Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note 6 to launch in July with Android N

by: Matthew BensonMarch 22, 2016

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Given that the Galaxy S7’s launch is now done and dusted, it’s only natural that all eyes turn to the next big thing…Samsung’s next big thing. This of course, is referring to the Korean conglomerate’s next permutation of its famous phablet, the Galaxy Note 6. The latest rumor out of South Korea is that not only will the next installment launch early – in July – but it will have Android N on board, to boot.

While this whole scenario seems a bit suspicious, there are a few comments to consider:

  1. The Galaxy Note 5 was launched in August, so a July announcement – or release – this year wouldn’t be that outlandish.
  2. The Galaxy S7 was launched in February and released in March, whereas the S6 was launched in March and released in April.
  3. Google’s own Hiroshi Lockheimer has already indicated Android N will be available for OEMs in the summer.

With that said, there are a few counterpoints to consider, as well:

  1. It was long rumored the Galaxy S7 would launch early – as in last December or this January – but neither panned out.
  2. Germany’s IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) trade show is typically when Samsung has chosen to launch the Note products; even the S7 was timed in accordance with Spain’s Mobile World Congress. Last year’s Note 5 release broke with the usual tradition however.
  3. There have been no big, solid leaks for the Galaxy Note 6 yet. While CAD designs and case renders for the S7 only began in December, there was discussion for quite some time before that. Things don’t seem as chatty with the Note 6, at least not yet.

While it remains to be seen what exactly will happen with the Note 6’s release date, given Samsung’s clear desire to push out the new products somewhat earlier than usual, it wouldn’t be too much of a shock if the new handset did debut in July.

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A plethora of possibilities

While reports and rumors on the Galaxy Note 6 are somewhat all over the place, based on the S7’s hardware it is safe to assume that microSD support will return. It is also quite likely that USB Type C will finally make its flagship debut on a Samsung phone as the Note is not designed to work with Gear VR. There is less likelihood that the phone will be water resistant given that the Note 4 wasn’t but the S5 was. It’s possible given that the S7 is also made of glass and metal, but the exposed S-Pen creates extra internal sealing hurdles to jump over.

According to the International Business Times, the upcoming phone is to feature a massive 5.8-inch screen with a QHD (2560×1440) display. Rumors suggest that Samsung might be doing away with the Diamond Pixels and instead has opt for a slimmer RGB matrix AMOLED panel. Continued talk of pressure sensitivity continue to float around, though by the same account the S7 was alleged to support it as well – it doesn’t.

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Powering the device is said to be either a Samsung Exynos 8890 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, as well as 6 GB of RAM and a battery with somewhere in between 3500-4000 mAh. On the storage side, three options are claimed: 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB.

Ubergizmo discovered a patent filing that may suggest the Galaxy Note 6 will come with a laptop docking station. While patent filings are not always indicative of a final product or intention to bring one to market, the rumor extends to suggest that docking the Note 6 would turn the device into a touchpad, as well as the brain and power this laptop dock would need in order to operate.


The International Business Times also states this laptop dock would run Windows 10, which sounds even more outlandish though perhaps possible.

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For the full run down on all the major rumors currently known, make sure to check out our feature here. Be sure to leave your comments below and weigh in on this latest rumor!

  • shahar Levkovich

    IR blaste please!

  • Stuie Hunter

    My dream Note 6 specs would be;

    – Removable battery with quickcharge 3.0 capability, somewhere in the 4000mah neck of the woods.

    – IR blaster (ever since the LG G3 this is a feature I use often)

    – Micro SD card slot

    – 5.5inch or above at 2160p ….4k content is hard to find for my tv, let alone a phone.
    Save the battery.

    – Always on screen.

    -. Fingerprint scanner.

    – Smaller bezels.

    Hopefully some, or most of these features will make it on to the note 6.
    I was thinking of upgrading from my LG G3 to an LG V10…but this is making me wonder if I should wait until the summer and pick up a note 6 32th of it has micro sd.

    • Roberto Tomás

      Mine are different:

      * the faster UFS that would allow 256GB, which they are likely bringing
      * totally new fingerprint sensor (the bigger kind you see on Nexus 5X and a bazillion chinese phones, that actually work better, but are on the rear because of their size)
      * water-resistance

      I’m with you on these:
      * IR blaster
      * Removable battery
      * SD slot (not so important if we have reasonably priced 128GB option)

      • Yamato

        Dude, water resistance counters removable battery, you can only have one of these.. for now

        • Sergeant Potato

          You can have both…

        • Mike Falderoff

          As long as some smart design engineer seals off the pen storage well from the rest of the phone……

        • rsn

          Remember the Note 3. It had water resistance and removalbe battery. So, it can be done becuase they have done it beforehand.

          • TJ Mills

            I have a note 3. It’s not water resistant. I do prefer the plastic build as it is better shock resistance to dropping. Do not want glass over metal.
            Definitely need sd card , removable battery,

      • Specifically mention UFS 2.0

      • defcon888

        mine is super simple……unlocked bootloader and not bloatware…but then again, that is more of a Nexus than a Galaxy. Also, get rid of KNOX.

      • Total Security

        I want the new Qualcomm sense ID. Just place your set finger anywhere on the screen to unlock and with a high safety you are secured against thieves! <3

    • Ray

      Yes. Perfect.

    • vampyren

      Totally work you on the list, removable battery, SD card, ir blaster are Inc top of my list. I don’t care about water resistent since I am very careful with my gadgets and would never get them code to water.
      I just hope Samsung don’t ditch EU this time again.

  • catapult

    the last feature is a clear copy of microsoft continum, however i find it difficult to imagine windows 10 in the mix, if the laptop dock runs windows 10 it means it has its own cpu brains and everything, i dont see what note 6 is doing there then, however if its saying that samsung is plainly copying continum where in the touchwiz ui and android itself runs the docking station, i find it more possible then the w10 version

  • Diego

    Until samsung get their software to be decent, I won’t be buying another samsung phone.

    • MathewSullivan

      You would be surprised by how well TW holds up these days.
      The sounds are annoying, and you can very easily remove all of the bloatware. Im getting more screen on time than I ever have on my Note 5 compared to all other phones I’ve had (iPhone 5, Oneplus 2, Nexus 6P).

      Once you go Note, you wont go back. The S-pen alone is amazing. I dont use it much, but the fact that its there for super quick notes or scribbles, is insanely convenient.

      • Diego

        I had ram problems on my note 5 “touchwiz apparently needed 2.5gb of ram”.
        And the usual lag after 2 months.
        The phone app also decided to screw me over, so I couldn’t receive or send phone calls unless I started all over again.
        Ended up selling it.
        Thats why I’m never going back.
        Overall the best phone I could wish for in those 2 months when it didn’t have any problems.

        • MathewSullivan

          I’ve had the same problems, but I was a nexus guy, so I was familiar with troubleshooting and diagnosing problems. The result was rooting, flashing SkyHigh kernel, Breakdown Rom, debloated with TitaniumBackup, and then a memory fix. I know for regular customers who just want the phone to work, this is not a reasonable solution, but it sure helped me out! I went from 3-4hrs tops of screen on time, and now im getting an easy 6hrs, even with everything maxed while gaming over a 20hr period.
          Still doesnt beat my OP2 though. That thing lasted FOREVER.

        • Phillip

          Dude gtfo you’ve never owned a note 5 maybe a iPhone 5 . Have own both the n5 and the gs7 edge and know ram issues here . How about you go check out some YouTube videos of. The gs7 vs iPhone and let use know if you see some tasty. Issues . But you won’t cause that would make a lier out of you . Everybody here knows that your a Samsung hater an a apple troll the word is out now let the back door hit you

    • Nallaikumaran

      He’s a Samsung hater, Apple fanboy. Who cares what you think lol. *hater gonna hate* Waiting for another useless and brainless iSheeps troll.

      • moew

        Based on your prior posts, you appear to be doing exactly what a paid samsung fanboi would be doing.

        • Diego

          He’s upset because I said that samsung software was bad, And that not all parts that go into smartphones are made by samsung.

          • Phillip

            Nope what he said I’d soooo true your a ape troller I. Every since of the word . Not sure why you come here just to troll apple products . There’s plenty of apple Webb cites that’ll love to have everything you

      • Diego

        What a moron.
        When I have I mentioned apple in any article of AA thats not related to apple.
        Never have I done that.
        You on the other hand, seam to think I’m an “apple fanboy” when my opinion is different from what you think.
        You’re just a samsung hater.
        no, I criticize samsung, Which is a completely different thing.
        Hating would be if I made irrational comment against samsung.
        So, stop crying already.

    • Phillip

      You don’t buy Samsung phones you just show up on there forums to troll dude why don’t you get yourself a iPhone 5se and be happy ever after…..

  • MathewSullivan

    I just want a 5.7″ screen that is a good 10MM shorter than the Note 5. The screen is as big as it should be. Any bitter and its kind of pushing boundaries (when has the Note series not done this). I made a simple concepy yesterday, printed it and cut it out, which I managed to keep the same screen, and fit the nav buttons and camera within a reasonable aesthetic which ended up being as tall as where the top of the Note 5 screen ends, and it felt so natural to hold.

    Something about having super slim bezels with a home button just seems so beautiful. Accidental touches can very easily be solved through a software/hardware combo. I hope to god Samsung not only pushes the bezels even further, adds IR/MicroSD, but also reverts to a more stock-like Android N and remove all the horrid bloatware. Add in a nice 4-4.5k battery and an 820/830 or whatever is available. Stay away from Exynos!!! I want CM support lol.

  • Duder

    International business times? Lol

  • Mark Kendrick

    Here’s my short list

    BIG battery 3600-4000 mAh
    IR blaster would be nice
    SD card slot
    64gb option in US at launch

  • 1213 1213

    So does that mean it won’t have a stronger chipset like it used to before the note 5? To be honest I’m not too keen on buying a phone that’s up to 6 months older but doesn’t have stronger internals, feels like paying extra for nothing, since performance is important to me.

    • gmc262

      Some rumors suggest 6 gigs of RAM as opposed to 4 gigs in the S7 series

  • James One Twelve

    A few things that I would like to see on the Note 6:

    1. Continue to slim down TouchWiz (Samsung have been doing an excellent job with TouchWiz so far)
    2. 5.9 inch screen. (The purpose of a Note is for multitasking. If you don’t like big phones then the Note series is NOT for you.)
    3. IR-Blaster (I was so upset that it was removed on the Note 5. You never know how much you use something until its gone.)
    4. UNLOCK THE BOOTLOADER! (I almost bought an S7 Edge until I seen that the bootloader was locked.)

    5. 16MP Camera (If they could take the updates and changes that was made on the S7 camera and apply those to a 16MP camera, then that would be awesome)

    The Note series should not have a screen no less than 5.7. If you want a smaller screen then you should buy a S7 or the S7 Edge

  • Hans Pedersen

    News flash: The Galaxy Note models has always had a real pressure sensitive display.
    To the rest of this, I guess online bloggers always create these kind of rumours as they need the page clicks.

  • John Doe

    What?? Before Nexus phones?? What?? Samsung must be on drugs !! (but the good kind .. lol)

  • Luka Mlinar

    I really want to see a Note 6 Edge. I would get that thing in a heartbeat. Best of both worlds.

    • Xavier_NYC

      I don’t think it sold enough, that’s why they scrapped it. For tech enthusiast, it was a great idea but, I don’t think regular consumers cared for it otherwise they’d make a new one. I could be wrong tho

      • Luka Mlinar

        You’re probably right. Then again I don’t think it was marketed as strongly.

    • Mail carrier

      Shut up lol! That’s why I’m not getting an S7. Edge screen is not good when you are prone to occasional drops, quite common where I work. Hopefully it’s waterproof as well, although if it would wirelessly charge through an Otter box Defender I could work around it. I really don’t need the functions of the Note, an S7 huge would have worked fine, but they all have edge screens. Split screen on Android N (Nexus 6) is nowhere near as polished as the Samsung with TW.

    • TJ Mills

      Don’t want the edge, but I want SD card, replaceable battery, and the big screen. Also wish for a lighter weight set of built in samsung bloat.

  • 6GB RAM? 8K video-recording? 256GB UFS 2.0 Storage?

  • Xavier_NYC

    My Perfect Note 6 Specs:

    – Unlocked with No carrier branding or carrier software modification
    – 4000 mAh Battery
    – Micro SD + IP68 certification like the S7/S7 Edge
    – Android N with as minimalistic as possible TW
    – Improvements to Ram management

    Anything else is a plus. We already know it’s gonna have a great display, great camera and great build quality.

    • Lars Jeppesen


      • Xavier_NYC


        • Lars Jeppesen

          I want everything you wrote – and have the edge display

          • Xavier_NYC

            ahh gotcha. Not sure why they got rid of the Note Edge.. Prob didn’t sell as well as they’d have liked

    • Mail carrier

      I hear ya, I’m using N on my Nexus 6 and it’s awesome. I’m in total agreement with your analysis! Doze is MUCH improved with screen off on N. Doesn’t have to be lying still, just screen off. A lot of my usage is with BT headset and where I originally was using half or more battery, now it’s cut in half and that’s streaming I heart, taking calls, etc.

      • Xavier_NYC

        I have a 6P and I’ll prob wait for the final Dev preview before I use it. It’s pretty good for the 2nd build but still not stable enough to be a daily driver or so I’ve heard. We will see what happens with the Note but if those specs that I laid out are added to the Note 6 then I’ll def get one and keep my 6P as a backup to test new software etc

        • Total Security

          Dang my Nexus 9 had about 10 reboots in the last 2 days, or so… :/ I want a more stable and faster build! :D I guess it will come within the first week of next month!

    • ThatSpeakerOfTruth

      Especially with previously proprietary features like multi-window and fingerprint scanning already built into N. Hopefully Touchwiz can be a bit lighter this time around, baking in S-pen features, so that it is easier to update and support (and easier to port to older Note devices!)

      • Xavier_NYC

        I was thinking the same. No need to add that if it’s already baked in. Fingers crossed I guess

  • Charles Sweeney

    Release date in July with N onboard? So now Samsung will be that OEM that will have a brand spanking new OS ready in a months time? *Since Google will release N to OEMs this summer which technically starts around mid June*
    I love rumors as much as the next guy but some if those seems like intentional misleading info. I do welcome a bigger screen size, more RAM and bigger onboard storage options though. And yes, please include an IR blaster, or rather bring it back along with expandable memory.

  • jay

    First water-resistant won’t happen due to the stylus. We know it’ll have a lot power and battery last a day.

    I am not happy with the software updates. Taking forever or never happened. Ether way the phone will sell very well and display size and resolution is good right now so why changing? Tried the gear VR and not happy with the resolution very blurry.

  • rocketryan

    Personally I’d like to see 4k , as a gear vr user sharper the better as 2160 comes up grainy.

  • karl atkins

    I hope my note 4 will get the “N”

  • Joseph Sikora

    Bring back the IR Blaster!

  • Paul

    “It is also quite likely that USB Type C will finally make its flagship debut on a Samsung phone as the Note is not designed to work with Gear VR.”

    Actually this is NOT correct. The Note 5 IS designed to work with the Gear VR. Given that the S7 also works with the Gear VR, I highly doubt that the Note 6 would ditch that functionality. Perhaps it will go to USB-C in next year’s iteration with a new VR headset.

    • AndroidDev123

      That’s EXACTLY my prediction, especially with all the current gen Gear VR headsets they’re giving away. I think they’re clearing out their inventory to make way for the next gen USB-C headsets.

  • ba8yRoseSs

    It sounds likely that they will launch the Note 6 early as well. As much as I would love that cause I want the Note 6 already, I wish they didn’t launch so early so that they can make quality products and take care of glitches.
    Also, the Note can be used with the gear vr. I have a Note 5 and a gear vr. (: I do hope they have the USB type c on this one though. It would keep the port from being damaged less often.

  • Kattz

    Hmmm. I wish that there was some way to confirm these rumors. I just negotiated a fantastic deal with my carrier for a Note 5. But, that’s the way that it goes.

    I like the new storage options. There may have been less backlash if Samsung had explained the advantages of non-removable storage. . UFS 2.0 is actually a great upgrade. All people heard was that their removable storage was being taken away and they just stopped listening. It also might have helped if the 64 GB model had been more widely available. Everyone doesn’t have access to unlimited internet.

    If the rumors are anything close to the truth, this is going to be the best Note ever. It could easily replace a laptop. If Microsoft had built a Surface phone like this last year they may have had a chance at getting back into the game. Even their die-hard fans are giving up now.

  • Mike Falderoff

    Hopefully, the Note 6 maintains compatability with the VR headset…like the Note 5 is now.

  • Apostol Apostolov

    I am glad the rumor mill is already heating up for the upcoming Note 6, since I have almost sold my soul to S7 Edge and would hold onto any dream spec to not part with my money in a heartbeat. But Note 6 is increasingly US-bound product that we may not see worldwide, again. They considered running Note 5 worldwide for January’s typical slump in sales but gave up, I don’t hold any high hopes it would be different this time. Europe may get an overpriced S7 Edge Plus with 6Gb of RAM and few other tiny improvements, maybe even a +1 in DxoMark camera test.

  • defcon888

    THe docking station isn’t anything new……Motorola did it back in 2011. I am interested in the Note 6 Edge (if it comes out). Glad to hear that the SD card slot will be coming back. I think they had to lick their dismal Note 5 and Galazy 6 wounds on that one.

    Since my upgrade date is June….the July release (big IF) would work out perfect!

  • OlayTerry

    My wishlist is
    1 IR blaster.
    2 4500mAh battery.
    3. 256gb internal storage option from day one.
    4. Waterproof.
    5. Much louder speaker than on the Note 4.
    6. USB 3.1with type C connector .
    7. Buttery smooth and lightening fast software.
    8. Same camera tech in the S7 but with 16/8 MP BF/FFC

  • NR

    Got bore of bar shape……now with upcoming technology needs flexible display or foldable. Small device with tons of features..

  • Cole Cadieux

    Pipe dream ?

  • James Wagner

    Seem when Samsung adds ram to any device it’s only to be for more bloat ware

  • Jeremy Forsythe

    What do you mean the Note doesn’t work with the Gear VR? Explain how there’s a setting on the VR for the Note and I use mine together daily. And besides, what does that have to do with USB 3? Do your research.

  • Dusan

    Make it water resistant/proof and insta buy. Slim chance of that happening because of stylus.

  • Joker74

    note 4 still doing me fine, never use the pen but just love the size. its other featurs and specs do me fine so far

  • koldare

    It’ll definitely be my next phone. I don’t really like the curved edge display on the S7, but that OLED screen looks incredible, so here’s hoping for a flat OLED 5.8″ Note to replace my iPhone 5s.

  • MathewSullivan

    Based on the Note 5’s 3,000mah battery life of:
    Average 5 – 6hrs SOT
    Video 12 – 14hrs
    Gaming 4 – 5hrs

    We should see the Note 6’s 25% larger 4,000mah battery push:
    Average 6.25 – 7.5hrs SOT
    Video 15 – 17.5hrs
    Gaming 5 – 6.25hrs

    Sounds pretty decent to me! Im so used to seeing no more than 6hrs of daily usage with sync, full brightness, lots of gaming apps etc over 22hrs. It will be nice to know that I should be able to have everything to the max and just end the day at 6%.