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HTC has been struggling like crazy, trying to wrangle in any form of income possible. Back in October we saw HTC at one of its lower points, with the company posting a net loss of almost $138 million USD. Not only that, the company was recently dropped off the TWSE 50 Index, which is the stock market index of Taiwan’s 50 largest firms. And even before that, the company announced its plans to cut 15 percent of its workforce to help improve profitability. And as it turns out, these methods of penny-pinching mixed with the launch of the new HTC One A9 might be paying off.

According to the most recent monthly data, HTC saw its monthly revenue increase in November by about 15 percent compared to October 2015, totaling NT $10.29 billion (~USD $314.32 million). With that said, we’re certainly not saying things are looking good for the company yet – HTC’s revenues are still almost 40 percent below what they were at this time last year.

This increase is no doubt due to the recently-launched One A9 handset, which just made its way to store shelves at the beginning of November. It can be assumed HTC will keep these numbers rising at a steady pace through the month of December due to holiday sales.

Even though HTC has yet to make it out of the red, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. The company needed to see some good numbers sometime soon, and that’s exactly what it got this month. Now if only they can keep things up over the next year.

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