HTC made some major news yesterday when it announced that monthly revenue hit a six-month high last month. What initiated such success? Only the new HTC One A9 smartphone, which features a brand new design language and cleaner, leaner Sense build. Given the misgivings fans and critics had about this year’s flagship-proper, the One M9, all eyes are now on the prospects of 2016 and what may come forth. Today we have a slightly better clue thanks to leaker LlabTooFeR:

Provided this information is accurate, the new flagship is now called the HTC Perfume. It is currently unknown as to if this is implied to be the final name of the device, or simply the company’s internal reference. The latter is more likely given the (1) reference to an “HTC O2” int he previous line and (2) the misconceptions that might arise from a device being named “Perfume”.

The O2, for reference, was rumored to include a 6-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 820 SoC, 4GB of RAM, 64GB or 128GB of on-board storage, and a 3,500mAh battery.

Google and Sense

Perhaps the bigger nugget to glean from this Tweet is Android 6.1, especially as Google has only just released 6.0.1. Will this new decimal increase bring with it a major update to the OS? Will it also be called Marshmallow? Will HTC be the first non-Nexus device to include it, a la its A9? We can only imagine the answers.

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The last pertinent point is Sense 8.0_GP. Those who have been following the A9 may be aware that the device uses a more streamlined, “pure-esque” version of Sense that looks and functions more like AOSP Marshmallow than not. The US variant of the phone has also been promised to receive updates within 15 days of every Nexus firmware release. This corresponds to Sense 7.0_g and thus we begin to wonder if he same may hold true of the new version mentioned here.

While purely conjecture at this stage, it is also possible that GP may refer to “Google Play” and thus the idea that the Perfume might be running what looks like pure stock Android save for BlinkFeed or perhaps the Themes store. Even the 7.0_g build on the A9 has visual overtones and elements that still separate it from AOSP; could HTC actually be making a non-Nexus Nexus?

Suffice to say that 2016 may bring some big news for HTC fans. The company has stated the A9 represents a new design language, and thus we eagerly await the future of the company some have referred to as “the Treasure of Taiwan.”

  • roger’d

    I’ll be surprised if they jump all the way up to a 6″ screen considering that their “M” line has been closer to 5.2″ … So maybe adopting 5.5 or 5.7″ I can see. Either way it all sounds interesting. Hopefully they’ll make the speakers & bezel a bit smaller too.

    • retrospooty

      Yup, based on what sells, 5.5-5.7 inch devices are the high end limit for most people that want large phones. 6 (or more) inch models have never done well in the market. They already did it with the One Max and it didnt do well. NExus 6, Sony’s plus and Galaxy Mega are also examples of 6 inchers not doing well.

    • A good Amoled 2k 5.2” would be great if they stick to the stereo speakers. Let the 5.5-6” to the E series of phablets.


    HTC Perfume?? LMFAO
    Hipster TroII Carwash??

    Is it the same person still driving HTC into the ground?

  • Pranit Jaiswal

    Since it the need of their hour to gain back users’ trust they once used to have, Htc Perfume shall surely be one of the best phones of the coming year. Looking forward with the immense change and betterment that the device can bring to Htc’s flagships.

  • Jugo

    If flagship, it better not look like an iPhone knock-off.

  • PC_Tool

    Cna’t wait to see what they actually end up calling this thing. Would love nailed down specs and maybe a good pic of what it actually looks like, as well?

  • yardie

    I’ll pass. I had all HTC devices in the past, went with the nexus 5. Then I decided to give them a chance with the m9. I’m back to the nexus with the 6p. I’ll never give HTC another chance again.

    Maybe sometime in the future

  • M42

    With a name like that, let’s hope it don’t stink!

  • Sammy Phillips

    2 elements make for a successful Android smartphone nowadays: Low cost and near-stock software with fast updates. Hopefully HTC finally gets this.

    • jasonlowr

      Keep it to yourself. Stock android is so not for me and heaps of my friends

  • Avieshek Rajkhowa

    Hope, they are the one to teach Samsung a lesson.

  • crescentdave

    there is no way that a 6″ screen size (pushing the boundaries even for men) is going to be named perfume. Sorry, but it’s a marketing disaster. It will have another name.

  • Jiihn Ahn

    As somebody who used the HTC ONE M7,
    I loved their software and UI, to me sense had the best UI design.
    I didn’t like the later versions of ONE because they were needlessly bigger than the previous generation with no different design language.
    Honestly at this point no other phone company can compete in the Flagship market with Samsung or Apple,
    HTC should try to bring their prices down a little with sweet design and battery life.
    Also try to look an alternative of Snapdragon…doesn’t help you at all when your AP is burning up.