What is Endless Jabber SMS?

Endless Jabber SMS is a protocol that allows you to sync your text messages to your computer and tablet to help ease the strain on your phone. You use the application on the various platforms and you can send and receive texts from your computer, laptop, or tablet instead of your phone and thus gives you more options to communicate in that medium.

The app uses web browsers to sync your text messages across devices. This is done by installing the application on your phone and then going to https://www.EndlessJabber.com/web on your tablet or computer. The site will ask you to log in using your Google account. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to see your text messages from within the web browser, send texts, and even receive texts. If you’re a user of Chrome browser, there is also an extension you can pick up.

That’s really it. The online interface is a tad simplistic but frankly do you really need a lot of pizzazz for a text message web interface? The app comes in free and pro flavors. The basic app features are present in the free version so you can still send and receive texts but some of the more advanced features are in the pro version only which is a month-to-month subscription service.

Endless Jabber SMS

Use your web browser to answer texts.


You can send/receive texts on pretty much anything that can access the internet using a web browser.
High degree of compatibility and it's cross platform capable.
The core features are free while the advanced features are paid: the way it should be.
Still sends texts via your phone so there is no weird protocol that can gum up the works.
Integration with EvolveSMS.
MMS support.


The web interface is a little simplistic. We would've liked to have seen some themes or more layout options.
Some features, like checking to see whether or not the phone is charging (not checking the battery percentage, but see if it's actually charging), don't really seem necessary.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a pretty decent application. Users have reported a high degree of compatibility and not all that many issues. It’s new so there’s still time to find some bugs but overall it appears as though this application is capable of delivering a positive experience. If you’re trying to sync your texts and want to try something new, why not this one?

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