ROBLOX – Indie app of the day

by: Joe HindyJuly 26, 2014


What is ROBLOX

ROBLOX is a gaming community where people create games and add then to the ever growing list of games available to play. When you play ROBLOX, you’re not getting one game, you’re getting a bunch of games in a variety of genres including FPS, adventure, puzzle, and even a couple of RPGs.

Here’s how the premise works. The app is essentially a well-done wrapper app for the ROBLOX website. Using your tablet, you can access and play each game that the community creates and releases. There are additional things you can do that require an account which is easy enough to sign up to get. With an account you get advanced sorting features, community access, and you can even begin work on your own game. In essence, you’re not getting one game when you get this app, you’re getting dozens.

ROBLOX games are all done with the same graphical style and general controls. Everything is made out of blocks similar to Minecraft. The graphics are very simple and that allows games to load quickly and play without much work from the device CPU and GPU. It’s a nice touch and in the games we tried, we had no problems entering games and playing them without lag. For most games, the controls include a joystick for movement, you can swipe on the screen almost anywhere to move the camera, and tapping on the screen allows for an action.

It isn’t without its quirks, however. Standing in front of this really cool idea is a very minimal and old school app design. There is a lot of blank white space and plain text buttons. The games themselves play well enough most of the time but you’ll need a tablet to really enjoy them. Even on the gigantic Galaxy Note 3, many game play elements were cramped over overflowing which means you’ll need a minimum of a 7″ screen to use this app to its fullest potential. There are some games that can be played on phones but you’ll definitely know when you run into games that are not for phones.


It's an awesome idea but it needs a little work.

  • There are loads of games from various genres to play.
  • If you create a free account, you can get access to community features, better sort options, and even build your own game.
  • As far as we could tell, this app has no advertisements.
  • Simple control schemes are ubiquitous across games so once you learn the controls you know them everywhere.
  • There are some games that are good for phones but most of them require a tablet sized screen to enjoy.
  • The app design isn't pretty.
  • If you dislike games like Minecraft because of the graphics, you'll probably dislike this app.
Overall, this is a really cool premise. There are a lot of games available and pretty much all of them are free to play. The app is supported by in-app purchases where you can buy things for the games you play. Does it need some refinement? Yes, but the core concept is still awesome enough that people should give this a try.
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  • rallipappa

    I actually downloaded this thing almost first day it came to google play store. Also i have played roblox for so many years on pc and ipad

  • Neosaurus

    Why, AA, why?

    • JosephHindy

      Why not? It’s a fun premise even if it’s rough around the edges.

  • you said right.. Its a good app but needs a little bit of work :)

  • preciousbwallace

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  • Artex .

    Most games playable from this app weren’t designed with mobile platforms in mind, but hopefully we’ll see games add support for proper mobile controls, and maybe even a game sort for mobile optimized games, because some games simply can’t be played right on a tablet or phone. (such as games that require keyboard input and don’t have alternative touch controls )

  • Jon Johnson

    I’m a ROBLOX user who makes games. I actually have direct contact with the ROBLOX admins on an invite only developer forum run by them. I can tell you that they are working on a new UI. The issue is they decided to keep the android app and the ios app in sync and Apple tends to take a few weeks to approve the update so that stalls both android updates as well as PC updates.

    ROBLOX also has an existing service called UserInputService with a boolean value called GamepadEnabled which the admins are working to make the Nvidia Shield (when connected) set that boolean to true. This will allow for ROBLOX game developers to create keybinds.

  • Alain

    Is there a way to get roblox to work on shield tv