Samsung agrees to pay $548 million to Apple for patent infringement

by: John DyeDecember 4, 2015

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It all began back in 2011. Apple sued Samsung for infringing the company’s patents for things like “multi-touch gestures” and “tap to zoom” capabilities. The next year, a court ruled in Apple’s favor. Apple requested $2.5 billion in damages, but the judge decided that Samsung should pay $1,049,343,540. After an arduous legal battle that has seen many chapters, Samsung has finally agreed to pay a little over half that.

samsung-logo-mwc-2015-8See also: Apple win in appeals court ruling may force Samsung to change one of its products85

The final figure of $548 million was reached back in May after some protracted courtroom haggling between Samsung and Apple. Now the two companies have released a joint court statement in which Samsung has agreed to pay this amount so long as Apple can provide them with an invoice by the end of the day.

However, the term “final figure” might be a little misleading. Samsung has made it clear that they are reserving the right to reclaim the payment by reimbursement in part or in full depending on the results of any future court rulings. Apple has responded to these claims by asserting that Samsung has no such right in a legal rendition of “no takesies-backsies.”

So it looks like this is something of a false-close on this case. Sure, Samsung is agreeing to pay, but they’re everything but giving up on this. The company is expected to pursue a US Supreme Court review of the patent infringement case, and many are contesting whether or not the patents sought by Apple should have ever been awarded in the first place. If the US Supreme Court agrees to hear the case, we might be looking at a retrial.

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  • Matthew Allison

    You’re not getting any money scumbag apple!

    • mrochester

      I don’t think you’ve understood which company is in the wrong ;)

      • it’s me tim-cock.

        Do you? Apple is garbage son, and should be treated as such.

        • Diego

          Let me gess, you haven’t tried any apple product.

          • Modman

            I have iPod iPad. They are overpriced and a monopoly. Do the math iPad=1000.00. Fire tablet=50 dollars. They do the same thing. Android phone=between 30-1000. Packed with options an iusers tiny brain can’t comprehend. Appleuser=I-diot sheep blind follower. Mp3 players existed way before iPod. Spotify amazon other music services are better than itunes. I refuse to use anything from apple ever again.

          • Diego

            So, let me understand, you tend to call people isheep because they disagree with you?
            I totally sea the logic in that /s
            Oh, in for your information I’ve been using android for 5 years now.
            In fact, I bought my first iPhone last year.
            Don’t get me wrong, i still love android, but iOS has some advantages over it.
            I got one question for you, if you think apple products are overpriced, why did you buy them in the first place.

          • Scr-U-gle

            He wishes he had an iPad!

          • pjtpjt
          • Scr-U-gle

            Unlike the self bending Nixus 6?

      • Scr-U-gle

        Andrones have so little understanding of the world around them, why would you expect them to understand this?

        Android is a rip off of oracles Java and had to copy iOS because as the creators of it publicly stated “it is so 90’s”. They think that the Google Sooner that was going to be the launch device never existed and have no idea that androne has always copied Apple and the iOS jailbreak community.

        I posed the question three years ago; name one Google original idea ever?

        No one has come up with one. Even the search algorithm the whole company is based on is stolen from Robin Li.

        • Modman

          All tech companies steal. But apple is the only whiney bitch who thinks it has a right to sue for things it stole. Seriously you are the type of ahole who would buy a one thousand dollar iPad when you could buy a 50 dollar amazon fire and do more with it.
          Apple stole the lg Prada design. They stole the spen idea. They market right clicking by calling force touch. My 70 dollar gwatch does the same thing as a 500 dollar iwatch. Monopolising and litigating makes prices higher for the consumer. You sound like an an apple shareholder who makes money off apple or you wouldn’t be defending them.

          • Modman

            The android os put smart phones tablets, into the hands of everyone and made them affordable. Apples idea that tech is only for the rich and should cost so much is a cultist mentality. Apple is just as much a thief as Google and Samsung. However the Android product and competition keeps technology affordable. So true true lovers of technology will not support apple.

          • Scr-U-gle

            Talking to yourself again?

            What a loser.

        • pjtpjt

          Please tell me you’re a PE teacher, and have nothing to do with science and technology.

          • Modman

            No I’m A Network Administrator for a small hospitality company.
            However i’d side with a pe teacher with a passion for technology way
            before I side wuith a Network Engineer who has no passion for technology.
            Monopolising kills competition and makes higher prices for consumers. Anyone siding with Apple who claims to be a tech. Is a trader to our trade.

          • pjtpjt

            Good for you! But if you check the little grey arrow beside my name, i was replying to Scr-U-gle.

  • Diego

    samsung bashing must go on.

    • Modman

      Icult troll!!!

      • Diego

        More like ex samsung buyer.
        Fuck samsung, go LG.

        • Modman

          I prefer lg moto but if the battle is against apple Samsung will keep android alive.

        • ddd

          Do you know about technology? Course not.
          Lg is worst company in the market like g3 and g4. Companies aren’t good as samsung because their display sucks and processor is snapdragon, camera really sucks. Why volume and power button are back of the phone? LG company ran out of ideas, but samsung makes better everything. I know better than anybody else.
          You don’t know what you are talking about.

          • Diego

            So you are telling me, I have to keep up with samsung and their shitty software and tech support, in exchange for a better display and SOC?
            You seam to forget, specs don’t make a better phone.
            Thats why I sold my note 5 and got an lg v10.
            The fact that you think you are smarter then everybody else really shows your intelligence.

          • ddd

            Why v10 is better than note 5? V10 has ips lcd with back light with 6 core snap dragon. It has piece of garbage design (plastic material) like g4. Their features are sucks.
            Note 5 has better display and camera, processor. It has premium material and charge wirelessly. It can do everything than v10.
            You don’t know nothing about technology.

          • Diego

            Once again, you are trying to use specs as a comparison.
            How can you use all that power when your software is not even optimized.
            Better display?
            I only care if the display looks good.
            better camera?
            The best camera is the one you have with you.
            wireless charging?
            Yea, if my note 5 can’t even last a day, its very useful.
            You seam to know nothing about technology.
            Buddy, I am an app developer.
            You are the one who knows nothing of tech, since you only look at a phone from the specs sheet.
            Why v10 is better, you ask.
            It offers me more features for the price.
            You are probably one of those, can you even flex dude?
            type of person

  • SeljD

    I don’t think gestures should be patented

  • Modman

    Dont you mean apple Bashing Diego? Apple support is not wanted here. Samsung is pricey so I’d rather buy another OEMS products. However no other company has the financial means to defend android. So I side with Samsung 100% of the time when it keeps android new ideas and competition alive. Apple cult ideology is not wanted hear. Buying and taking credit for other companies inventions is unacceptable. Samsung should go thermonuclear war on apple.

    • Diego

      Can’t you catch sarcasm?

      • Modman

        Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    • Scr-U-gle

      They have tried and failed. Similarsung are a joke with their premium plastic, foil covered plastic and now a bit bigger iPhone 4, the iphoney s6.

      Innovation is not features, innovations are functions that work, like 64-bit CPUs, Touch ID, using gorilla glass on phones, desktop computers, smart phones that are actually smart. The list is endless, unlike eyes scroll that didn’t work, 64-bit off the shelf designs three years late, fingerprint scanners that didn’t work, you know all the things Andrones like you slagged off while android played catch up.

      Name one thing on roid that works that is not copied from oracle, iOS or the iOS jailbreak community?

      Thought as much. Good luck with those updates that never happen.

      • Bob Reilley

        You know all those features that Apple has been including in IOS the last 3-4 years, yeah those are from Android. To deny that is just ridiculous. The design of the 6 and 6S is taken from HTC’s M7. The plus models are a available now because Samsungs Note line. Apple’s ipencil or what ever their calling it, um let me think where did that come from, oh thats right Samsungs S-pen. Samsungs fingerprint censors works really good actually, I’ve never had a problem with my S6 or my Note 4. Face it, Apple has become the Samsung of yesterday. They no longer innovative, they just copy.

        • Scr-U-gle

          That’s why this very site call the HTC a copy of the iPhone?

          Apple pencil is from the Newton

          And as Andy Rubin and Chris deSalvo, the people behind androne, freely admit, they copied iOS because androne was “so 90’s”.

          There is not one thing on androne that hasn’t come from iOS or the iOS jail break community.

          I suggest you look at the Google Sooner androne phone and the androne G1, nothing like androne today, because androne is a iphoney wannabe.

          How are those nonexistent updates, maybe when androne grows up it can update the software too.

          • Bob Reilley

            You’re living in the past, get over it. Android and Windows surpassed IOS years ago. Apple has been playing catch up ever since.

          • Scr-U-gle

            In what? 64-bit processing, no. Technology that actually works, no. Security, no. Name something that hasn’t come either direct from iOS, Apple technology in the phone or the iOS jailbreak community.

            Even the s6 edge has no use for the curved screen until Apple shows Similarsung how to do it properly.

            The only thing androne can boast is more handsets, that don’t get supported and the highest levels abandon-ware.

            Face it, androne is a cruel joke on the poorest, who only buy it because they can’t afford the original and best.

      • Rachel Knight

        I got an iphone six plus back in February of this year and had to leave my phone company so got a Samsung Galaxy S6 from my other phone company in May. I used my S6 for about six months. The novelty has now worn off and I am back to apple

    • Rachel Knight

      lmao talking about buying and taking credit for other companies inventions when it is SAMSUNG that has been deemed to have done this in this case. And they didn’t buy it. They STOLE it. Funny

  • mrochester

    About time Samsung paid up for their infringement.

    • Nayib

      Umm, what infringement?

      • Scr-U-gle

        Scroll up, read the article.

        What a moRoid!

      • mrochester

        Not sure if serious because question is so stupid…

      • pjtpjt

        For passing gas. Steve Jobs used to pass gas, and it’s patented.

  • Steve Brain

    My god the US patent system is broken. I mean seriously, when all you have is a finger to control the actions of a phone the options of how you can control various aspects are VERY limited. The patents should not have been granted. It is as simple as this: How has the use of gestures caused Apple to lose over $500 million worth of profits?

    • pjtpjt

      Well, I wouldn’t call the US patent system broken, but I’ve just heard that Apple has just patented maggots.

  • Arturo Raygoza

    Seems a little steep for a couple gestures

  • Sylvester Echols

    Blah blah blah, same ol, same ol

  • Javid Nazim Mammadov

    What’s wrong with people

  • Modman

    I keep my friends close. But my enemies even closer. I totally agree with you. However any enemy of apple is a friend of mine. By Samsung winning court battles against apple,all android oems can continue to exist. You can hate them for high prices and trying to be like apple. Just remember the uninformed public sees them as the face of android. Also by taking over venues like the NBA they keep apple can be against Samsung but they are an ally against apple.

  • Wjdzm

    I guess we will see the supreme court battles by the time we enter the next generation of “smartphone”. By then current smartphones are going to be obsolete… maybe a decade later… haha
    Sometime I imagine where we would be in terms of android smartphones if apple hadn’t tried to leech off of Samsung – maybe a light years ahead of where we are.

  • ddd

    This is bullshit information between samsung and apple. There is no reason pay $548 million dollars to piece of garbage apple. Apple is biggest D BAG in the market.
    Samsung has best display and design, camera and longer battery life, and fastest processor, and charge wirelessly in the market. Samsung always innovate new different products like curve screen on phone and note series, and smartwatches.
    Apple is piece of garbage because they copy exact design htc phone and ios 8 and 9 copy from android os features. Apple products’ display made from LG ips lcd and camera made from Sony, processor made from other company and battery made from another company. This is 100% true statement. That is why apple is biggest copying machine and isheep. Do apple users know about this information? HELL NO.
    Technology always change no matter what. New products come out and people have to learn new features but they don’t want to learn, so their level is blow average level. Google change new os to change new features so android users are more advance level. I don’t care apple users said because they don’t know nothing. THEY AREN’T SMART TO USE A PHONE. I think apple should pay more than $548 million dollars to samsung because apple doesn’t have INNOCATION, but they can COPY OTHER COMPANIES IDEAS BECAUSE THEY ARE BIGGEST LOSER IN THE MARKET.


    • Scr-U-gle

      Too long a mentally ill rant that no one will read.

      • Modman

        Tim Cook wants you Baby! Don’t keep him waiting!

  • Apple recently lost a patent suit and have to pay out more than this, where’s the media circus on that?

    • Android Developer

      Can you provide a link ?

      • I dont remember where I read it from, it happened over the summer. It got very little press coverage. Look it up.

      • Apple vs smartflash

        • Android Developer

          Thank you

  • Modman

    I never bought one and I never will. As an it administrator I had to setup mobile devices for people at work. I received a classic iPod long ago as a gift. Configuring mobile devices is so easy I could do it in less then 5 minutes. If my grandmother needed a one button phone to make it easier I’d understand. Other than that apple has no advantages for me. A nook color with cm7 could outperform the first iPad.Now there is no need because most high end tablets outperform ipad.

    • Scr-U-gle

      Very funny, which tablets are you imagining?

      Considering that every bench mark and user experience survey clearly has always stated that iPad & iPhones outperform every androne tablet and phone I’d like to know what you are smoking to be blowing that kinda smoke out of your ass?

      Next you’ll be telling us Microsoft certification is better than a real qualification.

      • Modman

        No. You are correct experience trumps all. But you have none since you insist on defending ifraud.

        Apple does nothing but brainwash computer illiterates to follow them and advertise. They have nothing special and have bought patents and tried to sue Samsung HTC Samsung and others out of business. No competition means higher prices for me. I refuse to use apple and encourage others to do the same. Apple is God so they can copy and no other company can. I can buy better products from other vendors for way less money. My note 8 fell down three flights of stairs. Stinkpad would have broke before the first flight. Apple has brainwashed you to believe plastic is cheap. However this is totally irrelevant

  • charlie Jason

    a few gestures and now Samsung has to pay 500 million.

    • pjtpjt


  • WOW I have just read this and through the comments and must say come on now we are all meant to be in the one community but it does seam that we have all forgot who started the Smartphone Patent Wars it was not Samsung but it was the of the older mobile phone makers Nokia who took Apple to court back in 2009, then Apple went on to sue HTC and Motorola in 2010, then in 2011 Apple finally sued Samsung and then everything started to get fun as Apple and Android OEM + Google start to fight back.

    But one thing I am going to say is Samsung is not the be all and end all of the Smartphone market when it comes to Android. I left Samsung back in the S4 days because Australian phones where not as good as the International versions, this mad me a little unhappy as I was paying extra compared to someone in the USA for a munted handset.

    I found LG with the LG F70 and went from there and almost getting to the LG G3 before moving on to ZTE with the Blade S6 (AU Edition) and then going feather down the middle range to the ZTE Fit, ZTE Hop, Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 3 (4.5), Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 3 (4), Samsung Galaxy Young 2 and Now I have left Android for Windows Phone 10.

    I have learnt that Samsung can not make a good mid ranged Android device to save themselves but the other brands like ZTE and Alcatel know what they are doing in this field and I do not think Apple has sued either of these brands in the Smartphone Patent Wars.

    **UPDATE – Apple, BlackBerry, Ericsson, Microsoft, and Sony’s Rockstar Consortium sued ZTE and a number of Android OEMs in 2013 with a Google counter-suit happening that December.

  • M42

    The question is, in the settlement what features did Samsung have to remove from their phones?

  • Modman

    Oops! The truth hurts.
    But I forgive you since you grew up in the us and a lot of people there have never graduated 3rd grade. I am an it specialist you are not. Sit your dumbass down. Tim cook is looking for a new boy friend. You are the perfect candidate. Since you enjoy being porked by apple.

  • Modman

    No I will leave the Tim Cook apple loving to you.

  • Android Developer

    So is it finally over and they can stop with the trials and focus on better products ?

  • aaloo

    Attaboy Samsung. Coming to thy senses I see. Now make them A10 processors and OLED screens for my next iPhone :) thank you.

  • TyH

    Marketing strategy?
    Free advertising?

  • SamsaraGuru

    A false close to a falsely instigated lawsuit by Apple is quite apropos. Supreme Court here we come!

  • Modman

    All tech companies have stolen someone else’s ideas. However apple has taken it to a whole other level. Suing for every stinking little thing is called patent trolling. The patent system is broken. Apple never created a single thing. That is why they should have no right to do this. If you want to defend them you shouldn’t be in android authority.