Samsung eBay sales on the rise as the Galaxy S7 reveal looms

by: John DyeFebruary 20, 2016


With the Samsung Galaxy S7 Unpacked event just a day away, owners of older Samsung devices are hitting eBay to sell their smartphones before their value tanks. In the three days following Samsung’s official announcement that the S7 would be revealed on February 21, eBay saw a 67% spike in second hand S6 sales and a 68% jump on S5 models compared to the days preceding the announcement.

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It has been estimated, based on previous years, that the resale value of Galaxy S6 and S5 devices will drop approximately 11% following the unveiling of the Galaxy S7, so if you’re an owner of one of these devices and are looking to upgrade, the time to sell is now. To make things easier, eBay maintains a dedicated phone pricing assistant that helps you post your smartphone at competitive rates. Even if you’re not a Samsung user, with all the reveals coming in the following days, it’s pretty reasonable to expect the resale value of your device to take a hit between now and Thursday.  

Although we’re excited about all the cool mobile tech we’re about to see over the course of the next week, it might be a frugal idea to go ahead and sell off any device you’ve been thinking about trading in. Head on over to eBay and see if putting your smartphone on the market is the right move for you.

Will you be selling your device prior to the coming reveals, or would you rather wait and see what 2016 has to offer before making the leap, even if it means a potential loss of resale value? Let us know your position and selling advice in the comments below!

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  • Wolf Haylee

    Let’s see what apple sues them for now….

  • saksham

    id rather keep my s6 E now and sell it when the note 6 is launched ..coz im a bit disappointed that s7 has nothing special to offer

    • Andreas Larsson

      Special like what?

      • saksham

        many patents filed by samsung which sound like cool features like the spen stand

        • s2weden2000

          L 0 L …

  • Hassan Salman Dita

    Increasing RAM, camera, screen size .. its nothing new coming up ..

  • Modest Mind

    With these steep prices (for the basic configuration for 2016 flagships at around € 700+), dear Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Microsoft etc. keep your junk. I’m opting for the new Xiaomi Mi5 (for the same configuration approx. € 400,-). Greetings from Europe.