsung galaxy note 5 color comparison (21 of 22)

Just like with the Galaxy S6, all the Note 5 colors have a translucent look but the black and white colors do help hide the fingerprints better than most. It’s also worth noting that both of these colors won’t like you see your reflections quite the same as you will with the next two colors.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Colors-27

Up next we have gold platinum, a color that was first introduced with the Samsung Galaxy S6. The gold platinum makes this phone look quite different as it has very different sheen to it, but its translucency does make the reflections on the back very prominent. The color is also very prone to fingerprints, which may or may not be a dealbreaker depending on your personal preferences.


Finally we have titanium silver, a brand new color to Samsung that is being introduced with both the Note 5 and Edge+. The titanium silver is a nice compromise between black and white, but this color is still just a little bit too reflective for my own tastes. If you prefer matte colors like I do, this one probably won’t be what you’re looking for, though the color is admittedly very attractive.

samsung galaxy note 5 color comparison (6 of 22)

Really all the phones look pretty great regardless of the color you choose, perfectly complimenting the metallic frame and glass body design of the Note 5. Bottom-line, it will just come down to which color most speaks to you.

Which is your favorite, and why? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

  • Turn Trader

    I really like the silver, but so far, I only see black & white offered in the pre-orders

  • CarlosSW

    so far i like the one with the expandable memory….the note 4

  • Ray Carruth

    I like the silver, but may settle for the black since sammy is deciding to do the big tease and not commit to pleasuring.

  • Anthony Richard Flynn

    im in the UK will this phone be released here IF and when ??

    • Peter Hughes

      I think we can safely say it’ll be released before Christmas! Which might be a good thing as they’ll send out software updates to squash any bugs they come across after its first release.

  • Prettyblues80

    I won’t order the Note 5 until the 64GB Gold Platinum option is available, or at the very least White and Verizon isn’t offering a 64GB White model either for pre-order…, still I wait.

    • Corey Ambitious

      I am with u.

    • wargamer1969

      AT&T ftw.

  • William Molina

    I keep reading that U.S. will only get black and white. I hope that’s not true cuz im not a fan of the blueish black and white it’s not really my favorite. That silver though.

    • JAH

      I didn’t care too much about the pen, don’t use it that much on my note 10.1, so when I found out they only had the edge plus in gold I got that instead, loved the color. I was actually budgeting for a higher price but these are priced lower than the note 4 on contract. So traded in an old s3 that was laying around and got $200 for that and free wireless charger at bestbuy. Got it for less than expected.

  • galaxyNote4isBoss

    I wanted Titanium Silver for my Note5 but will have to settle for White Pearl since T-Mobile will only have the Note5 in White Pearl or Black Sapphire. My S6 is already Black Sapphire.

    I will make up for it by getting the Gold Platinum for my S6Edge+ a great color. I can’t wait for Friday August 21st this will be BIG

    • squiddy20

      Waaaa Waaaa Waaaaa. That’s all most people hear from you. Whether it’s about someone saying bad things about Samsung or their devices, or the fact that you had to “settle” for a different color phone, you’re always complaining about something.

      • Airyl

        Dude, he’s like the largest Samsung co*k su*ker this part of Android Authority. He’s your daddy.

        • squiddy20

          I agree with your first sentence, but am offended/insulted by your second.

  • Airyl

    Silver looks best, IMO.

  • Happy

    My favourite colour is…plastic back. This fingerprint magnet is bad in any colour.

  • Titanium Silver… AMAZING!!!

  • wargamer1969

    Silver isn’t coming to the US I read, ppfft.

  • Brock

    i might stay away from going black (which has always been my color since Nokia days), that silver is a killer, head turner and iphone smasher. (sorry iphone, no offence)

  • Peter Hughes

    I’ll be getting the gold as first choice or silver as a backup when the phone eventually gets released here in the UK. Has to be 64GB version minimum for me.

  • sandesh pandey

    silver is good

  • Ray Carruth

    Sooooo wen to the AT&T store and looked at the black and titanium demo units. I’m glad I did. Black is absolutely out. And my opinion of titanium has diminished. I think I’ll go with white.

  • Lex Slr

    64GB Silver Titan! It really looks like a slab of metal; I like it

  • Dee

    I would like the gold in 64GB

  • Tiffany

    I am patiently waiting for the titanium galaxy 6 edge plus and feeling hopeless because Sprint tells me they are not going to have it. Im sad. How can i get it? It’s beautiful!

  • tee O

    Are the new glass models going to shatter to pieces like the stupid apple phones? that’s the one benefit to the plastic bodies.

  • Josh Mc Kenzie

    See this makes me angry!. Makes me want to switch to apple! . Ive been stalking this phone all year only to find out that only two colors will be available. Ive gone to every carrier and they know nothing but the unpacked event revealed 4 colors. I want the gold one but im getting tired of waiting & today they revealed two more colors. Uugh! Verry frustraiting! Does anyone know if this will happen in the US? Or is it only a UK release?!!

  • Ganesh

    I owned silver one. Really looks stunning and less finger print attraction compare to black and gold. I would recommend silver one. The beast. I’m from India.

  • steve

    I have the black one. I love the phone. The color looks more blue than black in person.

  • Johnny

    I like pink