Samsung foldable AMOLED display secretly show-off at CES

by: Robert TriggsJanuary 13, 2014


There was plenty on show at this year’s CES, but it seems that Samsung was also sneaking around the event with some new secret technology. Samsung was reported showing off a prototype foldable AMOLED display to selected guest behind closed doors.

Samsung Display showcased a 5.68 inch high resolution prototype display, although it wasn’t part of any future line-up of products. Unlike previous attempts at curved/flexible technology, the new display utilises a new plastic substrate, allowing for production of paper thin displays which are highly flexible.

Importantly, the demonstration also revealed that Samsung has finally managed to reach its goal of integrating touchscreen functionality into a flexible product. This is accomplished by the use of a single layer metal mesh material, which should negate the need for a dedicated touch recognition chip and therefore help to keep costs low.

Samsung’s foldable AMOLED technology is destined for the company’s next generation of products, rumoured to be appearing sometime in 2015.

  • Luka Mlinar

    They keep showing it at every corner yet the “wow” factor is gone. We are yet to see them implement it in a a way that makes us go “wow” again. The Round didn’t do it for me.

  • jay555

    I don’t really see this being developed for phones but more for smart watches and fitness bands. Imagine one of those devices with a screen that went all around your wrist.

  • Brendon Brown

    I don’t really want to see changes like this in phones, like wrap around screens etc. especially not see through phones, The whole colour scheme would be off, but phones with screens on the side .. depending on how they pull it off depends on how practical it could be

  • MasterMuffin

    I want the phone that becomes a tablet and vise versa (the one in the Samsung ad) and me wants it nao!

  • markcutter

    Those who complain/despise/hate new innovations are obviously have no right to be here. You idiots should just crawl back to the cave where you come from & stay there. Don’t be cry baby seeing somebody trying to create new trend or making new breakthrough. This is the beginning. It’s not the end of the story. F**k off you butt hurt idoits.

  • NotBad

    it could be 2 in 1. a phone when you unfold it turns to a tablet and when you fold it turns to a phone. this could put the tablet industry out of businesses. did you ever think about that ?

  • Jason Yuen

    bendable is not the same as foldable.

    • TheMysteryMan

      The picture above is from 2011 CES IIRC. Secret showcase = no pictures. They just used file picture.