samsung galaxy s3 metallic blue version

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was launched in the UK last week, and that’s when we found out that one version of the handset, the Pebble Blue model, will be delayed by 2-3 weeks. Supposedly, Samsung had trouble meeting “the highest internal quality standards” when it comes to painting Galaxy S3 cases in that “newly invented blue color and special hyperglaze material.”

Now we hear that the Pebble Blue color may be scraped in favor of a new hue that’s apparently called Metallic Blue. A new YouTube video (embedded below) shows us how the Galaxy S3 Pebble Blue model looks and feel like. And we can safely say it’s nothing like the press photos of the Pebble Blue model.

In case you’re comfortable with German, you’ll understand from the video that the Pebble Blue effect can be somehow witnessed when holding the handset in a certain way so light falls directly on it. Otherwise, the device appears to have a rather metallic grey finish. The video mentions a recent rumor that said Samsung decided to destroy 600,000 Galaxy S3 Pebble Blue cases that were not meeting standards, but does not claim the handset’s new color is Metallic Blue.

Although there’s no confirmation from Samsung or its carrier partners on the color change at this time, word on the street is that the Pebble Blue version could be sold/rebranded as Metallic Blue. Webhallen, a Swedish online store, has a “Samsung GT-i9300 Galaxy S III (3) – Metallic Blue” handset available for sale, although the images used in the listing show the Pebble Blue version of the handset.

Do you like the grayish Metallic Blue more than the Pebble Blue, or the other way around?

  • SLThorley2012

    Just found this video of a UK unboxing of the S3 in Pebble Blue & it definitely doesn’t look like it is the same “Blue” colour, Vodafone sent them this phone but it does have a EU plug.

    • Clearing Things Up

      The plug that comes with the Samsung Galaxy S has fold down parts to the plug and attachable parts. This way Samsung don’t need to produce different plugs for each region. Hence why it looked like an EU plug.

      • Amorbavian

        Not the plug that I got with the phone in Denmark. It is our normal plug with no foldable parts.

  • SLThorley2012
  • metallic blue!

  • Frozen_flames

    Wow the phone looks A LOT better with this colour. Blue is too light for me.

  • SLThorley2012

    It looks like a smoother finish like the Marble White… Doesn’t look like there is any texture to the phone where as the launch photo’s show the Pebble Blue with a texture.

  • Karim Badri

    Pebble Blue is Metallic Blue!!!!

    Stupid Rumors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Clearing Things Up

      Agreed a number of places have listed Pebble Blue as Metallic Blue for ages. Just like the mix up with Marble White and Ceramic White. However the phone does seem a different colour but it looks good!! I hope this was a Samsung leak to see public reaction! If it was…..its a good reaction so get on and release it!!!

  • Much better!

  • Taby

    Should stick to black next time so I can have my phone on time!

  • Helen Z

    I do like the greyish blue better than the pebble blue! I have the Droid X, and I have to say I do like my cell phone to have some weight to it, so it doesn’t feel so cheap! And with the plasty look to the S3, it would be nice if the phone had more weight to it! Or I wish that the S3 had that Kevlar backing lick the DROID MAXX has! That would be awesome! No finger prints! Who agrees with me? Who wants fingerprints and wiping it all the time. I wish the S3 would TRASH the pebble blue and get a nice more durable backing like the Droid MAXX! Yes?? I think so! Who agrees with me? I love the look and feel with the MAXX, but I want a new phone! But I really do LOVE the MAXX! My girlfriends have it and they love it. I will not get the S3 right away. I will wait and see for maybe a month and read up on the reviews and see what they are. And just try to sit back and chill. And make somewhat of a decision via the reviews…… Tough decision! Now if they came up with a new model of the DROID MAXX same battery, but newer stuff, maybe a slighter bigger screen like at least a 4.6 or even 4.7 OMGGG! I think I would grab that one! And hopefully MOTO would have more cool accessories like the S3 will have! ;-0)
    I just wish the S3 weighed more!! Heck my handbag weighs a TON! So what’s the difference of another 4-9 ounces added to the S3 and to my handbag? LMAO! ;-)
    That’s it!


      Opps! Replying to my own post!

      And if only they could get rid of the Home button! I never understood it before, but now I do. It would be nice to not have it. I think others would agree with me too!

      • Patrick

        Pressing the HOME button takes you back to your home screen WITHOUT closing the application you currently have open (this functionality differs from the ‘back’ button which closes the active application).

        Holding the HOME button for a second allows you to multitask, quickly switching between open/recent applications, again without closing the active application.

        Pressing the HOME button twice initiates voice activation features.

        All of which are convenient and essential functionality.
        …and yet you want to remove it!?!

        • Sky_Guy

          I think he is referring to using softkeys instead of the home button…a softkey home button has the same function.

          But I totally agree with you, I prefer the idea of a home button way more.

  • Myfakeaddress

    I saw the purple/blue version yesterday and couldn’t believe how bad it looked…This dark grey version is FAR better. Just hurry up and release it,

    what a f**k up. Their first month sales figures must be severely affected by all this.

  • Lol

    This phone looks way more fucking badass please release this color not pebble blue.

  • Eirik Kristoffersen

    I wish Samsung had just given us our phones and sent a replacement case to all the unhappy customers. Recalling all the phones just seems unnecessarily drastic.

  • Sirasabdullah

    so beutifull ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Warren

    Well three uk earlier confirmed that my pebble blue s3 will be delivered tomorrow!!!!!

  • Londonhawk20001

    Just received mine, and it does apear to have a more metalic hue to the handset, however when you tilt it to the light or the light hits it it appears ‘Pebble Blue.

    It’s actually a very nice colour, just not sure if this is how it was supposed to look or have Samsung really put a new colour in stealth like LOL

  • lenin

    There was a video on YouTube dated 18.5 with galaxy s3 unpacking and it read “Metallic Blue” on the box. Actually here it is:

  • William Huston

    This is a good article. I buy my cellphone accessories here.

  • Alan Gravic

    My box says pebble blue and that is what it is

  • Colin Hall

    I was informed yesterday that the Pebble Blue is no longer being sold because the ‘paint’ used was actually toxic. I haven’t been able to validate the claim but it was said to me by a well informed salesperson.

    Can anyone confirm?

  • di rockstar

    it sucks really.. been waiting for 2 weeks now for the pebble blue one.. and now they’re sending a two shaded s3.. seriously samsung stick with simple black next time!

  • MightyJoe777

    Folks its apparently Noble Black in CZ. Am I reading it right?

  • Andres

    I just got a gs3 supposedly pebble blue… but in day light it looks more like violet…. ugh, the only dissapointment i get from my new phone…. now I feel like I have a girl’s phone….

  • CC

    Uhmmm I have a Samsung S3 in pebble blue and it looks exactly like that rumored “metallic blue.” I don’t understand what you guys are talking about. It really has a nice finish.