Samsung’s audio dock goes up on Amazon Germany for €129

by: Bams SadewoDecember 21, 2012


Remember about the rather swish-looking audio dock for Samsung devices that we reported a few days back? We have some fresh information about the accessory, including its possible launch date and price tag.

Let’s start with how we can call the music dock, as it has been given a model number. Henceforth, you can also refer to it as the Samsung ESP-30B. While it hasn’t been officially launched, the ESP-30B dock is already listed on Amazon Germany, where it’s currently selling for €129.90. However, you can’t actually make the purchase just yet.

The dock comes with a microUSB port, a standard 3.5mm audio jack, and Bluetooth 3.0 receiver. According to the listing, it is compatible with just about any Samsung device you can think of – even the non-Android ones. Granted, docking the Galaxy Tabs is obviously out of the question.

As for its release date, it’s looking likely that we’ll see Samsung launching the ESP-30B audio dock at the upcoming CES event in January.

Is the docking station something you’d like to have? What do you think about the unconfirmed price?

  • JonE

    Wow what a rip off, and I thought that Apple were good con artists. Anyone that buys that is going to feel so ripped off (unless they are one of the top 10 samsung fanboys!)

    You must have that price wrong – do you mean 12.9 Euros? if 129 Euros thats £104 for a low powered speaker dock… Madness. Or have I missed something?

    • rherefw

      If I were to buy it(and I’m not), I’ll buy it for the looks, and hopefully, quality. This does look sleek.