Samsung announces the Galaxy Note 5 Winter Edition for South Korea: 128GB of storage

by: Matthew BensonDecember 18, 2015

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With the year quickly coming to a close, discounts and deals become an increasingly major mention around the tech blogosphere. While December mentions of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 might seemingly be primed for promotions, it seems that South Korea will see something else entirely. Today Samsung has announced that a Galaxy Note 5 Winter Edition will hit its country of origin, and with it one specific and startling selling point:

The Galaxy Note 5 Winter Edition comes with 128GB of on-board storage, making it the first and only plus-sized flagship the company released this year with such a high storage configuration. It is available now from SKT and KT, and is sold in both Gold Platinum and Silver Titanium color options with a retail price of 999,900 KRW (about $846).

Curiously Samsung’s official blog claims that these two colors are “continuously popular” in the country yet to this day, the Silver Titanium Galaxy S6 Edge+ has not been released in Korea.

Darling details and sizzling speculation

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Despite rumors and inaccurate listing specifying that Samsung would release 128GB configurations of the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+, none where ever produced. This, despite the company’s much debated decision to remove expandable microSD storage from its 2015 offerings.

In addition to the new, increased storage situation, Samsung is also running some proper promotions in South Korea. Customers who purchase the Galaxy Note 5 will receive a free wireless charging pod. Customers who purchase a Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge+ will receive a free Gear VR headset.

With the Galaxy Note 5 already approaching the 6-month mark since its release, it’s likely this will be the last iteration of the hardware before the company switches gears to selling an S7, and eventually a Note 6.

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The potential for this device to release outside Korea is quite low, however it could be added to the pending large scale roll-out in Europe. It’s also worth mentioning that Samsung has recently added a 64GB variant of the Galaxy S6 Active despite said hardware having originally released in June.

While it’s inevitable that some will seek to import this pretty pricey purchase (just wait until eBay sellers get their hands on it), the aftermath of this announcement will inevitably be followed by harsh criticism and complaints at the Korean OEM for failing to release such a product earlier, and to have made it a standard storage configuration.

We are thus ever eager to hear what’s on your mind. Is this the opportune opportunity to purchase the product, or does it have you looking at your own “meager” storage supply with a dead set dose of evil eye? Feel free to take the survey below and then share your thoughts!

  • mrjayviper

    Common tactic of android OEMs to bring back interest in their flagship products. Release it in a new color

    • My Galaxy Prime

      It works for Apple

      • mrjayviper

        o.O you don’t see apple releasing a new color and storage of exactly the same hardware 5-6 months after launch.

        examples please! :)

        • My Galaxy Prime

          Lol I can’t tell if ur joking or not with that smiley face. Lol They release a new color of the same phone once a year.

          • mrjayviper

            same phone every year?

            same color. YES!. same hardware? LOL Let me see. 6s/6s+ brought 3D touch which brought in a new sensor layer, new CPU too and newer touchID hardware. 6/6+ obviously brought larger screens and new CPU and etc.

            So how is this the same to Samsung’s “new” device which is just a new color and higher storage to the regular Note 5? :)

            if you’re gonna troll, please troll with some proof at least.

          • My Galaxy Prime

            Lol omg, you’re serious. Lol don’t get so worked up. This decision doesn’t impact you in the least.

        • Jimmy1259

          The white iphone. I believe it was the 4. Released months after the black one. Same storage different color.

          • mrjayviper

            I didn’t know. Any examples that more recent? :) like in Samsung’s case?

          • Jimmy1259

            You’ll have to check that out. That’s the only one I knew of off the top of my head.

          • Samsung has actually done it numerous times before. The Galaxy Note 3 with Rose Gold siding, the Galaxy S4 value edition had several different colors made.

            This product is actually not a new color. It’s just a new storage size.

          • SculpinIPA

            That’s because there were technical issues with the white iPhone, not because they were trying to “bring back interest” in it. It was intended to be released at the same time as the black one.

          • Jimmy1259

            That is true. It turned out to be better for Apple though. People who felt forced to buy the black IPhone bought the white one when it came out. More sales for Apple.

        • DeLeon629

          Did they not just do that with the sh*tty 6s; clad in it’s magical 720p screen & a replicated hover-view UX feature known as “3D touch?”

  • V-Phuc

    Isn’t it a bit too late, too little? Costs too much too when translated in US currency (>$800)! Samsung has taken some weird (to say the least) decisions about their phones this year. Then we hear about them not meeting their profit expectations! LOL

  • Dickson

    They should’ve released this back at launch for the Note 5. Stupid of them to finally bring it out now. No momentum whatsoever.

    • DeLeon629

      When u release a phone of this caliber in South Korea of all places, it is a big deal: The place is no bigger than Michigan, so their phones are much faster and twice as capable as they would be in the states, b/c there are neither tower issues, nor equal limitations of use (had android pay for half a decade, NFC use for public transportation, small purchases, BASIC FRIGGIN CABLE! etc.). You get more bang for buck with a flagship there. Hell, u can still get good service and support from one of their “Prime” level flagships-circa S4-as a result of their lighting fast connection speeds

  • Tim Williamson

    Do you think this is the version to be released in the UK?

  • Marc Perrusquia

    Isn’t the note 5 like 2 months old? How the hell is it “approaching the 6-month mark since its release” that statement implies it’s much closer to 6 months old than 2.

    • pcriz

      It was released in August. So almost 4 months.

  • Brandon Yineman

    128GB is nice for internal storage and all, but all I want is SD Card support. Then It can have 32GB of internal storage.

    I’m still waiting for the Note6, alleged to have SD support, but the whole 2 OS thing and docking needs more detail. Other than that the processor and RAM specs are AMAZE!

  • Blue Knight

    I don’t care because my Note 4 has 32Gb internal and 128Gb sdcard.
    Would have given Samsung my money this year, but no sdcard slot. Thank you Sammy for helping me realize that I don’t have to upgrade every year.

    • Jimmy1259

      I understand what you’re saying. The only reason I went from the 3 to the 5 was gear vr. It’s sitting at home right now. When I get home tomorrow night I’m going to slip my Note 5 in. I’ve already checked it out. Demo at Best Buy. It was awesome.

    • R6ex

      Same here.
      Note 1 to Note 3 to Note 6 (because Note 5 is a huge disappointment!).

  • maaen

    Ha Ha Ha and a Ho Ho Ho since it is not long to Christmas. …what is Samsung doing to itself …..why has it gone through so much self created mess up…. I think there is possibly something very wrong with the bosses….and their marketing people….I do wonder whether the saga will be as crazy with the Note 6……and if Samsung will bring back removable batteries and micro sd cards

  • riversdirect

    That phone truly looks and sounds like a million bucks.

  • Peter Chan

    put it on sale on all the markets in US, Asia and Europe. Late than never.

  • GR

    “Do you care about a 128GB Galaxy Note 5?” No. I want Android 6.

    • Blue Knight

      I take it that ENGLISH isn’t your 1st language?

      • GR

        Sei un cretino. Google that.

        • Blue Knight

          I don’t need to. You answered my question PERFECTLY.