Kwon Oh-hyun

In the past year or so, the “fate” of Samsung seems to be a recurring talking point around the internet. Due in large part to the company’s lackluster profit performance in 2014, the Korean conglomerate pulled things together and released a radically redesigned Galaxy S6 and sibling S6 Edge to widespread acclaim. The most recent quarter has been quite successful, however there are underlying issues involving mobiles, namely how much longer they can produce profits.

Today, Vice Chairman Kwon Oh-hyun indicated the company needs some radical revision due to slow growth in smartphone, television, and other key business units. Specifically, he said that:

 “Smartphones, TV’s and other key IT products are entering a slow growth phase and our rivals are changing value chains by introducing new technology and business models.”

Mr. Oh-hyun then added that:

“In order to overcome the current crisis, we need an extraordinary transition. If we resist changes, then we won’t survive…We must become a leader in the new era with a new start…We must start anew everything from product development to operations and organizational culture…Samsung has turned a crisis into a business opportunity. We need to write a new corporate history with passion and challenge.”

In addition to his position as Vice Chairman, Kwon Oh-hyun is also one Samsung’s three co-CEOs. The company is expected to announce changes to its corporate management in December.

samsung galaxy s6 edge logo mwc 2015 c 4

Samsung’s Situation

Samsung’s “situation” has been discussed at length over the course of the past year, however today’s call to arms represents a very clear indication the company itself is critically aware of the challenges the future poses for it. For years it was the de facto winner in the Android device marketplace, due in large part to the top-tech and marketing dominance it offered consumers.

Recently however, Chinese OEMs have posed a major threat to the “legacy” players thanks to their razor-thin profit margins and penchant for selling their products online-only. Even with Samsung’s plans to release a bendable smart device in 2016, there is only so much that can be done amid fierce competition.

Indeed Samsung need only look to Sony to see the problems associated with market changes and the fiscal maladies that can result from unpreparedness. Once the crown jewel in the global consumer IT market, Sony has since sold off its once-proud VAIO line, spun off its TV, audio, and video businesses, and is now in the process of doing the same with its imaging sensor business. The company was able to make a profit in this past quarter, though in no small part thanks to the Playstation brand; its Xperia line continues to fail to thrive.

samsung galaxy s6 edge logo mwc 2015 c 1

Given that Samsung’s 46th anniversary was November 1st, the company has certainly been around long enough to see, react to, and benefit from changes to its business models. The question here ultimately becomes just what changes are needed and how the conglomerate will go about implementing them. Cutting jobs or budgets is one thing, but if it ultimately affects the company’s core ability to remain competitive then the problem may become far more hard hitting.

  • WorldStarrrrr

    Wouldnt it be helpful to the readers to compare how the phone division compares to other areas within the company. Growth from last quarter compared to say other consumer electronic divisions?

    • Daggett Beaver

      Everything is taking a hit from the crappy global economy, and market saturation of smartphones doesn’t help. Someone needs to do something really innovative to create a new market, but the most important thing is to turn the economy around. Unfortunately, the rise of socialism is just going to keep the economy in trouble.

      • SnakeSplitskin

        “Unfortunately, the rise of socialism is just going to keep the economy in trouble.”

        That’s just complete right-wing dribble. “the rise of socialism” didn’t create the global meltdown nor is it effecting the economy. Unchecked free enterprise capitalism in the financial markets are what did it and the current economic situation is just part of the cycle of capitalism. A booming economy is impossible to sustain ESPECIALLY when there is nothing but pure capitalism. Hence why socialism and capitalism have always gone hand in hand.

  • Zack

    On the plus side, at least this will put the end to the “Apple versus Samsung” fanboy wars.

    • J G


    • Toukale

      They will simply replace Samsung with another android oem. Remember all the talked about Xiaomi a year ago? not so much now.


    “If we resist changes, then we won’t survive”

    Sounds like it came from the BlackBerry camp after Android and iOS took over

    • J G


    • retrospooty

      I agree Blackberry should have been saying that, but they weren’t. They were busy saying “our customers want keyboards and the best and most secure email service available”. They were, of course, incorrect.

      • joko siwidodok

        They were like the story of the EMPEROR who were n4ked, and think that he wear the BEST clothes.
        BB yell “We have the most secure email, we have the most secure OS”, but nobody cares because other solution is already good enough for anyone.

    • bb_man Chen

      Blackberry is the most stupid company that don’t deserve to be called “big”. They like an actor that won OSCAR just because lucky, and then become stuck up.

      Their success with BBM, even though the shitty phone, made them stop innovating, and day dreaming all the year. They don’t even know hot to change to survive (before John Chen). They really deserve to die

      • SnakeSplitskin

        Yet they haven’t. Keep in mind that those companies that deserve to die are the ones that have died. Blackberry is still alive and kicking. It just isn’t succeeding where it should in the smartphone hardware market.

      • Btort

        blackberry wasn’t lucky, their phones were actually great compared to nokia, sony phones at the time. If iOS was never released they would be on top and android was also not that great in the beginning. But yeah they couldn’t adapt and ios and android took over, now android is at the top where it belongs

  • Leonard Gallion

    It is not only Samsung – HTC, LG and all the other ‘old school’ players will have to adapt. Samsung is in the enviable position of being highly diversified, having divisions which create a lot of cell phone components and still having a profitable phone business, hence they are more likely to come out as a major player on the other side. There are basically two big challenges, how to lower costs across the board because their Chinese competitors are HIGHLY efficient AND how to direct market to consumers – thus cutting out the traditional 30%+ margins and the gate keeper system of service providers (at least in the US and most of Europe). Apple has always had a significant amount of direct to customer sales, both online and in stores because they do a good job of talking to (some would say brainwashing) their customers. Notice with the introduction of Apple payment plans, they are trying even harder to take on a critical sales role (financing) of the carriers. On the low end of the market Xiaomi also sells direct with excelent customer communication, flash sales, promotions and a reputation for solid value products. So besides cost control, the big question is who can make the marketing shift from selling ‘at’ consumer to sell ‘to’ consumers?

  • 1213 1213

    I feel that Samsung is versatile enough to survive in the smartphone market. Hopefully with the job cuts they intend to do that with more aggressive price competition along with better phones :D

    Have to thank China for their entrance in the premium sector, and hoping their devices get good enough to compete in quality, rather than just undercut prices.

  • dmphee

    If Samsung doesn’t bring back SD card support and removeable batteries, my S5 is the last Samsung product I’ll ever buy (owner of S, S2, S4, S5).

    • Waqas Tariq

      Maybe the last phone you by then, the world is moving to ufs drives and there is no space for SD cards. It’s liking putting low grade petrol in a ferari.

      • Paul

        Bullshit. People WANT these features.

        • Waqas Tariq

          Yeah, calling it BS will make your point.

          • Paul

            It just did ?

          • retrospooty

            I honestly don’t care for SD anymore. There are SOOOO many alternatives to SD. As long as you get enough storage on the base model (32gb) there are plenty of ways to go. The only thing stopping me from getting something like a Note5 is Samsungs crappy bloaty software and knox… Not SD.

      • NamelessStar

        total BS when you look at marshmallow features for SD card support now. its more closely integrated into the basic storage than it has ever been before.

        • 1213 1213

          I don’t think it being integrated was the problem. In fact wouldn’t that make it worse?

          • NamelessStar

            well the integration is more for moving other items like apps and stuff that couldn’t be moved onto the SD card before(without hacking it in). So the SD card feature is getting more support than in the past.

      • Bur

        Such a stupid comparison. It’s more like selling laptops with 64gb not user replacable ssd’s.

        Fyi: even with “lowgrade” petrol, it performs like a beast.

        • Waqas Tariq

          So you want to be able to replace built-in space of the phone? You gotta be kidding yourself. You can use a USB OTG on your phones now if that is so much an issue.

          Saying that SD on a phone equals the ability to swap HDD for SSD on a computer is plain stupid. Saying that any SD card can compare to speeds of UFS 2.0 is stupid too. What you are saying is that you want to swap a slower SD card instead of having a faster built-in UFS 2.0 storage. Why not ask for what is the best solution, more space variants, 32, 64, 128 and 256GB instead of a stupid SD card that is only going to slow the phone down.

          • NamelessStar

            considering the OS doesn’t live on SD cards the speed is not really anything important if your using it for pure storage such as videos music and pictures it makes perfect sense to have expandable storage that is not sitting off the device and inside it.

          • Waqas Tariq

            Yes, an SD card can act as a storage for pictures and videos, but then people will start crying over why they can not install apps, or save a QHD video directly to the SD card. Why not complain about more storage options and a bigger storage option for the standard size instead.

          • Ismail Akram

            I think HTC let you save QHD and UHD directly on SD card.

          • NamelessStar

            no matter what they do with the starting storage it isn’t going to make up for the difference an SD card can make, most devices now are allowable upto 2TB of expandable storage i don’t ever foresee them to use sizes anywhere near 100gb as a standard.

          • Diego

            No one wants a usb drive hanging off there phone.
            A bit on convenient don’t cha think?

          • Say What??

            No I don’t think he’s kidding himself. Who cares if UFS 2.0 is faster. That’s not the point. The point is having removable storage in the phone that you can leave in and then pop out in a matter of seconds to put into something else like another smartphone or your computer. We are running Android, not Windows Vista. Phones are fast enough as it is.

          • Fifth313ment

            Ugh, do some research first. Some SD cards can and are actually faster than the current memory standards used in today’s phones, even the S6. UHS-3 microSD cards are twice as fast as Samsung’s new UFS 2.0 standard. So the manufacturers could make devices with removable storage and microSD cards if they wanted to. Oh and it would be faster than that Ferrari, lol.

          • Waqas Tariq

            Lol, would you also mind posting the cost of those cards?

        • Waqas Tariq


          • Fifth313ment

            I’ll find you the link, but microSD card speeds for UHS-1-3 are faster than those UFS 2.0 speeds in your post, almost double the speeds for UHS-3. The speeds you posted are for Class 10 cards which is a standard which is almost 10 years old! Cards are a little more expensive than normal microSD cards, like $10 more or sometimes not at all. Also the new Snapdragon 820 will support UHS-1 but it’s up to the phone manufacturer to include it in their device.

      • Ismail Akram

        There is space for SD cards. why not Smartphone support faster SD card instead? I’ve seen plenty fast SD cards but interface is not fast enough to take full advantage of SD cards. they work pretty fast on computer but on smartphones they can’t… so its up to OEM to support those cards full speed.

        • Waqas Tariq

          The SD cards are a bottleneck, they are too slow for the current UFS storage that comes with premium phones, that is why you see more SD cards on mid range phones and not top tier phones. If the S6/Note 5 had an SD card and people shot video at QHD and made it save to SD it will never work because of the data rates…. This is one of the reasons why builtin storage upgrade on a phone, lets say from 32GB to 64GB costs more that a 32GB SD card, the internal storage is much much faster. If anything, people should as for more storage built-in to the phone and more storage options like 32, 64, 128 and 256GB.

          • Ismail Akram

            I see it on LG G4, HTC One M9, Moto X(pure edition/style), Droid turbo 2 they all are flagship high end phones. I see UFS only in Samsung phones S6/S6 edge/Note 5/S6 Edge+… and Samsung want to put Sd card but cuz of mis compatibility with UFS they can’t. but now rumor says they’ve found a way so I think we’ll see Sd card with next Galaxy phones. I’ve SD cards which are plenty fast to save UDH video recording on them but only thing OEM need is to enable UHS-1 or even UHS-3.. also I think SD cards are still cheap even faster one are way cheaper beside people like me who changes phones very often have great benefit of SD cards that I don’t have to lose my pictures or any data during switch.

          • Waqas Tariq

            If you are saving all your pictures and data on an SD card without backing them up to the cloud or to your computer than you are missing out. I have over 6GB of photos all synced via DropSync to any new phone I buy so I do not have to constantly worry about an SD card, loosing it or corrupting and losing all my data.

            UFS 2.0 is compatible with SD, last time I read on it. UFS is fast and that is the future. I have not seen or heard of an SD card that can compare to speeds of a UFS, hence creates a bottleneck.

          • Leo9

            Actually, Apple’s use of PCI-E, NVM Express (with custom storage controller) in the iPhone 6S is the future; but yeah, SD cards are relics of the past. We just need more storage on the phone.

          • Diego

            We need 64 128 and 256gb phones.

          • Ismail Akram

            I’m not sure if UFS is future cuz there are other alternatives for faster storage as well like iPhone 6s have very fast NAND which in most cases is even faster than Samsung built UFS. for storing data I think SD card is best options. but its not us can decide its OEM choice to use sd card or not. I like this option and I want to see in future phones too. It might be bottleneck if you have to boot whole OS from SD card but you’ve to mostly write pictures, videos, music to sd card and games app are best server from internal storage.

          • Waqas Tariq

            Let’s see what happens in the future :) Have a great day Ismail, it was nice conversing with you.

          • Rotnika

            I use Google Drive to sync my photo, but I travel to other country a lot, and while traveling, I like to watch to movie and listen to music, and I DON’T WANT to use internet to do this expensive internet.

            So, SD card is important to me, and external USB is annoying, only good for transferring data. You don’t want to use external USB while watching on the train or airplane.

          • Diego

            The problem is that they feel the need to keep everything on there phone.
            Some of them have there hole digital life on there phone.
            I backup 2 phones to my computer and that computer gets backed up to an external hdd.

        • Diego

          The phone is to thin for that interface.

      • droidtomtom

        Sorry. Not true. Having a Micro SD card does not slow it down. Now if you install apps to the SD of course they will load into memory (RAM) slower. It is lack of effort to include a separate memory interface/controller. Which they could have. As evidence the look at the performance of the LG V10 with micro-sd.

        Also removable battery and SD does not have to equal compromised styling.

      • F

        I think Mr. Waqas Tariq works for UFS or something lol

    • Guest123

      If they can gained 5 people by losing 1, what do u think will be their decision.

      • HitokiriX

        I think they lost more customers with their recent change than they gained. The only thing they gained was the favoritism of random bloggers/writers who don’t use their products anyway.

        • SnakeSplitskin

          but yet you are wrong. they didn’t lose more customers than they gained. sorry, i know you’re disappointed.

          • HitokiriX

            Yes, I’m very disappointed. Thank you for your glaring insight.

      • Fifth313ment

        They didn’t lose just 1. The s6 was a bomb. There was an article in Forbes yesterday about it. Samsung needs to do something else to go back in time and fix their product lineup.

        • Bob Marley

          The S6 is selling better than the S5. Either way, it’s not like LG is thriving with the G4 even with removeable battery and microSD.

          • Fifth313ment

            See my post right below this one. But LG is doing a million times better than it was last year, I just on’t know why they don’t have a Note type phone with a big screen? It would be a money printing machine for those who need a pen and want to ditch Samsung.

        • k4ever

          The GS5 sold more than the GS4 and the GS6 has sold more than the GS5, so by most measurements that is a success. I wouldn’t believe anything that Forbes prints about Samsung products. It seems that newspapers and bloggers in the United States don’t understand Samsung or the international tech market in general. Comparing western sales prices for products that sell in 3rd world countries or emerging markets is just plain silly. Samsung sells most of its phones in emerging markets where other manufacturers don’t have a presence and at a price point in which people in those markets can afford.

          I do agree that Samsung lost loyal customers due to removing the microSD card slot and IR blaster. I think they broke even with the removable battery vs wireless and fast charging. I am a loyal Samsung customer. However, I will not be replacing my Note 4 with a Note 5 and my wife won’t be replacing her GS5 with a GS6. Samsung could just add a microSD card slot and IR blaster back to the Note 5 next year and not change anything else and I would upgrade in a heartbeat.

          • Fifth313ment

            What both of you don’t understand is that the S6 wasn’t supposed to sell just “more” than the S5 (which did horribly). It was codenamed project zero as it was supposed to turn around Samsung’s premium galaxy line and sell more than anything EVER! So it bombed! Next year they can codename the S7 negative one, lol. I agree with you though, if they added the microSD and removable battery to the Note 6 I would have no trouble buying it. Selling a little better than a phone that was the worst seller, EVER, is not saying much. And Samsung knows it which is why they will have to go back to the starting board again in 2016. Oh and Samsung isn’t doing well in undeveloped countries anymore BTW. Manufactures like ZTE, etc are now dominating those markets. So as many writers and market analysts have theorized Samsung’s mobile division is in quite a bit of hot water.

      • Carol Eckert

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    • NamelessStar

      i can live without removable battery as that is the unfortunate trend of the world… i can not however live without SD support without that it becomes a deal breaker.

    • coldspring22 .

      Sure Samsung can easily afford to do both – produce Note 6/ Galaxy S7 with unibody design and another variant with removable battery/SD card. They have huge engineering organization and they make plenty of profit on flagship phones. Instead of cranking out umteenth variants of mid range and low end phones, why not give people who buy flagship samsung phones more choice?

    • riderofstuff

      buying their flagships won’t save the company in the long run,. The only way for samsung smartphone operations to survive is buying their upcoming Tizen phones, which have both MicroSD and removable battery.

      • AbbyZFresh

        Tizen lacks the Play Store ecosystem. Customers will notice that loss immediately and scoff at Tizen regardless of MicroSD and removable battery inclusion

    • Ismail Akram

      I think S7 will have SD card support but I doubt about Removable batteries cuz they can ruin total look of phone. all well build phones have non-removable batteries.

    • Zach Chen

      I don’t really care about removable batteries, but micro sd card slot would be nice!

    • Kim

      Get ready for the proud owner of S7 , yes they are bringing it back.. sure…

    • Falenone

      I already dropped Samsung. Got myself a Sony device instead. But I miss Samsung’s AMOLED display. the IPS displays are… pretty bad.

  • Paul

    Samsung needs to LISTEN to its customers. I’d bet a lot that not selling the note 5 in the UK and minus key Features have lost a lot of loyal customers. Me included. That’s after the entire note series I’ve owned previously, and TV’s, and tablets, and washing machines, fridge freezer etc, and other family members devices. Now I’ll happily buy other firms products and not tie myself. Samsung are idiots.

    • SnakeSplitskin

      So go buy other products! No one cares what you’re going to do. Obviously Samsung has done quite well moving to the Note 5 and S6 philosophy. So go ahead and buy an LG TV, washing machine, and tablet. Just don’t forget why you didn’t buy LG in the first place. I’ll remind you: because they suck compared to Samsung’s offerings. To think that just because Samsung chose to go with non SD and non removable batteries from their smartphones that it’s caused your brain to crash into an irrational state is nothing short of amazing. Get a grip, man. You’re the idiot, not Samsung.

      • Paul

        Really? So I cannot come onto a forum and state my displeasure at a product (along with many others who’ve said the same thing) without some halfwit samsung fanboy trying to desperately protect a strong brand which is becoming weaker with each release?? Samsung has for a long time had worldwide launches. Now it appears it cannot do this any longer. In addition it’s desire to become an apple product IS losing it customers. Soon their phones will look like HTC’s!
        It (along with you my friend) needs to wake up.

        • it’s me tim-cock.

          Like what the guy says; go buy some lg garbage and stop the bitching. Samsung does more research and development than anyone else, so if they decides to go without removable battery and SD card expansion, it’s for a reason. As I recall, the note4 and s5 have all those things and it didn’t help Samsung’s profit from falling. If you think that is the reason for sluggish phone sales the I have a bridge to nowhere to sell you. Noone otherthan samsung in rat infested android is making any money.

          • Paul

            OK so let’s all stop telling manufacturers what we want…you got an iPhone???

          • SnakeSplitskin

            screaming about the same useless feature that has proven to be unnecessary but a lag-inducing profit loser is just taking up space in the comments section. We get it. Samsung gets it. You’re angry that the SD card and removable battery are no longer part of the flagship devices. What you don’t seem to get is that Samsung doesn’t care.

        • SnakeSplitskin

          Certainly you do accept the idea that I can come to a forum and state my opinion on how preposterous it is that you are so moved to forego purchasing products from a particular brand based exclusively on a change of a single unrelated minor product. In my most humble opinion, your decision to do this makes you look like the half-wit Samsung fanboy you used to be. You’ve treated Samsung as if it were your sports team. You bought their appliances as if they were team jerseys and hats and now you want to abandon them because you didn’t like the way the played a particular game. Most people would say “I’m not buying brand X appliances any more because they always break down in 6 months”. But no, you say you won’t buy them because they chose to change ONE SINGLE PRODUCT! So it’s nothing about the value those other products bring you. It’s all about your fanboyism in believing Samsung has a life-line connected to you to ensure they were serving your every whim. Newsflash: THEY DON’T! And now they are still making tons of money!

          Samsung’s woes in the marketplace is due to market changes, not because a few fanboys like you are throwing a hissyfit over nothing. Samsung has gained more by making the changes they made to the S6 and Note 5 and won’t be hurt if you choose not to buy their other appliances. All I can say is good luck with LG because that’s pretty much it when it comes to the smartphones you want but then that will also mean you’ll be buying LG appliances too. Good luck with that.

          • Paul
          • SnakeSplitskin

            “….but according to one analyst”

            So ONE analyst states that in 5 years Samsung will be out of the smartphone business AND it’s because of a theory that this ONE analyst fails to back by omitting any reference to known examples in other industries where this theory would apply. Basically, this knucklehead analyst has a crystal ball and can see 5 years into the future. Where was this analyst 5 years ago? He should have been able to predict the Note 5 wouldn’t have an SD card & removable battery yet still sell extremely well to the chagrin of a former Samsung fanboy named Paul. But yet he didn’t predict that because no analyst can predict 5 years into the future. They can only give theories and speculate to create click-bate, playing to the attitudes of the weak-minded.

            And what’s with the “go get a hobby, pal” comment? Is that your best retort?

          • Paul

            Tonight, yes. Good evening.

          • SnakeSplitskin

            you can do better. How about something like,

            “you’re absolutely right. I’ve been bitching about this way too much. It is silly for me to believe that if I just complain about it long enough Samsung will listen to me and ignore all the research they’ve done on the market, disregard all the sales and financial results, and do a complete about face that will undoubtedly cause them to lose more money.”

          • sigmaX

            Reuters, 2013—reports that over the past month, 17 out of 43 analysts (including Goldman, J.P. Morgan, and Morgan Stanley) downgraded their earnings estimates for Samsung, causing a 0.6% drop in their average forecast for the company’s April to June earnings. You’re right “one analyst” and “where was this analyst 5 years ago.” Nice try though

          • SnakeSplitskin

            What’s the point of your comment? Are you supporting Paul’s post of the one analyst who predicted Samsung would be forced out of the smartphone business in 5 years? You should have posted the link to your Reuters, 2013 article. But I’ll take your word that it actually exists.

            So, early in 2013, 17 out of 43 analysts downgraded their earnings estimates for Samsung’s April to June earnings. Were they correct about Samsung’s earnings in that time frame of 2013? We don’t know because you didn’t post the link to the article. Even if they were correct, what does that have to do with Samsung not being in the smartphone business in 5 years? Absolutely nothing! Your comment is incoherent and unnecessary to the discussion.

            The question that really needs to be asked is where will smartphones be 5 years from now? 5 years ago was a different market and smartphones still hadn’t matured. Today we have a ton of cheap Chinese made Android phones that sell really well in China and
            other Asian countries, but not in western markets. Also, keep in mind
            that Google Play Store hasn’t been available in China since 2010. That means all those Android phones that are currently selling by Xiamoi and Huawei among others don’t use Google Maps, Mail, Hangouts, or Google Now. Imagine that! It’s no wonder that Iphones outsell Google phones by a wide margin in China. Sells of Xiamoi & Huawei in China are why it seems Samsung is losing market share but still increasing their volume with lower end phones (in China, not U.S.). If Google manages to get back into China (as per this article
            then it is quite possible that we’ll be looking at a different type of
            market for Android in the future. And since we know that innovation in the industry comes from those companies with the money and r&d
            infrastructure, much of the cutting edge progress will come from
            Samsung, not from the smaller lower priced companies.

            Make no mistake, Samsung is still positioned to continue to be the only profitable Android smartphone maker in the forseeable future. LG is struggling with the G4 and V10 even though they have removable batteries and SD cards. HTC didn’t gain much traction with the M9. They may have to settle with selling stuff like the A9 in order to survive but that’s an even slimmer margin phone. Motorola is carving out a niche but still not as competitive as Samsung. Who’s left to compete in the Android space?

            Google itself!

          • sigmaX

            Thanks for moderating the Internet. “Because no analyst can predict 5 years into the future.” Btw, an analyst’s job function is to forecast into the future, “We expect this share gain for Apple to come at the expense of Samsung, which managed to grow its market share in the high end to as high as 37% per our estimates in 2013. We estimate Samsung’s share to continue to decline to ~30% due to slowing innovation in Samsung’s high-end portfolio along with weaker services offering when compared to Apple.” Credit Suisse, April 2015

          • SnakeSplitskin

            So you’re moderating the Internet to show us how Credit Suisse forecasted 2 years rather than 5 years when the issue here is an analyst forecasting 5 years into the future?

            You could at least given us a prime example of a 5 year forecast that was accurate for this industry or at least link to Credit Suisse’s 2013 forecast to the actual 2015 numbers rather than copy a quote from someone’s presentation.

          • sigmaX

            Just so you know, ” Credit Suisse, April 2015 — means it’s a direct quote from the actual analyst report. If you want to verify my quote I’m sure Credit Suisse will take all of your money for a subscription.

          • SnakeSplitskin

            and if you can copy/paste a quote, you can also copy/paste the source
            link. If you have a subscription, by all means share a screenshot of the
            relevant part of the report. and yet still you haven’t resolved the “5 year” accurate forecast issue

          • jasonlowr

            Analyst? If any analyst is good at his/her job, why would he/she still working as an analyst?

          • SnakeSplitskin


    • 1213 1213

      The s6 sold better the the s5 or even the s4.
      Also if you’re complaining about storage and battery, please attempt to explain why lg isn’t selling.

    • Daggett Beaver

      Translation: Samsung doesn’t listen to ME. Who gives a f–k about other customers?

  • MrTechie

    SD is pretty important for most people or at least incrediblu useful. Samsung needs to find a balance btw what people actually want, keeping up with the times, and pricing their products well enough to turn a profit that’s also affordable. That’s why they are getting killed in other markets since they know how to build a device people want, using good tech, and most importantly pricing it well to turn a profit and still be afford for most people. In recent years Samsung seems to be using only top tech which is expensive, doing things people don’t really like, pricing their products at the top tier level only. But that’s only how I see it.

    • SnakeSplitskin

      SD is not pretty important to most people. Please accept that fact. If that were true, the G4 and V10 by LG would be outselling Samsung’s latest flagships. But they are not. SD is not important at all to most people because if it was, no one would be buying Iphones.

      “but that’s only how I see it”. Yes MrTechie, please open your eyes so that you can see better. Samsung’s increase in sales volume has come from it’s less expensive phones in China and other Asian & emerging markets. So I say “no” to your assumption that Samsung is only using top tech which expensive. And Samsung is not doing things people don’t really like. Samsung is still the top Android manufacturer and the most profitable one.

      • Btort

        LG still doesn’t have it’s own identity or done something to catch consumers attention like samsung has. Samsung copying apple is even a positive for samsung since it gives them the attention good or bad. In an isheeps mind, samsung equals android and the rest are whatever. The G4 is nothing special when compared to the s6, they both have somewhat laggy android skins. And HTC has HORRIBLE marketing skills and stupid team and caused the M9 to suck

  • droidtomtom

    Here is a novel idea Samsung! Make 128GB the base memory size and use PCIe. Make the Storage, RAM, CPU and GPU faster than Apples devices.

  • trapchan

    Cheap Android smartphone has become ‘good enough’ as a daily driver and can last at least a year if not more, unlike in the old Android days, where you need a Samsung flagship (other brand flagship before G2, M7, and Xperia Z1 sucks) to get a decent Android experience. Even an Android One device with wvga and 1GB RAM is perfectly usable in Android 6.0, as long as you don’t demands near SLR quality photo.

  • Carol Eckert

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  • JohnD

    ATTENTION ATTENTION CHEAP TECHIE BUMS…..Quit whining about the SD and removeable batteries. Flash memory is faster to help the still cumbersome Touchwiz version. Also Mainstream does not care about this so give it a rest. “Who is this guy? He doesn’t know” …. You may be right but guess what a company called Apple has been doing it for years with no problem with customers. At least Samsung starts at 32GB (Even though they should have a 128GB version for Note 5)…The success of Apple is proof that people who care about micro SD slots and removable batteries are a small tech minded group.

    • Btort

      ATTENTION SAMSUNG SHEEPS, doesn’t matter WHAT YOU DO AND WHAT MEMORY FLASH YOU PUT IN YOUR PHONE, it will STILL LAG LIKE HELL (look at s6 and note 5 compared to a moto x pure or nexus 6p) THE ONLY WAY for your device not to lag is DITCH TOUCHWIZ…i mean touchshit

  • Kyle Ong

    If they resist to changes, would not survive….consumer as well (need the change)
    It’s not Sammy, but all makers.
    Base size has improve…thus ext sd might not b a major concern. OTG is still possible
    Batt for one needs to charge is an interim
    Design needs to b improved…how to keep to “one hand” yet large n interesting design…(glass, edge, leather, metal…what else)
    Screen resolution….4kk…8k next?
    Camera now has OIS, Aperture for low light….DSR control….what next?
    UI Skin…less bloatware(feature) less or more to differ from each other

  • Mista_Mr

    If samsung wants to keep making phones without removal storage or batteries why don’t they have an accessory to address those issues. There is a case for the iphone that has these capabilities. I emailed the company to see if they would build one for the note 5, they stated they don’t have plans for building one. If they did i would have gotten the note 5